BtVS by Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Nightlife is a 1991 novel by Brian Hodge and Dell Abyss.


Angel was having a long, bad day.

A new drug had infected L. A.

Green and cut with cocaine,

overdoses brought, with immense pain,

shifts to animals bent on melee.


Skullflush was the street name of the drug

shipped in by someone a bit too smug.

Jungle tribes had used it

respecting the spirit

but when abused it had an evil tug.


The worst of this demonic fauna,

his head exchanged for a piranha,

had, stupidly, been killed

while both drugged and gilled

and saw his undeath as nirvana.


Now free from the need for a new hit,

able to transform when he saw fit,

he began to eat souls,

treating ribcages as bowls.

His stomach was a bottomless pit.


By using his teeth and willpower

he bought enough drugs for a shower.

They severed his head...

then the killer was dead...

and Angel a swan for an hour.


With Angel weak, on the bed laid out,

Wesley and Fred went on a stakeout.

As drugs were in fashion,

they'd be party crashin'

once Fred came back with the take-out.


Answering the door was the buyer.

The smart-dressed one was the supplier,

The guard wore, above jeans,

a jacket showing greens

along the words: 'Where there's smoke there's fire.'


The waiting Wesley began to doze,

but snapped to when he heard the door close.

Camera frames were spent

on the two as they went,

the seller stuffing cash in his clothes.


Through the town the two cut a wide swath.

The guard's hands were covered in cloth.

Though sun they'd outlasted

his dark shades contrasted

with an amulet shaped like a moth.


Wesley watched with eyes that were wary,

seeing no bags for them to carry.

A thought brought forth chortles

at them making portals

in the time in each house they'd tarry.


Fred came back to the car with coffee

and six donuts sprinkled with toffee.

"Felt the stereotype."

She gave the lid a wipe

and said: "Careful, your drink's all frothy."


Wesley couldn't say how they did it.

Their clothes were tight with no room to fit

the large bundles of drugs

that those two bulky lugs

must have from what their clients remit.


That night, talking work over dinner,

Fred laid pictures outer to inner.

"It is weird but it's clear,

from what we can see here

that the guard grew taller and thinner."


At home, the shaman had his guard sit

with words to make it inanimate.

He moved the jacket wide

from the pot golem's side,

tore some herb off the chest and smoked it.