The Eve Project

Ichigo is just your average, smart, healthy, young, virile male college student. Besides having a part-time job and three horny friends who're always after their hot and sexy neighbours, all seems normal. Until the fateful night he decided to help a girl he found naked on a dumpster who insists that she was sent from the future to search for a healthy human male and save the human race.

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Chapter 18: Operation Get the Strawberry I

Ichigo has never been a fan of road trips and neither was his old 2003 VW jetta which, in contrast to what others may say about it, he considers to be one of his prized possessions. Sure it makes weird sounds when the engine starts or it has a tendency to suddenly stop a couple of times while in the middle of a long drive but that didn't matter because those were just minor mishaps.

The four other boys had their annoyed poker faces on when the car suddenly stopped for the third time during their trip. With their minds face-palming, they were all thinking the same thing...

To hell with this fucking car!

And to make things worse, the petite girl had the audacity to yell "Oh! It stopped again!" as though to state the obvious, and Ichigo ended up cursing under his breath.

"Come on Zangetsu, don't do this to me now," he murmured to the car as he tried to restart the engine.

"I think the car got annoyed of all the coaxing," Moe commented getting tired of seeing the same scene for the third time. The others nodded feeling the same thing.

After another unsuccessful attempt, Ichigo finally sighed in defeat, "I guess we have to push it..."

"WHAT!?" All four young men yelped in shock and disbelief, all of them completely and strongly rejecting the idea. Ichigo simply rolled his eyes at seeing their reaction.

"Well, it's that or we leave the car—"

"I vote for we leave the car," Kon immediately raised from the passenger seat next to his cousin. Ichigo raised an eyebrow at his absurd suggestion.

"We are not leaving the car." The carrot top spoke sternly and Kon had to quickly scratch his head in exasperation.

"Ichigo, the car is leaving us! Can't you see!?" The young man yelled in irritation at his cousin who remained unfazed.

"It just needs a little push, now come on," Ichigo spoke, not giving in to the brewing argument that Kon was creating. He simply got off the car with a feeling of optimism while he waited for the others to do the same. He scowled as he watched them go through some sort of discussion from inside the car first before they decided to finally get off. Of course the long discussion was about a very tempting debate to just leave Ichigo and his stupid car behind which was of course opposed by two parties namely Hanataro for one, and the second being none other than, their ultimate basis for decision making, Rukia.

When everyone was out of the vehicle, Ichigo handed the keys to Hanataro who then took the driver's seat. Obviously, Ichigo would be better off pushing than having Hanataro do it.

Standing aside, the only girl in the group watched as the other guys begin to stretch their arms in preparation for the push but she just had to ask, "Why do you have to push the car? Shouldn't the car move itself?"

Keigo was first to answer. "Good question dear goddess and yes, that is what normal cars do."

"But Ichigo's car is different. It has a cart feature wherein you have to push it," Moe added sarcastically.

"We're better off walking than riding this shit," Kon remarked as he kicked one of the car's wheels which got him a hard hit from behind the head courtesy of his cousin.

"Stop that!" Ichigo warned. "Just so you know this baby has travelled—"

Before he could finish, the other three spoke in unison beating him to his own statement, "MORE MILES THAN AN ACTUAL VW OF THIS AGE COULD TRAVEL, WE KNOW, WE KNOW!" They barked annoyingly as though they've heard the freaking line so many times that they've actually memorized it and it made Ichigo's eye twitch more in irritation.

"Then could you all just shut the fuck up and help me push!" The three begrudgingly positioned themselves behind the car to help Ichigo.

"Do you need my help?" Rukia offered innocently as they got into their positions.

"It's alright dear goddess, we can handle this," Keigo commented with a wink.

"That's right, we men do this sort of thing all the time." Moe couldn't help but add which made Ichigo let out an annoyed "Psch" at their confidence.

And just like that, he gave Hanataro the signal to let down the hand breaks. Unfortunately, since they've stopped at a slope, old zangetsu ended up moving backwards due to... well... gravity pull.

The boys decided to push harder as they let out some struggled groans with their sweats dripping like faucet water.

Rukia blinked when the car didn't even move an inch. "I thought you guys are pushing?" She commented to which she received an angry and frustrated "WE ARE!" from the young men in question.

She blinked again when the car began to move backwards... again.

"But wasn't it supposed to go forward?" She commented innocently once again which, of course, earned her an annoyed and struggling "WE KNOW!" from the boys. Rukia sighed and rolled her eyes.

Well, so much for men pushing. She thought.

Soon they found her squeezing herself in between the row of struggling young men. And with her dainty hands on the dark colored trunk, she began to push.

All four young men fell silent when the car moved forward like it was the lightest material in the world. It ended up leaving them on their spots with their eyes wide and their mouths hanging in shock as they watched the petite raven haired girl push the vehicle on her own followed by Hanataro yelling "It's working!" from the driver's seat.

Besides having to endure the embarrassment of unsuccessfully pushing a car in the middle of nowhere, the four young men had to scratch their heads as Rukia turned to them with a proud smirk while she blinked her glowing eyes back to their original purple color.

Somehow, they all felt emasculated when they got back in the car with the girl, whose strength just bested all of them by easily pushing the crappy yet heavy car all on her own without even breaking a sweat.

Seeing their reactions, Rukia tried to cheer them up, "Oh come on guys, it wasn't that bad."

They all sighed. And yet it was. It was damn horrible.

Having her slap that fact to their faces without even noticing it.

And it was all thanks to old Zangetsu, which to Ichigo, is still the best car that a boy could ask for while to others, it still remains to be a death trap waiting to happen.

The rest of their drive was smooth—Thank God.

Going back, the entire campus was closed today because of some university wide faculty conference and usually, in days like these, Ichigo would rather just lock himself up in his room and enjoy a good book... but after their car escapade, you can obviously tell that this morning was a different case.

He didn't know why he said yes to Orihime's invitation to the Ise family rest house. To start, the circumstances of the invitation were sketchy as it is. The beer incident a few days ago wasn't really much of a big deal, well... not to him at least, to require such a grand gesture as a form of gratitude. Second, of course, none of them were family to the Ise's. And honestly, among the four girls, Ichigo feared Nanao the most because she has this strong aura that tells you that you shouldn't mess with her. So how nice were they to ask a bunch of hormonal guys to spend two days with some hot college girls? Was he grateful? Of course he was. And it would be a bit of a shame to turn the offer down. Although it did make Ichigo question society's thoughts on what is deemed normal in today's world, it was Orihime who gave the invite. He trusted her and she specifically asked to bring everyone... even Rukia.

Either way, maybe it was because of his need for some form of distraction from the raven haired temptress which drove him to say yes. Or maybe, it wasn't such a bad idea to relax once in awhile after juggling work, studies and... the condition to saving the world that's to be invaded by aliens? He shook his head. This is not the time to think about that...

I'm not giving up on you.

He felt the blush that creep his cheeks as the voice of a determined midget from the future echoed through his head.

I will find a way to change your mind.

He swallowed hard at the thought and all the feelings that are stirring inside him.

So you better watch your back because I won't give up that easily.

God that made him feel so hot and confused... which isn't safe when you are driving, at 40 km per hour, a car that broke down three times a few minutes ago. He ended up slowing down his speed just to be safe. Then he was thankful for the sound of two people bickering from behind him, who were both loud enough to drown out his perverted thoughts, and the soft car music. Unfortunately, it also managed to stir Ichigo's cousin to cry out in annoyance.

"Dibs on her on our trip home!" Cried one of the voices.

"You can't call dibs on that!" the other retaliated.

"Of course I can! I just did! You're just jealous because you didn't come up with it!"

And snap goes the last of Kon's patience. He turned to glare back at the bickering duo.

"Would you two shut up?! Can't you see people are trying to sleep!?" the young man yelped in irritation.

The two were about to snap back when they heard a slight groan coming from the girl who was resting her head on Hanataro's shoulder. They all held their breath for a moment in fear that all the commotion would have woken her up, but alas, Rukia remained asleep and they all ended up releasing a sigh of relief.

"Tsch," Kon let out in exasperation when he finally got some peace and quiet. Ichigo, side eyed his cousin upon noticing the unusual outburst from his passenger which he felt the urge to point out.

"You both seem like you didn't get enough sleep, is there something we need to know?" he teased lightly with his eyes focused on the road this time.

Kon rolled his eyes at the question, "You have no idea. Are you jealous?" the young man bit back with a grin which made the orange head grimace.

"Why would I be? Besides," he began nodding towards the sleeping petite girl. "You and her? I doubt it."

Kon's eye twitched once again but he let the snide comment slide as he straightened on his seat, "Well, just so you know I have been working on my health—"

"We're here." And the car came to a complete stop.

All eyes observed the wide looking rest house owned by the Ise's. It was surrounded by various trees and other gifts from nature that the arriving guests couldn't help but awe at. The scene itself was like a picture from a post card and it screams stress-free vacation. They all felt a tinged of excitement to quickly go inside but alas, they need to fix their luggage first. Once they got off the car, they found a blonde girl approaching them, her breasts slightly jiggled as she bubbly ran while she waved her hands up to welcome them.

She stopped in front of Ichigo who greeted her. Orihime regarded the others with a smile before she turned back to Ichigo shyly and asked him about their trip.

Not wanting to mention the car's breakdown episodes, the young man just spoke, "A two-hour drive isn't that bad."

Orihime tilted her head in confusion, "Two hours? Did you guys get lost?" she said a little worried knowing that the drive there from the university only took a few minutes.

Ichigo chuckled nervously, "I mean, I haven't used Zangetsu in a long time..." Pointing at the rusty old four-wheeled vehicle. "And we had some stop-overs." That vaguely meant the breakdown episodes.

The girl simply nodded back in understanding and smiled, "well, it's good to see that it's still kicking."

"Yeah, it's definitely one of a kind," Ichigo added which had the others roll their eyes at the comment and he shot them a death glare as a warning.

Soon they were joined by three other girls, namely Rangiku, Momo and Nanao.

"Alright you two, stop flirting and let's get inside." The strawberry blonde said as she grinned knowingly at Orihime and Ichigo. The teased friend just blushed in embarrassment while Ichigo thanked them for the invite and opted to help the others gather their things from the car effectively leaving the group of girls.

"Isn't this exciting!?" Momo, the smallest of the group, cheered in excitement for her friend and her long time crush.

"We'll have him eating at the palm of your hands in no time," Nanao added in reassurance.

"Wait a minute." Rangiku had to cut off their early celebration and she scowled deeply upon seeing a familiar raven haired petite girl helping the guys with their luggage.

"What is she doing here?" she questioned no one in particular.

"Oh...I invited her," Orihime answered innocently when she noticed who her friend was referring to.

"WHAT!?" The girls cried out glaring daggers at their friend and her idiotic decision.

And to think this girl is taking up law. They thought.

They fear for the future of the country's justice system.

Rangiku, pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance. "Girls! Meeting!" she called out and the girls huddled on one side careful to not look suspicious from the eyes of their guests.

The strawberry blonde whisper-screamed, "Well what do you mean you invited her!?"

"I knew I should have been the one to call!" Nanao said as she shook her head and fixed her glasses.

"She seemed nice," was all that Orihime can say in her defence but that only got her friends to roll their eyes at her in disbelief.

"Nice!? She's your rival. You don't do that to your rivals!" Momo cried out in frustration with her patience running out for her friend.

Seriously, they had planned this vacation for days and to think it will be sabotaged by the friend who they're doing this for. That was definitely frustrating.

Orihime let out a nervous chuckle as she tried to lighten up the situation, "you guys are overacting... besides, the more of us, the merrier!"

This time, Rangiku let out an exasperated sigh, "Seriously? Did you not use your head again!? Remember that we still don't know who that girl is, as such she'll remain a threat to our plans!"

"But I already told you, we didn't have to do—"

"No Buts!" Rangiku quickly cut off the bubbly girl. "We've already come this far to let everything go down the drain." She then took a deep breath as she analyzed the situation. "Well, since we can't do anything about this now, we still have to go on with the plan. Operation: Get the Strawberry is still a go."

"Okay!" The two other girls cheered with much determination and Orihime could only shake her head at their enthusiasm.

"Anyway, why don't you show everyone to their room! Go!" Rangiku ordered as she gave Orihime a slight push towards the others.

"Yeah and try flirting a little," Momo added like it should be something to be done, obviously.

"Uhh..." The poor girl stumbled a little on her feet but tried to quickly gain composure as she met with their guests. "Right this way!" They heard her bubbly greeting and the others followed her inside. When everyone else was out of sight, the three girls let out another sigh of frustration.

"Can you believe that girl?" Nanao began turning to the others.

"Yeah, and to think we're doing everything we can to better her love life," Momo pouted with her arms crossed over her chest as she eyed the entrance to the rest house.

Rangiku gave the others a devious smirk as she began to speak, "Well, since our princess is a little too nice to do anything and she'd probably never agree to this, I guess it's time to commence Operation: Get rid of the midget! Are you girls with me?" The other two grinned wickedly in return, intrigued by the idea.

Unknown to all the parties involved in this little charade, trouble is brewing in the form of a tall cerulean haired being grinning maliciously at all of them from a far. Standing vigilantly on one of the trees, his eyes were fixed on the raven haired little eve that entered the premises with the others.

True enough, the battles were about to begin.

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