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"Um, Sesshomaru?" There was an uncomfortable moment of silence. Kagome tried again. "Sesshomaru-sama?"

His face stayed sullen and his gaze never strayed from the horizon. From her vantage point, Kagome marveled at his tight jaw. It's like marble, she mused. Firm and unyielding. Much like the stubborn dog demon.

She tried diplomacy again, because she honestly doubted her ability to purify him. "Sesshomaru-sama, I understand where you're coming from, but I promise I'm not going to leave. You've claimed me as your mate. I've accepted-" under duress "-so you can let me go now. Please. Now. I can walk... Really."

The arm that was currently cradling her to his chest only tightened.

Kagome felt like throwing a fit. The kicking and screaming and crying kind. She had tolerated it at first, because it was a little cute. But this was approaching the ridiculous.

Her legs worked fine! She was not ill or injured. And he had been walking for hours. Her butt and legs were seriously numb. Like, painfully numb.

In desperation, she said the first thing that came to mind.

"But your armor is poking me!"

Sesshomaru stopped and finally looked down at the little miko. There was a brief pulse of youki and before Kagome knew it, she was swaddled in the fur of his mokomoko. She blinked and against her better judgment, her fingers curled curiously into the warm wrapping. Oh, soft. And fluffy. A pleased little smile escaped without her noticing.

Sesshomaru 'hnn-ed' and continued walking.


Very short. Very silly. Hope it made you smile.