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Summary: Hermione is given the advice to write a memoir. She reflects on her past telling us the story of what her life was like after the downfall of Voldemort. No longer a little girl, the woman of 24 tells us her story. How she hid from the world but at the same time found herself falling in love. Even if she denied it from the start. ~ A glimpse into the life of 24 year old Hermione Granger as she tackles the obstacles of friends, family, work, luck, mistakes, challenges, lessons and love. Prepare yourself, you have no idea what you have just gotten yourself into.

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Memoirs of Miss Hermione Granger

By: Lady Mione

Chapter 1~ The Evil Kneazle

Im not entirely sure how everything fell into place in fact Im not even sure where exactly to begin. My friends told me the best way to express my feelings would be to write a memoir. A memoir of my life and how I came to be the woman I am today. I don't think I'll bore you with my child hood. It wasn't very exciting to begin with. I spent most of my early years with my nose stuck in a book. I wasn't exactly the outgoing type; I was much more comfortable in the library doing what I loved…reading. Then things began to change; we all graduated from school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to be exact. My best friend Harry defeated the most powerful wizard of our world and I was there, finding ways to help by using my books. My friend Ron was there as well, but he fought just as much as Harry did, his bravery will be something that I will always admire. We fought, and we won, and finally after all the years of disturbing dreams and wonder we could finally be at peace. At least that's what we all hoped would happen.

Harry went on to play professional Quidditch for a few years, he was quite good and brought his team to many victories, but unfortunately two years ago he had a horrific accident and was forced to quit the team. Now he works at Hogwarts as their young exciting Flying teacher. All the girls simply adore him, but Harry couldn't be more in love with his fiancé Lavender Brown. It was a tremendous shock for us when we found out they were together, after all Harry was known for teasing her back at school. Ron and I both work for the Ministry, however in completely different departments. Ron works for the Department of Magical Games and Sports. He does well, especially since he has Quidditch on the brain. My job, as mundane as it may seem, is in The Improper Use of Magic Office. Basically I file and research paper work on the misuse of magic by witches and wizards. Sometimes it can be very tedious. For example last week Adria Lastella, a witch from a town close to Hogsmeade, tried to enchant three muggle children when they accidentally stepped on her flowerbed. Yes, working for the ministry can be a chore, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Now here I am, writing down my life on a piece of parchment because Im doubled over with emotions. It wasn't always like this; I was always calm and level headed, even when I dated Harry for those three months. Now I can't begin to express the things I feel, and it was all because of that one incident, the one that had changed absolutely everything. I would like you to take a glimpse into the life of Hermione Granger, a woman of 23 on the verge of finding herself, as well as telling a story. I guarantee that everything you read here is the truth, it is my life, the story of my friends and myself, and if you (you know who you are) are reading this, you will finally realize that things are not always what they seem. And thus begins my story;

" Hermione! " Ginny yelled from the far bedroom. " Hermione can you please come and help me! "

Hermione giggled and set down the ginger tea that she had been sipping. Ginny had bought a Kneazle from Diagon Alley and swore she would be able to take care of it. That was before it started ripping everything apart. By now it had gone through four pairs of Ginny's shoes, two pillows and the curtains that hung in their sitting room. Hermione rose from her chair and walked to Ginny's room. The evil Kneazle had what looked like Ginny's new green dress robe in its mouth. Ginny was on the opposite end pulling with all her strength. It was an all out tug of war until finally there was a loud rip and both Ginny and Rusty (the Kneazle was orange and brown, so Ginny named it Rusty) fell to the floor each the victor of half the dress robe. Rusty made a noise and Hermione could have sworn it was laughing. Moving over to Ginny she held out her hand and helped her to her feet.

" Thanks for the help Herm. " she muttered as she looked over her torn robe.

" Ginny lets be reasonable this thing is evil! " Hermione shot a dirty look at Rusty whom already had its mouth around the base of Ginny's bed.

" But he's really cute Hermione…just look at him. " Ginny looked over at Rusty who by now chewed a hunk out of the bottom of the bed. " Rusty! " she cried as Hermione laughed uncontrollably.

" Im sorry Ginny but if I knew you would be bringing home a beast like this I would never have agreed to move in with you. " she continued to laugh holding her stomach which ached with pain.

Hermione had moved in with Ginny about six months ago. They both needed a change of scenery; Ginny was tired of the Burrow, while Hermione was tired of living on her own. It was one thing to be independent but she got lonely a bit too often. So they decided on a tiny apartment right outside of Diagon Alley. It was only a ten-minute walk there which made it a perfect location. Besides they could Floo anywhere if it was extremely important. Ginny was now wrestling with Rusty and Hermione rolled her eyes.

" Put him in his cage Ginny. " she yelled over the ruckus

" But its so small and I feel bad when I pu- OW! " she pulled back and looked at her hand. " He bit me! " she placed her hand to her mouth and gently sucked on it. " Help me get the beast into its cage. "

Together the two struggled until finally Rusty was locked securely in his cage. Releasing a giant sigh they waltzed into the sitting room. Ginny dropped into an over sized armchair while Hermione lay on their plush white couch.

" That thing is going to be the death of me. " Hermione breathed

" Yeah well there are more important things to worry about. Such as who your bringing for a date this Saturday. " Ginny wiggled her eye brows and smiled.

" Oh not now Ginny, " Hermione groaned and covered her face with her hand. " It is not necessary that I bring a date…Ron doesn't have a date, why don't you go pester him? "

" Because Ron is boring, and its his own fault Parvati broke up with him. Honestly would you have remained in that relationship if every date consisted of Quidditch games? " she rolled her eyes and sat up in the chair. " Come on Herm, there are tons of guys at the ministry who would love to go out with you. "

" No thank you Ginny, like I said I don't like dating, I don't like the whole relationship world, it takes away from my work…And what are you bugging me for, you're the one with the mystery date! " Ginny blushed

" Its not a mystery, its just…well you will see. " she smiled, her cheeks still tinted a shade of pink.

" Really Ginny, I don't mind going alone, in fact I like it. " she rose from the couch and headed for her room," Rusty gave me a workout, Im going to take a nap, if Im still sleeping around five wake me up and we will go get some dinner ok? " She looked over her shoulder at Ginny who was nodding off to sleep herself.

" Mmhm right Herm, "

Hermione opened up the door to her room and slouched against the back of the door. So what if she was lying, it didn't really matter. Her work was too important to be pushed aside. Dating wasn't so important, I mean she knew plenty of people that didn't date. Ron was single, and even her friend Emily was single. Ok so it was only two but what was the big deal. Just because she was young and single didn't make her any less fun then anyone else.

" Oh stop kidding yourself Hermione…" she muttered outloud

So maybe she did want to date, maybe she did feel the need to be loved. God she was human, she just didn't obsess over it like other girls her age. Sure she enjoyed going to clubs and parties but she always felt out of place. That's why it wasn't such a big deal to attend the party on Saturday. It wasn't just any party, it was a Weasley party, and there she was family. She didn't need to impress anyone. Crawling over to her bed she climbed under her covers and rested her head on her pillow. There was a loud crash outside her door and she figured Rusty had managed to escape from his cage. She giggled a bit and sighed. Closing her eyes she forgot about everything that was bothering her, each problem seemed to drift out of her mind, but it didn't last long as Ginny pounded on her bedroom door.

" Hermione I need your help! "

Groaning loudly Hermione dragged herself over to her door and pulled it open. Ginny's face was frantic and behind her Hermione could see Rusty running ragged. It was finally confirmed, Rusty the Kneazle had taken over the house.

" That's it Ginny, if you don't get that thing under control I am personally going to look up different ways to make a delicious Kneazle stew!" Hermione shouted

There was complete silence as Rusty stopped short in his tracks. He cocked his head and looked over at Hermione whom was seething with anger. Ginny giggled at the sight but decided to play along, hopefully Rusty would fall for the trick.

" Yes, I agree…if Rusty doesn't get better we may just have to eat him. " Ginny felt the laughter rise in her stomach. Poor Rusty had a terrified expression on his face. He slowly made his way over to Ginny, his head hung low in shame. He calmly sat down next to Ginny and rubbed his head against her leg. " I don't know Rusty, you have been rather bad. " she shook her head and Rusty cowered. " Just promise me you will behave." Rusty brushed up against her again and Ginny smiled. " Do you want to go get some dinner now? I have a surprise for you anyway. "

" I suppose " Hermione yawned and scratched her head, " Let me just go grab my bag and my cloak. " she ran to her room and grabbed the two items that were neatly placed across her chair. " All right Gin, lets go."

" Do you want to Floo there? I mean Im meeting someone and I want to be on time. " she grabbed the bag that held the Floo powder.

" Sure, doesn't matter to me…but who are you meeting there? Ginny if your trying to set me up on one of your dumb blind dates I swear I'll-"

" Calm down Hermione, actually its my date for Saturday, I want you to meet him first…tell me how you think things will go. "

They approached the fireplace and grabbed a pinch of Floo powder. Ginny went first, shouting The Light Café and disappearing. Hermione grabbed her Floo powder and tossed it into the fire.

" The Light Café " she yelled sternly before disappearing as well.

She felt everything around her whiz by quickly and in a matter of moments she leaned forward and stumbled out of the Café fireplace. Ginny stood in front of her grinning from ear to ear.

" Well…." Ginny asked looking at the man who was standing next to her.

Hermione did a quick double take and inhaled deeply. " Oh Ginny I don't think things will go very well… "

This caused Draco Malfoy only to smirk even more.

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