A/N this is the last chapter, and is more about Lyra and Charlie's relationship than Lyra's and Sirius' relationship. Happy new year everyone x

New Year's Eve 1996

Remus and Dora were celebrating New Year with the Tonks', so it was just Sirius and Lyra going to the party the Weasleys were hosting at the Burrow. Lyra was nervous, it was the first time she would see Charlie since Christmas Day the week before. He hadn't been able to get over to Grimmauld Place again, as it would seem odd that he was visiting Lyra, and she couldn't see him at the Burrow as everyone else thought her only reason for visiting the Weasleys was her friendship with Ron.

The only people that knew they had kissed were Remus and Dora, who wouldn't be there, Sirius, and Lyra was certain that Charlie would have told Bill and Fleur as well. So now she was worried that she would blush the instant she saw him.

Instead, Lyra spent the evening with Ron and Ginny, occasionally shooting glances at Charlie. He was a little upset that she didn't come and talk to him, but masked it well, instead talking to Bill and Fleur. Fleur saw straight through him, and reassured Charlie that Lyra was just nervous about talking to him.

And now it was nearly midnight. Everyone else had retreated inside, and Charlie was the first out to watch the fireworks the twins would be setting up. He was standing at the top of the garden looking over the hills when he heard movement beside him. It was light footsteps, so too heavy to be any of his brothers.

Then from beside him, a quiet voice.

"Did you know it's a Muggle tradition to kiss on New Year's Eve?" Charlie could almost hear the blush in her voice as he turned and looked at her, flushing red when he noticed her in the darkness.

"No.." His voice, sounding slightly strangled, was quiet even to her ears.

"I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you this evening.." They both said at the same time, stopping and blushing once more.

They gave up, and stood in slightly awkward silence, wanting so much to say something but not knowing what. Eventually, Charlie broke the cold night air. "So, a Muggle tradition?" Lyra blushed. "Yes, though I've never taken part in it." Charlie smiled at her still slightly reddened face, but didn't say anything as the twins were calling them down the garden.

They stood in a group, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Fleur, Sirius, Ron, Ginny, Lyra and Charlie. Fred and George stood a slight way away, the fireworks waiting to be lit. They were silent in the night, waiting for the end of 1996 which was drawing ever nearer. Eventually it was time, and the fireworks lit up the sky.

"Happy New Year!" Everyone shouted, turning and hugging each other. Mr Weasley was kissing his wife, Bill kissing Fleur, but it was a surprise to the Weasleys to turn and see Charlie, arms wrapped around Lyra, eyes shut with bliss on his face, kissing in the New Year. Ron stared at his best friend. "Lyra!"

Lyra was in heaven, she had never felt as right as she did in Charlie's arms, she felt as if she could fight Voldemort at that very moment and win.

Eventually though, she noticed sound returning, a small unwelcome call of her name bringing her back from Charlie's lips. Breaking off the kiss, she slipped her hand into Charlie's and they both turned, blushing bright red when they noticed the rest of their family staring at them.

"Lyra!" Exclaimed Ron, "when.. Why.. How did this happen?" "Christmas Day" replied Sirius, rather unhelpfully, "in our kitchen."

"Sirius!" Lyra snapped, "shut up!" Sirius smirked, "it was under the mistletoe, they kissed for ages, they didn't even notice us in the door-" at this point, Charlie was so red that Lyra elbowed Sirius. "Shut. Up." She hissed.

Ron was staring open mouthed at them. "But he's my brother!" Charlie rolled his eyes. "Well done." Ginny intervened. "Who else knew?" Lyra blushed once more. "Sirius, Remus, Dora.." "And us" added Bill. "So that's why you came back bright red!" Shouted Ginny, "Lyra!" Running, she hugged Lyra and Charlie. Mrs Weasley came over then, eyes glimmering with tears. "Oh Lyra, I can't believe you and Charlie are together, you'll be a proper part of our family now!"

Charlie stared at his mother. "You know we're not getting married Mum.." Mrs a Weasley didn't hear though, her eyes slightly dazed. Bill came over and clapped Charlie on the back, before hugging Lyra. "She's dreaming up a load of ginger haired green eyed babies for you now" he laughed. Lyra and Charlie blushed, as Sirius began turning bright red in his efforts not to laugh.

Eventually, after being congratulated, (and mocked) by the rest of the Weasleys, and all the Weasley older brothers had hugged Lyra, each spinning her round until she became dizzy and she had to hang on to Charlie again - which prompted another round of teasing from the twins, it was time for Lyra and Sirius to go. Lyra hugged each Weasley once more, ending at Charlie. Looking at each other, they both blushed, before tenderly kissing once more to the accompaniment of catcalls.

After Sirius wrenched them apart and took Lyra home, Charlie stood on his own in the kitchen, his eyes still dazed, his face still flushed. He quickly made his way into bed so as to avoid Ron, Fred and George, who he knew would interrogate him or try and embarrass him. The next day, Mrs Weasley would wake to think it a dream, but at this point all she could see was her second son kissing Lyra with the tenderest look she had ever seen on his face.

Back at Grimmauld Place, Lyra stood in the kitchen, her face beaming. Sirius rolled his eyes and escorted her to bed, waiting for her to change before tucking her in and kissing her good night. The smile on her face still hadn't left when he walked out of her room, which made one break out on his own.

"Happy New Year Ly"

"Happy New Year Sirius"

1997 had begun. It wouldn't be happy, it wouldn't be easy, but when thinking of happy thoughts it was the memory of Lyra and Charlie's kiss that powered their patronus in the year they spent apart, the memory of Lyra's face afterwards that powered Sirius'.