A seven years old boy with spiky black hair could be seen running from angry thugs. Said boy didn't know why he was being chased. Nonetheless, he had a survival instinct, and that instinct told him to run. He never realized that there was a white-haired albino boy in his path.

"Ouch," cried the black-haired boy.

The white-haired boy did not say anything. He merely grunted and continued his walk.

"Hey!" the first boy shouted. "I'm sorry I've bumped into you!" the first boy bowed before continue running.

"What a nuisance," the second boy said before something rushed past him.


The white-haired boy stared at the scene before him. "Hm? Not my problem," the white-haired boy said, ignoring what happened and what could happen.

Meanwhile, a blond-haired boy around the same age as the first boy could be seen trying to pickpocket some pedestrian. He did not do it because he liked it. In fact, he despised himself for even thinking about it. But as he did not have any method to gain money, he was forced to resort to this act.

When he finally got the purse, someone bumped into him.

"Ouch," the blond-haired said while rubbing his head.

The one who bumped into him was a boy. "Sorry, I was being chased by some thugs, so I need to go okay, once again I'm sorry."

The boy who bumped into him continued running.

"Wait!" he chased the boy. After several minutes, he finally caught up with the boy.

"Hah…hah…haaah… Hey!"

The boy who bumped into him finally realized that someone had caught up with him. With a scared eye, he asked. "W-what do you want!"

"You were chased by thugs?" The boy nodded. "Where can I find them?"

"Um… they were chasing me, so… I think you should wait here while I run. They will probably pass here. Wait! What do you want with the thugs anyway? If you want to trade with them, don't. They're sneaky and underhanded. You probably end up being used by them."

"W-well, at first I want to join them. But after I heard your explanation, I don't think the idea of become thugs is as interesting as it sounds."

The boy nodded. "You shouldn't become thugs, they're bad."

"I know," answered the blond-haired boy. "But I have no other choices."


"Uh oh," the black haired boy took a step back.

"You can't go anywhere," the thugs moved to circle both boys.

"I'm sorry I made you caught by them," the blond-haired whispered. He felt guilty because he was the one who stalled the boy in the first place.

"Nah, it's okay. I was the one who's stupid enough to talk with stranger when being chased."

A vein popped in the blond-haired boy head. "Are you saying that I am stupid?!"

"Huh? I never said that."

"But you just did!"

"I didn't!"

"You did!"

"I didn't!"

"You di-


Both boys became silent.

"Now, you boy!" the thugs' leader pointed at the black-haired boy. "You always bring misfortune to us! Just now, you made us run the whole district into here! Before that, when you were near us, you always made our attempts at robbing failed!"

"But I don't even know who you are! How can I bring you misfortune?"

"It doesn't matter, all that mattered is right here right now, I'll make you pay for what you did!" another one of the thugs took out a knife.

A drop of sweat fell from the blond-haired boy's temple. This is what he would do if he had chosen to be thugs? Blamed and threatened an innocent because something that out of their control? If that's so, then he would rather not become thugs at all.

In that moment, he chose to help the boy.

"Hey, mister. You know that the one you holding is a knife right? You know that it is dangerous right?" the one who's holding a knife nodded at his question. "But do you know what's more dangerous than a knife held by a thug?"

The thug thought for a second before he shook his head. He never realized that the blond-haired boy called him thug. Well, that was what he was, so the blond-haired boy was not wrong.

The blond-haired boy smiled. "What's more dangerous than a knife held by a thug is a thug who doesn't know how to use a knife that was being held by them." Not even a second after he said this, he stomped the one who held a knife's foot, and used his hand to disarm the knife.


The spiky black-haired boy didn't need second command because he immediately ran, the blond-haired boy followed behind.

After several minutes of running, both boys were tired. But the thugs hadn't retreated, they were still chasing both boys.

"Argh, they're so insistent on chasing us!"

"Where the hell is the police anyway," complained the blond-haired boy. "I mean, the sight of some thugs running around ought to be noticed by them."

"I don't know!"


"Damn, they caught up. Do you still have energy left?"

"No," the black-haired boy answered truthfully. "I don't have any left."

"It was nice knowing you," said the blond-haired boy with a grim expression.

"Huh? You acted as if I'd die. Anyway, they will probably targeting you too since you stood up from them."

And the realization struck him. He stood up to those thugs, he stood up to those thugs. Oh god, they'll kill a nuisance like him! They'll kill him! Oh wait! Maybe if he were to join them, then they might forgive him. Yeah, he needed to join them to survive.


Huh? What's that sound?

When he looked up, what he saw scared him to the bone.

The body of those thugs were lying around. And in the middle of those bodies were a white-haired albino boy with red menacing eyes.

"Eh? Who are you?"

"Oh! You're the one I bumped earlier right?" the black-haired boy exclaimed.

"That's right. After those thugs ran past me, I decided to follow them. I was really bored and no one in the park wanted to play with me."

The blond-haired boy narrowed his eyes. "Why? Do you have some kind of disease?"

After some times of thinking, the albino boy started to spoke, "Anyone who tried to touch me ended up in hospital." He bowed his head, "Even the caretaker of my orphanage."


Boys around their ages were still believed in curse or something like that. Maybe he was cursed?

The white-haired boy nodded his head.

"You must be lonely." Suddenly the black-haired boy began to approach the albino. "Let's play together!" then the black-haired boy extended his right hand.

"Huh? Didn't you hear what I said? I said anyone who tried to touch me ended up in hospital. Are you deaf?"

But the black haired-boy disregards the albino's warning and took his hand.

"See, nothing happened."

The white-haired albino could only stare at his left hand that was being held by the black haired boy. Nothing happened? The black haired boy did not end up blasted by his touch? Come to think about it, when the black haired boy bumped into him, nothing happened.

And, for the first time in many years, the albino smiled.

"Yeah! Let's play!"

"You too, let's play in the park!" the black haired boy invited the blond-haired boy. The blond-haired boy agreed and took his hand, signalling the born of the friendship between the three of them.

The black-haired boy, who would be known as The One Who Purifies God and Exorcises the Devil, lead the three of them towards the park.

The blond-haired boy, who would be known as the End of the Century Emperor, wondered what would happen now that he had chosen the path of not becoming thugs.

The white-haired boy, who would be known as The Strongest Esper, was smiling. After all these years, he finally had someone that he could call friends.

A/N: Did that just happened? A Child-Touma met Child-Accelerator and Child-Hamazura? Holy shit! I would never thought I ended up writing this stuff.

See, several days ago, I saw this fanart where Touma, Accelerator, and Hamazura being familiar and laughing with each other,

Thus, I ended up with a single thought. What if those three were childhood friend? And then this story was born.

Anyway, the setting was before all of them sent to Academy City.

So, any comments?