Umbra the Umbreon looked upon the city of Furis, capital of the Dark-Type Country of Furisia, from the castle balcony. Despite the name, it was a relatively friendly city. Just as welcoming as the city of Evergreen in Aurora or the quiet towns of Plainia. Unfortunately not a lot of traders came. There was two reasons for this. 1. Dark-Types had a bad, not to mention false, stereotype that involved them being mean rude and aggressive, not to mention thieves. The second reason was because the country was small and impoverished compared to their neighbor, Draconia. Draconia was the largest, most powerful country in Zodarus with a large army and a lot of influence in culture, economy, and trading. They had been peaceful, however, until a change in leadership. The country's leader, Aeos the Shiny Latios, had been assassinated. Killed during a meeting, he had been poisoned and it had killed him instantly. The throne went to his heir and son, Aerosen. Aerosen was black in color and the Blackness extended to his heart. He was much different from his father. He was cruel and manipulative, willing to burn down villages to prove a point. It was even speculated that he himself killed his father, though the point never pursued further. Umbra had met him in a meeting and had seen for himself, the cruelty of Aerosen, but could not deny that he was powerful as well as...charismatic? Could he call it that? Either way, soon afterwards, Aerosen went on the war path. The first to be conquered was Verdantia, the Grass-Type Country. They had never stood a chance. They had no advantage and were quickly defeated. Umbra had been deeply saddened to hear that the leader, a Leafeon named Folios, had been tortured and executed publicly along with his family. Folios had been his friend and they knew each other well. Next was Blazia, the Fire-Type country. They were just as helpless if not more so. Their Queen, Ignea the Flareon, suffered the same fate as Folios. Torrentia followed suit. Finally, they attacked Esperia. His wife, Alia the Absol, was friends with the leader, an Espeon named Solara. They had been friends since childhood and Alia had barely convinced her to flee to Furis when the Draconian army attacked the castle. As far as he knew, Umbra and Solara were the last leaders that were alive. And it might not stay that way. Over the last week, Draconia had laid siege to Furis, effectively trapping Umbra within the strong walls of the city. Even worse was that he had a child on the way. His wife had had the egg a few months back and it was close to hatching. If he left, the egg would slow them down and they would be killed and the egg, smashed. The only option would be to have a trusted member of his Elite Guard go ahead with the egg, while Umbra and the others stayed, but the thought of being separated from his child broke his heart. Alia had refused flat out at first, but realized it would be for the best. Even if they died, their child would be safe. He was snapped out of his train of thought when Alia ran in, her unnaturally blue eyes full of terror. "They got in the castle!" She said panicked. "What!?" Umbra said, shocked. He ran out of the room. Alia followed suit. They split up, Alia to rally the guards, Umbra to check on the egg. Alia was his captain of the guard as well, so he knew he could leave her to handle things. When he arrived, a Weavile was waiting for him. It was Blitz. He was an ex-rescue team leader and was very capable for this mission. "Ready to evacuate the egg, sir." He said. Umbra nodded as the Weavile put it in a padded bag. "I hope I see you again." Blitz said and Umbra sighed. Blitz then leapt through a window and landed, unharmed outside and left. Umbra ran to the castle entrance and gasped. He saw the bodies of Furisian and Draconian alike. Alia was barely standing and she was soaked in blood. Across from her was Aerosen. He wasn't even scratched. Aerosen was a blur as he grabbed Alia by the throat. She gasped and struggled weakly. She cried out as Umbra was pinned by a Haxorus. She screamed in pain as Aerosen bit into her jugular. She struggled as Aerosen drank the blood that flowed from the wound. Her struggles slowly got weaker as her blood supply was low. He dropped her when she went limp. Umbra, full of rage and grief, used Dark Pulse to blast the Haxorus off him and charged the Latios. He slammed his jaw with Iron Tail and the sharp tip of his tail cut deeply across the Latios' face, leaving a wound that would never properly heal. They battled until both were exhausted. 'I have to end this.' Umbra thought and fired,Hyper Beam. It caught Aerosen square in the chest and slammed him into the wall. Umbra collapsed weakly. '...Finally.' He thought. He stood weakly and turned to leave. He gasped as he was impaled on the end of a Dragon Claw. Aerosen raised him to eye level. "Game over, Umbra." He said as Umbra went limp. He searched for Solara, but she appeared to have fled. He also failed to find the egg. He sensed for it and saw that something was taking it to the Plainia border. The Normal type country itself was weak, but it had a lot of powerful allies. He dashed through the window, pursuing the egg. He finally caught up. It would be close. He used Steel Wing to slice through the Weavile's spine. He gasped as the egg rolled...past the border! The leader, a Girafarig named Psyche, would sense him if he crossed. 'Damn!' He thought angrily. The Weavile's corpse laid there, eyes wide still. He flew off in rage.

The next day, a Linoone came across the egg. "What is an egg doing here?" He said then gasped as the egg glowed. It hatched to reveal an Eevee with pitch black fur except for the collar, tail tip, and inside of the ears, which were pale white. His eyes were an Azure Blue. The male Eevee, cold and hungry, started to cry. "Shh. It's okay." The Linoone, Dash, said, picking the Eevee up. The Eevee calmed only slightly as the Linoone carried him to his home. "Mary, come quick." Dash said as a Delcatty ran in, followed by a baby Zigzagoon and baby Skitty, who eyed the Eevee curiously. "I saw this Eevee hatch and he was alone. I think he was abandoned." Dash explained. "Poor thing." Mary said taking the Eevee. She stroked his fur and used sing to lull him to sleep. "I promise you will have a great life here...Aeolus." She said to the the now named Eevee.