Over and over Jack felt himself dying and being brought back. The shadows continued to overwhelm him as his anger blazed. He couldn't move and he couldn't breathe. Each time he suffocated in pain as whispers filled his ears. They hissed and laughed but he never actually saw any faces. He tried to yell at them to leave him alone but black mist filled his lungs. His thoughts became blurred again and once again the darkness overwhelmed him.


The Doctor rubbed his temples. Test after test that he was running on the blood showed that there was no cause for the increase in the chemicals that affected people's moods. He should have remained in bed, healing from the stab wound, but instead for the last week he had stayed in the lab as long as possible. Dosing himself with pain killers. He had ruled out parasites, bacteria and drugs released into the air. He was at a loss of what was causing it.

Martha continued to rage in the medi-bay and there had been no sign of Jack since he had brought over the samples. Mickey stayed by his side trying to find a cure as the rest of the world was dying around them. There were now reports as far away as China of people acting out. They had also discovered that by the time the initial reports came in in Cardiff, it was all ready to late to stop the infection. The first known fatality of sitting down and dying had come not from Cardiff, but from a small town in Poland.

The world was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The call of the ood was fading as more and more deaths were reported and finally the Doctor could think straight without having to listen to them telling him to come back to the ood sphere. He had managed to live but at what cost. If he had listened to them in the first place would the world had lived.

The Doctor stood and walked slowly out of the medi-bay and to the control room. Mickey was sitting on the ground next to the railing bouncing a ball against the TARDIS wall. He watched the ball bounce off the wall and Mickey catch it again. He moved to sit next to Mickey and Mickey bounced the ball so that it came towards him instead. Quietly they played the game for awhile until Mickey finally spoke up.

"What happens now Boss?" He asked quietly.

"Now, we save as many people as possible. We also need to find Jack and I am going to place him in my cryogenics chamber until I can find a way to cure him of his anger." The Doctor replied.

"Do you think you will be able to?" Mickey wondered.

"Yes," he answered positively but in truth he didn't know for sure. History had changed. Mankind wasn't suppose to be dying off in the twenty-first century but were suppose to one day find Utopia at the end of the universe. What happened to change it he wasn't sure, and he would likely never find his answers.

For the next month as the Earth died around them, they jumped all over the world looking for anybody who wasn't affected by the infection. In total they only found a little over a dozen. Just fifteen men and women who didn't give into the anger or laziness, or hunger. Fifteen frightened humans who he took aboard his TARDIS and gave them a home for the time being. He didn't know if and when he could ever let them live on Earth again but he would at least find a place they could call home.

He found Jack dying over and over again at the hands of some of the invisible men. They seemed to be living off of his anger as he died and revived. It took some tricky maneuvering with the TARDIS but he managed to materialize around Jack and leave the men outside. He sedated Jack immediately and had Mickey carry him down to be frozen. He would wake Jack when he could save him, but in the mean time it was safer for everyone aboard if they locked Jack's anger away.

The final person he saved was Donna. Due to her Time Lord energy stored in her body she was unaffected by the changes to everyone around her. He also sedated her and she was being cared for in the Medi-bay until he could safely find a way to remove the energy from her and allow her to live. He couldn't let her burn up, and he hoped soon that he would have his best friend back.

It saddened him that off all his companions he was only able to save the four. The rest had been affected by whatever was hurting the earth long before he could reach them. It had taken the first planet just about two months to fall, Earth only took about a month and half. He was continuing to research what happened hoping to find away to contain the man before any other planets fell. He sent the TARDIS up into space to orbit the Earth. From up above the Earth looked peaceful, just a spinning blue marble in the cosmos. On the planet's surface though he knew the truth and soon the last of the infected humans would be dying. Then and only then would he look one last time for survivors.

"What happens to human history now?" Mickey asked coming up behind him.

"I don't know."