The knob to Anna's apartment jiggled as the locked was being picked. With a click the door came opened with a long squeaky whine. The intruder(s) entered and gazed upon the unkempt nature of the living room. Emma tucked away the set of lock picks while Regina eye her grimacing. "I don't know what scares me more the fact that your have those," she gestured to the door, "or the fact I should have done a thorough back-ground check upon your past activities.

Emma scoffed pushing past her, "Yeah, and you're so innocent when it comes to breakin' and entering people's homes."

"But you're savior," she deadpanned.

"No one ever gave me a job description. Apart from freeing a town from a curse, your curse actually."

Rolling her eyes the Evil Queen walked farther into the apartment. Disgusted at the state of the living room. Paintbrushes littered the floor some clean others with dried various shades of paint upon there bristles. Several easels and papers lined the floor where furniture should have been. Passing by a coffee table where dozens of jars of murky colored water sat creating rings upon the glass. "What a pig sties. This girl clearly went from princess to peasant

"Aren't you the one who gave Anna this life."

"Miss. Swan not everything about this town was planned out as well as my revenge against your parents. I simply cannot account for everything down to the tinniest detail," Regina barked acid in her tone. "Besides citizens from Arendelle were not actually part of my curse. They were last minute addition."

"Due to Elsa and her being more powerful than thou," Emma taunted.

"That was only half the reason. I have grown tired of this conversation," Regina snapped leaving the living room.

"I hit a nerve," Emma whispered. She began to turn the paper on one of the easel's. There was one a castle, a garden, a reindeer named Sven, a guy beside a sled with his thumbs up, and . . . "Regina," the sheriff called.

In the bedroom Regina was holding a pair of blue gloves. The icy pang of the memory came to the forefront of the evil queens mind.

Blue eyes pierced her own as the Snow Queen stood before her blocking her path from allowing her to finish the job. The fear Elsa had displayed only a few days ago was gone. Instead it was replaced by primal rage mixed with the power of winter gales could prove fatal for the queen. Elsa removed her gloves in a fail swoop, and tossed them where the foolish unconscious queen laid. With a flick of the wrist ice formed upon the floor.
Regina smirked coolly, "I see the gloves are off."

"Indeed, no one comes to my den and expects mercy."

"Then expect no mercy on my part as well." Flames formed upon the gloves hand of the evil queen. Elsa took more of a defensive stance readying her hands to block the fire.

"Regina," the savior called again, bringing her back to the present.

Regina went out to see what exactly the blonde was yelling about. "What could you possibly need, Miss. Swan?" she yelled annoyed.
Upon the sheet of paper a familiar face was painted years of sorrow and isolation added to the already pained filled eyes. A soft facade of a smile curved her pale lips towards the gazing of the picture. Her platinum blonde locks were braided, hung over the right shoulder and decorated with tiny snowflakes. A form fitting ice blue dress hugged every curve. Under the person feet was cracked ice, and a shadow that did not match the woman's.

Emma tilted her unsure what to think. "I'm guessing they know each other."

"It would seem we have come to an unseen predicament. I was unaware that the two shared a past."

"So, your curse had nothing to do with this."

"No, as I have said before these two were not part of my grand scheme. They may have known each anything what happened before is their problem. All I want is to stop this winter, and put Elsa back in her place."

"You're still going to lock her up?" Emma asked shocked. Even after learning that Elsa has someone, who judging by the state of her life. Has no idea. Maybe, instead of treating the snow like a plague you-"

"Enough Miss. Swan. What happens after this town is released from this unnatural winter will happen, and there will be nothing you can do to stop it. There is an entirety different reason someone as powerful as Elsa was locked away from everyone. Now either drop the subject until comes to play, or there will be consequence."

Emma backed off for the time being, but will bring the matter back up near the end of the crazy quest.

Hans strolled down the hall ready to put his new plan in action. He now had to take a detour and kill a certain red loose strand before be could get back to real plan. Alright since Anna was clearly a waste. Time to take her out and get my dagger back. Then, I'll kill Elsa, save the town from this demons winter, and be a hero. One that will even outwit that stupid savior-

He stopped seeing the door wide open and able to hear voice just beyond the threshold. "Miss. Swan that is a childish assumption."
Damn, Hans grumbled. Wait. . . Madame Mayor has no idea why you're here. Just play the normal job card and maybe this could work.

Hans entered acting as if everything was normal. He stopped in his tracks at the sight of the two women. "Madman Mayor, Sheriff Swan. What are you doing here?" he acted shocked.

"Mr. Sutherland, what are doing here?" Regina inquired coldly.

Hans felt the rage coming off of the Evil Queen. The savior though he could easily portray. "You see I am her lawyer and wished to speak to Miss. Fryst about the charges."

Regina did not buy his ploy. "And pray tell are these charges?"

"Theft of a family relic."

"I see, and who is pressing these charges?"

The plaintiff wishes to remain anonymous."

"Well, unfortunately for you Miss. Fryst is not here. In fact I am already taking care of the matter myself. That is why I have enlisted our lovely sheriff here to aid me in my search. Now, if your don't mind we'll be taking our leave."

Emma barley got a word in edge in wise as the mayor pushed her out of the apartment.

Alone Hans growled having a feeling Regina saw through his lies. He glanced around spotting the painting of Elsa his frown turned into a smug smile.

Outside the wind had died down taking the bite of the snowy weather. "What was that about," Emma demanded, "And who was that guy?"

"That is Hans Westegard or here he goes by Chad Sutherland. He is another one of those unforeseen predicaments. Honestly I have no idea how the man got here or that he was in Arendelle."

"So, he's a lawyer looking for Anna as well?"

Regina let an evil laugh at the dense inquired from the blonde. "Yes, he is a lawyer just a modern day evil like politics, but he is not looking for Anna for a case. Nope, there is something up that man's sleeve. I figured that you would already have that worked out, what with your 'superpower' and all," Regina mocked, with a snide smirk.

Emma ignored the Evil Queen's taunting, and asked, "Then where should we should do next?"

"Your guess is as good a mine, Sheriff." She mumbled under her breath, "This is becoming nothing more than a wild goose chase."

Seeing Regina holding on to a pair of gloves Emma had an idea. "But I know where we are going next or should I say who."

Watching the pair leave Hans made his way in the opposite direction. He could not risk getting caught, and knowing all the short cuts would help him reach his destination faster than the Mayor and the idiot of a savior. Feeling the cold prick along his neck he brought up the collar of his jacket. Hans always hated the winter with a passion. It brought back all his feeling of loneliness, longing, and depression. Being one of thirteen brothers made life even difficult for the young prince. He would plead for at least on of his brothers to build a snowman with him, or have snowball fight. Anything would have been fine as long as he had some sort of companion. Yet, they always spoke with the same disdain, and denied him. Three of them took it upon themselves to ignore him by pretending he was invisible. With each passing winter he grew more colder to his emotions only ever to mimic what was around him and use it to his advantage.

Coming to his destination he noticed that those who had been trapped in the dinner now all stood outside. David tried to ease their frantic minds. "Alight everyone, since the wretched wind has died down you should all seek shelter in your own homes."

"Why so we can all freeze to death, and become ice statues?" Grumpy shouted, from within the mass.

"No," David tried to council. "Whatever or whoever is causing this is currently being taken care of. We just don't want anyone to get up in the storm."

"Whom exactly is taken care of the problem," a citizen asked.

Hans took his chance to gain their favor by using the residents against them. "The mayor and the savior. Yet, they don't seem to be making much progress."

"What are you getting at Sutherland?"

"I mean I saw them all huddled up in a nice warm apartment while we're we stand freezing our ass'. I say if they won't do anything we should."

"I'm sure whatever they are doing is for a good cause and towards the goal in question," Snow intervened.

Hans jumped on a vehicle. "Are we just going to listen to him and hide like cowering mice, or do you want to do something?"

Nods of agreement fueled Hans ego.

"Then we should go up to that ice palace and kill the witch ourselves."

"Kill the witch," some began to chant. "Kill the witch

Leaping off the car Hans took lead of the rallied group towards snowy mountain. He smiled triumphantly as his plan was beginning to come together.

Trudging their way through the deep snow to Granny's a bush began to move near the forest path. Emma withdrew her gun as the bush moved violently Regina's hand ablaze with the fireball ready for the attack of what dared make the first move.

A creature emerged from the bush. It waddled out on snowy legs that held three oddly misshaped snow mounds. The head looked liked a pear that had been dropped and slightly stepped on. The creature waddled closer. Both women exchanged perplexed glances. The thing opened it's mouth, the smile never faltering, "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like-"

A gun shot went off blowing the snowy creatures head to powder. "You shot it," Regina said bewildered.

"It was creeping me out," Emma hissed defensively. "What after all your years in the Enchanted Forrest haven't you seen one?"

"I can't say that I have. Fairies, trolls, and dragons are one thing, but never a strange talking snowman."

Before their very eyes, the snow that once formed the creature's head swirled. The snowman's head was just as it was before unscathed. "Whoa, head rush," the snowman said. Seeing Regina and Emma that smile formed once again. "Well hi there," he introduced himself as if nothing happened. "I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

"I'm Emma," the sheriff introduced. "And this is-"

"Emma," Regina growled, "This is idiotic."

"Oh that is easy! Hi Emma, and Emma."

Simple minded snowman, Regina scowled

Disbanding her unsettled nerves Emma asked, "Olaf, who made you exactly?"

"Elsa, why?" The two exchanged tentative looks

Emma decided to continue questioning the snowman, "Olaf, do you know where she is?"

"Yeah, why?" he answered still oblivious.

"This is hopeless," Regina seethed. "We are after Anna first and this snowman-"

"Olaf," Emma corrected."

"Right Ola-" Regina paused, throwing a dark glare at the blonde sheriff. "I refuse to call an inanimate object by a name. Can we just get to Granny's and set forth whatever plan you have in finding this girl?"

"Sure, as you wish your highness," Emma replied sarcastically.

Arriving at the dinner Emma noticed the lack of citizens. "Where is everyone."

"Hans rallied them, and now they're going to raid the ice palace. Speaking if which where the hell did it come."

"From a powerful ice sorceress who has brought down this winter as well," Regina explained.

"Then how do we end this winter?" Charming asked.

"We will do nothing. Just Miss. Swan and I."

Olaf made his appearance, "Hi, I'm Olaf and-"

"What the hell that thing?" Charming asked, drawing his sword.

Emma left the group and sought out Ruby, who was busy cleaning off a table. "Hey, Ruby I need a favor."

"Sure what'cha need!"

Emma withdrew one of the gloves. "I need you to smell this and tell me where the owner is."

Taking the teal gloves, the wolf gave it a whiff. "She went that way," Ruby replied pointing towards the mountain where the ice palace sat."

"Looks like we're heading into the icy storm itself," Emma sighed. Glancing outside she noticed the snowman and realized that there was something missing from his face. "Also, I'm going to need a carrot."

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