Chapter 3 - Off to Egypt

"Now we'll go to Egypt in no time", Beni meant a few days later after they had finished their daily training and were now washing off the sweat in the washing room. "We'll go and see the pyramids, the ruins of the temples, the tombs of..."

"I fear we won't", Rick returned, putting his shirt neatly over a little stool, next to his friend's. "I wouldn't be so enthusiastic. No tombs and no pharaohs, Beni. Maybe the pyramids from the outside. But I wouldn't hope for more."

Beni made a face. "You're boring", he complained.

Rick sighed. "That's not my fault, Beni. Don't be silly. Of course I would let you go if I were to command that legion. I would come along with you. But I'm not, you see. So be sensible."

"I hate being sensible!" Beni growled and splashed Rick with cold water. "You're just like my father!"

Rick threw a dripping sponge at him instead of an answer. Soon they were engaged in a wild battle. When they finally stopped, their hair and trousers were all wet, and their only dry things were their shirts on the stools. "Yuk", Beni coughed, spitting out shimmering bubbles. "You'll never make me eat soap again!"

Rick would have grinned if not for the piece of a towel being stuck in his mouth. It tasted disgusting, certainly not better than the soap. "It's all your fault", he finally said after having removed the rag. "You began it."

"You began it!"

The next moment they were rumbling again.

After dinner they went to bed quite early. It had been a long day, and they would have to get up again early in the morning. Besides, they would travel to Egypt soon, and neither of them knew if they would get much sleep on this journey.

Beni entered the land of dreams soon, but Rick lay awake for a long time, listening to the kid's soft breathing and thinking of Egypt. Finally he fell asleep.