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Ichigo is just your average, smart, healthy, young, male college student. Besides having a part-time job and three horny friends who's always after their hot and sexy neighbours, all seems normal. Until the fateful night he decided to help a girl he found naked on a dumpster who insists that she was sent from the future to search for a healthy human male and save the human race.

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Zeroes – They are people who have been brainwashed

Chapter 1: The Dumpster at the End of the Street

Year 2033

"You remember how the T-cube works right?" The woman asked once again putting her own hands around the girl's smaller ones that held the device firmly.

"Mmm," the girl hummed in response with a slight nod.

"Good, okay. Everything's going to be alright, Rukia. This is all part of the plan. We just have to wait for your father." Rukia couldn't find the words to respond with and instead she just stared at her mother's frantic face. It was a face that resembled hers a lot but of a much older version. Although the woman tried to hide her worry by letting out a comforting smile it couldn't fool Rukia. This was the first time she saw panic in her mother's eyes that always looked so gentle and calm. However, as the sound of the raid coming from upstairs got louder, it made the elder woman's grip on her daughter tighter. The girl couldn't tell if it was just her mother's hands that were shaking or hers was too, either way she didn't have time to find out. It was about time to go. Her mission is clear. Even if she wanted to back out she cannot say no. All her life has been preparation for this moment. She took in a deep breath.

I am ready. She told herself.

Soon the door opened and someone else was in the basement with them.

"Hisana, she needs to go now. The zeroes are on their way here," A man with long raven hair and grey eyes wearing a lab coat quickly tried to cover the door with whatever material he could find. This time, Hisana's tears began to fall as fear for her daughter's safety clouded her mind. She knew that none of them could protect her in the place where she's going. She kissed Rukia's forehead one last time.

"Always remember that no matter what happens, your father and I love you very much," Hisana spoke in all honesty as she wiped the tears that were now streaming down Rukia's face.

"I love you too," The girl responded by wrapping her arms around her mother tightly and letting, all her worry about what's to come and loneliness of saying good bye, out in one swift hug. When she broke free from their gesture, she stood up straight holding the T-cube close to her. Her gaze met her father's who was standing by the door. She knew her father wasn't very affectionate but in that second she felt his inner struggle of letting out his weakness. She respected the fact that he was able to contain himself at the last minute and instead of what her mother had done, he gave her a nod—a nod that symbolizes his complete trust in her which she returned without a moment's hesitation.

The rustle from outside got louder. It was time.

Rukia stared at the device on her hand and her mind tried to remember how it works. She pulled a small dial from the side, making the cube unlock a small circular opening that releases a light that covered her form. She turned the said dial a bit and so many coordinates of different numbers and letters flashed all around her. After typing in what she needed she looked at her parents one last time and let out a slight smile before pushing down the dial on the cube. With that, a hard flash of light and a slight force surrounded the room for a split second rendering the two adults immobilized and blind for a brief moment. After recovering, they looked up and saw no trace of their daughter anywhere.

"Was that it? Do you think it worked?" Hisana asked walking down the spot where her daughter was just standing a few seconds ago. Her husband, unsure of what to say tried to assure his wife of the T-cube's ability.

"How can you be so sure Byakuya? This was the first time the teleportation cube was used! What if our daughter didn't make it? Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe... maybe it was wrong for us to send our child—" Hisana's words were cut off when Byakuya's hand signalled her to stop. The sound of footsteps stopped by the basement door.

"We have to go," The man spoke in all seriousness. With much speed he pulled his wife with him to a hidden passage under the floorboards. They moved with stealth and pushed the thoughts about their daughter aside for a moment while they thought of a way to escape from their house intruders and, if they're unlucky enough, soon to be captors.

"You worthless imbeciles! I specifically told you not to let the girl escape!" She shrieked. The silence amplified her voice filled with so much rage and while she thought about the situation briefly only the clicks of her high heels echoed throughout the walls of the basement.

"I have no use for any of you. You are all to die by sunset," The woman ordered as she ran her hands over her long brown hair. The people around her, more than thirty of them, didn't even flinch after hearing her dreadful words.

"Oh Yoshino... calm down..." a seductive voice began to penetrate the silence. The woman turned to see her silver haired companion now standing so close to her. She didn't make any move to step back but instead glared at the mocking grin he had plastered on his face.

"Do you have any idea what that girl could do to our race if she succeeds, Gin?" Yoshino tried to remind him.

"Why yes... of course..." He answered in a calm and smooth tone.

"Then why aren't you bothered by this at all!?" The woman tried to put some sense in the situation but the other man simply put an arm around her slick figure just like a snake constricting its prey. And he spoke so coaxingly to her ear, "Well she hasn't succeeded yet... has she, Yoshino?"

Yoshino scowled and pursed her lips however one of Gin's hands came up and gave her neck a squeeze.

"I asked you a question and I want you to answer..." He added.

"N-no. She hasn't," She choked out.

"And we are not going to let her succeed, are we?" He asked with his hold on her getting tighter.

"No..." She could barely let out because of the grip on her windpipe.

"Good... now, if the zeroes aren't efficient enough, what are you supposed to do?"

"I... do... it... my... self..." She tried to pull out the strong hands on her neck but unfortunately she wasn't strong enough to do so.

"That's a good girl," Gin praised giving her cheek a slight lick before letting her fall on the floor panting for her dear life. The man began to walk away and stopped by the door of the basement. He turned to speak to Yoshino one last time.

"Oh and Yoshino... Don't forget that you are NOT the one who gives orders, understood?" The woman just glared back at him still trying to fill up her lungs with the lost oxygen. Gin's wide grin was once again spread across his face before he left. Yoshino cursed out loud whatever voice she could muster when Gin was completely out of sight. She stood up and looked at the zeroes awaiting orders.

Not the one who gives orders huh? He must have forgotten whose pheromone was used to control these bastards. She thought proudly.

"Find the parents. And don't you dare come back without them," With those words uttered, everyone began to move out.

When I get my hands on that girl I am going to make sure that I eliminate you first...

Gin Ichimaru.

Year 2013

Ichigo's eyebrows twitch as he watched four trash bins walking around the living room of their boarding house. Then his attention turned to the smallest of the four and sighed. He walked up to it and pull the trash bin up to reveal the person hidden inside, although he already knew who it was.

When the trash bin was completely lifted up, the person under it took in a deep breath as if he had been suffocating the whole time.

"Oh Ichigo! Thank goodness you saved me," The person spoke in full gratitude and almost tear stricken. But Ichigo just scowled and flicked the little man's forehead which earned him an "ouch!" as a response.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Hanataro? Stay out of trouble and stay away from these idiots," he spoke nodding towards the other three people struggling to get out of their cages.

"I'm sorry..." Hanataro mumbled. Ichigo sighed once again. This time his demeanour changed to that of a caring older brother as he told Hanataro to get ready for school which the young man quickly complied with. His eyes turned to the other three trashcan covered people and can't help but feel his temper rising once again.

"Oi, you three. If you're planning to do something stupid again, leave Hanataro out of it," He warned but the trashcans were quick to reply.

"It's not our fault the kid wants to live a little, unlike you of course," Trashcan number one said.

"It's your lost for turning down our invitation," Trashcan number two added.

"Yeah, don't be so jealous Ichigo, just because you haven't had any action in a while," And of course trashcan number three manages to put the cherry on top. What they failed to notice though, was that the person they were lecturing had already managed to pick up a ladle from the kitchen. What happened next seemed like a blur. After a bunch of banging sound created by the colliding of the ladle with the trashcans like a gong and the sound groaning men, Ichigo found himself walking out of the house with a satisfied smirk. He simply walked to school just like how he always did until of course someone cut him out of his reverie... just like always.

"Cooking?" A high pitched tone of a girl walking from behind him made him stop his tracks. He turned to see his childhood friend, whose bubbly personality had always been her trade mark.

"Oh hey Orihime," He greeted back and then she pointed at the ladle he was holding.

"Oh this? Just lecturing," he replied with a shrug. The girl just giggled at his answer. He didn't even notice that he was still carrying the damn thing so he decided to put it inside his bag instead. He wouldn't want to embarrass himself to other people by walking to school with it. Good thing it was just Orihime who saw him. Soon enough Orihime's other companions arrived to join them.

"Oh Ichigo's here," One of the girls pointed out, the smallest among them. He made it a point to greet them back as well out of politeness. He wasn't a snob, but he wasn't the kind of person who greets every person he meets on the street. Not unless they were the one who approached first and he actually knows them.

"You're right Momo. No wonder Orihime is in a hurry to walk to school," The one with glasses added with a grin making the other girls giggle except for Orihime who blushed crimson red.

"W-what? That's not true! I just didn't want to be late for class that's all!" The blushing girl reasoned. And finally, the tallest among them, with the wavy blonde hair and big chest spoke. Her words crushed down Orihime's weak alibi, "Oh don't worry honey, class doesn't start 'til one hour, you won't be late since the university is just a 10 minute walk away."

At that moment, the girl being bullied just wanted to melt. Ichigo scowled a bit. He couldn't seem to understand what the girls were bickering about.

"What's so bad about being early?" Unbeknownst to him, he actually voiced out his thoughts making the girls stop their giggling. Feeling guilty of ruining the conversation he tried to add, "I mean, it's not so bad to be early."

"Thank you," Orihime said letting out a relieved sigh at having someone defend her even though it was him that they were teasing her of. She eyed Ichigo through her lashes and sighed inwardly.

Was he that clueless? Or was he just being polite? She thought.

"Hm? Something wrong Orihime?" He questioned after noticing her staring at him. She blushed madly at being caught red handed and was left struggling for words which she felt really embarrassed about. She knew this only happens when she's around him.

"Oh! You must be wondering about your trashcans," Ichigo guessed and she ended up blinking twice in confusion at his presumption.

"About what my friends did to you girls, again, sorry about that. I'll return your trashcans as soon as possible," He bowed as an apologetic gesture and the girls simply waved it away. To them it wasn't much of a big deal since they certainly can handle perverts and their sneakiest of methods, mainly handling through captivity using their trash bins. And so, one of the girls found the conversation as an opportunity to help a friend, "What if instead of returning the trash bins why not just stay for dinner and dazzle us with your cooking skills." Orihime turned to the blonde woman who simply winked at her. She turned to Ichigo and waited for his response. The young man slightly scratched the back of his head, unsure of how to address the offer. Orihime let in a tiny bit of hope in her heart that maybe he'd say yes but alas, just like all their other offers before, he turned it down mostly because he had things to do, like a job at a diner, which makes him more admirable in her eyes. She felt stupid for being jealous of his job. If only one day he'd make time for her in his busy schedule. She knew well enough how much Ichigo values his time and studies, so being part of his day, even just walking to school together, was enough of a progress for her... for now.

"God dammit. Just look at this place. So empty. It's like haunted and yet you are reading a book. This isn't library you know." Ichigo finally raised his head from the book he was reading to look at the only person with him in the said empty diner who can't seem to keep her mouth shut.

"Look Tatsuki," He began. "You complain when there are a lot of customers, you complain when there are no customers, if you wanna go home just go already." He quickly got back to his book and missed the girl's pouting face. Annoyed, Tatsuki got off from sitting on the counter.

"Maybe I will," She replied grabbing her bag. "You won't tell on me are you?" She asked with pleading eyes and for the nth time this day Ichigo sighed and replied "no" but he didn't even bother to look up.

"Thanks so much," She said even though she knew Ichigo would never tell on her going home early from her shift even if she didn't ask for him not to. After fixing her things she told him to head home too however, he reasoned that he needed to finish chapter 12 first before he heads home.

"Why don't you just read at home?" She asked and he gave her a plain as day answer.

"It's not like Kon, Moe and Keigo are going to let me study in peace."

There was a slight pause before Tatsuki spoke again, "Then why not take a break and watch some porn with them or something..."

"Haha that'll be a great idea," He mocked sarcastically. "Just go home already Tatsuki."

Tatsuki rolled her eyes at that typical Ichigo reaction, "Fine. Oh and don't forget to take out the trash, our dumpster is full so could you throw it on the one at the end of the street?"

"Yeah... yeah..."

"Good night word porn freak."

"Good night miss I complain about everything."

"Whatever." And that word alone became the signal that he was now completely alone.

Ichigo put the bookmark on chapter fifteen. He rubbed his eyes for a bit and stretched up his arms.

"Well, it's time to take out the trash," He told himself and began preparing to leave the diner. He put on his black jacket as he noticed the cool breeze that envelops the outside tonight. After locking the place, he put the key inside his pocket. His backpack hung on his shoulder while he carried the black garbage bag on his hand. He started to whistle as he made his way to the dumpster on the other end of the street. He observed the empty streets however instead of wondering where the people are, he tried to enjoy the peace and quiet, something he rarely experience when he's back at home. His whistling stopped when he reached his destination. He felt all his breath sucked out of him and he dropped the garbage bag that he held. He didn't even have time to care about the now scattered garbage on the floor. All his attention focused on what was lying down on the garbage bags inside the dumpster and using it like a bed.



When Ichigo's brain finally managed to process what he just saw and some sense hit his legs he ran towards the dumpster. Once up close he found himself frozen again.

It was a girl.

A human girl curled up in a ball... lying down with the garbage as if she was one of them... And she had no clothes on. Her milky white skin was completely exposed to the cold breeze and the moonlight. Ichigo couldn't help the blush that creep his cheeks. Never in his life did he feel so much in panic and frozen at the same time. It's not like it was the first time he saw a naked woman, although it was the first time he encountered someone thrown inside a dumpster. His hand tried to reach for her but he was shaking vigorously for some reason. He took a deep breath to calm himself down then placed his hand on the girl's shoulder. His heart raced to panic some more as his skin came in contact with hers. The girl was ice cold.

Oh god, is she dead? He thought.

He took off his jacket and placed it over her. He tried to reach his hand on her neck to check for pulse. And there it was, slow and yet beating. It took away some of the tension he was feeling but now, the situation left his brain scampering for thoughts on what to do next. He tried to gently shake her awake but it didn't work. He can't possibly just leave her here. He needed to get her out of the dumpster first. They were both beginning to catch the scent of garbage and that's not good. He ran his hand over his wild orange hair.

Why the hell did I have to take out the garbage tonight? He cursed.

His gaze met the petite girl's sleeping form and for some reason it made him feel guilty.

Think about it, she would have rot here and died if I didn't arrive. He reasoned to himself and being the good guy that he is, he could never resist helping others, which he felt now was more like a curse.

He moved her to lie down face up with the jacket covering all the necessary parts that it had to cover however on the process something fell out of the girl's grip. As he lifted up the girl, he took a step back and tripped over what it was that fell. He ended up falling flat on the floor with the girl on top of him still unconscious. He cursed out loud but even that didn't wake her up. He sat up and tried to find the culprit of his fall. It seems to have been a small cube, as small as a Rubik's cube he assumed. He turned to the girl who was now sitting on his lap, with his jacket placed on her lap providing him with a good view of her breasts. He felt his face heat up again and a jolt on his lower regions reacted from the sight.

Damn it Ichigo. Don't lose it now and on an innocent girl too. He told himself as he grit his teeth.

He took another deep breath and took the jacket from her lap. Trying oh so hard to focus on her face, he dressed her up with the jacket. After zipping it up he let out a big sigh of relief and observed what he had done. The jacket was big, a little too big but it was good enough to cover her body up until her mid thighs.

Yes, this would be enough to keep her warm as he takes her...

Takes her where now?

Ichigo looked around and there was no one around besides the two of them and the scattered trash. He looked at the girl again hoping that would give him answers. He wondered whether he should take her to the police. Whether someone was looking for her now and how the hell did she end up where he found her. Was she robbed? That would explain the lost clothes... or worst, she could have been...

He stopped his wondering thoughts there and for some reason his hold on her tightened. She didn't look like she was hurt or in pain. He took this moment to observe her face. He placed some of her raven hair behind her ear. He could make out a slight blush of pink on her cheeks and her lips moving due to her soft breathing. She was so small... he even doubted for a second if she was really human because like this, she looked more like a doll—an innocent little porcelain doll. His mind began to ask questions again, to know what her name was, how old was she? Did she live around here? But just then before his mind could pop up another question, the girl squirmed and tried to bury herself more onto his warmth. Lastly, she did something else that helped him make up his mind.

She smiled... her lips slightly curling upward in content of a stranger's comfort.

Ichigo got up from the floor and carried the petite girl with him. He tried to rationalize the situation.

For all he knew she could be a dangerous person, but for now she isn't. She's just a girl who needs help. Whatever happens when she wakes up, he's just going to have to figure it out from there.

And as he began to take a few steps forward he accidentally kicked the cube like trash on the floor until it went underneath the dumpster and out of his way.

The girl's eyelids fluttered until they slowly opened giving her a blurry view of where she was or who was carrying her. The man was talking but she could barely make out his words or whether identify if it was her he was talking to. Her eyes began to close again and for some reason she felt comfort. Rukia's last thoughts before passing out were words meant for her parents.

Mother, father, I think I'm here... I think... I made it...

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