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Chapter Twenty-Four: Forever

Daniel and Jack paced, holding the babies for comfort sometimes and settling them back to sleep at the insistence of Desire and Lust but finally what seemed like days later, Teal'c entered the room with a small bundle in his arms.

"How is Sam?" Daniel asked immediately.

"She is doing well, the healers are with her now. Due to the strangeness of the birth she will be on bed rest for some time. I wanted you to be the first to meet my son, Jacob Bratac."

Jack and Daniel huddled close and cooed at the small mocha skinned baby, it was a beautiful shade between the dark chocolate of Teal'c and the lovely alabaster of Samantha Carter.

"You have a handsome son, Teal'c," Jack stated and then Daniel watched both men become quiet. They both left children behind in the other time, Jack's was deceased but Teal'c had let behind Rya'ac and this moment while he looked down at Jacob, he remembered once more what he'd left behind.

"You thinking of your first son?" Daniel asked gently.

Both men nodded, Daniel pressed himself close to Jack in comfort. Jack looked down and smiled, "This is not a time to be sad, our children are safely here and the women all survived. We now have the first members of a new second generation SG-1."

Daniel rolled his eyes with a grin at the proud tone of voice in Jack. Daniel knew have Zale was going to bring about a lot of sadness in Jack but that's why they made the decision to have children together. They were both glad that Zale belonged genetically to Daniel because though they were a family, there was a little bit of separation between Zale and Jack.

Daniel watched as Jack suddenly turned away from Daniel and Teal'c and lifted Zada from her crib. She wiggled around in his arms for a moment before settling against that strong chest that Daniel had dirty dreams about all the time.

"Say hey to Sam for us," Daniel said with a smile. The Jaffa nodded to them before he walked back out of the room. The young scientist walked over and placed Zale back in his crib gently and wrapped his arms around Jack's waist awkwardly thanks to Zada in his arms but there was no way he was asking the man to put his daughter down. "You okay?"

Jack smiled down at him, shifting his gaze between his spouse and his daughter's serene face, "Yeah I'm good. Danny, I didn't know that I could ever do this again. I didn't think I had it in me to love someone again like I love you, and having another child was no where on my list."

"What was on your list?" Daniel whispered against Jack's pectoral muscle. It flexed under his touch and Daniel smiled in response.

"Before coming here?" Jack asked in clarification. Daniel nodded but said nothing, "I planned to keep going through the Gate till I died for good, I wasn't planning a life. I didn't have a future before I knew you loved me too."

Daniel grinned again, reaching up and kissing Jack gently. "I didn't know I was capable of loving after Sha're. I didn't think that I could take the chance of losing someone else, I knew it would destroy me but I realize now that love gives us a reason to fight."

"For each other," Jack said as he looked down at Zada again.

"Forever," Daniel replied.

"Forever," Jack repeated back as they stared down at their beautiful daughter.

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