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Chapter 2:

Time to get Serious?

Previously on Plot twists for the better. The drive went by quickly and the second we set foot in the house Nick turned to me and Asked "So…. What's a Grimm?"

I turned to look at Nick Well he certainly gets straight to the point, but how I'm I going to explain what is happening, without him thinking I completely insane. I took a deep breath.

"Okay I will explain what is going on but first can we sit down and have some tea," I asked trying to do this as gently as possible.

"Fine but don't think I'm going to drop the topic," Nick said as he grabbed bag and took them upstairs "If you want tea go ahead and make it,"

"Really I thought I was the guest," I yelled up at him playfully.

"Ha-ha yeah but you are my sister so you have to help yourself," Nick yelled back down to me. I slowly made my way to the kitchen. Took a look around the house was well kept and had a homey feel to it so thing that I hadn't felt in a long time. I took a look at the pictures that lined the house Nick and a beautiful red head whom I am guessing is Juliet. Aunt Marie told me about her due to the fact Nick and I were never on the best terms growing up. It was probably the fact that my Grimm abilities came in when I was about 12 and that's when Aunt Marie started me in fight classes and did weapons training with me while Nick was off with his friends. I always thought it could be that he knew mom and dad better so it took a larger toll on him. Once I made it to the kitchen I busied myself with putting on the kettle to make tea. Then I let my mind wander if Nick's abilities were just starting and a reaper came after Aunt Marie then the reapers might already know about him and I can't just leave knowing what he is going have to face in the future which left me with no other option other than to move here and help him. I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear Nick come in behind me.

"So are we going to talk," Nick asked.

"Yeah I guess I should start at the beginning…..." I started and was promptly interrupted by Nick's phone going off.

"Burkhardt." He answered in a definitive tone. After about 30 seconds on the phone his face changed to one of interest then to a serious scowl, "Okay I'm on my way….," he hung up and turned to me " Sorry we are need to have this conversation later a little girl just went missing around the same park that someone was murdered in yesterday,"

"How was the victim killed yesterday," I asked because a lot of crimes are committed by Wesen especially went it's near a lot of open forest were bodies can't be found easily.

"The body was torn apart. Why?"

"Were they wearing red," I asked in deep thought.

"Yes, why is there something I should know," Nick was getting specious.

"No, nothing it's something we can talk about when you get back from your investigation,"

"Okay…. I'll see you soon and you'll finally get to meet Juliet,"

"Can't wait, oh and I'm making dinner tonight," I yelled at him as he shut the door to leave. Well I decide that I should start looking for an apartment if I was even thinking about staying and pick up some stuff for making dinner tonight. I found today's paper sitting on the coffee table as I started to flip through it to the rentals section to see if anything caught my eye. After 10 minutes of looking I through the paper across the room in a defeated. I sat there for a while wondering to myself what is going to happen now.

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