A/N – This story is set in the same universe as Wedding Traditions. This takes place a few months after Hermione and Draco's wedding. I'm also planning several more stories in the same universe, and in some Hermione and Draco won't necessarily be the main characters (Although they will definitely be in the story)

There is three parts to this story. I will post the second part next week and the third part will either be posted in between Christmas and New Year or just after New Year.

Party Talk.

Hermione Malfoy sat on the sofa, her laptop on the arm of the sofa as she browsed through various fancy dress websites. She was currently looking at a site that had a whole range of the style of outfit she was looking for. In fact there was so much choice she was beginning to wonder if she should go mad and buy more than one.

Hermione was currently looking at sexy Christmas outfits as earlier in the week her husband, Draco, had commented how good she would look in one. They'd been watching a film and one of the women was wearing a sexy Mrs Santa outfit, Draco had then told Hermione he wouldn't mind a present like that on Christmas morning. Since the couple had quite the penchant for dressing up and role play Hermione had remembered the conversation and started looking for her husband's present, which was why she was scouring websites to find the perfect dress.

The sound of the floo network activating grabbed Hermione's attention and she looked up in time to see her best friend, Ginny Weasley, stepping from the flames. Hermione closed her laptop and placed it on the coffee table as she got up to greet Ginny.

"Hi, am I the first to arrive?" Ginny asked, shedding her jacket and draping it over a nearby chair.

"I'm sure the others will be here soon." Hermione replied. "Come and help me with the drinks."

Ginny followed Hermione into the kitchen and the two women prepared a variety of drinks, while they waited for their friends to arrive. The other women they were expecting were all part of their close circle of friends and all of their husbands were currently out at a Quidditch match.

Returning to the front room Hermione and Ginny had just settled down when Luna Lovegood arrived, followed closely by Pansy Parkinson. Luna and Pansy had just shed their coats and settled down when Daphne Nott and Angelina Weasley arrived.

"Oh look at all that alcohol." Angelina sighed dreamily. "Damn, I wish I could drink some."

"Tough luck, Ange." Ginny laughed at her sister-in-law. "You're the one who's mad enough to let my brother knock you up."

Angelina was married to Ginny's brother George and the couple were expecting their first child. Angelina was only two months gone, but the whole group knew of the pregnancy as George just couldn't keep the news to himself.

"I didn't let him." Angelina protested as she settled down next to Hermione. "We just kind of forget to use the contraceptive charm."

"How can you forget?" Daphne asked. "Surely it's habit to cast it before you go to bed."

"We didn't actually go to bed." Angelina chuckled. "We got a bit tipsy and shagged in Arthur's shed at his and Molly's anniversary party."

"You can't do stuff like that in someone else's house." Daphne gasped. Along with Luna she was the most conservative of the girls and was often shocked by their escapades.

"Why not, Blaise and I have." Ginny shrugged. "We've actually done it here."

"You've had sex in my house." Hermione tutted. "Ginny, that's wicked."

"Please, as if you and Draco haven't shagged everywhere you can." Pansy snorted. "We all still remember your wedding and how you couldn't even last a week without sex."

"Our memories would be bad if we couldn't remember the wedding, it was only four months ago." Luna said, missing the point of Pansy's remark.

"Speaking of that wedding, is Narcissa coming tonight?" Angelina asked Hermione.

At Hermione and Draco's wedding, Angelina and Draco's mother, Narcissa, had struck up a friendship and it had blossomed in the months since. While the six girls saw each other a lot Narcissa often joined them these days.

"Yeah, she should be here soon." Hermione replied. "She said she might be a bit late as she's busy organising the New Year Ball at the Manor."

"Ooh, Blaise and I got our invite to that this week." Ginny remarked. "I have to admit it looks like a fun night."

"What's the theme this year?" Pansy asked. "Our invite came yesterday, but I've been too busy to open it. I really must do it tomorrow and send the reply back."

"It's a masked ball." Hermione answered. "The overall theme is Renaissance, Narcissa expects everyone in the complete outfit."

"That's going to be hard to do." Angelina said. "I have no idea what to do about costumes for myself and George."

"Ask Narcissa, she'll help you." Hermione told her friend. "She offered to help me find something but apparently Draco has it in hand."

"You're trusting Draco to dress you?" Pansy asked with a sceptical look.

"Yes." Hermione nodded. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"He could buy an outfit in the wrong size, making you look stupid." Daphne remarked.

"Draco knows my size, he's never brought me the wrong size before." Hermione pointed out.

"He could buy you something very revealing." Luna said.

"That won't matter, we've all seen what Hermione has to offer." Pansy laughed. Hermione and Draco had been caught in a compromising position on more than one occasion so everyone had seen Hermione's best assets.

"I trust Draco to have everything sorted." Hermione reassured her friends. "Besides if he does mess up I'll strangle him, and he knows it."

"That's right Hermione, show him who's boss." Angelina said.

"You can borrow my whip if you need to." Pansy offered. "That really shows who's boss."

"That's all right Pans." Hermione chuckled. She knew all about Pansy and Harry's domination kink, but it was something she had no interest in exploring.

"I have a few other bits instead." Pansy said, offering the girls the use of some of her other toys.

Pansy was still busy listing her toys, and garnering some interest from Luna and Ginny, when the floo network sounded and Narcissa appeared in the room.

"Sorry I'm late, Hermione." Narcissa kissed her daughter-in-law on the cheek as she settled down next to Angelina.

"It's fine." Hermione said. "You haven't missed much."

"I don't know, it sounds like Pansy's been having fun." Narcissa chuckled, listening to the former Slytherin telling Ginny and Luna about the joys of handcuffs.

"It doesn't sound like fun to me." Angelina remarked. "Why would you want to restrict your movement in bed? Personally I like my hands to be able to explore George's body, and he has no complaints either."

"I'm with you on this one." Narcissa said, agreeing with Angelina. "My hands like to explore Lucius in bed."

"I'm going for more drinks." Hermione said, quickly getting up before Narcissa and Angelina really got going. As much as she loved Narcissa and Lucius she really didn't need to hear about their sex lives, unfortunately the couple were very amorous and Hermione knew more than she wanted to regarding her parents-in-law and their very active sex life.

Hermione busied herself in the kitchen for nearly ten minutes in the hope that when she returned Narcissa and Angelina would have changed the subject. When she returned to the front room Hermione found all the girls gathered around her laptop. Remembering what site she had been on when she shut the machine, Hermione groaned knowing everyone was going to find out about their dressing up kink. Ginny already knew about the role play stuff but as far as Hermione knew no-one else had any idea the sort of things she and Draco got up to in private.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Pansy was going to show us some of the tamer dominatrix stuff you can buy online, but we got distracted by the site you were looking at." Ginny answered. "Buying Draco's Christmas present, were you?"

"Yeah." Hermione nodded. "But there's so much choice, I have no idea what to buy."

"Do you often dress up?" Angelina asked, looking at a couple of the sexy outfits. She was surprised to see they were regular fancy dress outfits, nothing kinky or overtly sexual, just a bit of harmless fun.

"Occasionally." Hermione shrugged. "It was just something stupid for Christmas morning."

"Or how about on Christmas Eve we all give our partners an early present." Ginny suggested.

"I hope we're not talking about some weird group sex, because I'm not into that." Daphne said, wrinkling her nose in disgust. "What Theo and I do is private and I'm not sharing him with anyone."

"I wasn't suggesting anything like that." Ginny chuckled. "I mean, why don't we throw a fancy dress Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Everyone has to dress up, but we could buy some sexy outfits from here."

"Oh, I like." Angelina said excitedly. "This will be my last chance to slip into something sexy for a while."

"I'm up for a party." Pansy said.

"Me too." Daphne smiled, much happier now the situation had been explained.

"I'd like that, I've always wanted to dress up as a Christmas present." Luna remarked.

Ginny looked at her future sister-in-law and wondered if she should mention that presents weren't sexy and they definitely weren't what she had been meaning. However the thought of Ron's face when he saw everyone else dressed all sexily and his fiancée was in a box made Ginny inwardly chuckle, so she didn't mention anything. If Luna wanted to be a Christmas present, then she could be a Christmas present.

"Hermione?" Ginny asked, turning to her friend. "Are you up for it?"

"Yeah, I'm up for it." Hermione smiled. "We can have the party here. I'm sure we can also invite a few other people."

"I hope Lucius and I are invited to the party." Narcissa said. "It's been a long time since we've indulged in some dressing up and the thought definitely appeals."

"Of course you're invited." Hermione told her mother-in-law.

"Excellent, it feels like ages since I've seen everyone." Narcissa smiled. "George for example, I haven't seen him once since the wedding. I've even visited his shop in Diagon Alley a few times and he never seems to be there."

The rest of the girls all shared a secretive smile when Narcissa mentioned George. Somehow over the course of Hermione and Draco's wedding week, George had become terrified of Narcissa and he now actively went out of his way to avoid her. However it looked like his luck was coming to an end, with two parties to attend over the festive period there was no way he could avoid Narcissa on both occasions.

"What about the boys, though?" Pansy asked. "I can't imagine they'll be keen on dressing up in Christmas outfits."

"Surely you can use your feminine wiles, Pansy." Narcissa said to the younger witch. "I'm sure you can all get your men into costume on the night."

"We need to buy costumes first." Ginny said. "There's some good ones on here and we can even buy for the boys."

"Why don't we all have a look and if you give me the money I can order them." Hermione told the girls. "We can then start planning the rest of the party. Christmas Eve is in a fortnight, we need to move quickly."

"Right, let's get searching for the perfect outfits." Ginny declared as everyone gathered around the laptop.

Forty five minutes later everyone had picked outfits for themselves and their partners and Hermione was just checking she had the size and details right. Like she had vowed Luna had picked a present outfit for herself and one for Ron. Luna's outfit was a purple square present with gold spots and a golden ribbon while Ron's outfit was a longer blue present with a silver ribbon.

While Luna's outfit was very modest the others went for sexier options, including Narcissa. Narcissa had picked an elf costume that consisted of a short green dress and green and white stripy socks, along with a green elf hat. Since she was being an elf Narcissa had picked a Santa outfit for Lucius. All the girls had expressed their doubt over whether Lucius would actually wear the costume, but Narcissa reassured them that she could get Lucius into the costume.

Angelina's outfit was an angel and it consisted of a tight white dress that was shorter at the front than at the back. The outfit also came with golden wings, a golden halo and a pair of gold sandals which laced up Angelina's legs. For George, Angelina had picked out an elf costume, complete with the comedy elf shoes.

With the lack of selection for men Ginny also picked an elf costume for Blaise, although it wasn't quite as funny as George's outfit. For her own outfit Ginny picked a sexy tree costume. Ginny's dress was green, short and strapless. It had a trim of gold tinsel around the top and as a belt and the skirt of the dress was decorated with red baubles and golden bows.

Both Pansy and Daphne went for matching costumes with their partners. Daphne bought Theo a snowman outfit while she bought a snowwoman costume. Daphne's dress was short and white, with three black dots down the front to represent the snowwoman's front. There was also a green and white striped scarf and a top hat to complete the outfit. Pansy meanwhile had gone for Christmas pudding outfits for her and Harry. Pansy's dress was once again short, but this time it was brown. The top part of the dress was white and had a piece of holly stuck on.

In the end Hermione decided to go with her original idea of a sexy Mrs Clause. Hermione's dress was red and short with a white trim on the bottom of the dress and along the top of the dress. To go with the dress, Hermione got a pair of red stilettoes and a pair of long red and white stripy socks. Hermione also bought a Santa outfit for Draco, although she had no idea how she was going to get her husband to agree to wear it.

Once the order was placed the girls set about planning the party. Even though Hermione had agreed to host the party all the girls were more than willing to help with the food and drink. After sharing out the work and discussing the guest list talk turned to Ginny's upcoming wedding. Ginny and Blaise had been engaged for a while and they had set the date for Valentine's Day the following year.

"So where are you holding the wedding?" Narcissa asked Ginny.

"We found this gorgeous castle in Scotland." Ginny told the older witch. "We're having the ceremony in one of the ballrooms. Here, I've got the brochure in my bag."

Ginny whipped out the brochure and for the next hour the girls all gushed over the venue and the plans that were already set. They also discussed several things that still needed to be planned, before gradually the night came to an end and people started to go home.

Once she was alone Hermione tided up before heading upstairs for a relaxing bath. Hermione had just gotten out of the bath and got settled into an old shirt of Draco's when her husband entered the room.

"Did you have a good time?" Hermione asked, kissing Draco on the cheek before climbing onto the bed.

"It was okay." Draco shrugged as he began to get undressed. "How was your night?"

"Great." Hermione beamed. "We're having a Christmas party on Christmas Eve."

"Who exactly is we?" Draco turned to his wife, clearly hoping she wasn't meaning they were throwing the party.

"Technically we're hosting it, but we've all planned it and will all help organise it." Hermione explained.

"Why do I get the feeling there's more to this party then you're letting on." Draco said, continuing to watch Hermione closely.

"Well it is a costume party." Hermione said. "But you don't have to worry, I've already ordered your costume." She added quickly.

"Hell no." Draco snorted. "I'm not dressing up."

"But you have to." Hermione pouted. "It's a fancy dress party and everyone will be wearing Christmas inspired outfits."

"Because that makes it better." Draco muttered sarcastically as he climbed onto the bed beside his wife.

"It should." Hermione retorted. "You should actually think yourself lucky. Harry is going to be a Christmas pudding, Ron is going to be a present and Theo a snowman. Not to mention George and Blaise are going to be elves."

"What have you got for me?" Draco asked warily. His friend's costumes sounded hideous and he was apprehensive over what his wife had in store for him.

"A Santa suit." Hermione replied.

"I'm not wearing that." Draco snorted. "I don't do red."

"Then find another costume, because you need one for the party." Hermione said.

"Do I have to dress up?" Draco asked. "Can't I just wear my normal clothes?"

"Nope." Hermione shook her head. "No costume, no sex."

"Do you mean no sex on the night of the party or no sex until you've stopped being annoyed with me?" Draco questioned.

"I actually meant no sex on the night of the party." Hermione replied. "I've bought a very sexy dress for the occasion and it would be such a shame if you missed out on the chance of unwrapping me. Especially since you asked nicely for a dress like this last week."

Draco's eyes lit up as he remembered the conversation from the previous week. "Are you talking about one of those tiny Santa dresses?"

"I might be." Hermione grinned. "But you only get to sample what's underneath the dress if you're dressed up."

"Fine, I'll wear the bloody outfit, but I'm making a few adjustments."

"Like what?"

"You'll see on the night of the party." Draco grinned, refusing to reveal his plan for making the idea more bearable. "But for now, how about you give me a preview of what I can expect on Christmas Eve. I need to know dressing up is worth the effort."

Hermione smiled at Draco before briefly connecting their lips. "It'll be worth the effort." She whispered as the couple fell back on the bed, locked in an embrace.