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People. shops. Dresses. Sounds. Smell.

Kazuha walked down the mall, an irritated sigh coming now and then. Heiji had hung her up for 2 hours after he said that they would go to this awesome restaurant.

She was about to smash a wall, when she stopped, a few inches away from the surface. She took a deep breath, dropped her hand and kept on walking.

Heiji was an ahou and he did it so many times that she finally got used to it; which kinda sucked. Maybe she was better off without him. As she was about to leave the building, a small girl's crying stopped her in her tracks and turn around.

A small 7 year girl with jet black hair tied with a green ribbon was sobbing, tears falling down her face, soaking her lime green dress. Kazuha rushed at her.

"Little girl, are you lost?" She asked her gently. The girl turned her bright green eyes on her and a watery smile lit up on the kid's face. She jumped on Kazuha's arms and buried her face in her chest, hugging the shocked teenager tightly.

What the girl said next was unbelievable.

"Mama, where were you? I was so scared!"

Kazuha was frozen solid. She couldn't understand why she called her mama. Yes, it did send a warm feeling inside her, but she wasn't her child! And she certainly didn't do it yet! She was still a virgin! There must be some kind of mistake!

She patted the 7-year-old's head gently as she said, "There, there. I'm here now. But I'm not your mom. Maybe you mistook me from somebody else."

The kid looked up at her, her face sad and heart-wrenching. "S-so you're not my mama? You're not Touyama Kazuha?"

Kazuha frowned. This was all starting to go crazy. "What's your name?"

"Hattori Mamo."

Her eyes widened in disbelief. Heiji. That helpless ahou, had a child?! What was the meaning of this?! And what's more…The girl wasn't hers.

Wait a minute. But Mamo had just said that Kazuha was her mom so…

A blush exploded on her face. Mamo tilted her head, looking at Kazuha in confusion. "Mama?"

"Mamo-chan, when were you born?"

Mamo told her. Kazuha covered a hand on her mouth, trying to swallow down her, what, panic? Excitement? She didn't know. But what she knew that She would have Mamo ten years from now…with Heiji.

This was too much for the teenage girl. Her head started to swim, but the girl's worried whimper brought her back to attention. You could call it a mother's intuition, but Kazuha now felt responsible for her.

Kazuha took her hand and touched the child – her child's cheek. She smiled warmly at the laughter of Mamo, who giggled at her ticklish touch. "Are you hungry, Mamo-chan? Would you like something to eat?"


And so with that, Kazuha led her to a restaurant that she and Heiji always used to go to and watched the hungry child gulp down three bowls of ramen, slightly surprised at her big appetite. But this was Heiji's child, so it was no wonder that the child would be the same as her father.

"So Mamo-chan, how exactly did you get lost?" Kazuha asked her. Mamo frowned, thinking hard.

"Eto…something involving wormholes, reverse physics, and warps...I'm not so sure. But at least I got here in the past without any mutational incidents!" Mamo grinned innocently as Kazuha stared at her.

Her child was a genius!

And she came from the future?!

"But, why?" Kazuha asked her. Mamo's face grew afraid, tears pooling in her eyes. Kazuha suddenly rushed to her side as the little girl cried. Kazuha comforted her. "I'm sorry, Mamo-chan. I shouldn't have asked. It was that scary?"

Her daughter nodded, still clinging to her mom. Kazuha untangled Mamo from herself and wiped the kid's nose, putting the money on the table before picking up the child and going home.

"Let's go to mama's house now, okay? You will be safe there."


"Heiji, come to my house. I need to talk to you."

That last sentence sent Heiji thinking of the worst things he had done to her, and he immediately felt that he was wading in dangerous waters. He said, "A-ano, Kazuha, I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm sorry, and please don't kill me."

"What? No, Heiji I'm not talking about how you ditched me this afternoon, ahou. I'm asking you to come due to…family circumstances." She said the last part so softly Heiji had to strain his ears to hear it. He raised an eyebrow at this.

"Okay, I'll be there in 5 minutes."

"Just hurry!"

"Haii." He rolled his eyes. Fussy woman.

"And Heiji?"


"Just…just don't freak out, okay?"

"Why would I freak out?"

But the line was dead and he was speaking to an empty end. He glared at the phone and then sighed, hopping on to his bike and rode to Kazuha's house.


He found her pacing up and down the yard, wringing her hands anxiously. He switched his motorbike off and opened the gate, striding inside like he owned the place. "Tadaima." He said.

Kazuha jumped at him and suddenly went red. He grew curious. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

She fiddled with her hair, her shirt, her eyes not looking at him. Heiji grew annoyed at this. He leaned in so near their noses were almost touching. He put his hand on her forehead, asking, "Do you have a fever or something?"

She slapped his hand away, still embarrassed. She mumbled. "You probably won't believe this but…" She called out to the house. "Mamo-chan, please come here."

Heiji's heart stopped as he looked at the approaching kid. The girl looked so much like Kazuha! She looked so much like his childhood friend that she might be her…no, that's impossible. That can't happen!

Just thinking of Kazuha doing it with someone made his blood boil. He shook the thoughts from his head. If Kazuha would hide it from him, it'd take only a few days for him to find out. Something like this…something this big could never have happened under his watch.

"Heiji." Kazuha said quietly, her hand at Mamo's back. He swallowed and answered.

"What is it?"

"This is Mamo. She's my child."

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