"Oi! Jack!"

A violet eye precariously opened. The seething face of his friend hovered over him; Crow's eyebrows creased in annoyance. Jack closed his eye again, shrugging.

"Crow. What is it you're bugging me about this time?"

"What do you think!?" the ginger-haired male snapped, holding out a piece of paper in front of his friend's face. Both violet eyes opened, narrowing at the numbers on the paper. "How did you manage to spend over three hundred dollars at the café across the street!? And it's all for coffee! What did I tell you!? We barely have enough to get by!"

"What's your point, Mama Bird?"

"Jack! This is serious! We don't have enough to pay for this!"

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"GET A JOB!" Crow yelled, his head growing about three times its normal size. The force of his loud voice sent the blonde duelist flying off his bed, causing Jack to land in a heap on the floor. Crow's head returned to normal size. "Sure we saved the world from Z-ONE, and sure we won the WRGP, but saving the world doesn't bring in any dough! Jack, you need to pull your own weight. Yusei and I have been doing our parts. Why can't you do yours?"

Jack glared at Crow from his position on the floor. The once-King hastily stood up, the difference in height blatantly showing itself as he towered over his friend.

"Don't you think I've tried?! It's not my fault people—"

"Actually, yes it is your fault! You tried serving sushi at a pizza joint! You burned off part of a customer's shirt to get rid of a stain at the dry cleaners! And don't even get me started on 'clearing' dishes by tossing them to the floor!"

"Are you insinuating that I'm worthless?!" the violet-eyed duelist snapped.

Crow just shrugged, his glare burning holes at his elder brother. "Maybe I am. After all, I'm not some pathetic has-been jerk who can't even manage to do the simplest of things because he has no applicable skills!"

Jack remained quiet, grudgingly accepting that the things Crow was saying were true. It wasn't like he didn't try getting a job. It's just that everyone fired him soon after because of mistakes that he made while on the job. Dueling was his passion and it was just about the only thing he was extremely good at.

In the garage, Yusei sighed as a sweatdrop ran down his head. He was growing tired of listening to Jack and Crow argue. It was starting to become routine after they had won the WRGP. He and Crow worked while Jack often times spent most of what they did earn. While Yusei did not mind this, Crow had different opinions which is what led to arguments and Jack would then resort to physical violence and then it would all go to hell from there.

The spiky-haired duelist cringed at the sound of a body hitting a wall. He flinched again when the door slammed open, revealing a furious Jack. The angry blonde stormed out of the room, leapt over the stair railing, and landed on the ground. Jack had been angry before when these fights broke out, but this time the rage in his eyes burned more fiercely than before.

"Jack?" Yusei said cautiously, but his friend just ignored him.

"If you don't want me around, then fine! Jack Atlas should not have to deal with third-rate nobodies, anyway!"

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" yelled Crow, as the ginger entered the room. He was glaring at Jack from atop the stairs in the garage. "At least I didn't betray my friends like an asshole and then run off to become some fancy-pants celebrity!"

"Will you let that drop!?" Jack shouted back. "I'm not like that anymore!"

"You sure don't act like it! You still act like a selfish and arrogant prick!"

Jack let out an exasperated yell. "I am not dealing with this!"

The once-King took his helmet off the nearby table and swiftly sat down in his Duel Runner. Revving up the vehicle, Jack slammed his helmet on his head as the garage door opened. With his Runner ready to drive, Jack sped out of the garage without any hesitation. Yusei watched as the Phoenix Whirlwind disappeared from his sights. Yusei crossed his arms, directing his gaze at Crow. His eyes narrowed at the orange-haired male.

"What!?" Crow blurted out. "You know he does this all the time. He'll be back before ya know it."

Yusei sighed, palming his face. This really needed to stop.

Meanwhile, Jack was speeding down one of New Domino City's highways. Riding at high speeds down long winding highways always helped Jack clear his head when something was on his mind. Currently, it was his way of expressing his frustration and rage at Crow's words. It was difficult facing the things he said. What pissed him off more was that he knew what Crow said was true. He just couldn't handle facing that truth, so he resorted to physical actions to deal with it.

Jack's grip on the handle tightened as he began mentally voicing every curse word he could think of at his orange-haired friend. He knew he had done a number of horrible things in the past and he did his best to try and amend them. But Crow would not let them go and constantly used those incidents to his advantage. Jack was entirely sick of it. He wasn't proud of betraying his friends, stealing Stardust Dragon, or stealing Yusei's first Duel Runner. Jack slammed his fist on the Duel Disk attached to the other arm support. The very thought of that betrayal made his blood boil in his veins. He had changed since then. He wasn't the old Jack anymore.

"So, here you are."

Jack jerked to attention at the voice. He'd recognize that annoying voice anywhere. But the only thing going through Jack's mind at that moment was "how is it back?"

A black D-Wheel adorned with red and orange flames drove up right beside him. The person driving it, he didn't recognize. The red tinted lens of the black helmet the person wore made it impossible to determine who it was. But judging by the body shape and the long flaming red hair coming out of the helmet, Jack assumed it was a woman. The annoying laugh sounded out again, sounding more girly than before.

"You!? Weren't you crushed under fifteen feet of rubble!?" Jack snapped at the person next to him. More laughter answered him.

"Did you honestly think some petty boulders would stop a demon in its tracks?" the possessed woman questioned him. "Even you can't be that much of a moron, Jack Atlas! Oh wait; yes you are, since you did! HA!"

Jack gritted his teeth together, attempting to resist the urge to put the fire demon in its place.

"Do you know why I'm here, Jack Atlas?" the demon asked.

"Well, you're obviously not here for an autograph," Jack kidded, not amused in the slightest that the Familiar of Red Nova was back. How was it possible that the demon was still around?

"I want my master back," it snapped, pointing a finger at Jack. "I want your Red Nova Dragon card! My master doesn't belong in the hands of a mere mortal. I will defeat you and release my master into the world once again!"

"Go ahead and try it!" Jack taunted. "I beat you once before and I can do it again easily!"

"Do you honestly think so?" the Familiar sneered. "I'll make you regret those words!"

A swift move later and the other Duel Runner was ramming into the Phoenix Whirlwind. Jack grunted as the other Duel Runner scraped against his, creating sparks along the highway.

"Are you trying to make me crash?!"

"That was the intention! Damn, you're slow!" the Familiar cackled, continuing its assault on the blonde. "I never said I'd duel you for it. I'll take my master back by force!"

The Familiar held up a hand, a fireball forming. The large flare was then shot at him. Jack's eyes widened as he attempted to maneuver his Duel Runner out of the way. The flare impacted with the highway railings, exploding on contact and sending sparks and shards of glass flying everywhere. The demon laughed maniacally at the destruction, watching with glee as the glass shards cut into Jack and red began staining his pristine white clothing. His Signer mark began glowing in reaction to the danger.

"Are you mad!?" Jack snapped at the demon.

"Of course I am! I'm pissed at you and at the rest of humanity!" the demon angrily yelled. It then smiled deviously, the grin slowly spread wider over its face. "Which is why I'll be summoning my master back where no one will be able to stop him!"

"What?" Jack blurted out.

"You'll see what I mean soon enough, Jack Atlas," the demon smirked, holding up a card. The Familiar then slammed the card on the Duel Disk attached to its Duel Runner. "Arise, Trident Dragion!"

In a blaze of fire, a large red three-headed dragon arose from the flames. It spread its large wings, stretching from one end of the highway to the other. The three dragon heads let out a deafening roar. Jack raised an arm, shielding himself from the heat that came from the dragon's breath.

"It's real?" thought Jack. "Just my luck."

"That monster wasn't in your deck before," the blonde countered.

"Of course it wasn't. Must I explain everything to you?" the Familiar scoffed. "I guess it's true when they say that blondes are dumb! You overcame my strategy before, so I needed to change tactics. And with my mighty Dragion becoming a living and breathing monster, you have no defense against it! Now, Trident Dragion, burn that little Signer to a crisp! Make him pay for trapping my master, Red Nova!"

"Two can play at this game!" Jack retorted, taking out his signature card and summoning it. "Red Dragon Archfiend!"

The black and red demonic looking dragon appeared beside its master, roaring back at the other dragon that hovered nearby. The two dragons charged towards each other, clawing and biting each in a battle for dominance. Real blood splashed to the highway pavement as the two titans clashed. As Red Dragon Archfiend fought against Trident Dragion, Jack's Signer mark glowed brighter.

"That pitiful little lizard is no match for my Trident Dragion!" The Familiar jeered. "It can barely protect itself from my Dragion's might. Which means a pathetic little Signer like you won't stand a chance against it!"

Jack's eyes widened at what the demon said. His irises darted straight to Trident Dragion, seeing one of its three heads turning toward his direction while other two were occupied with holding back Red Dragon Archfiend. The head inhaled, fire forming in its open jaws and preparing to attack. Red Dragon Archfiend bit onto the neck of one of the other two heads, releasing more blood onto the ground. The Signer Dragon darted in front of Jack, right in the path of the third head's attack. The fire blast connected, causing Red Dragon Archfiend to cry out in agony as the skin on its body were seared off.

"Red Dragon Archfiend!" Jack shouted, wincing as he saw the incredible pain his monster—his very soul—was being put through. The mighty dragon crashed to the ground, sending rocks and rubble into the air. Jack slammed the brakes on his Phoenix Whirlwind, swerving it around so he could see what condition his Red Dragon Archfiend was in. He grimaced at the sight he saw. The mighty Signer dragon was struggling to stand upright, intending to continue fighting despite being weakened.

"Lying on the ground like a defeated loser, just like its master," the Familiar mocked the blonde. "How fitting."

"I'll make you pay for that!" Jack shouted. "Nobody insults Jack Atlas or Red Dragon Archfiend and gets away with it!"

"Talk is cheap, Jackie-boy," the demon possessed woman laughed. "With your Red Dragon Archfiend whimpering on the ground like a dog, you don't stand a chance. Other than your Red Nova Dragon, you don't possess another monster than can match the power of my Trident Dragion. Your life shall be mine; and once I release my master from his prison, your body will be his to command!"

The giant winged beast reared its heads, building up its fire breath for another attack. Jack growled at how the Familiar treated his dragon like trash. There was little time to react to protect his Red Dragon Archfiend, much less to protect himself. This monster card was a real living being and any damage it caused was real as well. Trident Dragion unleashed its attack, aiming at Jack and his Red Dragon Archfiend. The bright light coming from his Signer mark caused Jack to redirect his attention to his arm.

He heard the familiar cry and he saw the bright crimson light form above him. He looked up, finding the graceful form of the Crimson Dragon. He blinked in confusion. Why had the Crimson Dragon appeared? He didn't have time to think about it as the giant maws of the Crimson Dragon opened up. The red dragon descended down upon him and Red Dragon Archfiend, engulfing both of them.

The Familiar of Red Nova scowled at the Crimson Dragon and its pitiful attempt to protect one of its chosen and to prevent him from retrieving Red Nova Dragon from Jack. The Crimson Dragon radiated a bright red light, blinding the fire demon with its brilliance. When the light died away, both Jack and Red Dragon Archfiend were gone. The Familiar smirked, taking off the helmet covering his head. Golden eyes gleamed in the sunlight and spiked red hair with yellow highlights floated elegantly in the wind.

"So you escaped me with the help of the Crimson Dragon," the demon possessed woman scoffed. "Don't underestimate my power, Jack Atlas. I will find you and I will take my master back no matter where, or when, you end up. Red Nova will be released into the world once again. And this time, I'll make sure there are no pathetic Signers that will stand in my way. This world will belong to Red Nova; I swear it!"

It was a stormy night in Domino City. Thunder boomed in the distance as the torrential downpour continued. Yugi Muto groaned as he squirmed around in his bed sheets. No matter what he did, he couldn't get to sleep. There was some deep innate feeling keeping him awake; as if he would miss something very important if he didn't stay awake. The short duelist glanced at his clock, seeing that it was a little after two in the morning. Yugi groaned again, slamming his pillow over his head. Nothing was helping his sudden bout of anxiety. Sighing, Yugi slipped out of bed and walked up to his bedroom window. He laid his head in his arms as he watched the rain drip down his windowsill.


Yugi turned his head, finding the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle leaning on his dresser nearby. The spirit had a look of concern on his face.

"Oh, I'm fine," Yugi replied, attempting to ease Yami's worries. "I'm just restless for some weird reason. I can't seem to get to sleep."

"Is there something bothering you?" Yami asked.

"I don't know how to explain it…" Yugi muttered, putting a hand to his chin. "I feel like something is going to happen soon…and I don't want to miss whatever that something is. Does that make sense?"

Yami nodded, but was still confused as to what his partner was getting at. What could Yugi be sensing that he wasn't? And was that something a good or evil thing? With the recent trip to Duelist Kingdom and with the dark powers that Pegasus controlled, not to mention the recent stunt with a possessed Bandit Keith, Yami was on edge. What if something far more evil was looming on them in the future?

"Maybe it's just me and I'm still on edge from the events that have been happening recently," Yugi sighed, taking one last look through his window. "After all, with Shadow Games and Millennium Items; anything could happ—"

Yugi cut off once he saw a bright red light appear in the distance. Yami rushed up next to Yugi's side, wondering what it was that Yugi saw. Their eyes widened as they saw a distinct shape appear right above the cityscape. It appeared to be a large red dragon, spreading across the sky. The dragon let out a cry before it disappeared and faded away like a mist. Yugi's jaw hung open, confused at what he had just seen.

"Wha-wha-what…? What in the world was that!?" Yugi cried out in disbelief. "Was that a…red dragon? Or were my eyes playing tricks on me?"

"Your eyes weren't lying, Yugi," Yami answered, crossing his arms. "I saw it too. But what could it mean?"

"A crimson dragon…" Yugi muttered, yawning soon afterwards. The short male shuffled to his bed and flopped down on it, not bothering with the covers. "Figure…tomorrow…"

Yami smirked at his partner. Apparently, sleep finally decided to catch up to Yugi. It seemed the appearance of the red dragon was the object of Yugi's restlessness. But what sort of significance did it have? Yami did not recognize the dragon, but he sensed a great power coming from it before it disappeared.

"I just hope that power isn't malevolent," thought the spirit before fading away.

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