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"Jump little Lily, I'll catch you." Smaug cooed, though the timbre of his voice was deep and shook through the beams of the high ceiling, losing the comforting quality that she was looking for.

It wasn't of distrust that made her upset; for she knew he would catch her. They had been at this all morning, and a week's worth before that, with Smaug setting to the task of trying to instruct her on her transformations. Her body, as well as her mind, had to be coerced to make the change, which incidentally required a strong degree of focus. Lily was trying her best, or so she felt, but her focus and her confidence slipped a little more each time she was unsuccessful. Going back to her first accidental transformation when she had left the mountain in search of her dragon, Smaug had attempted to create a similar scenario in which to inspire her. Placing her on the suspended chandelier on the ceiling was his way of molding the environment for the purpose he intended, but Lily was constantly aware of the daunting fall below to the bed of unforgiving treasures. It also served as a reminder to the time when he had purposefully placed her up there as his prisoner, a distraction that she couldn't divorce herself from in her thoughts.

"This is failing to work. May we please try something else?" She pleaded, ignoring Erugon as he flew insistently around her head, like a bee to a flower. Her little waxwing friend had been mocking her with his flight, chirping in small jests that had her scowling and batting her hand at him to shoo, but he never went far from her sight.

"Liliana," Smaug's stern voice reverberated to her in irritation and disappointment. She likely would have been hurt by that—her desire was aimed to please him—if she wasn't already annoyed with him herself. Being under his tutelage was like being in battle, and she had far more chinks in her armor than he had at the pressing moment as he unleased barrage after barrage of criticism. "Your lack of focus is appalling. Success does not come to those who submit to distraction."

She grumbled lowly under her breath, her previous apprehensions about leaping from her pedestal slowly ebbing away as she threw herself from the great height. The burn of Phoenix fire was beneath her skin, grating at her bones and shaving away the strength in her muscles. It was always the same feeling as she slowly plummeted down through the air, but her mind would reject the change at the last moment, succumbing to the weakness of men as she feared the end. Smaug once again intercepted her, diving forward with his neck stretched out until she landed on her side against the soft centre on his snout. A large breath of air blew out from her lungs on impact, like a small gust of wind filtering through a cave. Smaug's throat thrummed in annoyance as he slowly set her back down in a pile of coins, parking out on his haunches before her with a steely look.

"I find it difficult to believe you are putting any effort into this lesson now."

"I'm exhausted, and you've had me going at it since I woke at dawn, and all the seven days before," She defended haughtily with her arms crossed, and foot tapping impatiently. Maybe she had started to slacken off a bit somewhere around the middle, wherever that turning point had been, but she felt she was justified to do so because of his poor treatment. "Your skills as a tutor aren't anything to brag over you know. I hardly felt encouraged, and what is my motivation supposed to be?"

He slammed down his front claw, causing the ground to shake while jolting Lily from the tremor. Plumes of black smoke fumed from his nostrils, irate in his tirade, and Erugon chose that time to flee out of the treasure room. Such loyalty. Even left alone, it was going to take more than a tantrum for her to back down, though she kept her lips in a thin, tight line until he was more rational, and by that, not puffing like a chimney. "You think I should be patient with you?"

"I don't see where you think differently, as I've been more than patient with you, and over a good deal of things. I don't have the mind of a dragon, and I'm not even of a phoenix. It has been long and lost to me, something I would have hoped you to acknowledge. This shouldn't be a battle between us, yet it grows to be more of one every day and I won't stand for it anymore."

The great dragon sat like a scolded mutt. He likely wouldn't clamour to her for forgiveness anytime soon, but with luck her stern manner might make him more susceptible of her struggling. "Your intolerance has been made aware. From my part, I will . . . attempt to be patient with you in the future."

"I know it isn't easy," Lily placated, her tone gentler now. "And I will try to be more heeding of your wisdom and instruction. I know I'm not always so obedient."

"I think, for now, that is enough. You can expect to pick up on your lesson later."

He maneuvered his body in a way that made him slither like a serpent. His red scales darkened blacker in the shadows of the mountain as he weaved between the towers of his gold. Flickering back and forth like an agitated worm, his tail cut through the air, spaded tip lethal like a sword. Coins and gems were tossed around in a hurricane as it collided with the hills of treasure. Lily laughed, finding it of queer amusement. She followed after him, galloping on the flat bottoms of her feet until she was near enough to leap up on the back of his tail, using only the strength of her arms to pull herself in place. Smaug hardly missed a step, but he knew she was there because she felt the tip of his tail curl up behind her back, keeping her in place. It would be a shorter journey for her this way. It always was faster astride his back, though he was particular in which spot of coins he would deem worthy to be his bed that day, and they would both lose time as he would move from place to place. The thought process of that wasn't something she was quick to understand. It was a mattress of metal; could one spot differ from another so greatly?

"Do you mistake me for a steed?" Smaug began to circle in place, shifting the treasures into a whirlpool around his body before lumbering down with a resonating boom from his weight. "You must, because you ride me in such a way."

Lily leapt down in place from his unfurled tail, her short gown riding up to her thighs as it caught on his tough hide. She fisted the frayed fabric, righting it in place. His words had traveled through her almost fleetingly until she caught onto to the tail end of them in an inescapable hold. They turned against her, pulling at her own thoughts not so delicately as to remind her of Lake Town. It was in the spare room of Bard's home, at night in the whisper of shadows where he had felt her, tasted her. Had she been of bolder heart, perhaps she would have taken her due, a handful of him to show she could ride him as more than a steed. It was a simple jest, yet she was reminded of the reaches in the night that never took place, of the man within the beast that had not returned. Smaug was as careful not to speak of this as she had been not to think it, but that streak had come to a swift end. It had to be broken, sooner or later.

"I know you are no steed. You don't stink of horse, and I can't imagine you braying while grazing in a field." It was an absurd thing to say, but what else could she have done. Things were strange enough already without her bringing in matters of the heart. They acted as her tether, and she wouldn't let them do the same to Smaug, even if she ached for him. She always did. "Does it bother you when I do that, because I can stop?"

He grunted his reply, a spurt of his hot breath blasting out from his nose and straight through her as it ruffled her hair and garments. Her flesh prickled from the heat, soothing her enough to take a seat in front of him while she hugged her legs to her chest, childish fascination in her wide eyes. Large red lids flapped about as he blinked, judging her with curiosity. "You are in a talkative mood, which means there is something you wish to ask me."

He never allowed for her to beat around the bush, and maybe that was a good thing. Her nose crinkled as she thought about her question, brushing her hands up her arms as each fair hair stood from the warmth. Smaug could be insulted so easily, and while she hoped her question was mostly harmless, she never could tell how he would react. Best to say it quickly. "Can you change back?"

He lifted his head up from the ground, gold pieces clinging to the underside of his chin like stalactites. His head hovered, casting a shadow over her as she titled her chin up to gaze at him and trying not to shiver with fear. His upper lip pealed back, canines glinting while he snarled and sneered in a tone that brook no argument. "Why?"

"It's just . . . I thought if you showed me, that it might help with my problem."

"The fickle belief that sight is truth." Smaug snorted derisively, accusing her of something so inordinately dull rather than granting her request.

"I don't think I am that frivolous as to believe in that," She retorted thinly, her displeasure voiced from being slighted by his arrogant assumption. "Would you please do this for me, just once?"

Smaug stood up as fast as he could push his massive form to move, causing her to do the same in tangled steps, moving uncertain on her feet. In his elegance he always managed to make her look like a fool. "Step away Lily." He commanded softly.

She did as he requested without question. Coins skidded and slid beneath the soles of her feet as she walked backwards, never taking her eyes off the dragon once so as to be sure she would witness everything. She was reminded of stones in shallow water when oft she walked through his treasures, only it did not caress her skin in a dewy wetness like a river, and she was sweating through the material of her frock, both from dragon heat and her own proclivities to dwell on thoughts.

The watching of Smaug's transformation was like the setting of the sun; an end to warmth and the sight of one only known left in existence vanishing behind a line that could not be followed or traced. He folded his wings back into his body, the thin membranes coming together like drawn curtains. The treasure hall grew stagnant and dry, as if the last breath had been sucked in greedily by the dragon. A misty wisp of cloud surfaced around him, growing in size with the power to block his large mass from her sight. She watched helplessly, not knowing what would become of him while she felt his anguish through the bond. He was torn down to size, everything dragon about him ripped away until he was stripped of scale, talon and fang. His roars became screams just as he changed from beast to man. Her stomach roiled in sickness from the shattering, the sound of his bones crunching as he was broken down to size. She was no longer in the dark of his shadow now that the bulk of his body had collapsed into a small heap of pink flesh in the centre of precious hoards.

When the cloud of magic dissipated, she ran towards him in long leaps like a feline, falling down on to both knees before his shuddering body with her hands finding their purpose. The skin of his back was tinged in an inflamed red, with the dark ridges of his carbonized bones jutting up and mapping out a road along the trail of his spine. Not of man. Black bones, strong, the likes of which belonged to a dragon.

Lily draped herself over him, wrapping her arms under his while ensnaring their fingers together in a mess of digits. His breathing was deep, and she felt herself rise and fall with every intake of air he took, "I've got you, I won't leave you alone." She whispered into his neck, with the ends of his hair tickling the apple of her left cheek while she nuzzled into him. He was naked beneath her, something she did not give much thought to. Contact; skin on skin and her arms around him, that was her comfort as she concerned over his pain.

"Lily." He groaned, rising off of the floor carefully. Her weight went with him while she guided him with two hands securely around his waist. As he struggled to hold himself steady, he mumbled something too low for her to make out.

"What is it?" Her fingers carded back through his hair as she shifted to his side, catching his gaze. Those beautiful eyes. She forgot sometimes he was a dragon, if only because of those amber irises. Eyes told tales, and Smaug's had entranced her long ago.

"You prefer me as this, a weak and unimpressive man," He said pained. "You fear me again because of what happened in Lake Town. I can see the truth on you, for it follows and festers in your heart. It is the reason you continue to fail."

"Then your eyes deceive you. It is a lie you see if you think it true." She collected his face between her hands, holding him there to force her stare upon him. The weariness behind his eyes was bothersome, so she laid a kiss against his forehead, the ghost of a touch. "I admire the dragon. He has a wisdom that frightens me, and the phoenix in me strives to be his equal evermore. This apprehension you have been tricked by, it is only my fickle heart. I long for the man beneath because he showed me something I've never known before."

"Even after everything, you would still yearn and allow for my touch?"

She let out a gasp of air before speaking, a result from his long hands clutching around her hips, forcibly dragging her onto his lap. "I've been waiting for some time now, though I only just found the courage to say so recently."

"There is a phoenix in you Liliana, and I intend to shake her out. Leave the rest of the world to suffer in darkness, for I shall have all of the light in you." Through the tremors and shakes that wracked his body, he summoned the strength at least enough to tear away at the front of her makeshift gown. It had been threadbare and poorly sewn by her, a habit she was quickly picking up on while hoarding all of the fabrics she could find in Erebor. She scowled down at him, even through the blush on her cheeks to her ears. Her efforts of routine were always put at odds because of him, through fire and strength. His nefarious grin was unsettling, a torrent of heat coursing through her from it. "None else will know your beauty, only I. Such a selfish thing to steal from the world." He said while looking at her front.

"I would not dare to rob you of that. I think you enjoy it as well."

She ceased in speaking as he pawed at her white breasts, slight and peaked as they face him. With loose hand she held him to her chest, his mouth closing around the first dark circle, wetting the areola with the flat of his tongue. The stroking motions on her sensitive flesh made her dizzy, and she whined and panted with terrible indulgence.

"Be slow with me." Her voice was husky as she whispered this breathlessly to him. She wasn't sure on whether Smaug could be rushed or patient, but he was fierce and she felt that in the bruising force of his lips as he pulled her tighter to his mouth. She was suspended over his lap, pushed up on both knees, hands lost to the darkness of his hair.

Smaug was in an anxious mood, she could feel the losing of restraint in the shaking of his hands, holding on to her torso just under her breasts. His thumbs traced the milky curves while he focused his mouth on suckling and nipping at her rosy peaks. His mouth brought a heat to her, the likes of which she had never known before. His face drew back and she let her hands fall from his hair to slowly gaze down at him. Watching, his hand hovered over her breast, cautious perhaps to feel her, to make this real before her sight. She leaned forward just a little more, and in turn his hand gently moved away. They were still claws even without black talons, curved to clasp, and by the Valar if she wasn't already driven mad to have them upon her.

His hands shifted to her waist and he deposited her carefully onto her back, crouching over her while the tinkling of coins fell around them from their movements. The gleams of light filtering through the mountain made his skin all the fairer to her, and she dared to take first glimpse at his staff through the patch of dark hair, jutting up from between his thighs. It was swollen to full length, throbbing with the hot blood coursing through it. Even as he staggered in fatigue from his change, all of his strength was prepared in his shaft, and she collected a handful of him in her tiny palm, stroking over the velvety flesh and the thick vein on the underside that seemed to twitch with life from her caress. His face twisted in desired and need, hiding his want from her as if it was something monstrous.

"Don't turn your gaze from me," She said while swiping her thumb over the head of his pulsating manhood. "It thrills me to see you this way."

"It will cause you pain." He grunted out as she squeezed him.

"A worthwhile sacrifice I suppose."

Her thighs were already in a great quiver of anticipation, her flower on fire with a pool of sweet nectar that dampened her underclothes. His hand came down over hers against his manhood, and he pried her away, sweeping her into confusion. He pinned her down with his mass, eyes reopened and aflame with desire as he tore at her garments until the frock split at the middle and was cast away from her body along with her harshly removed underclothes. She whimpered from the unexpected savagery, and was overcome with fear and arousal as his fingers danced their way over her warm core. "I will not let you go now my beloved phoenix. You silly little flower, you can never be free of me again; your hold on me is everything."

There was no guilt felt in her heart beneath her breast for his confession. Nay, it lit a fire in her chest stronger than all of the furnaces in Erebor. She had become accustomed to his possessive nature, and now she even craved it. The power she felt for being desired by one so mighty, it kept her in a constant state of dark euphoria. "Do you wish to terrify me? Because you are stronger . . . older . . . more powerful than I could ever be?"

His fingers pressed aside the soft folds of flesh at her centre, winding into the light patch of lavender blonde hair nestled between her thighs. A shocked gasp flew from her mouth as he pressed inside with a single digit, marking shallowly with the nail scraping against her fluttering walls. "I am letting you know what you are giving yourself over to. Once it is over, I will not let you go from my sight again."

Her slick walls pulled at his finger as he lightly thrust in and out of her with it, never delving too far in awareness of her maidenhead that guarded her chastity. A soft noise was pulled from his throat when more of her juices coated his finger. So he wanted her to want him. Lily was pleased by that, and she mewed in abandon as his thumb circled over her clit. "You sound so certain. Has this been your plan for some time?"

He paused briefly in his ministrations before returning to wiggle his finger about in her depths, all while giving her clit a pinch, the barest hint of the pleasure he could bring her; and the agony. "Your body plagues me. I have longed for you since it seemed it was the beginning, and not just myself as I am now."

Her eyes flew to his, understanding his words while being petrified by them. A sudden flash and she imagined the dragon, a great danger yearning for her that she had not been privy to. By now she thought she knew all the workings of the dragon, but for his lust. Was it for her queer beauty or for her virgin blood? He caused such a conflict in her for saying such things, and he was unapologetic as he continued to plunge into her with his invading finger. The nub at the apex of her centre was swelling, along with the wetness he caused to pour from her womanhood.

She was close to her peak when he suddenly withdrew, his hand sliding back to instead grab her by her wrists. He pulled her up to his lap without ceremony, and she could feel the wetness from her own arousal dampening the skin on her wrist where he held her upright to his chest. His hands released her to grip on the soft cheeks of her behind, lifting her forward so her breasts rubbed up against his broad chest. She watched as his eyes flitted down to them, giving her a heave up in his arms so they bounced jovially for him to see, the pink buds scraping his front like the gentle licks from a cat. He urged her body to curl to his, and her eyes shut as his thighs tensed to rut upon her with his hard length, the head of him brushing between her nether lips.

"Look at me Lily." He demanded without a trace of gentleness, and she trembled at the sound. Most of the warm light had left his eyes, furious need taking its place. His hands fondled with her plush cheeks, the only thing holding her up from being impaled on his thick member. "Only a thin veil stands between us. I need only let go and it shall be gone."

She recognized his hard tone as his shield, steeling himself from the pain he knew he would cause her. The tension in his arms pulled the muscles taut, a testament to how careful he was not to drop her. Her short nails dug into his shoulders as she hoisted herself up high, looking him in the face with their centres matched together between them. "It is your right, and it is for you. I only ask you be merciful."

He lowered her down a fraction, the head of his erected shaft pushing through her entrance, stretching her out which caused a burn in her eyes from the salty tears. He kissed the corner by her eye as one fell free, catching it on his lips as he drank up her anguish. "Careful of the tears you shed. Some things are meant to stay broken."

She cried out with a shiver as he lowered her more. The arousal which she had previously spilt was nearly diminished in its use. Nothing could prevent the searing pain, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, hoping it would ease her passing into this new realm. He turned his neck in, capturing her mouth in a purposeful kiss to quiet her whimpers with the slid of his tongue around hers. His breath was hot, tasting in a blend of smoke and clove, but it did not distract her enough for what came next. He let go of her swiftly, bucking his hip upwards as she came down around him. He burst through the membrane of her maidenhead, drawing the innocent blood as it spurted lightly around his shaft. He grunted into her mouth as she let loose a cry around his tongue. She was broken at last, but fulfilled around him, and he cradled her head with a hand through her hair as their lips separated from the smothering kiss.

"You are all mine to take. Queen Under the Mountain, Lily of the Valley," His throat was tight as he spoke, and through the bond she felt his heart bleed with her, shed in the same manner as her virginity. "Do not struggle my love. A fight will pain you all the more."

There was a strange kindness in being quick on his part, and he pressed her down further, keeping still even when she suspected he wanted to piston his hips onward towards release. "I hurt . . . but I refuse to surrender. Y-you don't have to take . . . I give t-this willingly." She hated to sputter her words, sounding a blubbering mess before him from the new wound within her.

His hands traced down to her hips, holding her firm while the pads of his fingers dug into her supple flesh, not judging of what was likely a common reaction. He shuddered, everything he felt passing through her as they were bound together by body and mind. In this position he hit so deeply within her for only the first time, and she was wrapped snugly around him. Her legs twitched in the temptation to thrash about in agony, and Smaug hummed lowly in his throat, content with feeling her regardless of the inaction.

"I do not wish for you to sob while I take pleasure from you," He said into her ear, lowering her back down to the floor while keeping them connected at her core. His back went straight as he held himself up-right over her by the strength in his arms, jaw clicking together tightly as his eyes blazed over her wrecked form. "I will continue, but do not deny me now, for it will only cause you pain."

He gave a shudder as he slid back, nearly withdrawing from her entirely before surging forward again. Her walls continued to constrict but be stretched by his movements, and she shook heavily with her arms out to her sides with her pale hair cushioning her face. The tears had stopped falling, and all of her focus was drawn to Smaug as he rutted her deeper into the flagstone floor. Usually it was covered by coins and treasures, but the gold had rushed away since their frantic start and she could now see the colour of the ground was an earthy green. Her mind didn't dwell on frivolity for long. Smaug's voice was huskier and softer as he cried small groans of pleasure. This was everything, his larger body sliding into her, reaching further down each time he came forward with his hips. He covered her completely with his body, so much that she could barely move her own, but for her arms that she wrapped around his shoulders.

"How do you feel?" He stopped to asked, his voice thick and strained with lust, all of his attentions entirely on her.

"The pain has dulled," She kissed the corner of his mouth while brushing the dark hairs out from his eyes that had fallen over his forehead during ecstasy. "I want you to continue."

He lifted back on his hands, confusing her as he pulled out suddenly with a wet 'pop' resonating from the slickness between them. "Turn over." He commanded tensely, his face light and filled with emotion.

She pushed up on her elbows, heels digging into the floor while she gazed at him with question. "Why, what has happened?"

He laughed a little, hesitating a moment before answering, and it gave her pause to wonder if she had said something particularly amusing. "Nothing has changed Lily, though I sometimes forget you are young. I want to give you pleasure in a different way, and I prefer to dominate."

Oh," She blushed while rolling over, feeling his gaze on every inch of her creamy skin as she struggled on how to position herself. It was daunting to have her hips high in the air for him to see clearly, and she kept her head down with her hair falling over her shoulders. "What do I need to do?"

"Do not fight me; let me lead you."

She barely blinked before he was over top of her, the head of his cock back at her swollen cunt as he was poised to enter her. Her knuckles turned white against the floor as he surged back in, lighting a fire in her depths as he seated himself to the hilt. She gasped in time with him, both eager and whimpering at the new places he reached in her feminine walls. His length stretched her more, and it did not come without suffering. She struggled for purchase on the smooth floor as he started to move, marking his claim with slow, hard thrusts that caused his sack to beat against her clit each time he rolled forward. It had begun with him pulling at her hips to have her meet his thrusts, but Lily started to rock back on her own, picking up her natural pace, and Smaug only growled more.

"Such a generous little flower . . . I doubt if I am worthy of you." He panted lowly as his chest came down to glide over her back, driving him down far into her velvet walls. She felt as if there was a fire burning above her because of his heat, and their skin stuck together as a thin layer of sweat formed between them like cement. His thighs slapped furiously into her tender cheeks with his continued thrusts, and she jolted with fever as his hands cupped over her breasts that had been swinging loosely back and forth with every rush of their bodies. "I could take you forever."

"Smaug!" She protested without any conviction as he hauled her back up against his chest, his hips pistoning upwards in the awkward hold he held her in. His hands continued to paw at her chest, groping and tweaking the fleshy mounds which caused her to throw her head back into his shoulder and cry out in abandon. His nose trailed the column of her neck, stealing her scent into him as he inhaled, and tasted with his tongue. By magic or her own trick of mind, she thought for a second that she felt his tongue was sticky and forked as he lapped at her nape. A shock of pain blew the idea out of her mind as he sank his teeth hard upon her, pinching a generous proportion of flesh between his fangs, gnawing and sucking until she burned.

"Give in to me," He groaned, his right hand leaving her breast to fondle at her exposed clit. Lily felt her juices start to leave her, leaking down his length and collecting at both their thighs. The pads of his fingers were coated as he worked the delicate flesh of her centre, all while his staff drove home into her with brutal need. A light flutter started in the pit of her stomach, and she twisted her head back and forth against his shoulder, crying for it to either cease or continue as she was led on to this new plateau. "Come for me Lily, let go."

His voice was by her ear and inside her head as he tugged back on her hair, holding it like a rein as he rode her from behind. Her flesh felt chapped and burned as his skin continued to meet hers in a series of slaps that were accompanied with delicious squelching noises from how sopping wet she had grown. Her eyes opened with feared surprise as the feeling of her climax took hold, so unlike their time in Lake Town. A thick stream of her juices showered around his cock as she clenched down impossibly tight around him. The flow continued to pour, and she thought she might force him out of her entirely with the strength of her orgasm. She sobbed at her height in relief, lamenting her peak as she sprayed the last remnants around his stilled shaft.

Smaug had halted himself in her, toying with her clit to ease her down slowly from her climax, but he had yet to find his own release. He started up slowly again, his hips driving forward as he leveled her back to the ground on her hands and knees. She had little strength to hold herself up, but as she let her arms fall to press her cheek against the cold floor, he kept his grip on her hips all to himself as he stole his own pleasure from her heat. She felt his erected shaft swell and thicken in her pussy, and he let out a sharp bark of finality as he shot his release down to the barrier of her womb. She was painted in his seed as copious amounts continued to spurt from his tightened loins, moaning as he shallowly thrust the remains of his climax. He succumbed to the same exhaustion, falling down on top of her to the ground where they laid in glowing silence. His face was to her spine and his hands to her shoulders, kneading carefully.

He had not slipped from her aching centre even as he turned soft, as if he could go no further since being sheathed inside her. Lily continued to fall into a spell of hot and cold from the sweat cooling on her body and his form blanketed over her. She was certain her cheek might have even been permanently fused to the floor after lying there for so long. Smaug started to grumble above her, his face turning to rest his chin against her back so his mouth could be free to speak, and he did exactly that. "What do you feel for me Lily?"

"That is a tricky question to be starting with so soon." She muttered back in a tired tone.

He pressed her more, adamant for an answer now. "Will you ignore this beautiful event; the union in which we came together? Do you love me?"

There was a hint of desperation in his question, and pleading. "You want me to love you."

"If it is so much to ask from one with your purity," He said while kissing the space between her shoulders. "I know I am not a lovable creature, and I don't wish to have to take your love if you refuse to give it."

"I think you know my heart and where you reside in it." That he had even asked at all was a gesture of his respect for her, even when they both had known for some time of her transparent sentimentality.

He breathed out in solace, at peace with her answer. "Let me look after you."

She sighed when he removed himself from her, leaving her colder too when his form was gone from her back. With a hand on her hip he prompted her to turn over, and she did with the most languid of movements. He was knelt before her as she gazed at him with hooded eyes, asking her permission to spread open her legs as he nudged gently. Her attention was driven to him as he brought his head down between her thighs, and she felt jerked alive as his mouth came down on the skin that was covered in the evidence of their passion. The blood had already set in a pink stain that he collected on to his tongue, tasting both her release and his mixed together. His motions were smooth as he went about the task, and she suspected he was teasing her again when the tip of his tongue flicked lightly on her bud. She was cleansed thoroughly from his actions, and she lightly pushed him back with a hand through his hair.

"The habits of a beast I suppose, though don't feign disgust, I know you enjoyed that." He said with pure vanity in his voice.

"Perhaps we should bathe together. I could lick the beads of water off from your chest."

He paused from her perky jest before breaking out into a resounding laugh. "Oh look what I have done to you."

"Yes, you've corrupted me," Impassioned, she pushed up from the floor, leaping into his arms with her hands laced at the base of his skull. "Now carry me away my King."

He nipped at the same mark on her neck he had caused, bruised dark in red and purple like a pomegranate. "I adore you more than the sun Liliana."

She smiled with a kiss to his lips, pulling back only to rest her head down on his forehead with her reply. "And I you, more than the moon and stars."

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