By: El Chacal

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Richard Harrow walked into the kitchen and stood over Gemma as she was curled up against the wall next to Tara's dead body. He watched patiently as Tara's eyes opened and the sight of him staring at her with one eye made her shoot up from the ground.

"What are you doing here?"

"I told you. We would see each other. And here we are." Richard said, looking down and she followed his gaze. The sight of her dead body lying in a pool of blood streaming from the back of the head made her scream. Even as he watched Tara desperately try to put herself back into her body only to find she couldn't, Richard did not flinch. Falling to her knees in tears, Tara cried out, "Was this your plan all along?! You got your pound of flesh from me! Are you happy now?!"

Richard heard that same question 90 years ago from another woman. His answer never changed. "I never planned anything."

At that moment, Eli Roosevelt entered the fray, shocked beyond belief at the sight before him. Richard and Tara watched as he told Gemma the truth about what went down.

Tara, still racked by her own murder, could not even enjoy the look of fearful astonishment on Gemma's face. It didn't help a moment later when Juice walked in and executed Roosevelt on the spot as he was about to call it in.

Richard saw the look in Juice's eyes. It was a stare void of any life. Leaning in to Juice's ear, Richard said, "You're not done. Not yet."

Turning to face Tara, Richard said, "Come with me." Taking Tara by her hand, Richard led her out the front door and onto the main street right across from the candy shop. It was night time and Jax was hugging his brothers. "Do you still think. They are just a band. Of criminals?"

Tara was rendered silent as she saw her boys in the arms of Chibs and Tig. "Can I say goodbye to them?"

"You will not need to." Richard replied as he directed her back through the door and back to the scene of the crime.

Walking back inside the kitchen, Tara was about to ask why they returned when Jax walked right in and saw his worst nightmare come true. She never saw him cry that much since Opie was killed nor had she ever heard him scream the way he did.

"Can I say goodbye to him?" Tara asked. Richard cleared his throat. "He can not see. Or hear you." Just as fate would be fickle and devastating, DA Patterson arrived with the ATF. Tara gasped as she saw Jax's gun lying not a few feet away from the remains of the late Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt.

"Who's going to take care of our boys?" Tara asked, watching on helpless and powerless as Jax was arrested and taken away. Tara turned to confront Harrow only to find that he had vanished, leaving her all alone in the room. She looked on as the bodies were taken from the crime scene and no one noticed her.

Tara heard the door open. Richard walked in with someone she never expected to see.

"I'm not enjoying this anymore than you." Gemma said.

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