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The magic powered car zoomed down the road at impossible speeds. Natsu was sticking her head out the window trying to get sick while Lucy was cringing and trying to stay as far away as she could from the car sick dragon slayer. Gray was sitting on the roof of the car holding on for dear life. Erza's fiery hair flapped in the wind occasionally whipping her in the face. She was far too busy thinking to notice just how fast she was driving.

"Mass murder magic! If Eligor got a hold of such a thing..." Her screams were lost to the wind "bastards what are they planning?" Erza's knuckles turned yellow as her grip on the wheel tightened. Seeing a large group of people off to her left Erza slowed down the car so she could hear what they were murmuring.

"A bunch of men carrying scythes suddenly poured into the train!" an old woman shouted.

"I know them! They're from the dark guild somewhere near here" another frightened civilian shouted.

"I left the things I need for work on that train, they're more important than my wife!" Gray snickered when he saw the man who said that get dragged off by the ear.

"They took over the train?" Lucy's head was stuck out the window listening to what the people had to say.

"Looks like it" Happy squeaked.

"I could understand if it was a horse drawn carriage or a boat, but a train?"

"Aye it can only run on rails so it's not very beneficial to take over, huh?"

"But its got speed" Gray interjected from the roof. "Maybe they're in a hurry to carry out something they've planned"

"The military forces are on their way so it's probably just a matter of time before they get caught" Lucy said.

"I sure hope so"

Lucy sat back down in her seat and sighed. This was a lot to take in. She knew that strong members in guilds went after dangerous people especially fairy tail members but she didn't think she'd be dragged along. Lucy looked at her pink haired friend, although slightly green Lucy could appreciate how beautiful the dragon slayer was, defined cheek bones, pink lips and chocolate brown eyes. On closer inspection Lucy saw that the skin surrounding Natsu's eyes was slightly pinkish.

"Natsu were you crying?" she asked.

The car swerved to an immediate halt. Lucy screamed for dear life and Gray, previously on the roof, was now on the hood of the car.

"What the fuck was that!?" Gray in a momentary lapse of self-preservation screamed at Erza.

Her eyes left no room for worry about Gray. He could see only anger. Anger he knew couldn't physically be projected at him. Erza would never be this angry towards another guild member. Whoever had pissed her off was in for it.

"Natsu was crying on the train"

Gray's face hardened. He had no idea how to handle this situation at all. Natsu had never cried, ever. He had seen everyone else in the guild cry before even Erza (a little, but that was when someone stole her strawberry cheese cake and it was quickly followed by an angry rampage).

Erza was now in the back seat of the car with a shocked Lucy and a petrified Happy. She grabbed Natsu's slightly green face and inspected her puffy eyes. Natsu at this point was conscious enough to understand what was going on. Unfortunately she was still feeling the after effects of her travel sickness and wasn't able to explain that she must have cried a little in her sleep.

"Did the guy on the train make you cry Natsu?" Erza asked in a deadly voice.

Natsu tried to deny it frankly quite embarrassed that they knew she cried, but all that came out was a groan. That was enough for Erza though.

Gray gulped.

"There will be blood" Erza promised.

Eligor sat slouched on the bench holding the flute in on hand and his staff in another.

"A fly you say?" he questioned raising one eyebrow lazily.

"Yes. She was on the train until a few minutes ago. Really she's nothing but a joke, a fly."

Eligor ground his teeth. Suddenly the man standing in front of him dropped to his knees in pain cradling his head in his hands. Eligor smirked he loved using his powers on these weaklings, just a little puff of wind and they were brought to their knees.

"Don tell me she found out about the flute!" he was beginning to get worked up, too much was riding on this for one little rat to mess up.

"Even if she did, no one would be able to stop your plan!" the man chastised.

"Of course" Eligor calmed down. "But we don't want anyone to get in the way. Do I make myself clear?" He weaved the flute in and out through his fingers absentmindedly. "Flies huh… There are some forests where they really shouldn't be flying around it."

The man shouted after the crazy red headed mage who swerved into his stall in the market. The car was driving at ridiculously fast speeds. The wheels left swerve marks on the path and the car took corners so severely that it almost flipped.

"Erza you're going way too fast! The S.E plug is inflating" Gray shouted pointing at the wire the linked Erza to the magic absorbing car. The car was 'self-powered', as in a person had to power it with their own magic. The more magic provided the faster the car went and at that moment Erza was giving it one hell of a charge.

"If someone plays that flute hundreds of people could die. Human lives will be ended by the melody of the flute" Erza replied shouting over the wind.

"I know that, but right now we are clueless about their intention. Considering we might end up having to fight them you should slow down so your magic won't be drained before it's needed." Gray urged.

"I don't care. If worse comes to worst and I can't summon any weapons I'll grab a stick and fight. Besides I still have you guys"

Inside the carriage sat a blonde celestial mage, a blue cat and a green dragon slayer.

"I think I had something to tell you Lucy, but I can't remember it…" Happy flicked his tail back and forth trying to remember.

"What?" Lucy asked.

"I just said I can't remember"

"You're making me curious try harder to remember."

"I don't feel so good" Natsu mumbled handing half out of the window trying to get as much of her body out of the vehicle as possible.

"Natsu! You're going to fall out" Lucy warned grabbing the pinkette by the scarf and pulling her back into the car.

"Ugh… Just push me off!" Natsu said trying and failing to put up a fight.

While pulling Natsu through the window Lucy caught a glance of smoke coming from the centre of the town. Erza obviously seeing this sped up the car even more. They reached the source in a few seconds. Oshibana station. Abandoning the car Erza hurried towards the noise, the others following close behind. Lucy dragging Natsu.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Please stay back its dangerous here. A train was derailed by accident, so no one is allowed to go into the station. Until we can confirm the safety inside it'll be closed to the public" a man in a police uniform boomed through a megaphone. He was sweating and fidgety, nervously instructing the angry curious crowd.


"No, I heard it's a terrorist" someone shouted.

Whispers, murmurs and shouts spread through the crowd of concerned civilians. The uneasiness only made it harder for the Fairy Tail mages to make their ways through the sea of people.

"What's going on inside?" Erza questioned the nearest guard.

"Who are you" he asked back. Not liking his answer Erza headed butted him and moved on the next guard.

"What's going on" Erza asked again. The exact same thing kept happening.

"She only likes people who answer immediately, doesn't she?" Lucy sweat dropped.

"You know her better now" Gray said referring to the initial idolisation Lucy had for the red headed S ranked mage.

Six unconscious guards later Erza finally got some answers.

"A military platoon went in, but they have yet to come back!"

"How about Eisenwald… the terrorists?" Erza asked hurriedly.

"They haven't come out either! A battle's probably still going on inside!" Pushing past the nervous man Erza proceeded towards the station.

Bodies dressed in military gear littered the steps up to the main doors.

"They've been defeated" Happy squeaked.

"They didn't even make it inside" Lucy whispered under her breath.

"The opponent is a guild, which means that they're mages. A military platoon wouldn't stand a chance…" Erza said stepping over the bodies and continuing up the steps.

"Hurry up the platform is this way" Gray led them towards the platform. They stopped suddenly when they saw the huge amount of dark guild members that had congregated on the platform.

"I knew you would come. Fairy Tail" Eligor's ominous voice echoed through the abandoned train station. He sat crouched on a windowsill above his fellow guild members. "We've been waiting for you".

"You're Eligor aren't you?" Erza asked glaring up at the scythe wielding dark mage.

Lucy used this tense situation to drop Natsu on the ground and try to shake her awake. All she got was groaning.

"Come on Natsu wake up its time to work now!" She urged.

"It's impossible!" Happy squeaked defending his unconscious friend. "She went from a train to a magical four wheeled vehicle, to Lucy's back!".

"I'm considered a form of transportation?" Lucy humphed sarcastically. This was bad how was this going to work without Natsu, they were already outnumbered 50:5 (if you included Happy as a person...).

"Flies, it all because of that fly that the info leaked" Lucy looked up to see a black haired guy glaring at Natsu. He had a pink bruising cheek which she could only assume her pink haired friend had supplied him with. 'He must have been the guy on the train that Natsu was complaining about!' Lucy thought.

"Mmph" Lucy looked down at Natsu. "That ...voice..." Natsu mumbled. Lucy raised an eyebrow and looked back up at the man.

"What do intend to do?" Erza's confident voice silenced the quiet mumbling of the mages in the station. "Your ability to leave here with all of your limbs intact depends on your answer".

"We just want to fool around. We don't have a job anymore, so we're bored" Eligor answered earning rowdy laughter and cheers from the Eisenwald mages. "Don't you understand yet!?" He chuckled condescendingly. The air around him moved and he floated off the windowsill. "What does

Every train station have?..." Eligor flew across the room and landed on the speakers that are used to makes announcements. "Times up." He said looking to Erza to see if they'd guessed his plan.

"Are you going to broadcast the lullaby!?" She screamed up at him.

"Ding ding ding! And the prize goes to the angry red head dressed as a knight from the waist up!" He laughed. "There are hundreds no thousands of people gathering around this station right now. If we broadcast it loud enough maybe even the whole town will hear!"

"Mass murder!?" Erza screamed up at him disgusted.

"We are simply cleaning up. Those fools live their lives enjoying their rights, ignorant to those who have had theirs revoked! Living a life oblivious to the unfairness of the world is a sin! Thus the Shinigami has come to punish them. Death to all !" He proclaimed.

"You're rights will never be returned like that! Besides that you lost your rights when you stole others of theirs!" Lucy shouted up at him. This man had murdered and stolen from people and he was complaining about his rights, the audacity!

"Now that we've come this far it's not rights we seek. We seek authority. If we have authority we can simply wipe off the past and control the future." His fellow guild members cheered him on.

"You're a fool!" Lucy glared at him.

"What a pity for you flies" Lucy looked up to see the man who was glaring at Natsu earlier kneeling on the floor. He place the palm of his hand on his shadow and channeled magic into it.

"Uhh!" Natsu groaned. "That voice!" Her eyes snapped open.

"To die without getting a glimpse at the dark ages!" Before Gray or Erza could react the shadow grew and shot past them straight towards Lucy. The shadow detached itself from the ground and morphed into a gigantic hand ready to crush the unsuspecting blonde mage.

Seconds before it hit it's desired target it was burned in half. Out of the ashes walked Natsu with a confident smirk on her face.

"I knew that was your voice" she said.