Summary: AU. Time couldn't be stopped, but it could be reversed. Naru, Shikamaru and Choji were proof of that. They were also proof that war even corrupted the kindest of people. Sent back to their genin days, they want to be prepared for the 4th War, something that is inevitable. But they now have the chance to make everything right. But hatred lurks everywhere. Beware. Fem!Naru.


The class quieted down as small figure climbed through the window, their excitement from graduating dimming as they frowned in confusion. Easily ignoring the stares, Naru shut the window silently behind her, eyes dark as the ocean as they swept over the faces.

"Naru? This meeting is for the graduates only," Ino sneered naturally, a habit she had picked up from the years of taunting the dead last. "So why don't you leave and find-"

"Fuck off," Naru muttered as she brushed past the stunned blonde, "If you can't see the hitaite tied to my fucking forehead, then you clearly need to open your damn eyes." Climbing the steps, she moved until she could collapse into the seat between Choji and Shikamaru. "Morning boys."

Both nodded their heads, smirking openly at the stunned or outraged faces of their graduate class. Stunned because Naru had finally gotten rid of her orange jumpsuit for a more shinobi-like outfit and the outrage, because the females of the class unable to admit they were jealous.

They could see why they were staring though, even though she was no Hinata Hyuuga, Naru Uzumaki was already well-developed in the chest area, her hips already had shape and it seemed she didn't lack the confidence to flaunt it. Especially with black jonin like pants that hung low on her hips, held up only the belt she wore. Kunai pouch strapped to her right thigh, another attached her lower back. Black ANBU issued footwear were secured to her feet.

Naru sighed as she rubbed her temples, Shikamaru snorted at his friend. Of course people were going to stare at her. Her red singlet cut off right above her navel and she had worn something similar to a chunin vest which was unzipped, only in black. The only thing that was remotely orange was her gloves and hitaite which was tied to her head exactly like Zabuza Momochi's she had said the night before, even then the colour was dark and not bright like she was notoriously known for.

"Naru…" Sakura trailed off as she stared at someone she thought was an annoyance, "You look-"

"Like a tramp," Ino lied, annoyed to the max, no one open insulted her and got away with it. "What are you trying to do? Woo Sasuke-kun by dressing like a slut?"

Immediately the room filled with a suppressed rage and the Yamanaka heir reeled back at the cold looks both Shikamaru and Choji sent her. The civilians never being exposed to killing intent before found it hard to stay conscious, the clan born began to sweat a little.

"Shika. Cho," Naru spoke quietly, her voice carrying easily across the classroom, "That's enough." Immediately the feeling of dread disappeared and they could breathe easier, everyone staring at her incredulously, even the Uchiha were finding it hard to believe. Had she not been affected? "Ino, sit down and face the front, I grow tired of your voice and I grow tired of you. Grow up."

"What the hell happened to you?" Sasuke made his thoughts known as he stared at the female. Something had definitely changed and he couldn't pinpoint it. Naru seemed much more controlled, more aware and how the hell did she climb the two storeys to the window? There was nothing she could use to climb up.

"Under the orders of the Hokage, Naru had caught and apprehended traitor, Chunin Mizuki, in attempt to steal the forbidden scroll and betray the village. Due to a mistake made by another Konoha Shinobi, your sensei or ex-sensei, depending on how you look at it was injured. Naru had to make a quick decision, one that forced her to kill the traitor. Not only saving village secrets, but also the life of her sensei. It was troublesome."

"Dad?" Shikaku Nara nodded up at his son, before glancing around the class that was furiously whispering about what they had heard. Some, like Ino Yamanaka and her pink-haired friend, were pale. What was disturbing was the impressed look and flicker of emotion in the Uchiha's eyes, a smirk soon adorned his lips as he glanced at his peer from the corner of eye as he took on a calculated manner.

"My name is Nara Shikaku, I am the Jonin commander of Konohagakure's military forces and head of the Nara clan." His hand twitched as if he was slightly restless, but he shoved his hand into his pocket, "I will be announcing the teams today. Do not argue about the team choices, they were decided by the Hokage and to argue against could be considered treason. Any questions?"

A girl from the middle row raised her hand meekly, "Are you Shikamaru's dad?"

Shikaku tipped his head back lazily and mouthed 'troublesome' to the roof. Naru sniggered quietly with Choji as their friend sent them tired looks. Shikaku shaking his head, probably filled with complaints a mile long and nodded at the girl, before pulling out a sheet of paper from his pouch.

"Alright, let's begin. Team One will consist of…"

Naru shared a look with her friend Shikamaru, his eyes asking her a silent question. Are the teams the same as before? Even though she had no idea, Naru nodded. Because she wasn't the Rokudaime Hokage anymore and she wouldn't be for a while. There should be no changes to the timeline, not that it would matter.

Because her and her two friends, they were going to be prepared and there was no way they were going to let Konoha be burned to the ground.