Neon Genesis Evangelion: Child of Eva

Announcement 2

By: Terror of the Azure Flame

To all of my readers,

I'm sorry with the almost seven year hiatus on this story but when I lost my aunt I no longer had any drive to continue writing. I only recently regain this drive after my return from Iraq and began with a Naruto fic to see where I stood as far as my creativity. I will begin to work on Child of Eva once again but I will be reworking all of my earlier chapters to correct grammatical errors and make a few changes to the storyline. Once again, I'm sorry for such a long delay in the progress of this story and I hope that those that have been patient will continue to read. I will not allow this story to become another one of those Evangelion fics that go unfinished and will finish this one as soon as possible. Progress will be slow since I will have to balance the story alongside with my duties on base since I have very little free time to write but it shall be done.

Thank you,

Terror of the Azure Flame formerly Damerei A.