Warning: So sweet it might give you cavities ;3

Yes, yes, I know I'm still in the middle of writing two other stories but this idea came to mind and it's almost Christmas and I just had to! It's going to be super short anyway, only a few chapters, so I'm sure I'll get it completed in a day or two. I thought you all deserved some fluff, so here you go!


Ah yes, it was Christmas time once again. Cold nights, warm fires, snow falling gracefully from the clear sky above… All of these things were what Finland looked forward to most, but now he had an entirely different reason to be joyful during the holidays. His self proclaimed husband, Sweden. At first he was intimidated by the man, trying his best not to set him off and cause his doom, but soon enough he found himself enjoying the other's presence, and relying on him for means of comfort. The more and more Sweden called him his "wife" the more he wanted it to become true… When Sweden would introduce him to other countries and told them "This is my wife", Finland would find himself responding "Wouldn't I be your husband? I am a man, after all." After that statement, of course, Sweden would find himself bright red and simply staring down the smaller country with a gleam in his eye that was unexplainable.

But now he was happy with his partner, as well as their 'son' Sealand whom they happily took in. According to Sweden, he always wanted a child, but Finland knew that would be impossible considering they were both male… Perhaps wishes do come true. Well, even if Finland didn't want a child, Sweden wouldn't take no for an answer.

Now it was the first Christmas they could officially spend together as a family, and Finland wanted to make it absolutely perfect; he was the Santa Clause among the countries after all. So, with a smile on his lips, the small country rose from his bed and decided to get to work - starting off with a little game he called "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Giggling to himself, he tucked a freshly written note in Sweden's hand before disappearing downstairs to decorate for the festive occasion.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Day 12

Good morning Su-San! I hope you slept well. To start things off for the holidays, I want to play a little game! Each day I'll leave you a note that you have to find in the house, and the last one you find will be on Christmas Eve night! Here are the rules: No asking me about the location of the notes (and you can't ask Sealand either), they might be outside around our house, but not away from the house, and don't give up! This first note is easy for the first day, but the rest will get difficult. So, without further ado, here is your first note:

When I first met you, I was completely scared to be honest. You were always attached to me, stared me down, and claimed that I was your spouse. I didn't like it. But that was then, and this is now. Whenever I'm alone here, I want you to be right beside me. When I miss you, I want to see your eyes. And when we meet new people, I want you to tell them that I'm yours. A lot has changed these past years, but my feelings for you haven't. I love being with you Su-San, and I will forever!

Much love,


The second day was much like the first regarding the morning; Sweden woke soon after Finland, and the smell of breakfast was drifting towards the sleepy man walking down the stairs. He greeted by the cheerful country who had an apron tied around his waist, and Sealand was plopped onto the couch watching the television and swinging his short legs that didn't reach the ground. Sweden made a small grunt of acknowledgement before taking a mug of hot coffee, showing no emotion on his face. But, on the inside, he was eager to find the next note. He found it completely adorable that Finland would take the opportunity to create such a game, and he would never let him down. "Trying to find it already?" Finland asked with a wink, chuckling to himself as Sweden's cheeks involuntarily turned a shade of peach, "Well you can't ask me! Sorry!" Nodding, Sweden was off to look, checking their bedroom first of all. Under blankets, on counters, everywhere - until he went to the next room. No success.

After searching several places, he came to the conclusion that it must be outside, so he pulled on a large scarf and wrapped it around his face to stay warm; his glasses slightly fogging as he stepped into the cold. He thought it was going to be impossible to find the note in this paradise of snow but, soon enough, he found a piece of paper stuck in a lighted bush near the corner of the house. Unfolding its slightly wet edges, he read it as a breeze picked up and nearly blew it out of his numb fingers.

Day 11

I see you found the next note! I'm glad it wasn't too difficult, and I apologize if you're cold!

You know, it's kinda strange how you call me your wife. I was always so confused, since I obviously am not female, but at the same time it grew on me. I thought maybe you should call me your husband instead, but I thought it would sound completely abnormal. In fact, being called your wife seems second nature now - as if it's natural. I'm glad I'm your 'wife' Sweden, I really am.

Much love,


A miniscule smile spread across Sweden's pale lips as he read the text, shoving the paper into his pocket and trudging back inside. Warm air hitting his face and taking off his scarf, he went back into the kitchen where his spouse and Sealand were eating and conversing happily. Without saying a word Sweden kissed Finland on the head and sat down as well, connecting their gaze for a moment before picking at the meal set before him.

"Having trouble with this one today?" Finland asked quietly, observing Sweden searching the home with a scowl, "..Yeah, 's tough." He responded, turning and looking at the smaller of the two for some help finding the note. Finland simply shook his head, however, laughing softly and patting Sweden's forearm. "Sorry, can't help you! It's in the rules!" At that, the blonde grunted and disappeared down the stairs to search the living area where Sealand was found writing in a journal on the carpeted floor. Finland followed soon after and leaned against the doorframe to watch. "Watcha doing?" He asked the child on the ground who was humming gently to himself, "I'm writing! Wanna see?" Sweden nodded, taking the book in hand as a piece of paper slipped out in between the pages and fluttered on to the floor. He quickly bent down and picked it up, offering it to Sealand. "Dropped somethin'." "Nope! It's for you!" Blinking his bright blue eyes Sweden held it, turning his head and seeing Finland giggle and stroll away confidently. "Are you going to read it or not Papa?"

Day 10

Sealand wanted to be involved in the game as well, so I decided I would let him. It will make it more fun in my opinion!

Remember that one night when we camped outside next to the road - when we were travelling? It was kind of cold, and I told you that, and then next thing I knew your arms were around me. To be completely honest, it frightened me a lot! Mostly because I forgot you were right behind me. But, I guess what frightened me more at the time was that I felt significantly comfortable with you holding me. It was odd, I guess, but now I love it! Even if you don't look too happy about it all the time~

Much love,


"So, what do you think of the game so far Papa?" Sweden looked down towards Sealand who was brightly smiling up towards him; journal still in hand and his face beaming brightly. Blinking slowly for a moment as the words he read sunk in, he nodded, feeling an unusual joy fill his chest and it began to thump quickly behind his ribs.

"...It's nice. Makes me happy."

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