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The doors opened and the change-over began.

The Night Class, the elite, gorgeous, intelligent, a group of students that attended the exclusive Cross Academy.

A boarding school where students all live on campus.

Kaname Kuran – dorm president, Takuma Ichijo, Hanabusa Aido, Akastuki Kain, Senri Shiki, Rima Toya, Ruka Souen, Seiren….Koneko Mizuchi.

The girls of the 'Day Class' all adored the boys of the Night Class waiting eagerly for them every sunset for the changeover trying to catch a glimpse of their precious 'Idol' or 'Wild'…

They walked through the crowd of girls Aido leading the pack waving madly and giving a few 'lucky' girls the 'Bang' treatment.

He seriously did egg them on.

This was sort of bad considering he had a fiancé that watched this happen every evening.

Koneko Mizuchi, age sixteen and the youngest of five children in the Mizuchi family.

"Hello girls! You're looking as cute as ever today!" Aido proclaimed. "I could hear you loud and clear from the dorms."

Please, people in Tokyo could hear those girls at the gates.

A group of girls ran past, knocking over Prefect Yuki Cross as they went, leading to a moment with the Dorm President himself.

Pureblood Kaname Kuran.

He ruffled the girl's short locks but his hand was ripped away.

Unsurprisingly, it was Zero.

"You're class has begun Kaname. Perhaps you should go to it." He told him stiffly.

"So scary." Kaname chuckled. "Mr Prefect." He turned and walked away, accepting a rose from a Day Class girl as he did.

"It's none of my business how much you suck up to Kaname Kuran but you know the rules right?" Zero asked Yuki.

"Oh shut up, of course I know…they are completely different from us."

Because the Night Class were not just a group of elite and gorgeous students.

There was a secret that no one knows about the Night Class.

That every one of them was a vampire.


"…This tablet developed by the Night Class if very effective and has been accepted worldwide. You are not only the pride of this school but also the entire vampire realm." The man was saying.

Koneko rolled her eyes biting her lip but not looking up from her drawing.

"It's not that big of a deal." Ruka said.

"All we did was take part in some group study."

"I really hate that guy!" Aido announced. "Who does Zero Kiryu think he his!" He scribbled furiously in his diary. "Grabbing Kaname-sama like that…"
"What's this?" Ruka asked picking it up and examining the drawn cartoon of the Kiryu boy. "Well now this looks to me like someone in love! Koneko looks like you have competition." She laughed.

The girl turned around to look at them, wide eyed before her face turned red and she turned back again begging the ground silently to shallow her up as she concentrated on drawing the filled jug of the tablet dilute and the bowl filled with tablets next to it.

"Stop embarrassing her." Kain stated. "It's not her fault Hanabusa has an obsession with Kiryu."

"What! I'd destroy that Prefect in a second if they'd just let me!"

"Yes but they do have that girl…." Shiki said staring at the ceiling. "And she looks quite…yummy."

Everyone gasped and looked at him.

"Shiki…" Takuma began.

"Time to feed." Rima said blandly throwing her friend two pieces of Pocky.

Kaname closed his book and stood up.

"Kaname-sama, I've noticed that you seem awfully interested in that girl." Ruka stated.

"Yes, you're right." He replied.

Ruka huffed and slammed the edge of the book down on Aido's hand.

And kept it there.

"That hurts. That hurts, that hurts. THAT HURTS!" He threw the book off of his hand. "Ruka do you wish to die!"

"…The clouds will soon obscure the moon." Kaname said.

"…Yes. It'll be our time."

The lamp went out.

"The night is made for vampires."

Their eyes turned red.

They were the beings that hide in shadows, the secret that needs to be protected.

The secret of their very existence.


She walked with Aido and Kain around the grounds.

Then, they smelt it, the blood and the boys set off to find its source.

And yes, they did drag Koneko with them.

Yuki Cross…and two Day Class Students.

"Who's there?" Yuki asked angrily releasing Artemis to its full form and moving to attack.

It was caught.

"So scary." Kain said. "The Chairman taught you well."

"Oh my gosh!" One of the Day Class girls stated. "It's Akastuki Kain, Hanabusa Aido and Koneko Mizuchi from the Night Class!"
Well look at that…they know my name. The female vampire thought rolling her eyes.

Aido took Artemis from Kain who tended his burn wound from Artemis' anti-vampire abilities.

"No need for all this fuss." Aido said. "We just came out here because we smelt blood. You're so mean Yuki." He smiled as his eyes turned red, revealing the beast inside.

"You know…the real reason we came out here tonight." He inhaled deeply closing his eyes and when he opened them again they were the usual electric blue. "You know you do smell so nice."
The Day Class fangirls screamed. "Ah! He thinks we smell good!"

"I don't believe it what do we do?"

"I'm surrounded by idiots." Koneko sighed. "Hanabusa, can we go now?" She asked.

"Just a minute Koneko…." He flashed a smile, turning from Yuki briefly to look at her.

"Listen here Aido if you so much as touch those girl's I'll…" The prefect in question began.
"Aido chuckled and took Yuki's hand.

It was scratched.


"Did you fall?" He asked smirking. "What smells good Yuki is the smell of your blood." He told her.

His eyes turned again as he brought her hand to his mouth. "Really…it is so…tempting…"

His fangs gently sunk into her palm.

"Are those fangs!" The Day Class girls yelped.

"He's a vampire!"
The other two vampires in attendance stood there.

Yuki dropped Artemis.

Big mistake.

"Aido! Let go!" She struggled but he continued to drink.

He did licking his lips. "Oh…but I want more." He told her spinning the girl around and lifting her hair to reveal her neck.

The Day Class girls fainted.

"May I partake from…your neck?" He asked cheekily.

"No! You can't have any at all! Now let go!"
"Hana-" Kain began but a gun being cocked stopped them.

Yuki was pushed aside and a gun pressed to Aido's back.

"Zero." Koneko said.

"Drinking blood on school grounds is strictly forbidden." He said. "Has the smell of blood made you completely lose control? Vampire?"
"Zero hold on!" Yuki shouted.

"But I….already tasted her." Aido said pushing the Guardian's buttons.

A shot rang out and Koneko covered her eyes.

"Dah!" Aido yelped and Koneko looked up.

Yuki had lifted Zero's hand up so the shot hit the tree instead of the ice-user.

"You can't shoot him idiot!"

"That Bloody Rose…I'm afraid it's rather threatening." Kaname said walking towards him.

Kain face-palmed.

Now they were royally screwed.

Koneko put a hand on Aido's arm who was shaking.

She smiled at him and he took a deep breath and smiled the barest amount back.

"Can you please put it away?" The pureblood asked.

"Kaname I…" Yuki began but Kaname interrupted her grabbing Aido's collar.

"I'll escort these fools to the Headmaster myself to receive their punishment." He told the Guardians.

"Kaname-sama…" Aido stuttered.

"Zero, is that, alright?" He asked.

"Just…get them out of here." The Vampire Hunter told Kaname.

"Akastuki, Koneko because you did nothing to stop Aido, you're guilty too…now for the two who have fainted."

Oh yeah…the Day Class girls.

Seiren dropped from the trees. "I'll have their memory of tonight erased." Kaname told them. "And I'll take them to the Headmaster's as well. Is that okay?"

"Uh…yes thank you." Yuki bowed lightly.

"I'm sorry he scared you Yuki. That was wrong of him." He said.

"No it's okay it was just a little bite more like a nibble really." She began but Zero grabbed her hand.

"Let's go."

"Hold on Zero what are you doing-"She asked as he dragged her away.


Aido dropped a blood tablet into the water. "Suspended for ten days. For a taste of Yuki's blood it was totally worth it." He said.

Koneko continued to draw shading in parts here and there before picking up her pencil again and continuing to draw.

"I wouldn't let Kaname-sama hear you say that. He'll get angry." Kain stated.

"That's what I want. I'm sorry but surviving on tablets alone isn't enough for me. Her blood was so…irresistible. I just…"

Kaname walked in and Aido quickly shut up as the pureblood backhanded the boy across the face, he even drew blood.

"You just." He spat.

"Uh….I am so sorry." Aido offered as the pureblood walked away.

"Well it's what you wanted isn't it?" Kain asked.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" Aido shouted childishly.

Kain huffed a tiny bit before reaching over and out of nowhere taking the sketchpad out of Koneko's hand.

"Hey!" She said frowning. "That's mine!" She reached for it and he moved it out of her reach. "Give it back!"
He waved her away.

"This is….really good." He said raising his eyebrows before throwing it to Hanabusa who caught it and looked.

He'd never actually seen any of Koneko's drawings despite the fact she spent the majority of her time drawing.

It was….him.

Lounging on the couch, legs crossed, hair tousled…it was a rough drawing with heavy lines and hastily shaded areas but it was….

Amazing, natural….

Perfect dare he say it.

She took it from his hands. "I'm uh…I'm gonna go to bed…" She said before nearly running up the stairs.

As she left he smiled. "Ah Koneko…."

He watched her go.

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