When we landed in America, I felt the pull telling me to head to the Alaska area. Why would my mate be there? None the less, I followed the pull throughout the day, and by nightfall the pull had made me go to the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the middle of Alaska. The snow was about a foot deep, and increasing due to the heavy snow falling around us.

I stopped suddenly, pull was telling me that I was close to my chance of happiness. The guards stopped behind me.

"Listen out for movement. My mate may be human or one of us." as I said these words one of the guards spoke up.

"Master, there is a heartbeat not 100 yards from here. And the scent resembles the human that came to Volterra with the Cullen boy." by the time he was finished, I was off. I followed the scent and when I saw what was lying on the ground, half covered by snow, had me growling lowly.

Lying on the ground was indeed the girl who came with the Cullen boy. The pull told me that my mate was this human girl. I knelt down in the snow and pulled the small thing into my arms, brushing the snow off her face. I stared in horror at what I saw.

Her lips were blue, her face pale. Her clothes did nothing to protect her from the cold, they looked like the ones she came to us in. Her hair was tangled over her head, a lovely mahogany colour. What really brought horror to me was her heartbeat. It was barely there. I scooped her up quickly, and turned to the guards barking out for them to find the nearest hotel.

As the guards ran ahead, I looked down at my mate. She was such a tiny thing. She barely weighed a thing, I knew I had to get her warm and put some food into her.

I looked up to see we were at a hotel. One of the guard held out a room key to me, which I took and headed to the room.

I laid the girl on the fairly large bed, then headed into the bathroom. I ran a bath of fairly hot water to help warm her up. I went back to the girl, picked her up and placed her, fully clothed, into the bath. I picked up the chair that was at the desk in the main bedroom, and placed it near her head before sitting down.

I waited for what seemed forever before I saw her face begin to take on some colour. Her heart beat was slowly getting stronger as time passed.

I quickly walked out of the bathroom and called Jane to me.

"Yes Master?" she asked.

"I want you to go get some new clothes for the girl. Oh and could you tell me her name? I have forgotten it." I say, embarrassment slightly coming through my voice.

"Right away Master. I believe her name to be Isabella, but prefers to be called Bella, if my memory serves me correctly." she says before bowing and running away to get Isabella new clothes.

I quickly run back to her, to find her eyes struggling to open. I walk over to the bath and run a finger along her cheek. Her eyes continued to struggle as she tried to wake up.

"Shh, it's okay sweet. Just sleep, I will take care of you. Sleep." I was shocked to see that Isabella followed my instructions. Her eyes stopped fluttering, her breathing slowed along with the heartbeat, to a more relaxed state.

I put my hand into the water to find it was nearly cold. Where was Jane?

"Master, I have the clothes you requested." Jane said quietly. I walked out of the bathroom holding Isabella in my arms. I placed her on the couch, not on the bed, as I wanted her to sleep in it, but not when the bedding and her clothes were wet. I turned to Jane.

"You will dress her and when you are done place her into the bed and call for me." I said walking towards the door to give Jane space to chance my mate.

I waited for a couple minutes before I heard Jane call me. I opened the door and walked in, nodding to Jane as she left. I look over to the bed to she Isabella lying beneath the covers, looking tiny. I grabbed some extra blankets and spread them over her, fearing she might get too cold. I then lay upon the bed beside her, on my side looking at her face, trying to get a sense of her.

Her high cheek bones, full lips, long lashes framing her eyes. From her hair colour and from what I remember of her visit, her eye colour was a deep chocolate brown. Eyes I could lose myself in.

So I waited until those beautiful chocolate eyes opened.