Lights, Camera, Ana

Christian Grey, Seattle's billionaire gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. So what happens when Christian and Elliot turn up at the club for dinner only to be turned away from the VIP room? Who could possibly be more important than Seattle's most sought after bachelor? Enter Anastasia Steele. Hollywoods 'it' girl. Anastasia is currently filming in Seattle and causing a stir wherever she goes. Will sparks fly or will tempers erupt. How will Christian cope with an NDA thrown in his face first, more security and paparazzi than he's ever seen and love scenes in big screen HD. Will it be too much for our notoriously private billionaire, or will Seattle be the home to Americas newest power couple?

Take one: Meeting Anastasia Steele.


"Ana, you're killing me here. Choose a dress already." Kate groans. Putting my hand on my hip I turn to face my best friend. Kate Kavagnah, known to men as the blonde, green eyed man eater. She is lethal. She will gobble up the most unsuspecting of male chauvinists and spit him out with her 'big red' gum. Her strawberry blonde hair, tanned flawless skin and emerald green eyes are the envy of most females. She has curves to die for and she's not afraid to show them.

"Kate. Give me a break, I've been shooting since 5am this morning. Forgive me if I'm not enthusiastic about going out." I roll my eyes and turn back to my clothes rack.

"You have 5 minutes Steele."

"Or what?" I sigh. I cannot be bothered tonight, I really can't.

"Or I will drag you out in whatever you're wearing. Speaking of which, you really ought to buy some sexier panties Ana." I look down at my panties. White cotton, hipsters.

"What is wrong with my panties. They are comfortable."

"If you say so..." She reaches into her bag and takes out her iPhone. She lies back on the cream sofa positioned against the wall of my walk in closet and taps away on her phone.

I push through the endless number of dresses. It's ridiculous how many I have, especially considering I didn't buy most of them. I get sent clothes from designers regularly, most wanting to get their name mentioned in a magazine. I try and wear them all at least once.

"Choose a number." I ask.

"For what?" She shakes her head, confusion racking her face.

"Just choose one."

"9." I flick across 9 dresses and take the next dress from the rack.

"Perfect." Kate squeals and jumps to her feet, the 3 inch heels she's wearing posing no problems for her balance.

I pull the short, metallic silver pencil dress over my head then sweep my hair to the side so Kate can zip me up. I spray my tresses with shine serum and work it through while Kate chooses a pair of matching silver stilettos.

"How do I look?" I do a twirl for her.

"Like a movie star. Me?" I look her over. Tiny white bandage dress, black louboutins and a matching black clutch.

"Like a movie stars PA and publicist." I giggle. "Come, Sawyer will be waiting." We head into the living area of our temporary home.

For the next six months Kate and I will be living in a stylish, modern apartment over looking Seattle. It's the penthouse of course. Nothing less for Kate. There are separate living quarters upstairs for my security team and three bedrooms down stairs. When we arrived a week ago the place was beige, literally. The only colour being the kitchen cabinetry. The next day it looked like a colour bomb had hit it. We covered the sofas in throw rugs, threw cushions and bean bags around, added shaggy rugs, art, plants and candles galore. we had painters in over the weekend adding a splash of colours to the walls and a landscaper in to work some magic on the garden. Yes we have a garden on the balcony. The place is almost rustic looking now with shades of pale forest greens, rustic reds, mustard yellow, navy blues and fawns livening the space up. It feels like home already.

"Hi Sawyer." Kate bats her mascara covered eyelashes. Luke Sawyer is gorgeous - light sandy brown hair, blue eyes, sculptured features and a body worthy of being on the cover of a men's fitness magazine - he is also my personal security and is nothing but professional. Kate's been trying to bust his barriers for months now. She's beginning to think he bats for the other team. I however know otherwise. I walked in on a very intimate moment not long after I employed him. It was his day off and I was trying to find the keys to my Porsche. Sawyer was the last one to drive it so naturally I went looking for the keys in his quarters. I didn't find the keys but I did find out that he is as straight as a ruler and likes to play on his sofa with the door unlocked. I don't think blondes are his type but I don't have the heart to tell Kate. Besides, it's funny watching her flirt and fail for once. That is a rarity for our Kate.

"Kate, Ana." He smiles, a hint of an amused smirk touching the corner of his mouth. "Carter is waiting for us in the garage."

Aaron Carter is the second half of my close protection team. He is ex military and as rough as guts. No one gets past Carter. He is in his early forties, is as blunt as a butter knife and has a mouth like a sailor. I owe him my life.

When we enter the underground garage Carter is waiting stoically beside the car, his feet parted and his hands behind his back. The flashing lights start instantly. I am safe in here, they cannot get through the card activated barrier. I look up to the mob of paparazzi and give them a little wave before ducking into the back of the car.

"I guess they found out where you are staying." Kate looks at me sympathetically.

"I guess so." I buckle myself in and look out of the tinted glass. Cameras are still flashing frantically and questions fired rapidly.

"Anastasia, where are you going?"

"Ms Steele, is it true you are in a relationship with co-star Brodie Mitchell?" I look at Kate and burst into laughter.

"Anastasia. Anastasia, Anastasia." The screams become muted mumbles when Sawyer slides into the front next to Carter and flicks the switch to raise his window.

"Brodie?" Sawyer chuckles.

"Oh shut it Luke. He's engaged, besides his breath stinks of cigarettes and stale coffee." I shudder and screw up my face. "I swear, every time I have to kiss him I sneak to my trailer and drown my mouth in mouthwash."

We pull out of the garage and into the crowd. This is the moment I hold my breath. I focus on Carters eyes in the side mirror. The banging on the windows starts followed by more flashes and screaming. My heart pumps fiercely. Each and every time we drive through a group of people I'm prettified someone's going to get hurt. What sane person runs in front of moving cars? Sawyer glides through the mob slowly.

When we are free of them I release the breath I had been holding , and exhale deeply to recover my nerves.

I hate it, truly hate it, but I have also accepted it. It is part of my career.

"Ana, I think we should do a car switch. There's a lot of paps out tonight." Carter grunts.

"Whatever you think." Carter has leased several parking spots all over Seattle. It seems ridiculous, but when you are hounded as much as I am it is necessary. All the parks are in private, secure locations. We drive in, switch cars and leave from another entrance - hopefully fooling anyone who has followed. It works more often than not.

"So, we are here for 6 months Ana." Kate turns in her seat and faces me. "6 months is a long time..." She sings.

"And your point is?"

"My point is, it's long enough to have a whirlwind romance. I met..."

"Stop, stop right there Kate. No."

"You don't even know what I am going..."

"No. Kate stop trying to 'hook me up', as you like to say. I don't have the time or the energy to be seeing anybody right now."

"Come on Ana, don't you think it's time you popped..."

"Kate!" I glare at her before looking ahead to look at Sawyer and Carters expressions. "Shut up." I mouth, turning back to her.

She pulls out her phone and seconds later my own phone vibrates. It's a text from Kate.

* or what? - KK*

*or I'll fire you!*

She looks up from her screen grinning then pokes her tongue out at me.


"What the hell is this?" I ask Taylor. There is a large group of people standing opposite Escala. There must be at least 20 paps hovering at the garage entrance to Seattle Heights - The high rise apartment block opposite Escala.

"According to the Seattle times there's a movie being filmed here. My guess is one of the stars is staying there Sir. Would you like me to investigate?"

"As long as the fuckers don't disturb me...just leave it for now." I frown. Taylor pulls into the Escala parking lot and out of view. He glides into one of our reserved spaces - next to Elliot's truck. What the fuck is he here for? I groan internally, I don't even need to ask. Elliot waiting in my apartment means one thing - He's dumped his current 'bit' and wants me to accompany him while he scouts for his next bed companion.

"What's up Bro." Elliot raises his beer bottle when I enter. He is sitting at the breakfast bar talking to Gail.

"Elliot, Gail." I drop my work satchel at the entrance way and loosen my tie. Gail hands me a beer as I sit down on the stool next to Elliot. I take a swig then look at him, tilting my head expectantly.

"Thought It was about time we had a night out... It's been..."

"A week Elliot. In fact, less than that. It's been 5 days. What happened to Tania?"

"Taryn.." He shudders, "I think it was safe to assume it wasn't going to end in marriage and babies when she spent 90 percent of the time we spent together talking about my little brother."

"Fuck El, what did you expect taking home someone who I spent most of the evening running away from."

"She was hot." He shrugs. I sigh, closing my eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose. "What? She was. I don't know why you didn't tap it... Or at least tap something." He takes a dig. His life mission is to give me as much shit about my love life - or lack of it. He knows a little about my past, not all of it, but he knows about Elena. He walked in on us when I was nineteen. Thank fuck it was on one of the rare occasions where there were no toys involved. She was just an outlet to my frustrations. A body to spank and fuck hard from behind. He still gives me shit about it, he still uses it to get what he wants out of me.

"Give me half an hour. I need a shower."

I let the scolding hot water wash down my face. Fuck Elliot's right, I do need to 'tap' someone. I haven't had a sub in nearly 4 months. My contract with Leila came up for renewal. She was great, pretty, had high pain tolerance, she perfect really. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. Something was missing. It didn't feel right continuing something I wasn't satisfied with, so I sent her on her way. She was devastated, as all my previous subs have been. She didn't understand why I wasn't happy, heck, I didn't understand why I wasn't happy, but I wasn't. I don't miss it, surprisingly, but I do miss the connection with another person. Not the emotional connection, the physical. The last time I whipped Leila I felt nothing, it didn't turn me on or arouse me in the slightest. I wouldn't go as far as saying I was lonely, bored perhaps? Who knows. Maybe I should schedule a session with Flynn.

I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist. I head to the closet and throw on a white shirt and dark wash jeans.

When I reenter the great room Elliot is reading the paper.

"Took you long enough." He gets up, bringing the paper with him. "Check it out Bro, look who is in town." He hands me the paper. I stand up and walk to sofa to put my shoes on, ignoring the paper being shoved in my face.

"Unless it's the president, I don't give a shit. Scrap that, even if it is the president I don't give a shit."

"Bro... Anastasia Steele is here shooting the sequel to 'A beautiful lie'."

"Who the fuck is Anastasia Steele?" I grumble, and tune out.

"Only the biggest thing in Hollywood right now. Fuck bro, she's smoking."

"Can't be that big if I've never heard of her."

Elliot scoffs, "when's the last time you went to the movies, or watched anything other than the business news in the morning?"

"Actually, I'll have you know I watched about 3 minutes of '60 minutes' last night. There's a reason I don't watch shit Elliot, because its exactly that - shit!"

"Oh, you mean 69 minutes the porno and you only need 3?" He laughs and punches my gut playfully.

"Fuck off Elliot." I grab the paper from his hands and twack him across the head with it. "Lets go."

I debate taking Taylor with us, we don't really need him, but I could do with a drink. Fuck it, he can bring Reynolds with him and pick us up later if need. I let him know I will not be needing him to accompany us, but to stay on active duty incase we need picking up.

"R8?" Elliot gives me his cheesiest smile, his eyes hopeful.

I roll my eyes and take the keys to my R8 from their hook.

"Can I drive?" He try's his luck while the elevator whisks us down to the garage.


"Oh come on Bro, just once."


"Asshole." He mumbles.

"Man whore." I growl.

"Granny banger."

"Fuck you Elliot, she wasn't that old, and she certainly wasn't a granny." I glare at him and he gulps, realising he may have gone to far.

"I still can't believe you fucked her bro." He shivers.

"Well I did, years ago, get over it and keep your mouth shut." I snap. Will he ever let me live it down? He doesn't know the half of it, I could only imagine what he'd be like if he knew everything.

The drive in starts off fairly quiet, Elliot only talking to complain about the music.

"So when is Mia coming back?" I ask, breaking the silence. I was supposed to pick her up from Sea-Tac last weekend but she phoned a few days beforehand and said she was staying on for longer. She has been in France for the past 3 months. It started off as a culinary trip, ended with her telling her tutor where to go and as a consequence, she has spent the last 2 months maxing out the credit card I gave her. Only Mia has a limit, it is necessary. One might think it would be impossible to spend as much money as I make. They haven't met Mia. She is my baby sister, and my only weakness. Mom and Dad complain about me spoiling her, but what are big brothers for? Other than to beat the shit out of any fucker trying to get in her pants.

"She phoned Mom last night said she'd be home early Friday morning. She also said she's not coming home alone."

"What do you mean she's not coming home alone?"

"I mean, Mom is picking her up because she has a travel companion and doesn't want her... and I quote...'over reacting, anal brothers' scaring her friend off."

I breathe in deeply. "She called us Anal?" I growl.

"I think she was referring to you more than me. Who gives a shit bro, let her new French boy toy Baffoon handle her. I'm cutting her allowance." He mutters.

"Wait, you give her money?" My eyes widen. The sneaky little tart.

"Only when you cut off her funds for France. Fuck bro, I felt sorry for her being in a different country and all."

"I didn't cut her off El. Yes, she maxed the card I gave her. But I never stopped the cash deposits."

"Why didn't you fucking tell me?" He sits up straighter and scowls at me.

"You never asked!" I snap back. "I need a drink."

I pull into the club. The VIP room is always empty on a Tuesday evening. Even if its not it soon will be. It will be the perfect place to down a scotch while I phone my sister and blast her a new one.

The place is buzzing with excitement when we enter. It's unusual for a week day. Must be a business function.

"Good evening Daniel, bring us a scotch to the private suite would you." I stop at the counter and speak to Daniel the host for the evening, leaning against the granite top. He looks worried, his lips purse and eyebrows frown.

I start to walk off but am stopped in my tracks by his high pitches response.

"I can't let you in there Mr Grey, Sir." His eyes widen and shoot towards the VIP room.

"Why the fuck not?" I snap. "It's my fucking club!"

"I'm sorry Sir, the VIP room is currently occupied. I've been given strict instructions to let no one through." He shrugs apologetically.

I have never in the 2 years I've had controlling interest of this club been turned away.

I inhale deeply and clench my fists. "Are both rooms taken?"

"No, just one Sir, but the other is to remain vacant for the duration of the current occupants stay."

"Why the fuck? You can go in there and tell whoever it is that I will be using the adjoining room... If you want to keep your job that is." I hiss. What the fuck?

He scuttles in the direction of the VIP room, grabbing the hand of Michelle, the duty manager. He whispers in her ear. I watch as she turns to me, licking her lips and adjusting her black shirt. They walk together to VIP room and shut the double wooden doors behind them.

"This is bullshit." I mutter to Elliot who is busy tapping away on his phone.

"Just cancelling my payments to Mia." He shakes his head then shoves his phone in the back pocket of his jeans. "What's the haps?" He looks around, obviously unaware of my conversation with Daniel.

"Someone has booked both VIP rooms but only using one. I've sent Daniel in to tell them to shove it up their asses. I'm giving them 2 minutes before I go in."

"Chill, lets go grab a drink at the bar." He strolls over to the bar and immediately

starts flirting with the girl behind it. She must be new, I don't recognise her. I decide to join him while I wait for Daniel to return.

"I've ordered you a scotch." He says as I take a seat on the bar stool.

I sit and listen to Elliot scoring all the ladies in the restaurant. God he's a pig.

"I've had enough of sitting here. Come, I'm going in." I pull Elliot from his stool and head to the doors. As I reach them they push open.

"Mr Grey, I...I was just coming to find you." Daniel stutters. "I've talked with their security and they won't budge. I've been told to apologise to you and been instructed to give you the best seats out here and put any purchases on their bill."

"Are you shitting me?" I sneer silently. "They are offering to pay for my meal? Is this some type of joke?"

Elliot's starts laughing. "Shut up El."

"I am very sorry Sir."

Who he fuck is in there? The fucking president. I am about to bite back when the door shunts Daniel forward and a security guard exits, holding the door open.

A blonde green eyed woman saunters out in a white dress that is 2 sizes to small for her. That is who was in there? Who the fuck?

I watch as she strolls past me and slows down when she sees Elliot. I roll my eyes and turn back to Daniel as another security man ushers another woman out. He eyes me up. Bring it on fucker. I will squash you.

The girl he is escorting looks up from behind the shield of his arm.

I am staring into intense blue eyes. I gulp and my breathing accelerates. Suddenly my shirt feels to tight and the room too hot. She stops and gazes back at me, her mouth opens slightly catching my attention. My eyes dart down to her lips. They are a gorgeous rosey colour, plump, pouty and so fucking perfect. I bet they are soft and taste like berries. What the fuck am I thinking? Snap out of it Grey. I blink and take the rest of her in. Her chestnut hair falls down below her shoulders, it is a curtain of soft curls - silk and shine. I resist stepping forward to run my hand through it. Her sun kissed skin is glowing and flawless. The silver of her dress hugs her curves tightly.

My eyes scan their way back to hers. She blinks a few times before being ushered away by the prick on her arm. My head follows in voluntarily. She is just as perfect from the back. Fuck...that ass. I resist the urge to adjust my package. She turns back to look at me, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. I groan audibly.

"Bro... Wipe up your drool." Elliot nudges my shoulder. "I told you she was smoking." He wiggles his eyebrows. "I think I died and went to heaven."

"What, when, who's smoking?" I try to clear my head.

"Anastasia Steele. But fuck me bro, Kate..." He looks towards the exit where they have just disappeared and taps his heart. "I'm in love."

"Wait hold up. That was Anastasia Steele... That actress you said was in town shooting a movie?"

"It certainly was." He doesn't take his eyes from the exit, obviously hoping they will reappear.

"Which one? The blonde or the burnette?"

"The brunette. The blonde is Kate." He holds up a piece of paper. "Publicist, PA and future mother of my babies."

"You got her number?"

"Correction. She slipped me her number." He grins smugly. I shake my head. "Are we going to get some drinks bro?"

"Actually, I have a ton of work to do. I should probably get home. You got a number. Mission accomplished. Lets go." I don't wait for him to respond. I begin walking to the entrance, ignoring Daniels attempts at getting my attention.

I drop Elliot at his pad, paying no attention to his smart ass comments about letting him down.

"Elliot, get over it. We'll do it another night."

He gets out and slams the door. As soon as I take off I speed dial Barney.


"Barney, I want any info on Anastasia Steele you can drum up emailed to me tonight."

"The actress Sir?"

"Yes the actress." I hang up.

Fuck I can't get those eyes out of my head. It is a quick drive home. There are only a few paps outside of Seattle heights when I pull into Escala. Fucking vultures better not start crossing the street when they get bored.

I head straight in to my bedroom when I get inside the apartment, stopping only to take my mac from my work satchel.

I fall onto my bed and open up the machine, typing google into the address bar. The page loads instantly. I take a nervous breath and type 'Anastasia Steele' into the search box.

I stare into those blue eyes for close to an hour, flicking through photo upon photo of perfection.

I reach for my phone in my jeans pocket and dial Reynolds.

"Sir." He answers immediately.

"Reynolds, I need you to go and buy the DVDs of every movie Anastasia Steele has starred in."

"Now Sir?"

"Yes." I snap.

An hour later Reynolds returns with a shopping bag of DVDs. I meet him in the kitchen, making myself a smoothie while I'm there.

I take the smoothie and bag of movies in to my bedroom and open the cabinet doors to the plasma screen on my wall.

Rummaging through the bag I pull out

'A beautiful lie' and insert the disc in to the blu ray player.

Stripping down to my boxers I climb into bed with the remote and push play. For the next hour and 37 minutes I sit in awe of the goddess on my bedroom wall, cringing only when she's kissing her co-star. Fucker!

A/N: This is my 2nd FF. It's something I've been writing when I've lost my muse for my other story. It is inspire the filming of the real FSOG and a movie I recently watched. l will see what type of reception it gets and take it from there

Candie xx