This whole collection written for DobbyRocksSocks as part of the Fic Exchange of Epic Proportions

This whole collection written for Ralinde's Pairing Diversity Boot Camp using the prompt 'merry-go-round'

This whole collection written for DobbyRocksSocks Monthly Het-Tastic Drabble -Athon Competition

This drabble used the prompts 'snow' and 'angel'


She is like a merry-go-round. Spinning and spinning, up and down. Endless joy, like there's nothing in the world to be afraid of.

He watches her with a smile. She's so happy, so carefree. Nothing to worry about as she spins and spins until she falls.

The snow catches her, and there she lay on the soft, wet earth, looking up at the stars, wondering what answers they have for her tonight.

His smile widens. He should go to her, he thinks. He should join her. She is like an angel come down from heaven with her gentle glow under the moonlight. It is good to see her happy again.

The cool, clear night has done wonders for her. Everything is forgotten. All those demons, all those nightmares. She knows he watches her, and she wishes he would come to her. But she will not call him.

For they have both been through so much.

The drabbles won't be related, but they'll all be HarryLuna with the over all Christmas theme to them. I'm actually fairly pleased with how these have turned out. I'll be posting one a day. And I'm sorry if 'merry-go-round' gets a bit tiring. I've tries to use it differently, but there's only certain ways you can use it. Dobby, I hope you like :)