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"Oh wow! Those last several chapter... I never expected-" Alma's hyper mood was more draining than usual to Lavi's ears; he had been pulling an all-nighter every night since the day after he and Allen became partners. He hadn't expected such a response when he courageously added himself into his story.

Sighing, "If you keep yelling like that then word gonna get out... its bad enough you know," shutting his locker, the redhead stuffed his books under his arm. His brunette best friend pouted childishly, "What? I haven't told anyone..."

"That's not what I meant... Alma, do you have any idea how creepy I'll look if people find out about my book?" Lavi knew his best friend understood when he saw Alma relax before running a hand through his hair; they started their trek to the quad for lunch, tossing ideas back and forth over the redhead's book - joking about possible generals from the adults they knew. Mainly their teachers.

Sitting under an old tree that provided a cool place to chat, Alma voiced his suggestions about who he thought would worked while the redhead chewed on his food and nodded occasionally. It wasn't that he could careless about his best friend's opinion but he already had a gist of who was going to be used as the generals in his story.

"So is it okay for me to assume you and Allen have gotten closer?" Wiggling a brown eyebrow, Alma leaned towards his friend with a suggestive grin that earned him a shove as Lavi smiled: "We're friends,"

Friends. That word stung a little but it was probably the best word to describe their relationship. Allen was still dating that bastard, Tyki after all! His thought didn't remain on his crush for long - Alma continued with a new question: "So you put your Gramps in, huh?"

A change in focus was much appreciated for the redhead who responded: "Ah," pausing to scratch his cheek, "Yeah... I kinda wrote him like how I used to see him..."

Cocking his head to the side, "But wait doesn't he still kick your butt now?"

Chuckling, "Yeah but I know that his way of showing he cares," it was true; the Panda had lost his own children so when he took Lavi under his wing - the old man made sure not to get too attached when the chance of losing someone was so high in this world.

His best friend's sly grin reappeared and the redhead knew it was too early to be happy about the change in focus: "So what are you going to do about all those fans asking for more 'laven' in your story?" putting the air quote around the pairing name.

Of course Alma had read through his reviews he had received; Lavi was beyond embarrassed to say the least. He had slept on those reviews, after all - it was his reason for writing the story in the first place. In his fictional world, Allen wasn't far out of his reach. They were comrades. Friends fighting alongside one another. In his delusional world, he stood a chance against Tyki.

"Its the reason I started writing in the first place," A small smile settled on the redhead's features as he laid back, his sandwich forgotten, and sighed before staring up through the various spaces between the leaves above them: "Still think I'm not crazy?"

The next thing Lavi knew, a stick jabbing his side harshly made him sit up and glare at the culprit behind it; Alma sat with a look of clear disbelief, "Seriously? I don't think its crazy at all! Even when you first told me... Lavi-dude, so what if you have feelings for the most unattainable guy in our school? And so what if instead of growing a pair of balls," a "Hey!" went unheard as Alma continued on: "and confessing directly, you think its best to vent out your feelings for him through writing? You're at least doing something! There are tons of people who prefer to sit and mope,"

The lunch bell rung to inform them it was time for their next class; Lavi narrowed his eyes, "Thanks for going all philosophical on me... now how am I supposed to finish my lunch?"

Grinning, "Eat in class like me," Alma simply stated before gathering his own untouched lunch and the duo followed the other students inside; the redhead rolling his eye as his best friend's statement bounced around in his head. Only Alma would suggest something like that.

English was Lavi's first class after lunch and like many, he had mixed feelings on the subject - his teacher, Ms. Nine wasn't the issue. If the redhead had to be honest, it wasn't even her evil satan-reincarnated pet monkey. If anything it was how the lessons were taught, Nine was adamant on several things that had her labeled as 'Woman-Hitler' - mostly to scare the underclassmen. Despite the overwhelming aura she had around her, the redhead had been one of the few to notice that she meant well when she was at her scariest.

Speaking of being scary, the redhead's thought turned over to Allen -both his fictional copy and the real life one- and a recollection of a conversation he had overheard last year between the snow-capped teen and a teacher. They were arguing and based on the body language, Lavi could tell this was normal for them. And they sort of resembled a father and a son. A soft chuckle rolled past his lips as he started scribbling a few ideas about Cross and Allen's fictional relationship - reusing a few of the topics of their arguments they had. Cross's alcohol consumption. His gambling tendencies. His flirtatious manner towards women. Even Allen's whine about how any women could be attracted to him.

As Ms. Nine spoken on about genocide in literature, the redhead busied himself with outlining a future scene between the 'Noah' clan and the exorcist - occasionally tuning in just in case he was asked a question. The parts he had tuned in for had sparked ideas of adding a new characters: Krory - who would end up joining them. The exorcists in his story, leaving the only unanswered question being what his weapon was. Did he want anyone to have the weapon a part of them like Allen? Not really. How about a tool-user like he, Lenalee and Kanda had? Then again, he had many of the exorcist down as that...

"...hunted for minor differences..." A random snippet of words broke through his trance as his head shot up; Krory, when he first came, had a hard time making any friends due to his outward appearance.

Scribbling 'vampire' down before circling it, Lavi was content - he would rework it later so it didn't fall under a cliche vampire category. And finally he had to add someone to add as the new character's anchor, a person who accepted his newest addition's strange power. Eliade! When Krory first moved, she actually became his first friend - of course the two dated for a short bit afterwards.

Tapping his pencil soundlessly, the redhead couldn't have her continuing on in his story - the girl had moved away so now he (if he ended up using her) would have to come up with a way to take her out. It would seem unnatural if he just had her being left behind by Krory. Maybe he could kill her off? She did break his heart pretty badly... He did cry a lot like many would at a funeral of someone close... Either way, he sounded cruel.

Now how could he introduce them - a vampire usually makes whatever town its in uneasy. So maybe he could write it so it happens while they're on their way looking for Cross, a general he had written as Allen's former guardian. Alma still got the biggest laughs at the idea. And that's how the rest of his classes went, he would occasionally listen in just in case he was called on as he continued scribbling down further details from his 'vampire'.

After School

"No way!"

"Aww~ C'mon Al... if you don't let me win, I can't ask you a question"

A week had past since they had been paired together in Black Order's annual Junior-Senior month and currently both Lavi and Allen were sitting in quad playing cards. Poker. A game that the redhead secretly swore never to play again with Allen. The rule they made to make things interesting stated that the winner of each hand was allowed to ask one question from the loser. So far the junior had asked oh-so-many questions and the senior had asked none.

Sighing, "alright," smiling innocently, "if you can beat me in this round then you can ask ten questions,"; hope flashed in a green orb before a grin broke out across the older teen's features: "Don't take it easy on me,"

Surprisingly the redhead had actually won the round, Lavi glanced up to see a mirrored expression on the shorter teen's face as well - meaning Allen was just as surprised. Taking no time, the senior already had numerous questions lined up: "First, why did you seem so sad when I mentioned that Fou and I are childhood friends? Second-"

"Wait, Lavi... Let me answer one before you ask another," Allen's laugh made the redhead's heart speed up; at this rate, Lavi was sure he'd have a heart attack as he mentally recalled the other endless times the other's reactions had caused his heart rate to increase.

Exhaling, "It wasn't that I was sad... per say," pausing, "more like jealous-no, not that... I guess it was more," smiling as he looked down at his lap, "yes, it was more envy than anything else. I had a childhood friend but... stuff happened and yeah, next question"

Wanting to both push the issue and save it for another time, Lavi chose the latter and moved on to his next question: "Second, what's your favorite food?"

"mitarashi dango"

"Right-handed or left?"

"Actually I'm ambidextrous,"

"Wait... seriously? That's so cool... uh, how about favorite color?"

"I would have to say red,"

"Do you believe all that fable about vampires?"

"That having them suck your blood means you become one then yes..."

"Has your hair always been white?" The questions seemed to have struck a cord inside the junior, Lavi mentally noted as he waited for a response. Allen grew sullen, obviously troubled by how to answer and the redhead was just about to tell him 'never mind' when the junior spoke: "It changed when I was ten... traumatic experience,"

"I see," a green orb drifted over to the forgotten cards on the table, "How did you get so good at poker?"

"Maybe its just that you're that bad," Allen's joke made the senior pout but it disappeared as quickly as it came when the snow-capped teen added: "I've had a lot of practice," with a laugh.

Humming, "So how do you and Mr. Cross know one another?"

It common knowledge that Cross Marian was a teacher for senior classes and often was the one who was in charge of detentions - the redhead always found the junior in the library for at least a hour after school let out. And somehow his douche-bag of a boyfriend always found a way to slip past and screw some other boy/girl some time after that.

A soft buzz pulled the redhead from his musings, he glanced over to see Allen checking his phone before responding to the new text message -and being the curious person that he was a question flew out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop it: "Who was it?"

"Tyki saying he's staying late after practice and I should just head home," The snow-capped teen responded as he gathered up the forgotten cards into a neat pile before placing them back into the box it came in. He placed the box in his bag before standing up to leave; Lavi gathered his stuff and stumbled over to Allen's side. He didn't want to leave the junior's side just yet.

"Aren't you afraid that he's staying late for reasons other than what he states?" The redhead really didn't want to out-right say that he was positive that Tyki wasn't doing practice for any sort of sport/hobby - unless seducing younger classmates was now a sport. A hobby, probably but not a sport.

Silver eyes glanced over before Allen cocked his head to the side, mumbling with a hollow chuckle, "What reason would my boyfriend have to lie to me?"

Biting his lip Lavi kicked the front of his shoe into the dirt as he tried to find another way to elaborate on his concern, without jeopardizing his new-found relationship with his crush. The redhead knew the Portuguese teen was anything but faithful to the other. Meeting the curious silver pools, his sole green eye caught the innocence that had yet to be diminished by high school. He did not want to be the one to tarnish that innocence. No matter what.

Faking a laugh, "Guess you have a point there," reaching out to ruffle white locks, "after all, who'd want to lie to you, sprout~" The pout he received for his teasing only continued to fuel Lavi's feelings for the smaller teen grow.

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