Sakura wondered if she should feel sad. Truthfully, she should be weeping on the floor right now, but all she could do was stare at Kakashi with dry eyes. Eyes that burned without shedding water. She knew her hands were shaking, knew that her breath was coming out faster than normal, and most definitely knew that Kakashi wasn't looking at her. Still, even with all of this, Sakura didn't feel sad. Why?

Looking past her former teacher she tried to catch the eye's of her Hokage but Tsunade wouldn't meet her gaze. Nobody in the room would look at her. Nobody in the room could watch her die. Sakura's eye's travelled from Tsunade to Naruto. From his averted gaze to Ino's. To Hinata's. To Kiba's. Shino. Chouji. TenTen. Lee. She didn't see any eyes directed at her. Finally, she gave up and turned back to Kakashi. There was water falling down his cheeks.

Sakura stopped shaking. Her breathing stilled. Kakashi still didn't look up. Drawing in a large amount of air, she took a step towards him. Her foot wouldn't move at first, but she forced it too. One step after another she made herself get closer to Kakashi, made herself brave his averted gaze. After what felt like far too long she stood in front of him. His back straightened, fists clenching without thought. She couldn't blame him. Couldn't blame any of them, really. If she were in their position, she wouldn't want to look either.

"You know why I did it, right?" He had to. Kakashi, of all people, had to know why she covered herself in blood, why she threw away everything that made her up for the sake of another. She reached a red-caked hand up to his face slowly, asking permission to touch it. He didn't deny her and she laid her palm against his cheek. "You know there was no other choice. You know I couldn't watch him…" Sakura's words failed her. They always had, so it didn't come as a surprise.

So small she almost missed it, Kakashi nodded. It was a jerky motion, one that didn't really want to be made but was forced out anyways. Sakura took it as a good sign. Maybe he would forgive her. Even if Naruto didn't. Even if Ino hated her forever. Even if she never got to have Team 7 back, she couldn't have Kakashi hate her. He had been all she'd had these past couple of years. If he left her then she would feel the sadness everyone else in the room possessed. And she didn't know if she could survive that.

"Kakashi…" The words still wouldn't come, but after a moment of silence Sakura realized that they didn't have to. Her actions, her movement, her very breath gave life to her thoughts. What she'd done was out of an aged love, an act for someone she used to care for. It was also for the love standing right in front of her. The love that had never happened and probably never would. Still, it was there. Filling her in place of the expected sadness. It gave meaning to her actions, gave her the strength to preform them.

Kakashi's eye's rose to meet her's, red and black both looking at her as water continued to fall from them silently. They weren't angry. They weren't admonishing. They were full of understanding. He really did know. A small smile formed on Sakura's blood-cracked lips. Kakashi wouldn't leave her because he knew.

"Thank you."

Behind her lay Sasuke, eye's dulled with the loss of life.




I should not listen to sad music while writing.