Voting is finished!

Yes I know I said that I would take it down on the first, but I've been having internet issues. In fact, I'm writing all of this on my cell phone right now. Anyway, thank you to everyone who voted! The results are below and as you can see, options 2 and 6 tied. So I will be doing both! I'm doing option 6 first because I already have more written for it and I kind of have an idea of where I'm going with it. Option 2 will be next followed by option 7. I might make a few others into one-shots though.

Have patience with me. I'll be writing as fast as I can. I still have another week before school starts back up. Don't expect everything to done and out before then though. I'll probably be doing weekly updates. The first will hopefully be up on Tuesday (1/7/14). I'll leave the rest of the chapters up so that the reviews stay and for people to read. I accidentally deleted the story part from chapter one, but I'll get it back up when I have more than just my phone to work with.

Thank you!
Ismira Daugene

(for #6: w=werewolf v=vampire x=undecided)


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