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Anna usually wished to be treated like an adult, instead of a child playing dress-up. There were days when everyone treated her like she was five years of age, even though she was nearing nineteen and was currently being (unofficially) courted by a man. Being the younger sister certainly had its disadvantages.

But then, there were certain days when she realized how important her role in the family was.

"Mhm…I'll show you why it's not nice to throw snow people," Anna mumbled, half asleep as she turned over in her comfortable bed.

Sunlight streamed through half-closed curtains, a single spot landing directly onto her face. She moaned, raising an arm to block out the offending light. However, the sun only seemed to grow stronger, or maybe her arm was slipping, and without much warning her eyes started to open.

"Ugh…" she garbled, flopping onto her back, "stupid sun."

With a tired sigh, she sat up, yawning and wiping away excess drool. Her eyes blearily turned to the window, squinting in an effort to not be blinded. Outside, or what she could make of it, everything seemed to be covered in white.

"Huh," her foggy brain processed as she mumbled, "It must've snowed last night."

She sighed again, stretching out her back before pausing midway as a thought hit her. "It snowed last night. It snowed!"

With a shriek of happiness, she tried jumping out of bed. Unfortunately, her legs were tangled with the bed sheets, and she ended up landing ungracefully to the floor. Half of her wrapped up in the covers, she managed an awkward, fast crawl to the windows, pushing away the curtain in her annoyance.

Her jaw dropped. Everything looked so beautiful. "The first snowfall of the season," she whispered in awe, touching the cold glass panes with the bare pads of her fingers.

She sat there for maybe thirty seconds, staring out into the white expanse that covered the kingdom (or at least all of her balcony). It looked to be a foot, maybe two feet, deep. Perfect snow for playing in.

"Playing!" She suddenly remembered, her eyes starting to shine at the prospect. "I'll make snow angels—lots of them! And snowmen! All around the courtyard! I'll build a fort, and then Elsa and I can have the best snowball fight in the history of Arrendale!"

She gasped, suddenly thinking of her older sister. Elsa had been swamped with work lately, staying up late into the night dealing with matters of state. So much so, in fact, that when Anna had suggested she prod the clouds into finally making some snow (after all, it had been almost-snow conditions for the past week!), the Queen had shaken her head and said nature needed to take it's own course, and besides, she was far too busy.

Maybe she'll still be too busy to go out and play in the snowfall, a tiny voice in the back of Anna's mind mentioned.

An old fear started to rise within her, and she looked down at her hands. What if she's locking herself back up in her room again?

Swallowing hard, the strawberry-blonde pushed those thoughts to the dark recesses of her mind. She and her sister had been working on their relationship for the past six-months, and while no, it wasn't perfect, it was still one-hundred percent better than it had been a year before.

"If Elsa doesn't want to come outside with me—well, I'll just make her! I'll kidnap her if I have to!" Anna said to herself determinably, puffing out her chest at the mere thought of it.

Then her eyes wandered back to the window. "I better do it quickly though, before someone makes her do royal stuff and she's goes all Queen Elsa, instead of Fun Elsa."

A mixture of excitement, happiness, and just the tiniest bit of apprehension swelled up within the girl. She tried to stand up quickly, but neglected to realize that her legs were still caught in the bed sheets from earlier.

"Whoa!" She cried out, halfway up and losing her balance. Her hands splayed out, searching for anything to grip onto, and she found it into the curtains. "Okay, okay! I'm good, I'm alright, I'm—ah!"

Unfortunately, all of her weight on the rod proved to be too strenuous.

Without warning, there was an audible snap, and the large, metal rod fell…directly onto Anna's head.

"Oomph!" She landed flat on her back, a sizeable lump already starting to form on her hairline. "Oww…"

Elsa was one of the few people in the world who cherished the cold morning usually brought. Although she couldn't exactly feel it, and snuggling deeper into her bed blankets was completely unnecessary, it did make her feel more comfortable. It was sort of like sleeping on a cloud.

A very bouncy cloud, to be exact.

"Elsa…pshht…Elsaaaaaa!" A too-eager voice was the first thing to disturb the Queen's sleep. The bed beneath her was still bouncing up and down with movement, while she was being violently shaken.

"Oh, come on! Wake up already!" Huffing in annoyance, the owner of the voice started to shake her even harder, two warm hands pulling and pushing her back and forth.

With a soft groan, Elsa turned over on her back, blearily opening her eyes. "Anna?" Her hand reached up, searching blindly, before she felt her younger sister's face in her fingers.

"Gosh, Elsa, you sleep like the dead, did you know that? And you snore too. It's not really loud snoring, but it's snoring all the same. You sound like a pig, snorting away in your sleep. It's really quite funny, you should—ack!"

Without any warning, Elsa pushed her sister's face as hard as she could away from her. In turn, that meant that Anna fell off the bed with a rather pleasant sounding thud to the Queen's ears. She closed her eyes again, and smiled drowsily when she heard the girl moan.

"I do not snore." Elsa grumbled firmly, though there was an undercurrent of amusement to her words.

"Yes, you do! And you are not getting rid of me that easy!" With a grunt, Anna returned to an upright position.

She took one step towards her sister's bed, but it was one step too loud, and one step too many. With a lazy wave of her hand—not even looking, mind you—Elsa created a wall of ice directly in Anna's path.

The strawberry-blonde narrowed her eyes, glaring daggers at the ice wall. She tried to side-step around it, but the wall was quicker, moving as she moved so as to not give her access to the platinum blonde still laying in bed. After about a minute, the younger girl threw her hands up in the air, slightly out of breath and frustrated.

It was time for a different tactic. "Elsa Jannike Hermansen, if you don't stop then I'll—I'll get a bucket of hot water and throw it on you!"

That got Elsa to stop with her ice wall for a moment. She was rarely, if ever, called by her full name. She honestly couldn't even remember the last time someone had even used her name in its entirety; perhaps her mother, when she was a little girl misbehaving?

"Alright, alright," sighing, Elsa sat up, letting her ice wall disappear into mere wisps of snow. "There's no need to resort to middle-names and threats. I'm awake."

Anna let out a satisfactory 'hmph', marching over to her sister's bed and sitting crisscross-applesauce across from the young woman. "You took long enough."

"I was up well past midnight," the Snow Queen replied, covering her yawn daintily with a pale hand.

Concern flitted across Anna's face. "Why were you up so late?"

"I had to finish some reports on the status of Arrendale's foreign commerce."


Elsa's lips twitched. "Exports to other countries."

"Ooh," Anna breathed, nodding along as though she understood what that meant. "You could've just said that."

"I thought I could get you to learn something." Elsa pointed out, her fingers starting to undo her thick, white-blonde braid. Although she usually slept with her hair down, the night previous she'd been too exhausted to even try.

"It's too early to learn," Anna declared, flopping onto the bed with great flourish, right across her sister's legs. "But guess what!"

"You've decided to join Sven in the barn?"

"Yes!" Anna answered back, sitting back up excitedly. Then she actually played back what her sister had said. "I mean, no! No, not that! Sven isn't even here; Kristoff went off ice harvesting, or sledding, or doing something fun without me yesterday. What is that even supposed to mean?"

"It means," Elsa drawled out, raising one eyebrow, and gingerly reaching over to tuck a portion of Anna's hair behind her ear. "You look quite the sight with your bedhead."

Self-consciously, Anna frowned, and reached up to her hair. "Is it really that bad?"

"I almost mistook you for a porcupine."

Anna rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks. Where's your brush?"

"On the vanity. And don't roll your eyes at me." Elsa answered, her fingers pulling through the knots in her long hair.

Anna stuck out her tongue. "Just because you're older doesn't mean you can boss me around."

"Oh yes it does, dear little sister of mine." Elsa laughed softly, and Anna pulled another un-amused face.

"Well," Anna started, grumbling loudly as she got off the bed, "it doesn't mean you have to. I mean, honestly, I'm the perfect little sister! I can do tricks, I'm always available to play, I even share my chocolate!"

"Anna, when have you ever shared your chocolate?" Elsa wondered, a single brow lifting again at the very thought.

The younger girl turned around, hairbrush in hand as she pursed out her lips in thought. "Okay, well maybe I don't always share my chocolate, but besides that, I would be any big sister's dream! But noo, I get stuck with the one big sister in the world who doesn't see that and only wants to boss me around like a—"

"Anna." Elsa cut in, thoroughly amused.

Her sister looked up, brows scrunched together in confusion. "Yeah?"

"You're rambling," Elsa said, as her sister sat back down onto her bed.

For her part, Anna did appear sheepish. "Oops. Sorry. Tend to do that when something gets stuck in my head and I just can't get it out no matter how hard I try, and then sometimes—"

Rolling her own eyes at her sister, Elsa smiled slightly and reached over for her hairbrush, However, she found that Anna's fingers were not releasing it. She looked up, puzzled.

"You said my hair looks bad. I need to brush it out." Anna declared, wrenching her fingers even tighter around the hair tool.

"Not with my brush. You have your own." Elsa replied back, yanking slightly to see if her sister would let go. No such luck.

"Yeah, but that's all the way in my room!" Anna answered, aggressively pulling the brush in her direction.

"Ten steps away. The horror." Elsa almost-snorted, obviously annoyed.

Anna only fed off her sister's annoyance. "Nuh-uh! It's fourteen and a half big steps, or twenty-three little steps, away!"

Elsa looked at her as though she'd grown another head. Anna lifted up her chin in response. "What? I counted!"

"Either way," Elsa replied, a huff of annoyance being released from her lips, "let go of it."

"Not a chance!" Anna answered, puffing out her chest as though this was a declaration of war. "Besides, give me one good reason why I can't use it! Sharing is caring!"

"You can't use it because it's mine!" Elsa said in a whining-tone, wincing at how she sounded.

Bickering as though she was a child was not becoming of a Queen, the blonde knew. But good gracious, it was hers! Anna had her own, wherever it was.

"Well, I just want to borrow it!" Anna snapped back, trying to yank the brush in her direction once more, without much success.

A stare-down ensued between the two sisters. Both narrowed their eyes, each waiting for their adversary to give in. After a few moments, a mischievous half grin made its way onto Elsa's lips.

Without warning, the brush slowly started to gather with ice. Anna, too preoccupied with keeping the stare down alive, didn't notice. It wasn't until Elsa gave a hard tug, and the princess was unable to grip at the brush any longer did she realize what had happened.

"Hey!" She grunted in surprise, her face morphing into a pout. "That's cheating. You can't just turn the brush into ice; not all of us have snow powers!"

"I didn't cheat," Elsa defended, waving a hand and watching as the ice disappeared into snow flurries. "I simply used what I was given to work with. Additionally, all's fair in love and war."

"Whatever, cheater!" Anna answered back, exasperated and throwing her hands into the air. "I hope you like eating pumpkins, cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater!"

"I'm actually quite fond of the taste, thank you." Elsa replied smoothly, suppressing a laugh at the look given to her.

While Anna sulked, Elsa brushed out her long hair. She thought about the list of duties she had to attend to, and almost sighed at the thought. It would be yet another long-winded late-night day, it seemed.

She looked over at her sister, who had crossed her arms grumpily across her chest, and bumped her slightly with her still blanketed foot. Like any older sister, she did love to give her younger sister a hard time. However, she wasn't fond of keeping her in an eternally unhappy state.

"What was I supposed to guess?" She wondered languidly, smiling slightly when Anna's face looked up at hers in confusion.


"Earlier," Elsa started, not missing a beat, "You woke me so that I could guess something, right?"

Anna's face remained clouded for a few seconds, before the thought hit her like a ton of bricks. Suddenly she was breathing in, excitement building inside her again.

"Yes! Right!" She pumped a fist into the air, nearly squealing with happiness, "You'll never guess what happened!"

"Surprise me." Elsa answered, lips twitching at the thought.

Anna pulled her face not an inch away from her sister's, breathing out, "It snowed."

The amusement immediately left Elsa's features. Her face went slack, and she sighed, her shoulders dropping. "I'm sorry. I suppose I was having a bad dream and things got out of hand. Again."

She sighed, putting down the brush as she pushed her hair back with her hands. Then she wrapped her arms around her, less because of the cold, and more for comfort, mumbling, "I'll thaw everything as soon as I'm dressed, I promise."

"No, Elsa," Anna said gently, reaching out for one of her sister's cold hands and unwinding it from her body. "It snowed. Not you-got-scared-and-froze-everything kind of snow—which, by the way, if that were true don't you think your room would be a winter wonderland first?—I mean, real, honest-to-goodness-frozen-rain-from-clouds snow!"

Elsa blinked, the icy bitterness she felt at not being able to control her powers starting to slowly melt away. "Oh."

Anna's eyes starting shining like stars. "Right? It's so amazing, real snow! It's so like—" she paused for a moment, looking over at her sister, before correcting herself, "I mean, that's not to say that your snow isn't real, or just as pretty Elsa! I just mean that it's the first official snowfall of the year, not the kinds you make whenever your upset or when I have a really strong urge to kick Kristoff and you make a Kristoff-looking-snowman for me, I—"

"Anna," Elsa warily cut in, pushing back her sister from her face, and picking up her brush once more to resume the annoying task of tidying her hair. Anna still held tight to one of her hands. "You're rambling again."

Anna face-palmed, making a face at herself. "Sorry, sorry, I'm just really excited!

"You know, for someone who's had a snowman follow her around for the past few months, I would think this wouldn't be such a major incident." Elsa said, almost musingly.

"This is different! It's the first official snowfall of the year, not just Olaf and a cloud above his head!" Anna declared, smiling giddily at the thought. "I mean, this is going to be the first time that you and me can play together in the real snow!"

Elsa went silent, biting her lip and staring down into her lap. "We used to play together in the snow, when we were children. That is, before I…" she trailed off, unable to finish the statement.

Anna squeezed her still captured hand in understanding. "I know. I mean, I sort of know. The memories come and go, they never stick."

"I'm still so sorry." Elsa whispered, fighting against herself to cry. It felt like something was stuck in her throat.

Every now and then, an old memory would flare up in Anna's mind, but for the most part, they never stayed for more than a few seconds. It seemed that while Grand Pabbie had taken away most of those days long past, a few had stubbornly stuck around in Anna's subconscious. Hence, why she was able to remember Olaf, but not the time the stairs were turned into a snow-bank and she sled down them.

"Elsa, I'm not going to blame you for a freak accident that happened when you were eight." Anna replied, gently, but firmly. "Now, no more self-pitying. We're going out to the snow all day!"

Already, Anna was scrambling off the bed, pushing back her still unruly hair. It was more than a miracle that she found her footing quick enough to keep from falling down once more. When she noticed Elsa wasn't following her, immediately her hands rested on her hips.

"Aren't you coming?"

Elsa sighed. "Anna, I can't spend all day playing. You know that. I have meetings to attend, papers I need to overlook, edicts that need to be signed…"

Anna pursed out her lips, ignoring the voice in the back of her head saying, See, I knew she wouldn't want to, she's retreating back behind that closed door. "Well, when are you free today?"

Elsa frowned, thinking hard. "Right now, until breakfast." Anna's shoulders sagged, and guilt gnawed at the Queen. "I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise, we'll do something fun, together, soon. I'll clear out my whole day and—Anna?"

The princess was no longer listening. Instead, she was walking away. Frost started to creep overhead, as panic overtook Elsa.

Anna was leaving. Anna wasn't going to stick around this place any longer. She'd failed, it was all her fault. She didn't protect Anna, she wasn't there for Anna, she didn't make the world safer for Anna, she—

"Ta-da!" Anna's voice suddenly cried out, pulling aside the heavy curtains to create a burst of light into the semi-dark room.

Elsa put up an arm immediately, half blinded and trying to avoid the harsh sun. "Anna?" She wondered, her heart still pumping, even if she could not see.

There were running footsteps, a crash, a colorful piece of language, and then finally, the Queen found herself being pulled out of bed and onto her feet.

"If we only have an hour for fun, then I'm going to make it last! Come on!"

"Pardon?" Elsa questioned, unable to comprehend the entire situation. She blinked a few times, rubbing at her eyes until her vision returned.

"We're going to go outside right now and play in the snow." Anna clarified, already trying to drag her sister out the door. "There's not a minute to lose!"

"Wait, wait, wait." Elsa stopped, putting on the breaks on the entire situation. She hadn't noticed, but her pulse had gone down remarkably and the frost was already receding. "Anna, we can't go out right now!"

Anna frowned, pausing in her attempt to pull her sister out the door. She tilted her head to the side in wonder. "Why not?"

"I—we—you're not even dressed!" Elsa nearly squeaked, looking for any excuse at this point to calm her sister's bout of madness.

Anna looked down at herself. It was true, she was still in her pale-blue nightgown. She reached up to her hair. It was still knotted and defying gravity itself by facing in every direction. She frowned, and then started eyeing Elsa's wardrobe.

"Well, that's okay, I can just borrow one of your dresses!"

Elsa's face lost all color, a remarkable feat for someone who was already very pale, and she let out a controlled breath. "To the snow we go then. Let me just get my robe."

"What about the green one, with the yellow flowers all at the bottom? You never wear that dress, why can't I just put it on?" Anna asked, whining as she followed after her sister like a puppy.

Elsa turned around, her lips twitching in amusement. "Because it's mine."