O-kayyyy, so after pretty much 2 complete years of radio silence on this story without so much as a peep of an update I've decided to finally address the many questions I get on the future of this story (and my other ones).

For those who have taken the time over these past years to message me and praise my work and writing, I owe and appreciate all of you so so much. Your messages are in fact, what prompted me to write this message because I feel a little heart-broken every time I get a new PM/review asking when FFAD will be updated or if i'll ever come back to writing. I feel like I owe an explanation to those of you that have been there from the start, or tagged along somewhere in the middle of this and stayed loyal.

I'm feeling especially nostalgic today about my past in the Divergent fandom for whatever reason, so here goes nothing (for those of you that are still here).

I was essentially apart of the Divergent fandom from way back when the cast of the movie had still yet to be revealed, and I have always been more in love with the books than the movies. I was literally in the delivery room as the Divergent fandom was being birthed and i'm sad to say I was also there when slowly one by one all of my mutuals and fellow bloggers/writers/accounts logged off and left the fandom after the (horribly tragic) allegiant movie flopped and failed. And it appears that I've also fallen into that category. I no longer use/have the many instagram accounts and blogs that at one point in my life I practically lived on.

Another reason that FFAD might never be completed is because frankly I started writing it when I was quite young. When I look back at some of my writing now I want to hurl (it's that bad). Since the demise of the divergent era my inspiration has slipped. I used to get so many ideas and storylines flowing through my head but after so long without looking at any of the books and movies I've lost touch with the characters, their plot. Also, there are SO many plot holes in this story (also due to my youth in which I understood very little about America/Canada). I am from Australia.

I can't believe the last time I updated was mid-July 2016. I was going through a really rough time that year and then the years after. My life really went to shit I suppose, and completing my final year of high school was no easy task. But alas I made it, and now I'm a uni student (with somehow even less time - which is clearly not true considering I'm here writing this instead of watching a lecture about *shiver* cell membranes and organelles).

Beginning this year, I had a really weird urge to start writing again. I STILL have it. But no matter how much I will myself to finish this story or the many many others I have archived, I feel like I can't do justice anymore which absolutely crushes me and I'm so very sorry that I've kept so many of you waiting.

I get that there's AUs and such where characters don't need to be as they are in the OG books, but for me thats something that I loved about fic writing; incorporating parts of their original character, the things that make them unique, into my own story.

I hope one day to return to completing the story but inspiration has run short as of the last 2 years so I'm afraid it's on a hiatus for now.

I answered an ask I got a while back on my tumblr regarding the future of this story (nwritings) and where I intended to go with it — I had a pretty clear cut idea about how I wanted to end it and then move on to a sequel but I guess sometimes life just gets in the way.

I've dabbled in writing fic for other fandoms/couples which even then I didn't feel 100% about.

I would love to hear from any of you about story ideas, what you've thought about FFAD or even prompts for one-shots or other stories. I would love some inspiration, and to kick-start into writing again I may start writing fic on tumblr. OR literally come to me to talk about the divergent fandom or ask any other questions you may have for me, I honestly wanna talk with all of you! Feel free to reach out my tumblr: nwritings, or just leave me a review or PM and I promise to get back to all of you (as I have in the past).

Anyways, I've dragged on for too long I'd be surprised if any of you read up to here honestly. I'll end this just thanking every one of you who reached out to me during this story, I never expected the response I got nor the following. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love love ALL of you.