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The article had the expected effect according to Severus. It had unfortunately led to Severus getting tortured for nearly an hour for not finding out sooner what they had been up to. Severus had apparated back to Hogwarts as soon as he was able and was now under the care of Madam Pomfrey. So far Severus had not been called back by Voldemort, not that he was going to answer his summons any more. Severus had decided, his body did as well, that it was time to give his spying job up. He would declare his allegiance at hopefully what would be the final battle.

Harry stood looking in his mirror at his dress robes with disgust. He hated dress robes you could barely move in them. He had his battle gear on underneath which made the damn things even worse. He was fiddling with his tie, it would not tie right.

Fleur came up behind him, "Why don't you use the spell to tie it?" She asked kissing the back of his neck. She moved in front of him and tied the tie for him.

"If I learned the spell you wouldn't tie it for me anymore," Harry said pulling her into him and kissing her. The kiss turned heated quickly Fleur and Harry were reluctant to part but a knock came at their door.

"Harry let's go, we need to be their soon." Sirius called out.

"The first thing I'm doing when Tom is dead is kicking them all out," Harry said with a groan. Fleur laughed lightly.

"I doubt that," Fleur said still laughing. Harry pulled her to him and kissed her once again.

"Be careful today," Harry murmured.

"You're the one I'm worried about," Fleur replied back. They walked out of his room hand in and hand. They proceeded slowly down to the entry hall where they would portkey to Hogwarts. The Headmaster had provided the portkey seeing as they would be their early to help enact wards for the castle. Harry and Fleur were joined by Sirius, Narcissa, Vladimir, Viktor, Saiph, and Draco. Together they grabbed a hold of the string that the Headmaster provided.

"Hogwarts," Sirius activated the portkey and they disappeared in the swirling blue of the portal. They landed in the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Dumbledore was waiting for them as was a torrent of aurors. They were milling about the courtyard and inside the school. They lined the path from the gates to courtyard.

"Welcome," Dumbledore said nodding his head to the group. "You are the first ones here. Minister Bones should arrive soon. You can go inside and get familiar with the hall."

"Where is Uncle Severus?" Draco asked. "I did not think he would miss this."

"Oh he's not. Given his role as spy he's gathered the identity of many Death Eaters including those which remain hidden to others. He's standing by the gates identifying any Death Eaters that may try to slip through tonight." Harry and Sirius for the first time found themselves thoroughly enjoying something that Severus had done but tonight would take it if he caught any Death Eaters. "Lord Yaxley has already been apprehended on Severus' testimony." The whole group started chuckling at that. "He showed up with the Magical Law Enforcement Squad."

Viktor, Saiph, Draco, and Narcissa started on their way down to the gate to visit with Severus and see how he was feeling. The rest headed into the Great Hall. It was decorated in both Ministry of Magic themes and the Order of Merlin theme. The Order of Merlin Banners were the emerald green of Slytherin with a wand and sword crossed on a bed of crystals. The Hall was decorated in emerald accents to match the Order of Merlin banners.

"Ah Harry, Blacks," Kingsley Shacklebolt came over and greeted them. "Tonks was requesting your presence on the bridge leading to Hogsmeade. She wanted to make sure the wards were as tough as possible."

Harry nodded and kissed Fleur lightly before turning and leaving to join Tonks at the bridge. Harry focused on his breathing trying to remain calm. Voldemort would most likely attack during the award ceremony, Harry needed to keep his magic under control until then. He could already feel the lightning surging inside of him.

"Wotcher Harry," Tonks called when he was within sight. She had her bright pink hair and usual heart shaped face. Harry nodded to Tonks and pulled her into a quick hug. "Would you check the wards. We don't want them getting through this way if we can help it. We're warding the bridge separately from the school wards."

Harry nodded and pulled his wand out running it in complex patterns over the bridge. The wards lit up a faint blue. Harry continued his wand waving and added some chanting. The wards glowed a brilliant gold before settling back down. "I added a surprise for whoever takes down the wards by force." Harry added with a slightly twisted grin.

"Good." Tonks and Harry nodded a goodbye to those aurors and magical law enforcement squad members that were responsible for guarding the bridge. "How are you feeling," Tonks said slinging her arm around Harry.

"I don't know," Harry answered truthfully. "I want him to show and I don't know how that makes me feel. If he does show people will die. On both sides."

Tonks nodded and said seriously, "People always die in war. Sacrifices must be made. Even if that means one of us dies," her voice hitched, "but I will make that sacrifice over and over again if it means you kill him." She said passionately, her hair changing to a bright red before settling back to pink.

Harry nodded as they entered the Great Hall. Most of those who had arrived so far were members of the Order of the Phoenix. Harry saw the entire Weasley family minus the two youngest. Harry nodded and waved to Fred and George. Both twins were dressed in dragon hide suits. "Harry over here," Fred called.

Harry and Tonks parted ways with Tonks going over to stand by Shacklebolt's side. Harry moved over to the Weasley family. Harry gave them a little wave as he was on his way.

"Fred, George how are plans for the joke shop coming," Harry said grinning broadly.

Mrs. Weasley glared at the two with such heat that Harry almost took a step back but instead he plowed forward. "Fred and George here could out do Zonko's easily. I know I look forward to when they formalize their plans. I loved to invest in the company and I'm sure Sirius would too. Merlin even Draco would invest." Harry said grinning happily and innocently. Mrs. Weasley's expression slowly changed to one of gaurded interest. Mr. Weasley looked slightly relieved at Harry's words. "I don't think we've met," Harry said charmingly with bright smile.

"Right Harry these are our parents Molly and Arthur Weasley." Harry shook Mr. Weasley's hand and gave Mrs. Weasley's hand a kiss. "And our brothers Bill," The oldest Weasley had long hair and fang earing in one ear. He was wearing a dragon hide vest with his dress robes. The next brother, "Charlie," was shorter than the Bill but much broader. He looked to be solidly built and had a few burns and scars on his fingers and face. "He works with dragons." Charlie was also wearing a dragon hide suit. He must have provided the for his family.

"And I wasn't going to miss this. I brought a few Romanian recruits with me from the Reserve." He said nodding to few other people with burns and scars.

Harry nodded, "I appreciate it as does the rest of the wizarding world even if they don't know it." Charlie gave him a nod.

"And Percy you've met," George said with a slight grin.

"Nice to see you again," Harry said even if he only meant as in having another fighter on his side. Percy shook his hand and nodded but looked as thrilled as Harry did.

"So I'm surprised to see you here," Harry said to Fred and George.

"We're of age," Fred said as his mother looked ready to say I told you so.

"We wouldn't be anywhere else," George said. "But it looks like your girl is looking for you." He nodded to Fleur who was indeed coming Harry's way. Harry nodded to them once more before turning and meeting Fleur halfway.

"Dumbledore wants you," Fleur said as she took his hand. They made their way over to the old man who was dressed in a bright purple robes.

"Harry m'boy!" Dumbledore said dismissing the man in front of him. Dumbledore looked properly pleased to be rid of him.

"Dumbledore," Harry said amused at the old man.

"Wilfred McDouglas." Dumbledore said.

"Did you call me over here just to get rid of him?" Harry asked.

"Would I do that?" Dumbledore asked airily.

"It seems so," Harry said as Fleur tried not to laugh out loud.

"How is the bridge?" Dumbledore eventually asked.

"You're going to need a new one if anyone tries to break the wards down on it," Harry said.

"I suspect we'll need many new things after tonight. " Dumbledore said. Both Fleur and Harry nodded. Harry looked around and noticed more and more people were arrive for the ball. All of them seemed to wearing robes featuring dragon hide placed in protective places, like chest, if the robes were not completely made of dragon hide. Harry nodded to a few Lords and Ladies from the Wizengamot.

"Ah there's Severus, everyone is here," Dumbledore said. "Time for the wards." Dumbledore gave a signal and members of the aurors along with members of the Order of the Phoenix. They spread out among the castle grounds and with their wands pointed at the air. Started repeating ward spells. Domes shot up over the castle and slowly connected into one large dome that extended over the castle grounds before fading away. The aurors and Order of the Phoenix members rejoined those in the Great Hall. They were starred at with some wonder by the others. They just took their seats as if nothing happened. It was past seven now and Amelia walked up to the podium. There was much applause from those gathered for the ball. The invitations had been very carefully given out but still Severus managed to apprehend three Death Eaters. Only two of them had been marked but the aurors were not taking chances and locked the other one, Raphael Moon, up as well.

Minster Bones started to speak, "We've gathered here today to honor a number of individuals who."

She was cut off by an eerie voice that silenced everything around them. "You have gathered here to die." The voice rang through out every mind and corner of the Great Hall. "But I am a merciful Lord and will offer you this once chance to save precious magical blood from being spilt. Turn Harry Potter over to me and I will let you live."

For a moment panic reigned over the hundreds of people in the Great Hall. "Silence." The command came from the Headmaster and Minister Bones both had used the sonorous charm on their voices. Dumbledore seeded the floor to the Minister. "Tonight we face a pivotal moment one which will define the generation. Tonight you have a choice you can take a stand and fight against the man, and he is just a man, who has terrorized our nation or you can leave. No one here will think less of you if you chose to leave. But I ask those of you who can stay and fight, take a stand."

Dumbledore was conjured a large rope, "Those of you who wish to leave grab hold of this rope. The rope grew larger as more and more people joined the line. Finally there were two separate groups the aurors and Order members plus fifty or so people who had stayed and those holding the rope. "Portus." Dumbledore said and it glowed blued. The people disappeared in a swirling mass being sent to the Ministry.

Harry meanwhile had stripped off his outer robes and was dressed in his battle robes underneath. He was not the only one Draco, Viktor, and Vladimir had done so along with many other Order members. Sirius and Tonks were already dressed in their auror robes. Narcissa, Fleur and Saiph had performed switching spells and switched out their dress robes for their battle robes. Many others had followed their examples switching dress robes out for more moveable robes. Those with dueling robes switched out their dress robes for them. Harry looked at the fighters and he along with some aurors made their way out into the courtyard just as Voldemort and his followers began firing on the wards of Hogwarts. The dome glowed into place as the spells hit it. It held strong.

"So much for his mercy," Harry muttered. Voldemort had not waited more than a minute before the firing began.

"They can't get through," Draco said looking down to the gate. All of sudden they heard marching. They turned and saw the many suits of armor from around the castle marching out around them. Their weapons held at the ready, they marched down to the gate blocking the path way from anyone attempting to use that way as an entrance. Cracks were starting to form in the dome over Hogwarts.

"You can see that far?" Harry asked.

"Now I can," Draco said pointing to the scars on his face.

"The dome is holding," Viktor said on Harry's other side.

"Voldemort hasn't fired yet," replied Harry.

"How do you know?" Draco asked. Harry turned and grinned at his cousins. "Oh no." They both muttered.

Harry cast the sonorous charm on his voice, "Hey Voldy," it echoed throughout the castle and a way to Voldemort. "You want me come and get me or are you too much of a coward!" With that Harry shot up what looked like pure white light from his wand. It traveled through the dome and hit the Dark Mark that was floating over the castle. The white light overwhelmed the green of the Dark Mark and in its place was a phoenix.

Suddenly a large stream of spells impacted the dorm seemingly stretching into one long spell. The cracks in the dome turned into major holes. The holes spread and spread joining together before the spell finally cut off. The dome slowly fell. A great yell was heard followed by the roaring of giants and the thunderous feet running towards them.

"Really," Draco asked turned towards him. "Really you really had to do that?"

"I figured he wanted an answer." Harry shrugged. As he said that Saiph came up behind him and whacked him on the head.

"Arsehole," She said pulling her wand out. The giants were clearing the way for the Death Eaters coming behind them. They bashed into the knights sending them scattering while others fought back against the giants. The Death Eaters were able to pass on through though some were stopped and engaged with the enchanted knights. Harry heard a horrible clicking noise and turned and saw spiders, giant spiders. Coming out of the Forbidden Forest.

"Acromantulas." Harry shouted in warning. Just as someone else shouted Dementors. Harry moved to the side fighting the Dementors and shot off his patronus pushing the dementors back. The dementors charged again and Harry fired his patronus off. It was joined by many more Harry canceled the charm and moved his wand in a twisting motion and out shot a wall of fire that engulfed the dementors. Screeching cries came from the hooded figures. The sound seemed to be one of pure terror and despair. The dementors cloaks fell empty to the ground with smoke rising from them.

"Nicely done Harry," Dumbledore said coming up on his shoulder. Dumbledore was directing his phoenix patronus in a way that forced more dementors into the wall of fire. Many of the aurors copied him and soon the dementors were reduced to nothing. "Look out," Dumbledore pushed Harry out of the way as a curse rent the air between them.

Draco charged at the giant spiders and fired off his strongest cutting curse at the nearest one. The cutting curse hit four of the creature's legs slicing them clean in two and travelling into the four and cutting them open. The spider fell helplessly to the ground and Draco finished it off with a powerful reducto curse to the creatures head. Draco sprinted to the side and went sliding under another spider. He fired off a blasting curse into the creature's soft underbelly and slid out the other side springing back up to his feet. More and more spiders were coming out from the trees and onto Hogwarts grounds. Draco saw and auror get stabbed through the chest with two pincers. The auror fell to his knees with blood dripping from his mouth. Draco roared with anger, his blood was pumping in way that had never happened before in battle. A haze fell over his vision. He conjured the Fiendfyre curse. The wall of fire slammed out of his wand an fell like a wave over the oncoming acromentula. The cursed fire chased down the spiders and those that it did not engulf quickly turned tail and ran back to the first as fast as their eight legs could carry them. The cursed fire formed into a great dragon and went roaring after them.

"Draco!" He heard someone calling his name. "Draco! You'll set the forest ablaze!" It was Saiph's voice yelling at him. He turned his head slightly seeing her next to him shielding her face from the heat of the flames pouring out of his wand. Her words registered with him and he quickly put the curse out. The dragon slowly diminished to nothing right before it hit the forest. Draco looked out over the area and saw giant spide corpses littered it. Draco turned back to the battle in a second and joined them in firing on the death eaters.

Viktor ran into the fray shooting spells as he went. He stuck to blasting curses as he fired on the giants that were wrecking havoc on the knights of Hogwarts. He switched his wand to his left hand and he flicked a sword off the ground with his foot and caught it in his right hand. He circled around the back of a giant and slammed the sword into the back of the giant's leg. He ran and repeated it to the back of the other leg. The giant roared in pain and fell forward hitting the ground causing it to shake and quake. Viktor jumped onto the giant's back and thrust his sword into the back of the giant's neck. The giant lay dead and Viktor pulled his sword out.

"Use the weapons!" Viktor shouted at the aurors who were firing spells at the giants. Viktor levitated some of the axes and spears lying on the ground and banished them at an oncoming giant. The giant was hit with the spears and axes all over his large body and fell backwards into another giant. Viktor sprinted forward and sent two blasting curses around the crushed giant's head. Viktor jumped on top of him and again took the giant out by cutting the throat. He jumped back doused in blood and cleared it off with his wand. The aurors had copied Viktor and were fighting with the weapons of the fallen knights. The knights still animated seemed to take on a new fighting spirit with Viktor's inclusion.

Viktor dodged a curse and turned leaving the giants as a Death Eater fired on him. The hood fell back and Viktor recognized Thorfinn Rowle from wanted posters. Viktor dodged and parried spells away with his wand firing back. He sent a cutting curse at the big blond man and followed it with a blasting hex. Viktor was all the while moving closer to the Death Eater and when he was in range swung out the sword attacking with both his wand and bladed weapon. Rowle took a shot from the hilt of the sword to the mouth and stumbled back leaving himself open. Viktor sent a bludgeoning hex at the man's chest, the massive blond crumpled to the ground. Viktor for good measure brought his sword down on the man's wand cleaving it in two.

Saiph dodged curses left and right and was twirling like a ballerina. Many of the Death Eaters were reminded of her mother, something that would drive Saiph ad if she ever found out. The girl moved to her left and stunned a masked Death Eater and then setting a cutting curse at the wand. She ducked out of the way of another curse and came up firing a blasting curse that hit the Death Eater Travers in the face. Bits of brain matter, blood and bone spurted into the face of another Death Eater whose hands went to cover his face. Saiph sent a cutting curse that ripped into the man's wand arm, slicing it clean off. The Death Eater started screaming and Saiph stunned him.

She dodged to her right as a large rock flew past her bowling over several aurors and a few Death Eaters. A giant was bearing down on her and flinging large parts of rubble in every direction. Saiph set a blasting hex at the boulder that had just been thrown. The boulder smashed into fine pieces. She turned and dived out of the way of another large rock. She sent three blasting hexes in quick succession at the giant's legs. The giant toppled to it's knees and Saiph sent another blasting hex, this one hitting the giant in it's meaty throat, ripping it to shreds.

Another giant came storming at Saiph who ducked under it's legs and sent a curse at certain part of it's anatomy. The giant fell heavily and Saiph sent the arrow curse at it's back. Three arrows shot out of her wand and hit the giant sinking into it's back. She repeated the spell until the giant looked like a pincushion and stopped it's movement.

Despite the defenders efforts they were quickly being overwhelmed, though not as quickly as they would have been had the Blacks and Dumbledore not been there. Dumbledore's voice rang out through the courtyard. "Fall back to the Great Hall. Fall back!" The orders were given and the aurors and squad members of the Magical Law Enforcement squad systematically moved back to the entrance of the Great Hall. The Death Eaters sensed a victory and charged after them with Voldemort leading the way.

Harry just passed into the Great Hall when a whistle was heard. He and Dumbledore were the last ones in as Voldemort tried to curse them. The whistle seemed to be a signal because all of a sudden plants were being thrown like bombs onto the incoming Death Eaters. The plants took out three Death Eaters. Voldemort remained unharmed but he was flinging killing curses like they were jelly leg jinxes up above where the plants were coming from. Then joining the plants were crystal balls being thrown and shattering into the Death Eaters heads.

Still the Death Eaters made it into the Great Hall but were severely disheartened to see that the hall was filled with defenders. The defenders of the Great Hall had taken to placing cover in between them and the Death Eaters they fired on to the oncoming horde of black robes taking out several Death Eaters in one volley, all led by their Minister of Magic.

Dumbledore moved forward and engaged Voldemort in the fight. The duel made the less experienced fighters pause as the two dueled. Their wands moved in a blur as Dumbledore transfigured objects to fight for him and Voldemort tried to use brute force against the old man.

Harry turned to the fight and spied the snake Nagini moving throughout the ranks. The snake was fighting alongside her master. Harry started to move towards it but was set upon by three Death Eaters, Dolohov, Rookwood, and still masked Death Eater. Harry dodged shielded and sent curse back at a blinding speed. His duel gathered as much attention as Dumbledore's. He dived out of the way of purple curse sent by Dolohov and sent two cutting curses followed up a bludgeoning hex. His bludgeoning hex hit the masked Death Eater in the side. The Death Eater crumpled to the ground leaving Harry with two opponents. Harry sent more curses back as he dodged the curses coming at him. He step left and twisted sending out two stunning spells. One of them hit Rookwood who was to slow with a shield spell and sent the old man flying back into two other Death Eaters.

He was left with just Dolohov to deal with and chanced a glance at Dumbledore's duel. Dumbledore was on the defensive and Voldemort was laughing gleefully as he toyed with the old man. "Damn." Harry curse as a cutting curse impacted him. He stumbled back from the force. It went across his chest where his dragon hide saved him, but opened up a wound on his arm. The blood poured down as Harry turned back to Dolohov. Harry sent a two spells at him a stunner first which was blocked as Harry wanted him too and then followed it up with a flesh rotting curse. The dark green curse hit Dolohov in the chest. Dolohov's scream was drowned out by shouts of no and the loud gleeful laughing of Voldemort.

Harry turned just in time to see Dumbledore fall to the ground being enveloped by the green glow of the killing curse. "No!" Harry roared in anger. The little control Harry had been exercising over his lightning broke. The bolts started covering Harry jumping widely off of him. Any Death eater nearby seemed to attract the bolts as they were hit and fell to the floor twitching in agony before falling still. Harry spied the snake near Voldemort, Voldemort who looked in shock at the magic that Harry was creating. Harry struck out with his hand the bolt of lightning streaked towards the snake. Voldemort attempted to shield the snake but the lightning broke it down. Nagini hissed in horror as the bolt hit her. The snake thrashed back and forth as Harry poured more power into his lightning. The snake gave one more almighty thrash before it exploded from the inside out. The familiar black mist poured out of the snake. It formed Voldemort's visage. Harry sent another bolt at the smoky black face of Voldemort. The black mist was cleansed from the air.

This time it was Voldemort who screamed in an agonizing roar. He sent a killing curse at Harry but the lightning surrounding him seemed to leap off him and devour the green light of the curse. "You have no power Voldemort!" Harry shouted at the wizard who had killed his parents and many more. "You are finished!" He conjured another bolt in his hand and sent it at Voldemort. Voldemort again attempted a shield, but the man who had caused so much pain, had never put much use into shield charms. The charm shattered and the bolt streaked at him. It Voldemort square in the chest, much like the snake it enveloped him. The man shook with pain and screamed in terror as the bolts constricted him until finally the seemed to squeeze the very life out him. With one final scream of pain Voldemort exploded into nothing leaving behind only his wand.

The lightning around Harry cut off and he dropped to his knees breathing heavily. "Arry," Fleur shouted in the silence. That seemed to spur everyone into action the remaining Death Eaters tried to flee from Hogwarts but the aurors lead by Minister Bones chased them down before they could leave the wards of Hogwarts. Fleur ran to Harry's side, she hugged him to her. She was crying and Harry buried his head in her shoulders.

"I'm okay," Harry whispered to her. Fleur pulled back and healed the cut on his arm. Harry and Fleur stood and walked over to where Voldemort's wand lay. Harry picked it up in his hands. It was cold almost icy to the touch. Harry wasted no time and snapped the wand in two. The phoenix feather that lay inside the wand was blackened and molting. Harry dropped the pieces and lit them on fire with his wand. He watched them burn until they were ash and then finally looked around. Fleur had moved away and started to work on healing others as did Andromeda whom he spied healing an older man in dress robes. Healers whom had stayed for the battle were bustling to and fro.

Harry moved among the injured searching the faces of the unmoving. The Death Eaters he paid no mind to it was the aurors and defenders he was searching. Tears fell down his face as he recognized Weasley lying dead surrounded by his family. It was Percy, the Weasley that had only come back to the family today. His brothers were sobbing, his father trying to comfort Mrs. Weasley. He spied more people that he recognized from the Wizengamot, then Florean Fortescue, and Kingsley Shacklebolt were all among the fallen that he recognized. Tonks was sobbing over Kingsley, she looked to have a broken arm. Harry continued walking until he heard a familiar voice shout, "No!" It was Sirius. Harry looked around and found him near the back of the hall. Harry ran towards him and fell to his knees when he saw who Sirius was clutching.

Remus Lupin lay dead from what appeared to be several cutting curses to the chest. Harry's tears started pouring down his face. He was soon cut up into a hug by Saiph. "Uncle Mooney," Harry said to her and she just nodded still holding him. The family had all gathered around the body. Narcissa whom had several cuts littering her face and her robes singed in places, Vladimir who was limping quiet badly. Draco and Viktor were both mostly unharmed save for bruises.

Harry went to many funerals in the following week, Percy Weasley, Xavier Greengrass, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Amos Diggory, Katie Bell, Severus Snape, and of course Albus Dumbledore's. Those had just been the funerals he had been invited too. Many more were held throughout the country like the one today, Remus Lupin's. Harry was dressed in a black muggle suit and he moved through the house quietly with his hand in Fleur's. Fleur was dressed in tasteful black dress.

"Is everyone ready?" Sirius asked with a hitch in his voice. Remus was to be buried in Godric's Hollow right next to Harry's parents. He received nods the family and they apparated out of the Kiln. They all landed in the wizarding section of the village. They walked silently to the small church and it's graveyard where they were met by the Tonks family, Simeon was with them holding Tonks' hand. And next to them was Minister Bones who had forgone security for the event. She surprised everyone by taking Sirius' hand when he came near to her. Sirius gave her small smile that cracked halfway through. Tears rolled quietly down his face as he made no sound.

They walked into the church yard where a small wizard with a little tuft of hair was standing above a freshly dug grave. There was a casket next to him with a picture of Remus. It was not moving in case a muggle happen to wonder into the cemetery today.

When they had all gathered around the man started, "We are gathered here today to celebrate and mourn the life of Remus John Lupin." Harry watched Sirius as the funeral proceeded. Sirius seemed to be in a daze as he looked past the wizard leading the funeral. He was staring off into the distance. Harry continued watching Sirius until Remus was in the ground and buried. He walked up to his Godfather and placed his hand on Sirius's shoulders. Sirius turned into his Godson's grip and sobbed. He was not just sobbing for Remus but for Lily and James, who's funerals he was never able to attend. Both Harry and Sirius fell to their knees and stayed quietly kneeling by the graves for some time. It was scene that seemed to repeat it's self as both Draco and his mother had done the same at Severus's funeral. And as at Severus's funeral those watching let the two have their time. Eventually Harry conjured a wreath of roses that stretched out to cover all three graves. They raised and rejoined the others. The small party of people left the graveyard of Godric's Hollow to return to the Kiln for a small remberance party.


Only thing that's left is the epilogue. I hope you all enjoyed