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Bleeding Hearts

Part One: A Gypsy's Spell

Helga walked along the street wearily to P.S. 118. Dragging her feet with her arms dangling listlessly by her sides. Halloween decorations hung in the shop windows and on lampposts as she passed. Colorful leaves were blown across her path and the sound of happy children gaily chattering about what sort of spooky costume they would wear for Halloween echoed around her.

But Helga Pataki took note of none of this. She was thoroughly depressed and deprived of that certain spark which was always flickering dangerously in her eyes.

Then like an actress reciting her soliloquy in a big play she flung her arms to the heavens and exclaimed passionately, "Oh Arnold! Why?! Why did I not hold true to my confession of love to you when I had the chance? Why did I take the coward's way out and deny all that I had so truthfully expressed to you?"

Tears filled her eyes as the lovesick fourth grader staggered along the sidewalk with a torn heart and no obvious cure in sight.

Madame Blanch stood outside her shop hanging a shimmering orange garland with black bats and white skulls across her door. Helga had hung her head and didn't see that she was on a collision coarse with the preoccupied gypsy.

"Hey!" the lady yelped before losing her balance and crashing down onto the sidewalk.

"Oh, sorry." Helga muttered, picking herself up off the sidewalk and then lending the shopkeeper a hand.

"That's alright sweetie," the gypsy woman smiled, she recognized Helga from a few months before when she'd purchased a placebo out-of-love potion from her shop. "What's the matter dear? You look like you've been crying."

Unable to contain her emotions anymore Helga burst out into tears, "I just took back the words that for countless years of my tortured youth I've longed to express to Arn--the boy of my dreams."

"Ah, so now the object of your affection is once again none the wiser of your true feelings for him eh?" Madame Blanch summarized.

Helga nodded and wiped the tears off her cheeks.

"Well then don't worry honey!" the kind gypsy exclaimed, "Cause I've got just the cure for you!"

"Oh no," Helga backed away, remembering the last time the gypsy had conned her out of ten bucks for a little grape juice, "I'm not interested in any more of your potions."

"Potions smotions honey," Madame Blanch laughed, "I'm not all placebos and fruit drinks ya know." she lead Helga to the back room of her shop as she talked, "I save the real stuff for my most loyal customers."

"Right." Helga crossed her arms, "I'm heartbroken lady, not stupid."

"Trust me hon," the gypsy smiled, taking a small case down from a high shelf, "just follow these instructions and you're problems will be over."

"Yeah, how?" Helga asked skeptically, taking the case.

"The love of your life, if that's really what this boy is, will find a way to tell you how he really feels. All you have to do is cast the spell and wait!"

Helga looked down at the box in her hands, it was forest green with gold trim. Some odd verse was scribbled across the top in what was probably a long forgotten language. Anyway, it looked authentic.

Sighing Helga finally agreed, she was desperate enough to try anything now. "Fine, I'll give your little box of spells a chance. But if it doesn't work I'm demanding a full refund ya hear?!"

"Got'cha." Madame Blanch nodded.

Helga took the case and headed to the door repeating to herself what the gypsy had told her, "Just follow the instructions and your true love will confess his feelings to you."

"That's right," Madame Blanch smiled, "Oh, and pay me ten bucks."

Helga shoved the money in the woman's hand and hurried out to the bus stop.

Her best friend Phoebe was waiting for her. "Hi Helga, what have you got there?"

Sighing Helga tucked the case into her backpack, "Hopefully…the answer to my prayers."


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