Draconic War ch.1

15 years later...

"Come on wake up!" Sara the Skitty said in her attempt to wake her brother, Darren. Aeolus watched, laughing as Darren just turned over, ignoring her. He flinched a bit when Sara death glared him then smirked. "Tag your it." She said and walked out. Aeolus groaned. She meant that it was his turn to try and wake up Darren. He thought of something. "Darren, your food is getting cold." He said which caused Darren to leap from the bed and out the door with Quick Attack, almost running over Aeolus in the progress. "Yeah. Not gonna stand next to the bed when I say that next time." he said with a chuckle. He walked out and sat at the table with his family. Today was the day they would be able to get their Guild Passes to join the guild in Archaeus Town a few miles away. They were all thrilled to form a sibling rescue team. Aeolus had dreamed of this day and now that it was here,he could hardly wait. He had studied hard and trained for hours to get his pass and today, all he had to do was get them from the mailbox."We're gonna be awesome!" Darren said excited. "What should we call ourselves when we get there?" Aeolus asked. "Team Sparkles." Sara said which caused Aeolus and Darren to instantly reply. "NO!" Sara shrank back a bit. "Nothing girly. I do not want to be the laughing stock of the guild." Darren said. "Something both guys and girls can agree to." Aeolus said. He thought. "How about...okay I'm stumped." He said which caused Sara to facepalm. "Coming from the great mind of Aeolus Eros." She said, Eros being the last name of the family. Aeolus glared. "How about Team Heroes?" Darren said. Aeolus nodded, but Sara shook her head. "Nope. Heroes is based on boys. Girl heroes are heroines." She said which caused Aeolus and Darren's eyes to twitch a bit. "Okay... How about Team Destiny?" Aeolus said. "What are we? Hippies?" Darren asked. They discussed it awhile. "Why not Team...Zodiac?" Aeolus suggested. Darren and Sara thought about. "Sounds good to me." Darren said. "Can't argue with that." Sara said. Aeolus smiled. "It's decided then. We're Team Zodiac!" He said excitedly. "Now since I am obviously going to lead, we gotta get some rules straight." Sara said and began listing rules that benefitted her greatly, but was practically tyrannical from the boys' perspective. "How about...NO!" Darren said. "We battle to decide who leads the team." Aeolus said and Darren nodded. They finished and went outside. Sara and Darren squared off. It was surprisingly short. Sara just tackled Darren and started scratching him until he said uncle. Aeolus shook his head and facepalmed. He stood ready as Sara charged. She tried to tackle him, but Aeolus tackled her to the ground. He bit her tail and she screeched loudly. She pinned and started to scratch him, but he rolled and bit her again. A few more blows were traded until Aeolus won. "Hah! I'm in charge!" He said. "Dammit..." Sara muttered. A Swellow with a mailbag inserted something and flew off. Aeolus ran up. He pulled out an envelope. In it were Guild Passes! "They're here! Finally!" Aeolus said. When he pulled it out, however, there were only two. One for Sara Eros and one for Darren Eros. He searched the envelope for another. He tore it to bits trying to find his. "Come on where is mine?!" He said tearing up. He searched the ground and in the mailbox. He sat down as he gave up, sobbing. "I-I didn't get one..." He said tears streaming down his face. Sara and Darren were stunned. "It...was probably just a mistake. Let's go to to Recruitment Office." Darren said. Aeolus was silent, but nodded. They went there and went into the office. The recruiter, a Vigoroth looked up. "Yes?" He asked. "Hey, we were supposed to get Guild Passes, but there was a mistake. Only me and Darren got one." Sara explained. "I'll check the list. Name?" He asked Aeolus who answered. The Vigoroth looked through a book. "Sorry, but your name is not on the list to get a Pass." He said and Aeolus was stunned. "What!? Why!?" Darren yelled angrily. "He worked just as hard as we did!" Sara yelled equally as pissed. "Sorry, but Aeolus was deemed untrustworthy." The recruiter said. "How!?" Sara yelled. The recruiter pulled out photos of graffiti. Aeolus was the one painting it. "That's not me! It can't be!" Aeolus said outraged. "How many black furred Eevees do you know?" The recruiter asked. Aeolus teared up and ran from the Recruitment Office, Sara and Darren in pursuit. Aeolus ran to his room and slammed the door shut. He laid on the bed, sobbing. There was a knock. "Aeolus?" his mother said before walking in. She sat on the bed beside him. "I-I was fr-framed..." He said sobbing still. She hugged him and he hugged back. "C-can't join the Guild n-now!" He said. "Shh." She said in a comforting tone. He calmed a bit. "Why...why would someone frame me?" He asked her. "I don't know, Aeolus...I don't know." She said sadly.