This chapter used the prompts 'music' and 'wind'


The music carries her away as she sways softly to the rhythm. It is her gateway to the peacefulness that is life. The beautiful world that possesses her head – the world where everything is perfect, everybody is happy, and nobody feels any pain.

A breeze picks up, and then a big gust of wind blows her almost backwards. Before she falls, though, strong hands are there to set her on her feet.

"Come where it's warmer," a deep voice suggests, its breath close to her ear. "You are going blue."

She doesn't dare argue with the voice. She lets its owner lead her away from the music and the crisp air, and to a room where there is a fire and Firewhisky to warm her. Finally, she turns to face him, and she stifles her surprise.

"Harry…" she whispers. "We haven't seen each other in –"

"Years, yes, I know." He nods. "How are you, Luna?"

She smiles, brushing wisps of her hair from her face. "I am well, thank you."

He returns her smile. "Good to hear." He then asks her to dance, and she accepts, and before they know it, they are spinning round and round, faster then slower, and they both laugh.

Spinning is all they know.

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