Natsu POV:

OH GOD! Why was i putting myself through this again.

"UHH" I groaned to myself, this was literally the closest i was ever going to get to feeling like death. My stomach felt like its was trying to kill itself, my head was swimming and without seeing my reflection I knew that my face had taken on a sickly green colour. This was the worst feeling I had ever endured in my life, nothing could make me feel more helpless or weak then this, this was my Achilles heel, my one weakness, something that was so horrid, something so treacherous, that it could bring someone as powerful and awesome as me to my knees, this was ... motion sickness.

Yep I know pretty lame Achilles heel but it coulda been worse.

SCREECH. The train came to a stop, my mind began to clear, my foggy vision was improving slightly and my acrobatic stomach seemed to be preforming its last back flip. Unfortunately none of this was happening fast enough for me to realise that the reason the train had stopped was because it was at my stop.

All to quickly the train began to move again, bringing along with it my motion sickness.

"NATSU!" shouted a familiar sounding voice ... Happy. I wanted to tell him to help me, to get me off this train, to save me from this hell, but all I could manage was a painful groan while clutching my stomach as yet another wave of nausea came over me.

I cant say for sure how long i was stuck on that train, all i can tell you is that it felt like days and that if Happy hadn't have saved me i probably would be at deaths door right now from over exposure to a moving vehicle(aka the devils invention).

Happy is my best friend, he's always there for me and I for him, we are team. As you have probably already assumed, he's my talking pet cat, and yes, he is blue...and has a pair of wings.

As unusual as it sounds, Happy is not the weirdest thing I have encountered during my travels to find my father or during missions. In fact i have grown so used to him that I see him as normal, and his wings come in handy for travelling without the need for moving vehicle, which needless to say is a great help to me. I have raised happy since he was born from an egg i found with a friend of mine.


"I AM SOOO HUNGRY" i shouted to the sky, not caring about the reactions of those around me. "Where do you think Igneel is Happy"

"I dont know maybe he's eating fish in a restaurant here, yep thats probably what he's doing. We should go eat fish!"

"AAAHHH THE SALAMANDER!" "HE'S SO HANDSOME" "OOOHH HE LOOKS AS POWERFUL AS THE RUMOURS SAY" i heard girly squealing coming from a mob of women in front of me.

Running as fast as i could i broke through the barricade of obsessing women only to see some perverted looking guy with a tattoo on his forehead...definitely not Igneel. I turned around and walked away apparently stunning the weird guy with the tacky cape because he followed me and gave me his autograph, which i 'kindly' told him i didn't want. Unfortunately this was a fatal mistake because it had somehow led to me getting attacked by a bunch of weird love heart eyed women who had taken offence to my attitude towards someone "so cool".

Lucy POV:

UH! I was so mad, how could my sex appeal only be worth 1000 measly jewels. That stupid old coot had no clue.

While having my tantrum over the tiny discount i had managed to get off the old shop keeper I came across a group of screaming girls. they were all circling someone, screaming like crazed fangirls.

"KYAAHH!" "HE'S SOO GOOD LOOKING" "THE LEGENDARY SALAMANDER FIRE WIZARD" they screamed. this caught my attention, a chance to meet a powerful and famous wizard, who was according to these women was really good looking...yeah i was definitely checking this out.

Something happened when i made eye contact with the salamander, my heart started to beat really fast, my mind went blank only thinking of him. i started to unintentionally drift towards him almost like a fly to a flame. Is this love? before the thought could fully make its way through my mind i snapped out of it. I felt like i was in a trance before, and was just now freed. My rescuer? a pink haired girl about my age. She wore baggy pants that ended just under her knee and a waist coat looking jacket. Her chest was bound in wrapping leaving her lightly muscled and tanned stomach free of any clothing. She was a little taller then me, and had the darkest onyx pair of eyes i had ever seen. A spark of jealousy came over me not only was she exotic and beautiful looking, with a chest was almost as big as mine. a feat not many would be able to brag about.

By the time I had gotten over my jealous thoughts the pinkette had been mobbed by a bunch of salamander's fan girls, and was now running in the opposite direction. Realising that she that i should thank her for helping me escape that pervs enchantment spell I headed in the direction she was being chased in.

I couldn't believe my eyes. how could that much food fit into someone that thin? How could someone that fit looking eat like such a pig and still keep that amazing figure!

"Em, so you never told me your name, Im Lucy" I asked trying to polite.

"MMNYYY NAMHHHEVME IGFDS NAASTYUHG" or at least thats what i think i heard her say, i couldn't really understand a word she was saying because of all the food in her mouth.


she nodded, meaning i was able to translate her food eating jimberish language.

"I just wanted to thank you for saving me back there. You may not have been aware but that guy was a wizard and was using magical rings to attract the attention of all those girls. He's such a sick pervert, what he's doing is against the law, I wonder what guild he's apart of, whoever they are he's not portraying them very well" She was looking at me with a quizzical gaze still stuffing her mouth absentmindedly while listening to me. "Oh Im sorry you probably don't even understand what im talking about. You see I'm a wizard, so was he. Usually wizards get together and join a guild. The stronger the guild the harder it is to get into. I really want to get into fairy tail. I'm a celestial wizard which means i make contracts with celestial spirits using these celestial keys. Oh God I'm babbling agin I'm sorry, anyway thank you for saving me ill pay for your food as a thank you" I smiled at her before getting up to leave.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH" shouted Nastu and her blue cat. They were on their knees close to tears thanking me (really loudly) for their food. It was so embarrassing. My face turned bright red as i was being stared at by everyone in the little restaurant.

"No problem" i replied quickly before escaping through the front door.

I sat on the bench reading Sorcerer weekly. If i wasn't in love with the idea of being apart of the fairy tail guild enough before, i definitely was now, the magazine had a piece on Mirajane my idol and one of the most beautiful female wizards out there.

"KYAH! Fairy tail is so cool"

"so you want to be a member of fairy tail?" came a voice from behind me. I turned around to see none other then salamander.

"You know i could help you get into fairy tail, being a member myself and all"

"Your a member of fairy tail" I asked excitement obvious in my voice.

"yep i could introduce you to all my famous guild mates if you want and probably pull a few strings to get you in"

"Oh my god! really, are you being serious. I would love that!"

"Yep really why don't you meet me on my ship tonight I'm having a little get together"

"OK, sure thanks so much"

Natsu POV:

"HHHMMMM" i sighed in contentment. My mission of finding Igneel was a failure, because of some misinformation (which someone was going to get punched for) but my stomach was full and i was watching the sun slowly set with Happy, so i was feeling good.

"Did you hear about that guy, the salamander"

"yeah he's from the famous fairy tail guild"

Good feeling officially gone. An angry burning sensation started to curl around my stomach. looking down at my reflection in the water i could see that my face had taken on a sinister look and my eyes had gone from a really dark onyx to pitch black, gleaming with promises of pain to whoever dared to disrespect my guild name.

"Fairy tail ?..."

Lucy POV:

"Welcome to our slave ship. must ask you to remain silent until we get to Bosco"

"ssslave ship" i stuttered. Fear clutched my heart trying to strangle it. My mind started whirling with horrible thoughts of being sold as a slave to some monster of a man. I struggled in vain to get out of the grips of the two thugs restraining my arms behind me. I froze when i felt a cold hand slide across my thigh. Hands wrapped around my celestial keys and yanked them off the chain they were hanging on.

"oh so your a celestial wizard. how unique" his mouth was too close to my face for comfort and his breath heated my cheek, this man was repulsive.

Laughing he threw my keys out a window straight into the ocean. Tears blurred my vision. He had thrown away the last thing my mother gave me. the single most precious items in my life. I felt a surge of hatred towards this man. hatred so strong that i had never experienced it before. I hated this man, and the last thing i was going to do was give up with out a fight. I struggled more vigorously bitting and scratching at my captors. i was dropped, hitting the floor with a thud i winced.

"before i can let my crew have some fun with you. we have to brand you as a slave" These word didn't really process in my mind, i was to caught up staring at the red hot branding iron in front of me, i could feel the heat radiating off it from here. I was frozen on the floor, whimpering as images of melting skin and the smell of burning flesh flashed through my mind.

Just before the branding iron could scar my skin a blur of pink and black crashed through the ceiling ... Natsu? The surge of hope that shot through me at the thought of escape quickly left me when i saw Natsu's green face as she crashed to the ground holding her hands over her mouth in an effort to keep the contents of her stomach inside her body. This was an extremely sad excuse for a rescue.

"Lucy what are you doing here?" asked the familiar squeaky voice of Happy. He was floating in the air with a newly acquired pair of wings.

"Did you always have wings?" I voiced the first thought that entered my mind.

"We cant talk about that now, lets do that later" he said wrapping his tail around my waist and hoisting me into the air. It was an amazing yet incredibly scary experience, this little cat was managing to carry me up into the air and fly away with out any problems. Of course with the way positive thinking works for me, Happy's wings suddenly disappear and we begin our fast descent into the water below us.