Yu-Gi-Oh: Darkened Soul

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is owned by KidsWB and 4Kids Entertainment.

Plot: In this story, Yugi figures out the reality of Yami and Tea's relationship and takes it pretty hard. To make both of them happy, he decides to do the only thing: only one of them can permanently exist. Meanwhile, Yami Bakura plans his revenge for escaping the Shadow Realm. The couples will be at the end of this story. Enjoy!


Yugi/Yami Yugi

Warning: This story will have heavy amounts of angst. This is an AU where Yami and Yugi are separate people now.

Chapter 1: Descent into Darkness

Midnight. A time when most of the people of Domino City are asleep. It wasn't this way for Yugi Muuto. He sat awake in his bedroom for the third sleepless night in a row. It had been this way since he learned the truth.

He had summoned the courage to finally do something he had wanted to do for years, ask Tea Gardner on a date. Out of the many friends he made, she was the one closest to him. She was the only girl he had ever loved, the only one with a special place in his heart. Her crystalline-blue eyes shone with a compassion for anyone who witnessed it, friend or enemy alike. Yugi valued this about her for as long as they had known each other. But what she said when he asked her out shattered his hope.

"Yugi, I'm sorry but I'm already going out with Yami."

Within a matter of seconds, stretched out to an eternity, the sound of that name crushed Yugi's hopes. Tea was in love with his Yami, the darker side of himself that resided in the Millennium Puzzle. The mysterious spirit would possess Yugi during most duels, forcing the boy to watch as he won time after time. Now, though his dueling days are behind him, Yugi's suspictions have finally been proven. Yami's heart of the cards was Tea.

Yugi rolled onto his side and felt the pain in his heart, the gaping emptiness within him growing as he thought. His Yami and his secret crush had become lovers since that day, living the relationship that Yugi wanted so badly. He didn't have the boldness and will of his Yami but he was more than willing to prove his bravery. During the final duel with Pegasus, he himself almost died from the stress of being in the Shadow Realm. It was the only risk he could take to help his Yami win. If he had known that after the duel was over that this would happen, he would have willed himself to finish on his own. Now, his Yami was much bigger in the eyes of his friends and in Tea's heart.

Yugi got off of the bed and almost collapsed, his mind dizzy from the thoughts in his head. The anguish had gotten to the point where it was nearly unbearable. All of his friends started to get worried about him, unaware of his pain and sadness. Suddenly a thought raced across his mind that almost stopped his heart:

What if Yami and Tea go farther?

Yugi struggled to his feet and climbed back into bed, aware of the beating of his heart as it pounded. The thought of the two of them having sex, something left to couples who mean to spend their lives together, distressed him. Still, Yugi was reluctant to cry as he closed his eyes and prepared to sleep away his pain. He had grown accustomed to hiding his tears. No one knew about it, not even his Yami. As he drifted to sleep, his dreams were filled with the same images of his beloved Tea. He would long to hold her close, to taste the tender sweetness of her lips. The images would shift to that of Tea and Yami and the pain would return.

Yugi awoke in a cold sweat from the nightmare. He was starting to call his sanity into question. It wasn't until the next day that he would be proven right. After school, everyone had gathered outside to watch Joey duel Yugi's Yami. He had come a long way since the Duelist Kingdom and his skills had improved since then. Of course, Yami won without question. Later, Yugi watched everyone congratulate Yami and finally understood. Yami deserved to be here, having everyone respect and admire him. He was only in the way, a figure to be put aside. With tears in his amethyst eyes, he walked away with the knowledge of what had to be done. Tea watched as her friend walked away, feeling a sense of sadness in her heart as she thought.

"Poor Yugi. He looks so sad and lonely, like a part of his soul is missing."

"You felt it too?" Yami said to her, having also felt a deep sense of sadness from his aibou.

"Yeah. I'm scared that Yugi's going to do something horrible to himself."

"I'll find him." With that, Yami ran after his friend and dueling protegee, worried that whatever he was goign through would hurt them both. After several minutes, he found Yugi on the roof of the school. "Yugi, what are you doing?" Yami asked.

"After thinking about it, this is the only solution." Yugi said softly. "I see how everyone respects and admires you, how much they value you. It was never like that for me. My entire life, I've been bullied and pushed aside like I was nothing. Now, I realize that I AM nothing. I never was."

"Yugi, listen to me." Yami tried to say.

"No, you listen to me!" Yugi snapped as he turned around, tears clouding his vision. "You're the type of person I should have been! Your boldness and courage is everything I'm not! You have everything... and everyone I care about." Yugi turned away, preparing himself for what he was about to do. "Only one of us can exist for good and it's got to be you, not me. I'm sorry." He then tossed Yami his deck of dueling cards and stepped onto the ledge.

"Yugi, wait!" Yami shouted. "There's another way!"

"No, there isn't." Yugi whispered, turning to his friend one last time. "Take care of Tea. She loves you, you know." With that, he jumped off.

"YUGI!!!" Yami cried out as he ran to the ledge, watching helplessly as his aibou fell to his possible death. Suddenly, there was a flash of dark light and Yugi vanished. Yami looked in horror as he stepped away from the edge, realizing what had happened to his aibou. By trying to kill himself, his soul is in the one place where he can't help him. Just then, Tea and the others had rushed up to the roof, noticing that Yami was there and Yugi wasn't.

"Where's Yugi?" Tea asked desperately. "What happened?"

"He's gone." Yami said with regret. "He vanished to the one place where I can't help him. The Shadow Realm."

"This can't be happening." Tea said sorrowfully, tears beginning to form in her own eyes. "Yugi just can't be gone."


Yugi opened his eyes and found himself standing in a dark void. There was nothing but shadows as far as he could see. He knew immediately where he was.

"The Shadow Realm?" Yugi thought to himself in surprise. "How did I get here? The last thing that I remember is jumping from the school's roof and then... I ended up here." He sat down and thought about his situation. "I guess I deserve to be here since no one wants me around."

"That's ridiculous and you know it, Yugi." Yugi looked up and, to his surprise, saw Bakura standing there with a concerned look on his face. "What are you doing here in the Shadow Realm when you should be back in our world?"