Eyes closed, the woman could feel thin strands of hair covering her face. Reaching up slowly she felt her bruised muscles protest the action. They strained against the weight of gravity, fighting her will. Hand now on her forehead, she feebly attempted to wipe the bothersome hair off of her face. They refused to move.

She squinted in an attempt to see why she couldn't push the strands off. It was only hair. Nothing heavy. So why wouldn't it move? Pink lines covered her vision and beyond them, nothing. Frowning slightly, she let her arm fall back down to her side. Where was she?

Eyes now completely open, the woman looked to her left. A large black shaped blurred before her. In fact, the shape was touching her. Holding her hand, actually. Still unable to completely focus, she opened her mouth a fraction to ask why they were there. The shape was a person, after all.

Nothing came out. No sound. Not even air.

Battling to take a single breath now, she used her eyes to scream at the blurry person to help her. She pleaded, begged, cried for relief from the crushing weight on her chest. I can't breath, I can't breath, I can't breath, I can't breath, I cant breat, I cnt breth.. i cnnn brrth... icnnn brrhhh... i cnnn... i... i... Her mind felt as blurry as the person next to her...

Eyes closing, the shattered woman hoped she'd wake up again.



Eyes staring into the red abyss, the woman could feel two lives slipping away. One being purified by the death, the other staining their soul because of it. But which was which? Even now, at the end of everything, she couldn't tell.

Glancing down, she saw a sea of the same red below her. It was dripping down both of their bodies. Congealing and becoming one. She almost wanted to laugh. Now, when everything was over, she could finally be with the man she loved. She could feeling him touching her, grabbing at her, demanding to know how she'd gotten so strong...strength...power...that's all he ever really cared about, wasn't it?

Her last tear slid down her face as infinity rushed up beneath her.



Eyes were wide as they took in the scene. Two brothers stood before her, fighting because they loved too harshly. One love directed at the black haired demon he was killing, the other love pushing for a family long gone. Her love was big enough for them both, though they couldn't accept the form it took.

Her hand reached down for a weapon, still undecided as to whether or not she wanted to join in. In theory this fight was all of theirs, in practice it was only for her boys. She had never held a place in it. Not really. Her world was too normal, too quiet for them.

But it's not...

She fought down the thought. There were some things her team could never know. Some memories she wish she didn't know. She let go of the kunai, waiting to see whose love was stronger.



Eyes were full of tears as the thought struck her, Team 7 is together again. Even if they hated each other, even if she knew they would all die here, they were in each others presence. It was a comfort, if a small one.

Content in this familiar sadness, she ignored the lines of desperation that fell down her cheeks. She ignored the fact that her blonde brother was shaking in fear beside her. She ignored the look of pain that crossed her once-missing teammates face as he took in their appearance. It must be quite a shock, to see people you thought would never give up on you decked out in full anbu gear.

Smiling slightly under her tears, the woman realized that he'd always thought they'd never hurt him. That he was above all forms of morality. That they were too childish to even contemplate killing someone they loved...how naive he was.



Eyes stared down at the ground as she received the news. He was back. After all of these years he was finally back. She clutched at the front of her shirt, trying to suppress of the emotions that popped up at his name.

Thinking on it, the last time they'd locked gazes was when she was only sixteen. When she was just a girl. Letting go of the fabric, she swore to herself that this time it would be different. This time he wouldn't get away.

Behind her she could feel the stare of her sensei. It was a sad one, sad for her, for her brother, for this entire situation. He'd hoped it wouldn't turn out like this, that the damnable curse that plagued team 7 would finally be broken. But it had and it wouldn't.

She closed her eyes in guilt. Even though he would never tell them, his team had failed him.



Eyes glazed over, she pushed back her long hair and stared adoringly at her now-teammate. How unbelievably lucky that they were placed together! Smiling widely, she ignored the stare of the blue-eyed boy across from her.

Taking only a moment to look away from her love, she gave a quick assessment of her new sensei. Old, boring, with no sense of coolness at all. Why couldn't they have been giving someone better?

Oh well, she thought as she turned back to the black-haired boy, at least she had him. The crushed gaze of the other boy still didn't register in her mind.



The silver haired jonin couldn't look away. Couldn't stop staring at the pool of red that surrounded something so innocent. Too innocent to be covered in the sticky mess. Too innocent to be involved in such a horrible profession. Too innocent to even be his friend, really, pervert that he was.

Her hair was covering her face, falling in thick strands across her eyes. Eyes that would never open again. Green pools of happiness that would never smile at him again. He felt like he couldn't breath.

His other two students lay behind him, drowning in their own blood. But he didn't spare them a glance. They'd been destined for this fate as soon as the dark one left. Caught up in each other's winds, they could spare no time for the rest of the world.

But the girl in front of him was different. She could have had a life. Could have been so happy. His mask became drenched in his sadness. Shoulders shook as the full truth of reality hit him. She was gone.

Reaching out a trembling hand, he brushed the hair out of her eyes; the other grasped tightly to the girls cold one.