A/N I finally have a program to type with yay! So here's my first attempt at a Grimm FanFiction. An updates will depend on school and how much in in the hospital but I'm on vacation right now so yeah time to write. Oh yes I own nothing

Chapter 1


I woke up this morning with a bad feeling in my gut, the kind I only get when my family is in danger, I quickly put my crimson red hair in a bun with long strands falling out and grab my phone to call my aunt Marie. After dialing the number I waited and in went straight to voice mail. "Damn It," I knew she was going to visit Nick but she would always answer her phone for me. I decided that I either needed to take a road trip to Portland, Oregon to find out what happened to her or I could call my brother ,which I didn't really want to do, but if I can find out where Aunt Marie is that would be better. So calling Nick it is. I took a deep breath as I dialed his number.

"Detective Burkhardt."

"Hi Nick, its Misha,"

"…..Hi, How are you?"

"Fine, but Aunt Marie isn't picking up her phone and I know she came to visit you,"

"You don't know!"

"What did something happen to her?"

"Yeah, she was put in a coma about an hour ago,"

"By who,"

"I don't know, a guy with a scythe came after her,"

"…..reapers…." I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, you know I miss you Nick."

"I miss you too,"

"Do you mind if I come out there to be with her,"

"Not at all you can stay in the guest room in the house. Also I have a strange question for you,"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Have you been seeing strange things lately," At that I stopped. Oh no Nick can't be a Grimm, He has no idea what is happening Aunt Marie didn't get a chance to tell him yet.

"How about we talk about that when I get there tomorrow, I need to pack. I'm going to be driving all night and hopefully make it there by noon."

"Okay call and let me know when you get into Portland. I can meet you at the police station and show you how to get to the house from there."

"Okay and Nick get some sleep I'll be there as soon as I can." After we hung up I quickly went for my suit chases and started filling them with clothes, toiletries, and weapons, throwing them in the car as I went. I also grabbed a lot of snacks and water. Then I was out the door about 40 minutes later off driving down the road in my hybrid.

~Time Skip~

I got into Portland about noon so I called Nick. "Hey Nick it's your sister apparently you aren't answering your phone, I was just calling you to let you know I made it to Portland safe and sound. So I'm going to head to the police station and ask about where you are. Okay bye." I pulled up to the station about 5 minutes later. I made my way up to the floor where Nick works. When I got there I waited for about 2 minutes before a man about 6'4'' with short black hair came up to me.

"Hi is there something we can help you with?"

"Yes, I'm here looking for my brother."

"What's his name maybe we can find him somewhere in this madness."

"His name is ….." when I was about to tell him, I got cut off by Nick yelling my name.

"Misha!" I turned to see him just in time for him to pick me up in a hug.

"Nick! It's good to see you," I quickly hugged him back "I called but you didn't answer."

"I know sorry psychology appointment,"

"It's okay,"

"Well it seems you found your brother," the man said to Nick and me in a thoughtful tone.

"Captain," Nick said.

"Captain?" I questioned.

"Yes, sorry I forgot to introduce myself I'm Captain Sean Renard it'd nice to meet you and I'm sorry about your Aunt," He stated.

"Thank you ," I said to him. He was quite handsome, but I felt something off about him. I didn't pay it any mind since I didn't know him and I wasn't myself right now. Aunt Marie being in the hospital and Nicks awaking Grimm abilities gave me a lot to think about already, like how in the hell am I going to tell Nick about what is happening to him. And that I might have to move here to help Nick with Grimm like activities. I turned to Nick and asked "So are we going to head to our house or am I sleeping here,"

"Oh yeah right come on don't want you passing out on me," we quickly said good bye to Sean and headed to the house. The drive went by quickly and the second we set foot in the house Nick turned to me and Asked "So…. What's a Grimm."