A/N I've got a few stories in mind which I'll write in the New Year. I don't have access to the books at the moment, and haven't for a few months, so I can't write certain one shots or stories that I want to until I have access to them. I also have not worked out how I want Ly and Charlie to get together.. Or what's going to happen once they're married (although I think that I'm going to follow Sakura Ichigo Morihiko's line from 'Truth Revealed' which is no longer on Fanfiction.. Which is that as Lyra is of an Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter and of Black, Bill, in that story, took the surname Potter because he was off a lesser family - it would be Charlie in mine though) but I need to think about it properly. So in the meantime, here is a festive story of Lyra and Sirius over the years 3

I'm also going by if Lyra was born at the end of July, then I'm assuming she was conceived around the end of October, early November 1979. Lily would be about 7 weeks pregnant on Christmas Day 1979.
Disclaimer: the entire Harry Potter Universe belongs to JK Rowling.

It was early Christmas morning when Lily awoke. Rolling over, she opened her eyes to see her husband looking back at her.
"Merry Christmas Lily" he whispered, "Merry Christmas Baby" kissing her still flat stomach. In response, Lily kissed the tip of his nose, saying "Merry Christmas" back, and rolled out of bed. After getting dressed, she went downstairs and entered the kitchen, only to find Sirius already there.

"Sirius!" She exclaimed, "what are you doing up, it's still early!"
"It's Christmas Day!" He replied, looking at her as if she were stupid. Handing her a glass of pumpkin juice, he bounded out of the room and went to wake James.

While Remus and Peter weren't due until later, Sirius had stayed over the night before. It was for this reason that Lily and James had decided to tell Sirius about the baby, although they were going to wait until Lily had reached 12 weeks before telling anyone else.

When Sirius had brought a tousled looking James downstairs and they had all eaten breakfast, they took themselves into the living room.


Upon looking up, Sirius noticed their serious faces and tensed up.
"What..?" He asked, with dread in his voice. James' expression quickly changed to one of horror "oh nothing like that Padfoot!" While Lily's became compassionate.

"Sirius" she said again, in her melodious, gentle voice, "we have something to tell you."

Sirius looked at her in confusion.

"Nobody else can know, it's too early, but.. I'm pregnant"

James and Lily watched Sirius as his face changed from confusion to one of utter wonder. "Pregnant?" He hesitantly stood up and approached Lily, staring at her stomach. His eyes slowly flickered up to hers before his face broke into a grin and he gently hugged her, spinning her round until he saw James' tolerant face grinning away. Laughing, he launched himself at James, saying "congratulations!" Again and again.

Once James had extricated himself, he rejoined Lily, linking their hands together. "We'd like you to be the godfather."

Sirius' expression was once more one of awe, although neither James nor Lily had expected to see him looking slightly tearful. He once again approached Lily, his eyes shining, before he knelt down.

"Hello Baby" he croaked, "I'm your godfather" before kissing Lily's stomach. At this, James looked slightly tearful himself, while Lily could no longer hold herself back, and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

When Sirius looked up, he saw Lily struggling to regain her composure, and he gathered her in his arms. "This is the most amazing Christmas present you could have ever given me you two!" James came over and wrapped the both of them in his arms. "Merry Christmas Sirius" he said, while Lily kissed his cheek.

When Remus arrived, and then Peter, Lily, James and Sirius were acting normally, although Sirius did keep shooting loving glances in Lily's direction, and was extremely gentle around her. Nobody but Lily and James noticed, although Remus did sense that something was changed. He didn't find out until the beginning of February the reason why though.