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Please note that this Fan Fiction does have spoilers to an certain extent.

This is a little poem about Nozomi's feelings at the end of Shenmue. I would like to dedicate this to Adfegg and Yami Mai, who were kind enough to review Departure (if only someone would review my Shadow of Destiny Fiction so I knew someone had at least read it). I'm sorry that this Fiction so short, but school can really be a murder sometimes.

I stand here now, at the Yamanose Shrine. The dark night skies matching my mood perfectly. The wind ruffles my hair, my cheeks are wet with my tears. The rising sun seems to be taunting me, as it throws a ray of light on...him...

The one I love more than anyone, the one I hate more than anyone.

Ever since that time...when I was just a little girl, bullied for being Canadian, he came like a ray of hope to protect me from my tormenters.

That was when he took my heart, carrying it for more than a decade, only to finally throw it away.

I gave him my love, he gave me his protection.

Growing closer and closer yet somehow growing further and further apart at the same time.

Until that day....

The day when he died, died with his father.

After that day I knew that I had lost him, lost him to a void of revenge, where I cannot follow.

And I became a pawn in helping him on his quest, because I would sell my soul just for him to smile...just at me.

I told him of my feelings, he said that he didn't know what his were.

I told him I'd wait, but I never did.

How could I? When every moment without him being with me felt like eternity

While every second he was near me felt like a glimpse of heaven, only to have it taken away from me again.

As I turn from the shrine. I think of Canada.

My father wanted me to return. I refused.

I would never leave him, no matter what the cost.

He told me that he was going to leave for Hong Kong.

He made my life fall to pieces.

I agreed to go back to Canada, staying here without him would have changed my rapture to torture.

Then I was kidnapped.

He saved me, but treated me with the same coldness he had since his father died.

That was when it began....

When the cold seed of hatred he had planted when he told me he would leave me for revenge, slowly blossomed.

He gave me life. Only to take it away.

I gave him an amulet.

For luck I said.

As I wished and willed the amulet to bring him luck, I cursed it too.

So that he could never find happiness with another woman.

I hated myself, for taking away any chance of happiness he may of had.

But this is what he drove me to.

I run away from the shrine, leaving him there.

As I wait at the airport, I think about life.

About how much I love him, about how much I hate him.

On the plane I prayed to God.

Prayed for forgiveness for my sin.

My sin of loving Ryo Hazuki until the day I die.

I think of him in a strange, new land and I pray once again.

Please help keep Ryo safe in his journey.

And I see him, travelling the streets of Wan Chai,

Oh Ryo, go with my eternal love....

....as you go with my eternal hatred.

Sorry. I don't think this is very good.