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"You will more than likely despise me by the end of your career here at Durmstrang," Professor Hastein started. He glared down at Volga and his friends as they pulled out their supplies while he was speaking. Finally one of them nudged the other to get them to stop, and they gulped at Professor Hastein's expression. "I do not tolerate any disruptions in my class. Should you desire to carry one out, you will be thrown out. If you happen to make the same mistake twice, you will not step foot in my classroom ever again." He never went on to say what exactly qualified as a disruption, but the gist of it was transmitted. "If I catch you sleeping in my class, I will light your seat on fire." He stared down at a few of the half slumbering students, waking them up. "I personally do not agree with teaching eleven-year-olds potions in a group setting, but Durmstrang disagrees."

"As you may have noticed, I have confiscated, via the house elves, all your cauldrons." Professor Hastein did actually smirk at some of the student's put-out looks. "You will not be needing them for the first two weeks." At some of the groans from some of the students, he set off a loud rapping noise with his wand, "I did not ask for your opinion."

"Today we will be going over the different ingredient cuts and how they affect potions." Professor Hastein said, and the class struggled to hold in their protests.

Two hours later, Harry, Draco and Viktor were ready to pull their hair out while Saiph still looked interested. In fact, she had asked the most questions, prolonging the lecture, but placing her on Professor Hastein's to-watch list.

"I hate you," Harry said in an over-exaggerated tone.

Saiph laughed, "What? I don't want to blow up a cauldron."

"But it's fun!" was Harry's indigent reply.

"Which is why he's not allowed unsupervised in a potions lab," Viktor added. Saiph looked at Draco for conformation, who nodded. They left the south wall and moved into the east wall, they passing Stanislav. After he was introduced to Saiph, however, things went downhill, and they got stopped in the stairwell by Volga.

"What are you a - mud-blood?" Volga said, shoulder-checking Harry into the railing and stared down at Saiph.

Viktor snarled and grabbed Volga by his robes, smashing him into a railing. Being quicker than Volga's friends, Harry and Draco held their wands out and disarmed them, each catching two wands with their off hand. They pocketed the wands and held Volga's friends off at wand point. "You slimy little prick," Viktor snapped out still holding Volga against a railing. "Do you know who you're speaking to?" Volga didn't answer. Viktor pulled him back and shoved him forward again, "I asked you a question!" By now the rest of the first years were stuck in the stairwell, since they blocked it, and were watching with rapt attention. "No? Well, let me enlighten you," Viktor said with a nasty grin in place. "Saiph Lestrange." Viktor let her last name sink in and Volga turned pale. "Our," Viktor nodded at Draco and Harry, who were smirking at the show of discomfort Viktor's words induced, "cousin."

"Go near her again and I won't hesitate to curse you - or maybe I'll let her do it," Viktor said before letting Volga go. Volga struggled to catch himself, and one of his friends grabbed him to stop him from falling. Volga's pale skin was already bruising from where Viktor had held him against the railing. Viktor pushed past, them opening a hole between the bodies, and Harry held his arm out to Saiph. She walked through the hole in front of Viktor, and Harry and Draco joined them after dropping the other wands between the stairs.

"One of us is going to have to challenge him," Viktor said, once Draco and Harry caught up with them.

"Um, Viktor, one problem there," Saiph said, "I don't know any curses."

"We'll fix that," Draco said. "Tonks will help."

"You guys duel against Tonks?" Saiph asked.

"And with Vladimir, Sirius, Narcissa, Andromeda and Ted." Viktor said.

Saiph stopped walking at that, "Seriously?" She looked at them suspiciously for having them on. "You said your dads were practically military."

"I never said we won," Viktor added with a small grin, the first Saiph had seen from him.

"Draco's beaten both Vladimir and my dad," Harry said, clapping his cousin on the back with a grin. Saiph looked at Harry and then Draco, who sheepishly nodded.

"How?" Saiph asked, she flashing a smile at Draco to take the insult out of her question.

"Draco has a unique style of dueling," Viktor was the one to answer knowing Draco wouldn't. Draco could be arrogant around others but around his family he was typically quiet. "He uses mostly transfiguration instead of charms, or defense spells."

"Why is that unique?" Saiph asked as they entered the history classroom. They paused their conversation as they looked around the room. The outside wall was decorated with Ancient Egyptian motifs the inside, wall with Ancient Roman artifacts, and the back wall with artifacts from the Ottoman Empire.

"Transfiguration spells take longer to cast and more concentration. It takes your focus off your opponent, if you do not know how use it." Harry, who was already examining the Roman weapons on the wall, answered. Right now he was staring at a gladius.

As he moved his hand to touch the sword, a voice interrupted him, "Please do not touch. Many of these are older than your family lines." They jumped at the voice and Harry quickly withdrew his hand.

Draco haughtily looked at the young professor behind his desk. "The Black line reaches back before the Romans even discovered Britain."

"And the Egyptians?" The Professor asked with an easy grin.

Draco gave an uninterested sniff, "We have no use for a kingdom that can't even remember the spells used to conceal parts of it."

"Told you he was a geek," Harry whispered to Saiph, who giggled.

"Oh, I'm going to like you," The professor said to Draco with a grin. "I'm Professor Sturluson." Sturluson looked to be in his twenties, possibly early thirties. The man had red hair that was completely shaved except for a two inch strip that ran down the top and back of his head. It was braided down the back. The man had piercing gray eyes and chiseled face, which made him look like a living Thor. Saiph nearly swooned when the professor smiled at them. "Please take a seat it will be your assigned place for the year."

"Come on, guys," Saiph dragged Harry, who closet to her, to the front row. She took the middle desk in the front row of desks. Harry rolled his eyes at his cousins and took the desk behind her. Draco took the desk to the left of Harry and Viktor the right. From their seats they could ensure no one messed with Saiph. The next first years to come in were four of the other girls, who, upon seeing professor Sturluson, rushed to the four other front desks. Harry, Draco and Viktor shared a look. Professor Sturluson grinned at the new students, and they sighed dreamily. When the rest of the first years filed in, Volga and his group wisely chose to sit two rows behind from Harry, Draco and Viktor.

"Welcome to History of Magic," Professor Sturluson spoke. He had a booming voice that carried through the classroom. "Now, while the class is History of Magic, I will be teaching some plain History. Many of the cultures and peoples we will be studying used magic in their daily lives." Some of the students looked upset at his statement. "The first civilization we will study is Egypt. They were the first prolific society we have written records of. They built lasting monuments considered to be wonders of the world, without magic, mind you," He said, looking intently at the pure-blood purists. The student population of Durmstrang tended to split on the issue of blood purity. Either they embraced the pure-blood agenda or they were neutral on the whole issue. The twelve students, who previously were disgruntled, had surprised looks on their faces.

"We're going to start off with their gods and goddesses. Can anyone name their chief deity?" A girl with a button nose and straight auburn hair raised her hand, "Yes, Miss Vorontsova?"

"It varied during times throughout its history," She answered with a wide smile.

"Correct," Professor Sturluson. "The three most prevalent were sun god Ra, the creator god Amun, and the mother goddess Isis."

"Well, he at least knows his subject," Draco said as they left the classroom.

"Yeah," Saiph sighed, "He does."

"Oh, great," Harry muttered.

Saiph punched him in the arm, "Shut up."

"Owe," Harry said, rubbing his arm, "Who taught you how to punch?" He asked with a grin.

"I grew up in an orphanage," Saiph shrugged. "Kids aren't very tolerant of anything different." To show them what she meant, she changed her hair color. Harry's eyes darkened and he cracked his knuckles.

"She's not going back," Viktor said to Harry. Harry nodded and threw an arm over Saiph's shoulder pulling her into a half hug.

"Bloody right she's not," Harry said. Saiph smiled at him in return.

"So, do you think we'll be able to cast something in our next lesson?" Saiph asked walking with Harry's arm over her shoulder.

"Probably, Charms is a very hands on subject," Draco said.

"Yes!" Saiph's gleefully said. Harry, Draco and Viktor laughed at her joy.

"Well, we're back in the south wall. What floor again?" Viktor asked.

"Second floor," Draco answered. "Hey, Harry, how's your egg?"

Harry looked at him, trying to figure out whether or not he was joking. He decided Draco was serious, "I went to bed with it on my nightstand and woke up with it on my pillow."

Draco looked at him sideways, "Seriously?"

"As a heart attack," Harry answered. They entered the charms classroom, which was lit up brightly. The candlesticks seemed to be holding a luminous charm instead of a candle. "It's a tiny ball of light." Harry said, examining the candle stick.

"Careful, Harry, your geek is showing," Draco snarked. Harry flipped him off.

"Mr. Potter, I would avoid doing that in classrooms." They turned to the professor and Harry nodded sheepishly. Some other first years walking in chuckled at him, Volga included. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Seats, people." The students moved to take their seats. They were, once again, single student desks. Harry, Draco, Viktor and Saiph took seats in the middle of the room this time.

"I'm Professor Rurik," The man's curly black hair was cropped close to his head in what looked like a style found on a Roman bust. He had a strong jaw and large nose.

"He looks like Cyrano de Bergerac," Harry muttered.

"While I'm impressed that you know who he is, I heard that, Mr. Potter. I'll see you for detention tonight at eight o' clock sharp." The class chuckled.

"Yes, sir." Harry said resignedly.

"Now, what Mr. Potter was observing is a variation of the lighting charm that I created." Professor Rurik explained. "I am responsible for guiding you through Charms you will use in your life, not worthless pointless drivel." He said sternly. He waved his wand and parchment shot out to the students. They looked it over and saw assignments written down for the year.

"Your syllabus," Professor Rurik answered the unasked question. "Your reading assignments must be completed before you come to class on the date listed. Any assignments will be turned in at the start of class, and any time after that it is late." The first years looked at the man with shock playing across their faces. He smirked at them, "Let us begin. Today we will be learning the levitation charm."

"Wingardium Leviosa," Professor Rurik calmly spoke the incantation, before levitating a book on the top bookshelf down and grabbing it out of the air. "The charm is taught first, as it's easy to master and takes very little power to make it work. Charms work best with precision. Your spell must be spoken correctly and your wand movements must be perfect."

"Wingardium Leviosa," he said the spell, enunciating every syllable. He performed the wand movements with speed but slow enough that the class cloud follow. Different colored parchment shot from his desk to every student, like the syllabi earlier.

"Now repeat after me," Professor Rurik commanded. "Win."

"Win," The class intoned after him.


"GAR." was the response from the class.



"Now put it together, Wingardium." Professor Rurik said.

"Wingardium," Came from the class.

"Miss Bourceanu," he called. "GAR, emphasize it." He made her repeat again.

"Wingardium," he said aloud.

"Wingardium." The class repeated once again.

"Now, Leviosa. Lev," he said.


"Again, lev."




"OH, another emphasis."


"OH, Mr. Torje. OH!" The student repeated it by himself.

"Sa," he moved on.


"Good. Leviosa." He spoke the whole word to them.

"Leviosa," The class intoned.

"Wingardium Leviosa," he said the whole incantation.

"Wingardium Leviosa," The class spoke.

"Good. Now the wand movements." He said. Harry, Viktor and Draco hid their groans but some of the other students did not. "Mr. Groza, Mr. Rues, Howedes, and Mr. Fejsa you will be joining Mr. Potter in detention," Professor Rurik added. "As I was saying, the wand movements. An upward slash," he demonstrated, moving his wand upward. "Then quickly rotate your wrist, like so." His wrist rotated up clockwise. "Now use your quill and do it twenty times."

"Good, good." He walked around the room and corrected a few students here and there. Saiph carefully watched her cousins before starting, allowing her to perform it accurately.

"Now you may attempt the spell on your colored parchment," he continued, moving across the room. The majority of the students got their parchment to rise. Only a few didn't, Saiph being one.

"Believe you can do it," Harry murmured to her.

She nodded, "Wingardium Leviosa," the parchment shot into the air like a bullet, an event shared with many of the class.

"Now for those of you whose parchment is currently a flying guillotine," Professor Rurik sarcastically spoke, and received some laughs for that. "This is where you must learn to control your magic. Feel it in you and control it," He moved to his desk and let the students practice for the rest of the period. By the end of the class, nearly all the students had gotten control of the parchment. Saiph struggled somewhat, she had slowed it down, but it was fluttering instead of smoothly lifting. She wasn't alone in that three other students had done the same.

"I want you all to keep the parchment and practice with it. Once you can maintain it at a reasonable height for five minutes, move on to bigger objects. You are dismissed."

"I suck," Saiph said as they left the classroom.

"No you don't," Harry said.

"Everyone else can do it fine," Saiph said.

"Yes because everyone else was raised in a magical household. They have either swiped their parents' wands or were given them to try simple spells," Viktor explained.

"I thought there was a restriction," Saiph asked.

"There is but most purebloods live in family manors with wards that make ministry detectors obsolete." Viktor replied.

"And most half-bloods live in magical areas which make it hard to detect specific children." Harry added.

"So, basically," Saiph said, "You all break the law."

"Kind of," Draco answered. "Once you attend a school your magical signature is given to the ministry of your country. If you use magic in a muggle, non-magical, area or at all during the summer the sensor at the Ministry is tripped and you are issued a warning. Some Ministry's don't always keep up with it though. It's a rather boring job to have."

"But you said purebloods have wards that make that impossible," Saiph asked.

"Yep. Most, if not all, countries believe purebloods are superior and overlook it." Harry said with contempt lacing his voice.

"So that's why Voldemort was able to flourish," Saiph stated.

"And Grindelwald, and the majority of 'dark lords' since the Christianity and other monotheistic religions became dominant." Harry explained.

"How do you know that?" Saiph asked.

"It's a long story, which we'll explain over break." Draco said with a warning tone to Harry.

"How about we grab a quick lunch and head to the library? We can help Saiph get started on the Lineage potion essay." Harry suggested, changing the subject.

"Works for me," Saiph answered, a little perturbed at the evasion. They came into the filled Hall and took their places at the first year table. As they sped through their lunch, they were interrupted by another first year.

"Harry Potter?" He asked, though he knew the answer.

Harry stopped eating and swallowed before answering, "Yes?" He silently asked what the other boy wanted. The boy was shorter than Harry, as they all were except Viktor and one or two others. He had short brown hair and narrow hazel eyes and ears he needed to grow into.

"I'm Filip Agrippa von Nettesheim. My father once worked with yours during the war. He said James Potter was a good man. I am sorry for your loss," Filip said solemnly. "You belong with us despite what some may say."

Harry's face turned serious, "Thank you." He nodded to Filip, who nodded back before moving to his seat with a group of three other first years.

A third year drengr stood from his table and caught the Headmaster's eyes. Headmaster Hardrada stood, and the hall slowly quieted.

"Yes? Mr. Levski?"

"We have a challenge," He spoke. Headmaster Hardrada nodded for him to continue. "Luka Petrovic wishes to challenge Harry Potter to a duel." Another boy stood up from the third year table. He was bulky, had a buzz cut, and smirked at Harry with derision.

"Mr. Potter?" Headmaster Hardrada asked.

"I accept," Harry said with little fanfare, not giving the standing boy a second glance.

"Professor Boddason, when shall the duel take place?" Headmaster Hardrada asked. As the mentor for the challenged student, he was allowed to pick the time.

"Friday after his cousin's duel," Professor Boddason answered. Friday the school had a two hour lunch. The second hour was traditionally used for a proving, and occasionally they took place at other times, if it was deemed necessary (usually for fighting). They finished eating and stood from the table moments later, and Harry, being the Sirius raised-boy that he was, waved to his future opponent and winked.

"Mum would pop you one for that," Draco said shaking his head.

"You guys aren't worried about these duels?" Saiph asked as they walked into the library.

"We spend time dueling nearly everyday, at home," Viktor answered. "We're not cocky, we'll not most of the time, we're simply confident in our skills."

"Where are you going?" Harry asked Saiph as she veered off toward the librarian's desk.

"To ask her where we should look," Saiph said, looking at him like it was obvious. "You know, so we're not wondering around the place?"

"Right," Harry and the boys nodded, acting like they knew that.

"Mmhmm, sure," Saiph murmured.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Saiph said quietly to the librarian. Madam Hring looked up from her book. She nodded at Saiph. "Can you tell me where to find texts on the Lineage potion, specifically its origins?" She nodded and pulled out a quill and parchment. She wrote down four different number and letter combinations and handed it to Saiph. "Thank you," Saiph's tone was questioning. She turned and looked at the three boys with a bemused look. They shrugged and went to the stacks.

"Over here," Harry called quietly. He found the stack the combinations she gave them was in. They went down the stack stopping about three quarters of the way down.

"Here we go," Viktor used the levitation spell to float the four books down to them. "Most Prolific Potion Makers; Familial Potions; Medieval Potion Makers; and last but not least, Potions of the 800's A.D." Saiph read the titles out loud, "Wow, originality really isn't a high point for wizards, is it?"

They laughed, "Not really." Draco answered.

"Let's go see what we're working with," Harry took two of the books, and Viktor the rest. They moved to a nearby study table, looking through them for the Lineage potion. In Familial Potions, they found the ingredients and process for making it. The maker they found out was an English wizard, Sir Robert Heaver, and he had worked for the nobility. The potion was intended to keep track of bastard lines.

"Oh that makes me feel real great," Saiph huffed grumpily.

Potions of the 800's A.D. gave them an update on how the potions had evolved over time, including the use of human blood in the potion, which made it a banned potion in England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, China, Ukraine, Poland, and Turkey.

"What's the big deal with human blood?" Saiph asked.

"It's used in things like blood rights and necromancy, which scares people. However, it can also be used in wards and family spells that aren't harmful," Draco wisely stated.

"We need to get to Transfiguration," Harry reminded, them looking at his watch.

"Welcome to Transfiguration. I am Professor Aslaug." The woman had dark brown hair that was done in one long braid down which reached her mid-back. She had dark, almost black eyes, that peered at her students with amusement as she continued her speech. "Transfiguration will be one of, if not the hardest, discipline you will have at Durmstrang. Transfiguration is about Theory and imagination. If you can envision it, you can accomplish it with enough skill." With that she waved her wand and a nearby first year was changed into a tiger. The lion let out a confused roar before she changed him back. The first year looked at her with awe as he took his seat again. She then changed a quill into a jewel encrusted goblet, then into a bird and then back into the quill. "And, finally, if you possess the skill and determination…" She let the sentence hang as she transformed. In her place, stood, on all fours, was Siberian Tiger. The white tiger prowled the classroom before returning to its original spot and transforming back into their professor.

"Now, open your books to chapter one. Today we will be discussing the theory behind changing wood into metals.

The first years filed into Professor Boddason's room. The walls held shelves upon shelves of books written in runes of all kinds.

"Harry's personal wet dream," Draco whispered to his family. Harry punched his cousin in the shoulder.

"No, I would need a Veela in here for that," Harry quipped.

"As we all would like," Professor Boddason said from the front of the room. The first year males chuckled while the girls rolled their eyes. Harry, instead of blushing in embarrassment, flashed a lopsided grin. "All right, you can take your seats. Feel free to move them into groups if you want. You will have a mandatory study period under my supervision until your third year. If you have questions for me, or if I have anything to bring to your attention, this is the time for it."

"Now, I would like to say - five detentions in one day?" His voice hardened and the five boys gulped a bit. Professor Boddason cracked a grin, "If it was anyone besides Professor Rurik we would have problems. As it is, you all need to be on your best behavior in his classroom; or really just around him - he's easily annoyed by anyone under the age of twenty."

"Then why does he teach?" Volga asked with sarcasm.

"A bit more tact, Mr. Volga," Professor Boddason warned. "And as to your question, it's because of the library. Now, study. If you have questions, ask." The students started working, mostly on charms, as it was the only assignment with a practical application.

Saiph got to work on her essay. She started gripped the quill awkwardly as she wrote.

"Here, like this," Harry corrected her grip. Her writing became smoother and neater on the parchment. She nodded her thanks to Harry. Harry pulled out his Transfiguration text and got to work on re-reading the first chapter. He pulled out some parchment and began taking notes on the chapter.

"I didn't peg you as a note taker," Saiph said, quietly. Draco and Viktor chuckled.

Harry grinned at her, not offended by the question. "I don't like Transfiguration and theory in general. Aunt Cissy taught me that taking notes makes it stick in my head more. Also, while I may not like Transfiguration, I very much want to become an animagus."


"The transformation Professor Aslaug made into a Siberian tiger." Harry explained.

"Harry's father was an animagus, as is Uncle Sirius," Draco added. "I have no doubt Harry has at least the determination part down. I will help with the skill," he nodded to his cousin, who stuck out his tongue at the jibe.

"What's a veela?" Saiph asked as she continued writing.

"Think of Barbie and then add the ability to turn into a massive bird of prey who flings fireballs when angry," Viktor said.

Saiph stopped writing and looked up at him with wide eyes, "Seriously?" Viktor nodded. "And you fantasize about them?" She asked Harry, eyeing him like he was nuts.

"Did you miss the beautiful part?" Harry said, wiggling his eyebrows. "Besides, I like a little danger."

"You're cracked," Saiph shook her head before going back to her essay. Harry laughed aloud. Harry went back to his notes while Draco and Viktor worked on floating books in the air. The two stepbrothers looked at each other and smirked. They pointed their wands at Professor Boddason's desk. They lifted the desk and his chair, with him in it, into the air, letting it float.

"Very funny, boys," Professor Boddason called and the classroom full of first years laughed. "Now, to truly show your skill, put me down gently," Professor Boddason said, looking up from his book.

"Yes, sir," the boys saluted him. They carefully lowered the professor and desk to the ground. As they did, Draco's eagle owl flew into the room as did a few other students' owls.

"Hello, Ares." Draco greeted his familiar with a few scratches to his head. He took the offered letter and Ares perched on his shoulder.


What were you thinking, sending a letter saying 'Bellatrix has a daughter, come to Durmstrang'?! You almost gave your mother a heart attack! Not to mention that I had to tackle her from running straight to the fireplace. Sirius laughed for close to an hour, though. We will be there on Thursday.

We are all doing fine here. Sirius and I have a new case, half the department is assigned to it. Sirius is spending a lot of time as a dog, not that he minds of course. Your mother moped about the house for a week before stating she was going to start on new Rune thesis, she has yet to tell us what it is about.



Draco chuckled, "Dad said mum freaked out about Saiph."

"What did your note say?" Saiph asked with some urgency.

"All I said Bellatrix had a daughter and that we were going to do a Lineage Potion," Draco said nonchalantly.

"And what else did you say?" Viktor asked with raised eyebrows.

"That's it," Draco answered with a shrug.

"And you think I have no tact," Harry said incredulously.

"Well, what else was I supposed to say?" Draco asked defensively. He didn't elaborate, but Harry and Viktor knew what was left unsaid. 'Hey, your nutcase, blood-obsessed sister had a kid and dropped her in an orphanage.'

"Fine. When are they coming?" Viktor asked.

"Thursday, they didn't say when. I assume they'll have to get an okay from Headmaster Hardrada."

"Professor Boddason?" A student in Filip's group asked.

"Yes? Mr. Ahlstorm?" Professor Boddason gave him the go ahead.

"Is it true that Grindelwald went here?" Ahlstorm asked. Filip elbowed his friend for bringing up the subject. The rest of the class quieted down to hear the answer. Viktor snapped a quill in half. Draco and Harry both laid a hand on his shoulders. Surprising Harry, Volga's eyes were narrowed in hate at the mention of Grindelwald. Admittedly Harry didn't know as much about Grindelwald as he did about Voldemort. The victims of Grindelwald were also less known.

Professor Boddason adopted a serious look and slowly set his book down, "You don't pull any punches do you?" His question was rhetorical. He looked up at them with some hesitance. "Yes, Gellert Grindelwald was a student here at Durmstrang. Some murmurs went through the classroom. "He was expelled in his sixth year for unbecoming behavior. If you want to know more, I suggest bringing the topic up in your history class." His voice told the students there would be no more questions on Grindelwald.

"Viktor," Harry called quietly. "Okay?" Viktor nodded and pulled out his potions text, sticking his nose in it angrily.

"Let it be," Draco said to Saiph who looked like she wanted to say something. She nodded and went back to her essay. Harry went back to taking notes on the next couple of chapters for Transfiguration.

After another fifteen minutes, a timer went off in the classroom. "Alright, get out of here. Go to dinner."

"Welcome back, grunts," Professor Ironside called to the first years. They groaned as he sounded gleeful. "Ten laps around the room." The training room they were in spanned the whole length of the wall. On one side there were dueling platforms, also used as fencing platforms. On the other side was a large swimming pool. "Quit groaning or you'll be swimming in the fjord this afternoon. It's nearly frozen," the man let out a laugh as he finished. Professor Ironside was a big man, nearly seven feet tall and over two hundred pounds. The massive man looked like an American football linebacker, and he had the braids of some too. His booming voice didn't actually require him to yell, it was naturally that loud. The man was gruff, picked no favorites, and didn't particularly care what you thought of him.

"Move it! Move it! Move it!" He yelled out to the students. They were all dressed in shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Most of the students thought he would love to be holding a whip right now.

"I said move it, Miss I'll-break-a-nail!" He shouted again. One of the girls, the one from Volga's group, grumbled while running.

"Potter, Krum, Krum! You should be done by now!" He barked out. Harry, Viktor and Draco picked up their pace around the room. Saiph wasn't doing too bad, she was in the group leading behind Draco, Harry and Viktor. Draco, Viktor and Harry finished their laps, having three times outrun the other students.

"Down and give me twenty," He told them. They started their second sets of push-ups of the day. They finished as the class joined them and hit the floor. "Grunts! Up!" They all straightened. "Dueling stances." They all stood in the stance that had been drilled into them on Tuesday, for both magical dueling and fencing.

"My ass hurts from this," Saiph mumbled to Draco.

"What was that, Lestrange? Oh, you want another lap? Get to it, grunt!" Saiph refrained from groaning and moved out of the stance. She took off around the room again. The pool deck was charmed not to be slippery like a Muggle pool. "What are you looking at, maggots? In and out of the stance until I say stop. Hold!" He made them hold the stance for six seconds before they could move. Saiph got back into her position in line, between Harry and Draco.

"Now that Lestrange is back, we can move on." His braids shook as he spoke with force. "Footwork is one of the most important parts of a duel. If you're off balance, you go down faster. Miss Nadia Lenin, front and center." The formerly known Miss I'll-break-a-nail stepped forward. He took a dueling stance and waited for Nadia to do the same. She didn't. "Cast a spell at me."

"Expelliarmus, Expelliarmus." She cast the spell twice, with some speed behind it. She moved her feet somewhat clumsily. As she cast, Professor Ironside flung a silent spell that sent a gust of wind past her. She was knocked on her ass.

"Well, girl, you have good speed; but like I said, footwork is more important. You can't duel from your ass!" Professor Ironside barked.

"Now, follow my footsteps," Professor Ironside called. He showed them how to step without losing their balance, and how to cross their feet without tripping. They had to repeat the steps for the rest of the class.

"Alright, get out of my gym!" Professor Ironside shouted when there were five minutes of class left. The students left to get changed, grabbing their books before heading to their second Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

"Alright, in!" Professor Ivanova called, walking through the throng of first years. He flung the door to his classroom open with his wand and the first years hustled in. Professor Ivanova's height was on the shorter side; he had a strong square jaw that was un-bearded, his bright blue eyes gleamed, and his brown hair was pulled back into a tail while the two front strands were braided, framing his face. The classroom was divided into two areas - the back area held desks, which seated two people. The front of the classroom was an open space with enough room for a dueling platform, if needed.

"Last class, we studied the Protego shield charm. Today you will cast it successfully. Potter, front and center!" Harry jogged up to the front of the classroom. "I will cast a stinging hex repeatedly. We will see how long you can last."

"Spiculum," Professor Ivanova sent the spell at Harry.

"Protego," Harry batted away the spell with his wand.

"Notice he did not shout his spell," Professor Ivanova's voice carried across the classroom. "The volume of your voice has no impact, other than annoying me. Again," This time, he sent the spell silently at Harry. Harry batted it away again, but he sent the spell at a mirror, which made the spell bounce back at Professor Ivanova. Ivanova blocked the redirection of the spells. "Dismissed." Harry nodded at the professor before taking his seat. "Krum!" Viktor was the next student up. He went through the same routine as Harry, only he didn't send the spell back at the professor. "Black-Krum." Viktor was dismissed and Draco called up. The professor wasted little time, and, before Draco was set, sent the spell at him.

"Protego." Draco shielded the spell with ease. Ivanova changed it up and threw a silent disarming curse at Draco. Draco responded by silently casting the shielding charm.

"Dismissed." Professor Ivanova called, sending Draco back to his desk. He went and tested the rest of the class before allowing them to cast on their own. He would randomly throw the curse at students. After being hit with a stinging hex at least four times, the duelers managed to keep their focus everywhere and always cast the Protego charm. A few of the students were not hit at all - Draco, Harry, Viktor, Ivan, Nadia, Filip and three other first years. Saiph was hit twice before she managed to gain control over the charm.

"Potter, Krum, Black-Krum, stay after." He gave the order to the students as the rest were dismissed. The three cousins moved to the front of the classroom and stood at attention in front of Ivanova's desk. "I'm going to name several spells- if you can cast it, reply with yes," Ivanova spoke. They knew that by 'cast' he meant nearly or fully silently.

"Disarming curse," Was his first try.

"Yes, sir." The boys replied together.

"Binding spells."

"Yes, sir."

"Body-Bind curse."

"Yes, sir."

"Blasting curse."

"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir."


"Yes, sir." This went on for a laundry list of spells. Once they reached fourth year spells, their confirmations were a bit more scattered, but they could reply yes confidently to even a few seventh year spells.

"The Patronous charm?" At this, he looked up at them instead of at his notes.

Harry was the only one to answer, "Not fully. I can create the white mist aspect."

"You're all being moved into fourth year Defense Against the Dark Arts. You will be moved to second year charms. Dismissed," he didn't give them room to say anything. He gave them a slip to give to the Herbology professor. They left the classroom, exchanging looks with each other. They weren't exactly sure what to say.

"Passes," The Herbology professor said as soon as they stepped through the door. The held out the passes to her. She took them and directed them to their seats. She was tall nearly six feet, with short blond hair and hazel eyes that looked out at the class shrewdly. She read over the passes and nodded at the three.

"Professor Charzov?"

"Yes, Mr. Polzin? She answered.

"My Devil's Snare is trying to kill me." The whole class looked over and saw that the boy's devil snare was wrapping around his feet and was moving up to his waist.

"Ignisazuels," Professor Charzov's spell created a ball of blue flame that floated over to the devil's snare, which retreated quickly under the threat of flame.

"Detention, Mr. Polzin. You were all taught to cast the spell on Tuesday." Professor Charzov chastised him.

"Oh, come on," Polzin said under his breath.

"Watch it or that will be two detentions, Mr. Polzin," She added. Some of the students snickered.

"Pull out your books and turn to page twenty," Professor Boddason called the third years and Harry to attention. They had been started on Norse runes last week, as examples of some were readily available in Durmstrang and the surrounding areas. Harry had been given Professor Boddason's old text book. The book was well used, but still in great shape.

Professor Boddason scrawled some runes on the blackboard, "Mr. Bezus, translate."

"Fire, ice, earth, water, and sun?" The last word was spoken as a question.

"Not sun," He paused, looking around the room, "Anyone? Mr. Potter." He called on Harry, who had raised his hand.

"Light," Harry answered.

"Correct - light and sun have a subtle difference here on the tail." He pointed out his meaning on the rune. He went through the routine three more times before he moved on to another subject.

"Now, most people use runes in schemes or wards – however, there is another, less-known use. It is, in my opinion, the easiest way. You can charge single runes, like the ones you just named, to perform a localized reaction." He let his words sink in and a student raised her hand. She was one of two girls in the class. "Yes, Miss Devych?"

"What do you mean by charge, sir?"

"The same feeling that fills you when you cast a spell can be channeled into the rune," Professor Boddason elaborated. "Those of you who know Occlumency will find this much easier. Watch," he drew the Norse rune for fire. He touched his wand to it and charged it, when he withdrew his wand the rune lit up with a flare. "Anyone want to try?"

Harry raised his hand - he felt the need to prove himself to the older students. Professor Boddason waved him up to the front of the class. Harry drew the Norse rune for ice on Professor Boddason's desk, as instructed. He wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, considering he had never tried this with this particular rune. He channeled his magic through his wand and the rune glowed a faint blue. He pulled his wand away and a thick icicle rose from the desk. The class eyed Harry with a new respect, rather than the contempt they'd shown when he'd walked in yesterday.

"Well done, Mr. Potter. Anyone else?" Professor Boddason asked. "Mr. Sydorchuk, come on up." Professor Boddason let him have the chalk. Ruslan took the chalk from his professor. He thought for a minute and drew the Norse rune for shadow. He closed his eyes, sinking into his Occlumency. He found his magic and pushed it through his wand and into the rune. "Enough," Professor Boddason called softly. Ruslan opened his eyes, saw the rune was glowing, and removed his wand. A dark shadow rose from the desk and Ruslan examined it - he placed his hand in the shadow and it disappeared from view. Professor Boddason let out a soft clap, "Nicely done, Mr. Sydorchuk. Now, I want you all to try it at your desks." He handed out chalk to each of the students. "If you have trouble channeling your magic, try performing a spell you know, and focus on the feeling inside you as you do."

By the end of the period the majority of the class was able to use the simple runes. Most of the class had already been taught either the basics of Occlumency, or were proficient at it, not that it was surprising- most pureblood families taught Occlumency. Those that hadn't been taught were slowly coming to terms with paying more attention to casting their other spells.

"Alright, by next class, I expect you to be able to perform the simple runes. Also, you need to translate a favorite poem or book passage into Norse runes. And no, one line poems do not count."

Harry, Viktor, Draco and Saiph made their way to Headmaster Hardrada's office. The four were anxiously climbing the spiraling stairs to the office. They came up to a landing that held two couches on either side of door. On either side of the door were two marble busts. The man on the right had a long beard, including a long moustache. The man's hair was long, reaching down to his shoulders. His shoulders were larger than the other bust's.

Harry looked at the name plate and let out a low sounding whistle, "Harald Hardrada, founder of Durmstrang Institute. 1065."

"This one is Sigurd the Strange, first Headmaster of Durmstrang. 1065," Draco read the name plate of the bust on the left. The bust of Sigurd had a narrower face than that of Harald Hardrada. Sigurd's bust showed the man with only a moustache, forgoing the beards they had come to see on portraits and statues around the school.

"Enter," The four heard the voice of their Headmaster from behind his office door. The door was opened by magic. Harry looked from his Headmaster's face to the bust on the right of the door. There was a faint resemblance, and Harry resolved to ask him about it on Saturday.

"Dragon, Viktor," Narcissa herded her sons in a hug.

"Pup," Sirius pulled Harry to him and gave him a half-hug and a fist bump. Vladimir gave both his boys and Harry a handshake.

Narcissa rolled her eyes at them, "Harry." She pulled Harry into a hug, which he returned with a smile.

"Aunt Cissy." Harry said before stepping back and allowing Saiph, who had been hiding behind the three boys, to be seen. "This is Saiph Lestrange." Harry introduced her. Narcissa and Sirius both gasped at how familiar she looked. "Saiph, this is Narcissa Krum nee Black, Sirius Black, and Vladimir Krum." Saiph just nodded at them.

"I believe we all know where this is going," Headmaster Hardrada drew the attention of the room, "but Professor Hastein has the Lineage Potion nonetheless." The potions professor stepped out of the corner of the room.

He handed Saiph's essay to her, "Some minor problems, but, overall, a good essay." Saiph took it with a nod, focusing on that rather than the people in the room. She was nervous and a bit weary of the adults, they were all dressed in fine clothes, and Narcissa had some subtle but obviously fine jewels on.

"So what do I have to do?" Saiph asked the question to the potions professor.

"I need a drop of blood." Professor Hastein pulled out a dagger. Saiph's eyes widened a bit - she was expecting a needle.

"Yeah, we don't use needles, kid," Sirius clapped her on the shoulder and gave her a big grin. Saiph gave a half grin, her nerves easing a bit. Professor Hastein took her hand and nicked a finger with the dagger. The blood dripped into the open potion vial, turning it a blue color. Headmaster Hardrada handed Professor Hastein a piece of parchment. Professor Hastein poured the potion on the parchment, and the blue was slowly soaked into it. Spider web like lines began forming on the page, organizing themselves into letters. A family tree going back four generations was shown, with Saiph at the bottom. Saiph looked at the parchment anxiously, unknowingly mirroring Narcissa, who was behind her.

"Daughter of Rodolphus Lestrange and Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black," Professor Hastein read aloud.

Saiph let out a breath and was pulled into a hug by Harry, "Told you you were family." He grinned a lopsided smile. Viktor smiled at her while Draco copied his cousin and pulled Saiph into a small hug. Narcissa surprised Saiph by kneeling down so she was at Saiph's height. She gently placed a hand on Saiph's cheek. She smiled sweetly at Saiph while looking Saiph in the eyes. Saiph slowly relaxed into Narcissa and pulled her into a small one armed hug.

"Welcome to the family, Pup-ette," Sirius laughed, "Get ready for the insanity."

Narcissa drew back and rounded on Sirius, "Sirius!" Harry pulled Saiph out of the firing zone and over to Vladimir as Narcissa berated Sirius. As Vladimir went to introduce himself, they all heard, "I swear you're more of a child now than thirty years ago."

Saiph giggled, the tension officially leaving her body as she watched Sirius squirm like a naughty five-year-old. She actually held her hand to Vladimir, "Saiph." She introduced herself.

Vladimir cracked a smile, "I'm your uncle Vlad. I heard from the three amigos here that you would need a place to stay? My wife's always wanted a daughter to spoil." Unbeknownst to Saiph, who was hugging Vladimir, the three boys' expressions hardened at Vladimir's words. Lucius Malfoy, after Draco had been born a boy, cursed Narcissa with a little-known spell that prevented her from conceiving again. Merlin help Malfoy if the boys were ever in England.

A voice cleared behind them, "If you would like, we can arrange the paperwork that will give you custody of Saiph?" Headmaster Hardrada asked.

Narcissa and Sirius turned back to Saiph, "Would you like that?" Narcissa asked as if she hadn't been fighting with Sirius at all.

Saiph smiled at Narcissa's demeanor, "I would." Narcissa's face lit up with a bright smile.

"Alright, we'll take care of the paperwork. Students, you may leave," Headmaster Hardrada dismissed the students.

"Welcome to the first proving duels of the year," Headmaster Hardrada called the students to order. The whole school was in the dueling classroom. At a command from the Headmaster, bleachers moved out from the wall spanning the entire length of the dueling portion of the room. In total, the four hundred and sixty students were seated comfortably; well, as comfortably as they possibly could in stone bleachers. "We have five duels today. The first is between two of our seventh years. Jarl Lena Wolf is being challenged for a supposed insult by Mads Ozil." Professor Ironside waved the two seventh years to the dueling platform.

"Bow," Professor Ironside's voice seemed to resonate throughout the room. Lena offered a somewhat sarcastic bow, giving the school a glimpse of the animosity between the two. Mads clenched his wand in his hand and bowed low. "Begin!" The command to start was given.

Lena immediately launched into a barrage of spells. The spells were vicious in nature and ripped through Mads shields. He dodged out of the way of the last spell, a bone-breaker, and cast back at Lena. Mads' piercing hex crashed into Lena's shield with force, causing her to falter. He followed it with a bone-breaking curse of his own. His spell was sent low and snuck in under her shield. Lena jumped the curse and fired three spells in quick succession, a bone breaking hex, a piercing hex, followed by a gouging hex. He deflected the bone-breaker, gritting his teeth and sending it wide. The piercing hex was dodged to his left but he stepped into the gouging hex. The hex dug into his left arm and he yelled out while he narrowed his eyes in pain. He was set on the defensive as Lena tried to capitalize on her advantage.

The Durmstrang students watching groaned collectively as Lena hit Mads. It was clear most of the school favored him. She sent curses flying at him with more speed than before. Her next curse missed but the second struck him again, this time opening a deep cut across his leg. Mads now had blood dripping from his arm and leg on to the platform below him. Mads was now dodging blood and curses, but Lena's spells were becoming wilder as she sped up. Mads conjured a black mist in front of himself and sent it at Lena obscuring her view. He heard her swear in German and zeroed in on her - she had not needed to move for most of the duel. Mads fired two spells; a concussive hex that covered the whole width of the platform, and a silent disarming hex. As the black mist cleared, he grabbed Lena's wand from the air. Lena was on the ground, having been knocked over from the blast of the concussive hex. She was moving sluggishly as she tried to get up to her feet. You could hear her groan as the school quieted down and the duel ended. She slowly got to her feet with a grimace, holding her head.

"Bow," Came the command from Professor Ironside. Both students managed shaky bows. They walked to the center of the platform, Mads limping as he did so. They stopped next to Professor Ironside, one on either side. "Winner, Mads Ozil!" Professor Ironside declared, grabbing his arm and lifting it up to the air. Cheers rang out from the crowd of students - Mads was well liked by most of the school.

Harry had watched the duel from the sidelines, as did Draco. They, along with the rest of the duelers, were not seated in the bleachers, but on a bench in front of the teachers, who were seated opposite the students. "So, that's what Durmstrang duels are like," Harry whispered to Draco.

"No different than at home," Draco replied quietly.

"I expected some dark arts, though," Harry said.

"Neither of them have that class. However, your opponent is." Draco cracked a smirk at his cousin.

"Well, I know my dark arts," Harry shrugged. Draco chuckled under his breath. They quieted for a few minutes as the next duel started. It was between a fifth year and fourth year. They lacked the speed of the first duel, and also some of the power. Harry resumed his conversation, "Do you know what the supposed insult was?"

Draco nodded, "Ozil's father is in talks with Lena's for a marriage contract. Lena declared she wouldn't marry a man she could beat in a duel." Harry looked at his cousin disbelief. Draco just nodded to him, dead serious.

"It's a good thing Sirius never went here, if that's an insult," Harry grinned. Draco let out a small chuckle before going back to watching the duel as if it was an inconvenience. A winner was declared and Draco clapped in a disinterested way. Harry laughed to himself at his cousin's behavior - Draco hated showing people his true thoughts. Another duel came and went, with a sixth year having to be carried out on a stretcher to the hospital wing with a severely burned leg.

"Now, a proving duel between Gabor Megyeri and Draco Malfoy." Draco calmly walked up to the dueling platform.

"Alright, DRAKE!" Harry and Viktor let out a shout. It was followed by a Quidditch cheer by his other teammates and their friends. They clapped as Draco made his way up to the platform. Draco's demeanor put his opponent in a fit of a rage. Draco nodded at the professors and Headmaster in respect before doing the same to the students. His opponent was only focused on Draco's aloofness.

"Bow," Came the command from Professor Ironside, who stepped off the platform. Draco bowed slightly, his wand loosely held in his hand. Gabor bowed low taking his eyes off his opponent. Draco smirked and started twirling his wand, to everyone besides the transfiguration professor it simply looked like he was messing around. "Begin!" Came the command. Draco dodged a spell and brought his wand up in motion. Draco, unlike his opponent, studied his foes. For instance, he knew Gabor had a fear of spiders, tarantulas, to be exact. Draco easily dodged another spell. He finished his transfiguration, dodging another spell with a slight smile on his face. Gabor went to fire another spell but he slowly realized something was on his head. Whatever was on his head was hairy and crawling. He slowly stopped casting and focused on the creepy- crawly things. To his utter horror, a hairy leg appeared in his vision, and then the body of a tarantula. He let a shriek out of his mouth that would have been more proper coming from a three-year-old girl. He dropped his wand as he tried to fling the tarantulas off. Draco calmly cast a silent Stupefy spell at the shrieking boy, knocking him out, as well as back, about five feet. Draco ended his transfiguration spell and summoned the boy's wand to him. Professor Ironside hid a smile and woke the second year up. Forgetting where he was, the boy immediately placed his hands on his head and sighed when he found only hair.

"Winner: Draco Black-Krum," Professor Ironside raised Draco's hand, declaring him the winner.

"That's how you do it!" Harry cheered along with his Quidditch teammates. They clapped and hollered as Draco walked back to his family's side. Draco gave a slight nod to everyone before retaking his seat.

"Our last duel of the day is another proving duel," Headmaster Hardrada announced. "Mr. Luka Petrovic has challenged Mr. Harry Potter." Cheers came from the students as the two walked up to the platform. The loudest were for Harry, from his family and teammates.

Harry eyed his opponent, who was cockily waving to the crowd. Harry nodded to the crowd and his professor while Luka did the same, only his nod to the students featured a sneer. "Bow!" Professor Ironside snapped out mostly at Luka. Harry bowed the same way Draco had, never taking his eyes off Luka. Luka mimicked him, smirking at Harry the whole time. "Begin!" Came the order from Professor Ironside, immediately after Harry rose from his bow.

"Reducto," Luka's first spell streaked towards Harry. Harry batted the spell away with a silent Protego spell. Luka snarled and fired three spells in quick succession

"Sagitto, Deffodio, Reducto," He shot at Harry. The first sent three arrows flying at Harry, as if fired from a crossbow. Harry used a banishing charm on the arrows and sent them flying back at Luka. He used a Protego spell to deal with the other two. Luka hit the ground to avoid the arrows. Harry waited for Luka to get back up - he wanted to see how far he could push the other boy. Harry gave a lopsided grin as he pushed himself up.

Luka sneered, "Decapritare." The firmly dark decapitation spell shot from his wand, but the third year had no control over it. It fired wide, and its dark nature sent it through the shield surrounding the platform. Harry's eyes darkened; he heard Headmaster Hardrada block the spell from the students.

Finally Harry fired back - he silently cast the Bombarda hex at Luka's feet. Luka was blown from the platform as it exploded He was thrown into the shield, bouncing off it, and was tossed back onto the shrapnel-ridden platform, something that was supposed to be impossible. His wand had dropped over the edge of the platform. Pieces of wood pierced his body, and he let out a groggy cry as he fought to remain conscious. Harry walked down the platform with his wand held at the ready.

He knelt by the injured boy, "You idiot!" Harry had a fierce expression on his face as he spoke to the boy, "You could have killed someone just to prove you could beat me." Harry spit down by the boy and summoned his wand. Professor Ironside ended the duel and Madam Armason, the healer of the school, rushed to Luka. Professor Ironside took Harry's hand and raised it as the winner. Harry shook his head as he was cheered on.

He looked up at Headmaster Hardrada, who was looking furiously at the boy being moved to the Hospital Wing. He turned to Harry and nodded in his direction. Harry gave a sheepish grin as he eyed the platform and turned back to the Headmaster. Hardrada gave a slight shrug of his shoulders, telling Harry silently that it was okay.

"You alright, cuz?" Draco asked quietly.

"Yeah. What kind of an idiot casts a decapitation curse when he can't handle it, anyway?" Harry snarled back. Draco just laid a hand on his cousin shoulder and didn't respond to the question.

"Enter," Came Headmaster Hardrada's call as Harry entered the waiting room in front of his office the next day. Harry entered his office and sat down, as directed by the headmaster.

"I was impressed with you yesterday, although most of the school probably underestimates what, exactly, both you and your cousin did," Headmaster Hardrada spoke. "Neither of you performed with particular flare, you simply bided your time. I expect you learned that from Vladimir and Mrs. Krum, rather than Mr. Black."

Harry quirked a smile, "Trust me, I learned plenty from Sirius. I just wanted to see how students duel here."

Headmaster Hardrada let out a laugh, "I look forward to seeing you duel more, then, especially in the end of the year tournament. But now I want to see what you can do with your wandless magic," He rose from his desk and motioned for Harry to follow him. He moved down into this private quarters, and they entered a living room where a statuesque blond women with clear blue eyes was sitting with a baby - she had an enthralling quality about her. Harry forced himself not to gape - the woman was a veela. Instead, he put his lopsided grin on his face. Hardrada shared a hidden smile with his wife at Harry's restraint.

"Mr. Potter, this is my wife, Artemisia. And my daughter," he was referring to the little blond angel sitting in Artemisia's lap, "Diana. My son will probably appear at some point - he's a Quidditch fanatic."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Hardrada," Harry said, walking over and giving her hand a kiss. "Well, aren't you the charmer?" Artemisia gave him a smile.

"I can die happy now," Harry replied.

Headmaster Hardrada rolled his eyes, "Come on, Mr. Potter, we have work to do." Hardrada took Harry into a practice room, used for spell work by him and his wife. "Alright - can you do regular spells with your wandless magic?"

"Some, it's easier to make my magic just do what I want it to," Harry said rather cryptically.

"How about a demonstration, then? A bit more in depth than what you showed us?" Hardrada asked.

Harry nodded. He started by levitating a few objects, before he sent them spinning about the room. He controlled them individually and all at once at the same time. "Can you conjure something like a stuffed animal or toy soldier?" Harry asked.

Hardrada nodded and, with a wave of his wand, created a small army of toy soldiers. The little tin soldiers were even decorated in two sets of uniforms. One in blue, the other in Durmstrang red. Harry nodded his thanks and waved a hand over the soldiers. The two groups got into lines, standing in parallel with each other. The soldiers on the right shouldered their weapons as Harry focused on them. With another wave of his hand, the soldiers on the left mimicked their peers. A lead soldier raised a saber, and was followed by the rest of the soldiers in blue, readying their rifles. The red side followed, and then Harry waved his hand again. The red side fired on the blue, knocking over half the soldiers. The blue side fired back, and then the red side charged the blue.

Hardrada started clapping, "Impressive. Anything in a dueling situation, besides the lightning?"

Harry nodded, "Would you mind being a guinea pig?" He asked his headmaster.

"No," Hardrada kept his wand at the ready. "Go ahead."

Harry took his place opposite the headmaster, "I can use it to throw people back." He demonstrated by flinging his hand towards the headmaster. He conjured a shield, but it did nothing to stop him from being tossed back into the wall. "I should've warned you - spells don't really do anything to my wandless magic. Only physical objects seem to stop it."

Hardrada shook his head to clear it and stood up. He conjured a large wooden shield and strapped it to his arm. "Alright, what else do you have?"

"Just the lighting. I've tried controlling bigger bolts, or more than one at a time, with pretty bad results."

"Such as?"

"I burned down half our house," Harry said with a sheepish grin.

"I take it that that's why our meeting was at the Krum house?"

Harry nodded, "Sirius was trying to help me with it. We were outside, but I lost control of the storm pretty early on."

Headmaster Hardrada nodded and banished his shield before sitting cross-legged on the floor, gesturing for Harry to do the same. Harry took a seat across from him.

"Do you have any other issues with wandless magic? It seems more natural to you than a wand." He said as he rested his hands under his chin.

"It does seem to come easier, at least with some aspects of it," Harry replied, after thinking for a moment. "Apparently, I've been doing it since I was a baby. But things like Transfiguration seem to be impossible for me to perform wandlessly."

"If I'm not mistaken, Transfiguration seems to be a subject you struggle with," Headmaster Hardrada asked.

Harry nodded, "Yes, sir. I have to work on it a lot."

"So, your magic with a wand follows the same pattern as your wandless magic." Headmaster Hardrada concluded. "How did you know you could produce lightning?"

"I got struck by lightning when I was four. Nothing happened to me except for the fact that I started playing with little lightning bolts. Aunt Cissy freaked out," Harry laughed. Headmaster Hardrada let out a small chuckle.

"Do you ever feel tired after using your wandless magic?"

"At first, with most of them - except the lightning," Harry answered. "Now, not so much."

"Alright, I want to work with you on everyday spells, as well as what you can already do. Every Saturday. And, whatever you do, do not use your wandless magic on other students. You'll end up being treated like an experiment. If you feel an absolute need to do it, keep your wand in your hand. Come on, you can eat with us." Headmaster Hardrada invited.

"Sir?" Harry asked a bit hesitantly. "Why do you care?"

Hardrada stared at Harry searchingly for a full minute, before rolling up the sleeve of his shirt. His arm bore a rune scar in the shape of an olive tree. "Combat magic comes naturally to me. I also have an innate ability to be able to persuade people to see my point. I knew that scar wasn't just a scar."

"Is every rune scar tied to the Ancient Greeks?" Harry asked thinking of his lightning bolt and the olive tree being a symbol of Athena.

"No. The lightning bolt isn't just a symbol of Zeus, but many other gods throughout history. It represents power. The scars each have a meaning tied to the bearer. I believe mine represents my Greek heritage."

"I thought you were related to Harald Hardrada?" Harry asked with a grin.

"I am, through a bastard line," Headmaster Hardrada answered. "He spent many years in exile, as a mercenary for the Byzantine Empire."

They were interrupted by a five-year-old grabbing hold of Harry, "Holy crap, you're part of the Black Line!" He shouted at top speeds while bouncing up and down.

"Erik!" His father called him to attention. The five year old looked at his father and bowed his head. "Calm down, please."

"Sorry, da," He said, before turning back to Harry.

"Do you think Bulgaria's going to qualify for the next World Cup? I don't think Norway's going to get very far." The little blond haired boy with blue eyes said, looking up at Harry.

"I think we'll have a chance in the next one," Harry answered in good humor. Harry had said almost the same thing when he had been introduced to Georgi Levski for the first time.

"Do you think you'll get a call up for the 94' games?" Erik asked.

"I hope I can, but that would mean a lot of work on top of school. We'll see what happens."

"Erik, let the boy eat," Artemisia said with a soft smile.

"Yes, mama," Erik said as if it caused him pain.

"Take a seat, Harry." Headmaster Hardrada gestured for him to join them at the table.

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