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Ichigo is just your average, smart, healthy, young, virile male college student. Besides having a part-time job and three horny friends who're always after their hot and sexy neighbours, all seems normal. Until the fateful night he decided to help a girl he found naked on a dumpster who insists that she was sent from the future to search for a healthy human male and save the human race.

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Chapter 20: Of Pens and Markers

Rangiku examined her voluptuous figure in front of the full body mirror and made some of her suggestive and very seductive poses before frowning and taking off the pink top with disgust.

"So..." She began as she dug through a pile of clothing. "Where's the girl now?" she asked in general while examining a green tank top.

"I think she's with the guys, I remember her mentioning something about her things being there." Nanao replied as she took Rangiku's previous spot in front of the mirror and fixed her floral sleeveless top and mini shorts.

The blonde woman rolled her eyes at hearing her friend's response and proceeded to try on the next chosen piece. "Typical. Now there's a girl who probably can't live without breathing in a room full of men."

"Don't say that!" Orihime snapped at her friend's comment which earned her a thump in the head from Momo who was busy putting some foundation on the bubbly girl's cheeks. She mouthed an apology and sat still as she mumbled, "She probably went there because you were being mean to her."

"Well, we don't really have to be mean to her if you hadn't invited her over," Rangiku reasoned while she tested her new outfit with another round of sexy poses. "Technically, this should be your fault."

Orihime felt a pang of guilt at hearing that but she tried hard not to show it.

"Besides," the busty woman continued while she tried to decide on how to do her hair. "That cute innocent charade of hers isn't going to work on me. I can see through that little facade of hers and trust me, that girl is no angel." She nodded in approval when she figured that it's best to just have her hair down.

"Oh yeah! And that crazy ex-boyfriend of hers at the convenient store the other day, you remember what that guy looked like, right? She's probably in to that kind. God, that was creepy as hell." Momo cringed at the thought while she concentrated on carefully applying eyeliner on Orihime.

And true enough, Orihime did remember that night. And what got to her more was the fact that her crazy friends were even willing to work with that sketchy man just to get some dirt on the raven haired girl. And they probably would have if she hadn't stopped them! She would have called the police if he had tried to harass them into telling him where the girl was but luckily, he didn't push the topic and just went on his way. But Orihime could swear that from the look that he was giving them, she was sure that he could have all taken them down if he wanted.

She was careful not to overlook those kinds of signs but as for her friends, well, they're too used to being around men that sometimes they tend to think that they could control them. That cerulean haired man was definitely different. He didn't seem like that type they can seduce and control—more like the opposite. Worse, he didn't seem like Rukia's ex-boyfriend which was what the others were assuming. She wondered if the boys knew about that strange man. Or maybe they were protecting her from him—which would make sense if he would try to hurt the petite girl but who was he anyway? Orihime wasn't the type to pry but then again all of this is linked to the mystery that is Rukia...

Rukia... Hmm... what was her last name again?

She just goes by Rukia? She frowned.

Suddenly, Momo's loud protests for Rangiku to take off the green tank top, since it was Momo's and she wanted to wear it herself, was silenced when Orihime blurted out her thoughts, "Does she have a last name?"

And the girls paused for a bit. Surely, they can uncover more of the girl's identity if only they had a bit more information. With that, Rangiku let out a devious grin and made her way towards her seething friend.

"Well, don't worry," she said while putting a hand around Momo's shoulders and giving her a squeeze, "Momo'll take care of that." The smaller girl simply crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at the gesture while she watched her favourite green tank top become stretched out because of the blonde's enormous breasts.

Hinamori Momo cursed inwardly.

She hated baby-sitting... And god, how she hated this plan even more...


... was the first word that her violet eyes saw. It was written in huge white font...

"GLOBAL BREAKTHROUGH! THE KUCHIKI ENTERPRISE PROVES SCIENCE IS THE KEY TO SAVE EARTH!" The bold letters read as Rukia comprehended the headline of the magazine which she found inside the drawer of one of the side tables in the boys' room. She need not flip through the pages and read the entire article to know what happened next and what it was about. The photo of the raven haired man, who looked like he was in his early thirty's, speaking over various of microphones that were placed on top of a podium was enough to make her avert her gaze from the printed material like it was some sort of forbidden knowledge.

She tried to act unaffected by it but seeing her father looking so young in that photograph compared to how she had left him back during her era had definitely caught her off-guard. She figured that even during this time, he still emitted his unfaltering aura of greatness and seriousness, not just through his facial expression, but through his sharp grey eyes, and steady posture. He was indeed a powerful man.

And great power... causes a lot of consequences...

"Ah! Add a moustache!" The sound was enough to pull her back from her reverie.

"Sshhhh!" the group collectively hushed and Rukia couldn't stop the smile that graced her face. She quickly grabbed the black marker on top of the magazine and closed the drawer. Holding the new acquire item, she then ran towards the three young men crowding over their sleeping friend.

"Me next!" She chirped, completely setting aside all her other thoughts. They immediately gave way to make her some space which she gladly squeezed in to.

"Okay, what do I do?" she spoke, all hyped to make some contribution. Suddenly, Keigo, Moe and Hanataro were all giving her instructions and she laughed at every single one of them.

"Oh and put a mole there too! A huge one!"

"Oh yeah, nice one!"

"How about here?"

"That's good too."

"Don't forget the diiick!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes while he watched the others gather around and dribble some markings all over Kon's face.

"He's going to kill you when he wakes up," he warned for the hundredth time and just like the last few times, he received another round of "Sssshh!" from the group and he felt another vein twitch in annoyance. It's not like his warnings were actually loud. In fact, all of them talking altogether was way louder than his shouting voice, let alone his normal speaking one.

And truth is, he could have stopped them but half of him felt that his cousin deserved a little punishment for acting all wise at the springs then suddenly reverting back to being a pervert and confusing the hell out of him. And just like that, he remembered his cousin's words from before...

We want her to stay too...

He looked intently at the only girl in the group of snickering young men and he scowled.

He hated those words... especially at knowing how true they are.

He wanted to punch Kon for putting these kinds of thoughts in his head. Fortunately for him, his friends are carrying out the sentence for him. And it was way worse than what he could have done.

It all began when the girls got up and left the springs. By then, it was game over for the three perverts who were trying to sneak a peek... and let's not forget Hanataro who was being dragged around. Of course, everyone was in a depressed state as they went back to soak in the hot water.

Talk about the worst relaxation experience ever. The orange head thought.

Seriously, Ichigo would rather drown himself in the springs than listen to another second of Keigo bawling because he missed the chance to see some real breasts. Don't get him wrong, the idea of drowning Keigo was tempting to say the least but he's going to have to save that plan for another time and place.

When they got back into their room, which was big enough to accommodate five beds, two cabinets and four side tables, they changed into their shirts and shorts and immediately slumped down to each of their chosen mattresses. It didn't even take long before one of them began to snore. Bored, Keigo and Moe began to rummage through the cabinets and the drawers. Low and behold, the first marker was found. And with all of them knowing how much of a heavy sleeper Kon could be, the two boys were quick to hatch an idea.

And to make things worse, Rukia arrived a few moments later looking all fresh wearing a shirt with bunny prints and a pair of blue shorts. By then, Ichigo knew exactly how this was going to go down and as he watched the scene unfold in front of him now, he figured, he was goddamn right.

"Well, it's his fault for dozing off," Moe reasoned when suddenly Hanataro gasped.

"Oh no! Oh no! He's waking up!" The younger man cried out in panic.

"Shit!" Keigo cursed. "We haven't taken the picture yet!"

"Oh I know! I'll knock him back out!" Rukia volunteered but the three young men gently and frantically pulled her away from Kon while they let out a nervous chuckle and explained that the action was unnecessary. The girl nodded in understanding. They sighed in relief for a brief moment and once again held their breaths as they watched their used to be sleeping companion, sit up and stretch.

"Ugh, what the fuck happened?" He spoke while he yawned and was immediately taken aback by the looks that he was receiving from everyone. "What are you all looking at?" He questioned suspiciously.

"And why do I smell markers?" He added while sniffing the air.

Keigo carefully brought out his phone from his short pocket and took a quick snap. The flash had Kon blinded for a second.

"What the fuck?" the victim hissed while everyone looked at the photo in Keigo's phone and they altogether burst into a fit of laughter. Kon looked at the only person who wasn't laughing with a questioning look. Ichigo, who was watching them from his bed, simply made a round gesture to his face hoping his cousin would get the message. The carrot top didn't really get the humor of their childish ordeal but to be honest, seeing his cousin's face morph into a look of horror when he figured out what Ichigo meant was indeed priceless. The brown haired Kurosaki quickly ran towards the hanging mirror on one of the cabinets and was horrified to see all the dribbles on his face. He had a fucking moustache, something that was supposed to be a hairy mole of some sort, glasses? shades? Black eyes? or whatever and apparently, something that looks like a dick on his cheeks with its tip ending on the side of his lips. He faced the others with a death glare that completely mirrored that of an angry Ichigo. The others gulped at seeing his reaction.

"Um... Tada!?" Rukia cheered innocently.

And just as Ichigo predicted, Kon went berserk on the culprits while they cowered behind the girl from the future for salvation. The petite girl, in return, simply laughed as the whole scene unfolded because although Kon's rage still managed to exempt Rukia, it definitely wasn't enough to save the other three.

Somewhere along the struggles and many, many, profanities, Kon did manage to get his revenge and all three boys ended up with some horrid drawing on their face. Even Rukia joined in marking them. Since she wasn't in anyone's side, she gladly and proudly shared her art skills on their cheeks. After that, Kon, Moe and Keigo chased a frantic Hanataro as he ran out of the room while he cried for help and yelled at how unfair it was that all three of them were ganging up on him. This left an annoyed carrot top and a giggling midget in the room.

While lying on the bed with his head atop his hands, he finally spoke to her.

"What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be with the girls doing god knows what?"

He turned to her with a lazy look to see her reaction and she just shrugged.

"They said they had to get ready for something. Besides," she walked towards him and sat on the bed next to his own. "Didn't you guys miss me?" The young woman flashed him with a sweet smile which struck him but he simply pretended that it wasn't a big deal.

Of course he missed that smile but he'll never admit that to her. Not even when they were the only ones there.

"Oh they missed you alright," he regarded the others. "Just look at how rowdy you made them." He continued hoping that it was enough to distract her from noticing his true reaction.

She chuckled again, "Well..." She began as she stood up and spoke deviously, "I think it's about time you join them."

He scowled at hearing those words and he eyed her suspiciously, "What do you..."

She grinned widely and before he could even finish the statement, she brought out the marker from her short pockets and lightly shook it in her hand to emphasize her intentions.

"Oh no," he felt his eye twitch at knowing what that pen suggests. He growled. And to think he was trying so hard not to get involved.

"Oh yes!" She replied in contradiction and before he could even protest, Rukia was already doing her pleading puppy dog eyes which he could never say no to as much as he wanted to. God he hated himself...

Hated this trip...

Hated everything... Especially markers... Forever.

He backed away a bit as she kneeled in front of him on his bed with his legs astride her. She observed his face while playing with the marker on her hands and she couldn't help but giggle while thinking of all the things she would do to his face. A moustache is definitely one... and it can have curly ends! Or better yet, she could do rabbit doodles!

Ichigo cursed under his breath knowing that there is no escape and that that adorable giggling of hers would definitely be the end of him. And just like that, knowing any further protests from him was out of the question, he gave in and let her do what she wanted. Her gentle hand caressed one of his cheeks while the other worked on the marker to create her "art".

Honestly, he supposed the sensation wasn't all that bad. He, for a split second, though that he can actually survive this. However, as Rukia worked on her masterpiece, a.k.a. Ichigo's face, she began to speak...

"Ichigo..." She called out, the strokes of the pen never stopping.

"Hmm?" He responded with eyes closed but with annoyance clearly embedded on his face.

"Do you... think my breasts aren't big enough?"

His eyes snapped open in shock and he flinched at hearing the question. "W-why would you ask me that?" He responded nervously while fighting the urge to look at her chest, which were by the way very close to his face right now due to their current position.

Why in the world do I ALWAYS get thrown at with these kinds of questions!?

"I just... need a man's perspective." She simply replied like she's talking about the weather.

"Then just ask someone else." He mumbled scowling deeper and with his eyes doing its best to look at anywhere but her.

She pouted. "Fine, I'll just ask the others later."

He let out another annoyed sigh.

"On second thought, don't do that." He answered cancelling her idea completely.

He knew full well the unwanted effects those kinds of questions have... Remember the porn night? Yeah. We don't really need an extension of that horrid night.

He tried to peek at her face which was looking... worried? bothered? And with a slight pout. Sure it was cute but he couldn't possibly, for the hell of it, bear to see it stay like that while knowing full well that he was the cause of it.

Goddammit. He cursed again and he wanted to hit something to stop the torture. Maybe himself? without looking insane?

Heck, he's definitely fucking loosing it because after that long pause he replied...

"Th-they're fine, okay?" He suddenly murmured under his breath while blushing madly in the process.

"Hmm?" She let out as if forgetting what the topic was in the first place.

"Your uh... that..." He vaguely gestured his hands to point at her chest. "T-they're okay."

"Really?" She reiterated a bit skeptical. "Don't you think bigger ones are better?"

Ichigo didn't even know he could scowl deeper after hearing that question, "Why would you even ask that?" He huffed in annoyance.

The stroke of the pen stopped and she looked at him with a raised brow, "So, you're lying. You do think they're too small."

"I—What? What do you want me to say?" He snapped back in irritation.

"Tell me honestly what you think about them?" She placed her hands on her hips.

And Ichigo could swear all his blood went rushing to his head. He groaned and massaged his temples.

"We are literally talking... about your chest right now..." He murmured in frustration.

"Yeah, so?"

"Why is this so important to you?"

"I told you... I just... need a man's perspective." She looked away from him a bit embarrassed and crossed her arms over her chest but Ichigo could clearly see the slight blush on her cheeks.

He sighed and scratched the back of his head in defeat.

Oh fuck it.

"I... can't really speak for everyone... okay? But... to me..." By this point his face was as red as a tomato as his mind wandered through all those perverted dreams and actual moments that Rukia accidentally flashed him.

"They're... just right." It was him who was avoiding her gaze this time. And for the second time that day, he wanted to drown himself in the springs. She then leaned closer to his blushing face and smiled at him playfully.

"Really?" She asked again just for the fun of it.

"A-ah..." He replied backing away and barely glancing at her. "J-just... Stop asking people those kinds of questions." She chuckled at his reaction.

"Thank you." The girl replied clearly satisfied with his answer. Then, she leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "Maybe I could show them to you as a thank you." He flinched again and felt all the heat creep up his head.

"H-hard pass!" He blurted a bit louder than necessary.

"Aww... that's too bad," she grinned teasingly which made him glare back.

"You really like making people uncomfortable, don't you?" His comment made her laugh in return.

"No I don't." She replied as she placed one last stroke on his face.

"There." She let out after finishing off her doodle. "Do you want to see?"

"No," he grumbled, annoyed at her tone but it didn't affect her at all because she was proud of how her work turned out.

"That's too bad, I think it's a masterpiece with your cheeks being pink and all." This time she gave him a wink which made him all the more embarrassed at everything that he just said.

"S-shut up!" was all that he could muster up to say and she let out a hearty laugh at his reaction. Taking advantage of her reaction, he took that opportunity to grab the marker from her.

"My turn," he claimed and she gasped in surprise of his action.

"Did you actually think you'd be saved from this?" He threatened while pointing at his face.

She chuckled again, "Hard pass!"

"Oh no you don't. You're getting it."

He pressed with gritted teeth and she simply rolled her eyes in return.

"Fine, since you were so behaved, and you eagerly admitted that you like my breasts," Ichigo felt a vein twitch at hearing that.

"I'll let you draw on me but not too much, okay?" She cleared as she sat down at the edge of the bed in surrender.

"I'll be the judge of that," He remarked with an evil smirk while thinking of all the crazy things he could put on that cute little face of hers.

It's payback time. He thought.

But then again, the more he studied her face, the more he felt the blush return to creep his cheeks. Damn, he couldn't even find the strength to ruin that face. His hand held her chin to angle her face but he ended up sighing in defeat.

"This won't do," he murmured in frustration.

"What? My face not worthy of your art?" She joked and his eyes twitched again at hearing her mocking tone. Suddenly, he grinned as an idea struck him, "I'll show you..."

And before he could even begin his revenge, the room's door swung open and in came the four boys who had ran out just a few moments ago. For a second, they all just stared at Ichigo before they all ended up bursting in another laughing fit while pointing at his face.

Oh shit. He cursed as it dawned on him.

The orange haired boy immediately ran towards the mirror on the cabinet to look at his face and swore a million times in his head. He glared at the girl who covered her mouth to try and stop her own laughter from spilling out. However, it didn't take long for her to fail and she just ended up laughing with the others. As he eyed her, Ichigo found himself smirking a bit at seeing her laugh.

Nonetheless Kon, Moe and Keigo's reactions were still enough to piss him off as they mockingly called him Mr. Chappy because of the poorly drawn rabbit on his face and a speech bubble on one cheek with the words "Hi! I'm Chappy!" written on it. As the last of his patience snapped, Ichigo felt that he was ready to give them something to match the drawings on their cheeks. He figured a punch on each of their faces could definitely be a great complement.

But before he could even follow through with his plan the door to the room swung open once again and the girls entered looking all seductive and gorgeous in their sexy tops and matching short shorts.

The boys couldn't help but awe at them but Rukia simply watched Ichigo's reaction to their new companions. She noticed how he was pretty much looking just as surprised and captivated as the others.

She couldn't figure out why, but she felt something stir within her after seeing him react like that towards the other girls. She tried to shake it off and decided to look away with a pout making her miss the look of worry that Ichigo sent her after seeing her reaction.

Rangiku grinned cockily at seeing the young men's gawking faces.

Oh men are so simple minded. She thought. And it seems that everything was going just as planned.

"Looks like you boys are having fun..." She began never loosing the sexy grin on her face. And her next words were enough to send the boys' mouths hanging, "how about a little game of strip poker?"

And with that, Ichigo knew, all hell was about to break loose.

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