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Summary: Levi's got it all. He's the lead singer of a famous rock band. The world lies at his feet. And he has an apartment with world's best view. Oh, and one minor issue. He has this thing for his dirt-poor neighbour.

He hated to pack everything at the last possible moment. The clock struck four in the morning, he should be in bed, not running around like a mad man. He raced across his bedroom to fling some of his clothes in his black leather bag. After he seemed to have everything from his room he continued to the bathroom.

'Damned that woman for calling me so late!' he growled under a heavy breath. 'I'm gonna strangle her!'

Then when things couldn't get any worse in his perfect world the doorbell rang. He cursed.

'Oh honey!' a high pinched voice sang followed by loud banging on his door. He cursed louder. 'Wait a bit longer you… urgg. Done in a sec!' He couldn't care less about waking everyone in the damned building.

'Hurry up! You're slow!' yelled the woman. That did it. He ran towards the door and nearly kicked it open. The woman could barely managed to jump out of the way before the door smacked her in the face.

'Shit Levi you nearly broke my glasses! Be more careful okay.' She said while grabbing his arm. She dragged him out of his apartment and slammed the door shut. 'Hurry, we don't want to be late for our own gig!'

'Yeah and who's fault is that Hanji!' Levi sneered at his friend. 'This is fucking ridiculous.' He swatted her hand away, freeing his arm and swung his bag over his shoulder. They made their way to Erwin's car, which was parked not too far away from his apartment building.

'I think Erwin parked somewhere over here.' Hanji said as she waved her hand at Levi. She got a moody shrug as reply.

Hanji walked over to a dark blue car, which seemed almost black in the light of the lanterns.

'Erwin's driving.' She simply said as she opened the front door and shortly after added 'Shotgun.'

'I hate you so much right now.'

'Love you too.' She winked before she got in the front seat. Levi heard something that sounded like suppressed laughter of Hanji and Erwin. 'I hate both of you.' He said before he got in the back seat. 'And your damned winking.'

'Morning.' A cheerful Erwin said. Levi just shrugged as he put down his bag beside him. 'So…' he started. 'The fuck happened to our flight.'

'Yeah about that.' Hanji turned to face him. She slightly hesitated when she saw infuriating grey eyes practically glaring daggers at her. His normally styled black hair was a mess, save for his undercut. 'Well, I'm waiting. And you better have a good explanation.'

'Of course. Of course.' She heaved her shoulders as if it was no big deal. 'Our flight kinda got overbooked.' His eyebrow twitched in annoyance. 'And well. By the time Pixies wanted to check us in… well. He couldn't. You know. All the seats where taken. And the next possible flight was tomorrow! Our show is tonight! So now we're going by car.' She ended her story with a smile and a thumbs up.

He let that sink in. He though of multiple ways to mutilate their manager and after what seemed like forever he finally said under a heavy breath. 'You do realize it's a nine hour drive from Trost to Shiganshina?'

She slowly nodded her head. Her hair was undone and her glasses were dirty. Hanji had hurried just as much as he had. He sighed. He gave up. This was going to be a long drive.

'Each of us drives for about three hours. We can have two short breaks and we'll be in Shiganshina at about… let's say four in case we get lost or something else happens. We'll have enough time for the sound check and we can freshen up a bit. Maybe even sleep a couple of hours.' She drabbled on. Even in the middle of the night it seemed as though Hanji had a severe case of ADHD.

And so the three-member popular rock band, the Mad Titans and the World of Tomorrow, began their journey to Trost. It was an absolute shit name, but then again, when they started the band, they were absolute shit drunk.

Levi can't remember ever falling asleep but he awoke with a start when Erwin gently shook his shoulder. 'Hey we're taking a break now. Afterwards it's your turn to take the wheel.' He slumped back into the front seat next to Hanji.

Levi moaned in frustration. 'Isn't it Hanji's up next?' he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

'Look who's finally up!' Hanji bellowed from behind the drivers seat. 'And nope it's your turn twinkle toes. I already did my share. Now it's my turn to hit the deck. I'm bummed!.' She let out a load yawn while stretching her arms.

'Get your hands back on the wheel you freak!' Levi nearly screamed. 'Are you trying to kill us!' Hanji answered by turning to face him and did not return her hands on the wheel. 'No.' she simply stated, then winked at him. 'See, were on a parking lot. Standing perfectly still. Not dying. Stop freaking out.' Erwin laughed at the commotion the two were making.

'Come on' Erwin said butting in between the two. 'Let's eat. I'm starving.' He opened the door and got out of the car. He walked over to what seemed to be a café. He wore grey jeans that clung neatly around his figure, matched with a black shirt. A leather motor jacket finished his look. Just like Levi he to had an undercut. His blond hair was styled with perfection and his undercut was a couple of shades darker.

Hanji got out of the car mumbling strings of words about food and loads of coffee even though just now she wanted to sleep. She cleaned her glasses and pulled a ribbon from her wrist. She always wore a couple of them just in case and tied her hair in a bun.

She wore a pair of black skinny jeans, a white blouse and burgundy cardigan. Her black All Stars were close to breaking down, as there were multiple holes visible – the ones on her heels revealed her love for crazy socks. Levi shook his head.

He himself was wearing a ripped grey skinny jeans and a simple black long sleeve. He didn't have time to actually care what to wear. He wore black military boots. When he got out of the car a chill ran down his spine.

'Fucking freezing.' He bluntly stated. ' Great.' And bit back a groan.

'Ah, you forgot your jacket.' Hanji yelled from near the café when she saw her friend walk in an awfully fast pace towards the warmth indoors.

'Shut up. I'll buy a new one.'

'Nice, were going shopping!' she clapped her hands in excitement.


'Yeah, alone with me.' There was just no talking with her. Why were they friends again?

After a short stop at the café the long drive continued. This time Levi took place behind the wheel.

After what seemed forever the team of three finally made it to the concert hall in the centre of Shiganshina which in Levi's word was like an ass amongst mazes. The concert hall was known as the Wall. It was the biggest and most popular music hall any musician could only wish to perform in, let alone have it completely sold out. Of course this was the case for the Mad Titans and to World of Tomorrow.

With the Wall completely sold out within mere seconds and a fan base that seemed to have slept in front of the building since one or two days before the gig. The front of the building was filled with trash of snacks and drinks, and there were some sleeping bags and other camping gear.

Levi hated all the attention. He hated the fans, the screams, the stalking and their obsessive behaviour. He shrugged. Alas it was collateral damage and so he had to deal with it. Being in the band was one of the best things that had ever happened to him.

'Look at them!' Hanji squeaked when their car passed the Wall. 'So many are here already!' it was true. It seemed there were more and more people with each and every concert they gave. It looked like a miniature army clad in black. Most of them wore band shirts, while others wore clothes mainly in the style of their favourite band member. Chants and laughter erupted from the herd of fans as smiles shone on their faces. Lyrics Levi knew all to well made their way into the sky.

'Good thing they have no idea I have this shit wreck of a car.' Erwin joked. Now Erwin was modest. His car wasn't a total shit wreck. His navy blue Audi V8 was considered to be a classic, an old model from the early 90'. There were scratches on the left side of the car, remnants for when he got his drivers licence, or better yet, how he almost got it. It wasn't a car any celebrity wanted to posses, let alone drive in. Hanji and Levi didn't care, as long as it could drive from A to B, things were just dandy.

They drove to the back of the building. Showing their security passes at the necessary security checks and proceeded to their destination.

'Finally.' Levi uttered as he parked Erwin's car in an empty parking space.

'I can't wait for tonight's show!' Hanji threw her hands up like a cheer and shot out of the car as fast as she possibly could. Erwin followed suit.

While they made their way to the Wall Levi returned Erwin's car keys. Once they got inside their manager Pixies rushed forward.

'Where have you been? We have been worried sick. Now get your asses to the stylists you all look like shit! Shit I say!'

'Good day to you too, sir.' Hanji made a pathetic bow, pretending to be a ballerina. Erwin chuckled at the stupid motion of his band member. Levi remained indifferent about the whole situation.

'Good day, tsssk!' the old man barked causing Levi to cock a brow.

'If you hadn't booked us such a shitty ass flight we would have been here earlier.' Levi said in a monotone voice. 'Overbooked. We drove for nine stinking hours and all you do is whine. Pathetic.'

'Nine hours!' Hanji repeated after her friend, and held up nine fingers to the obvious. 'Nine!' she mouthed with wide eyes.

'We'll be on our way.' Erwin said when Pixies expression twisted into something nearly inhuman and dragged both, Levi and Hanji by their arms into the labyrinth that was the Wall. Sometimes Erwin felt like he was the only adult in the group. He shrugged. Babysitting was not one of his hobbies.

When Levi slammed open the door to their dressing rooms, about four stylists ran towards them, swarming around them like bees drawn to honey. 'Late, late, late.' Uttered a young woman with hazel coloured hair, which was tucked back into a tiny ponytail. Her bangs were kept under control by several hairpins. Her name was Petra and she was head stylist of their band. Judging their grim faces and Erwin who was shaking his head with a "don't even ask" look plastered on his face, Petra decided to just get them ready. She smiled and clapped her hands.

'Ald, Gunther, Oluo you know what to do.' The tree men dragged their personal project into separate dressing rooms. 'Hurry will you, the sound check starts in 50 minutes and I'm pretty sure most of them prefer a shower. So buzz of and collect their outfits first!' she yelled after her co-workers.

The thought of a nice warm shower sounded godlike in Levi's ears. He had been in a car all day and he felt down right disgusting.

'Oluo, on your way back can you grab me a drink.' He asked his stylist, the man spun around in the doorstep. 'Sure.' He left with a nod to grab Levi's stage outfit and his much needed drink.

With Oluo gone, Levi made his way to the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and rid himself of his travel clothes. He didn't dare smell them. His nose wrinkled at the mere thought. ' Fucking disgusting.' He flung them aside.

The water was cool and pleasant on his skin and he let out a load sigh he didn't know he was holding. He relaxed his muscled and heaved his head so his face was caught in the falling rain.

About fifty minutes later the band was ready for the sound check. Hanji wore large black Ray ban glasses. Her hair in a messy ponytail erupted in the crook of her neck, several strands falling on her shoulders. She wore a simple white tank top, and a black tattered short shirt over it with the word; "Titan" encrypted on it in sloppy writing. Burgundy skinny jeans finished her outfit - she just loved that colour - and yet again her All Stars. They were inseparable.

Erwin's outfit was simple yet classy, as drummer he was aiming for a comfortable fit. He wore a simple dark grey shirt, which would probably be on of, say what, two songs, before he decided to loose them. A black pair of jeans clung to his features and was tucked into a pair of black army boots.

Levi hated his black leather jeans; it was too tight and way too hot for on stage. Yet Petra insisted, with ulterior motives of course, but would never admit that. She just loved staring at his ass. She had no shame there. Furthermore he wore a grey v-neck shirt and a pair of black Vans. Their power of fashion lies in its simplicity.

Everything had to be perfect. Each member was picky in his or her own peculiar way. Levi was the lead singer and bass player. Hanji did backing vocals and mastered the guitar like no other. Erwin preferred not to sing too much and rocked the drums every single time. When put together they were a force so fierce no one could deny their existence. They were the talk of the music world, and were the rock band of the age. They needed to maintain that title.

When their equipment sounded just like their should, Levi started ranting about the stage lights. They were too bright and too colourful. 'Fuck off with those rainbow unicorn shit you dimwits! And where's the fireworks?'

'I'll take it from here.' Erwin proposed. ' You two get something to eat. I'll make sure the lights won't make us look like-'

'Magical prancing ponies.' Hanji finished and flashed the technicians a peace sign. 'No hard feelings.' She added as she walked of the stage. ' Come on Levi, let's feast! Heard we got some awesome food. Walked past the kitchen on my way here. My mouth watered to an extend it made the Niagara Falls look like a joke.' She winked at him.

'Disgusting.' He mumbled, but the thought of food was rather pleasant, the food at the café wasn't really pleasing. At least not as much as he had hoped.

The concert started with eruptions of firework on the sides of the stage, loud cheering from the crowd and a screaming welcome by Hanji. 'We are the Mad Titans and the World of Tomorrow! Welcome to our Freedom tour! Are you guys ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary? Let's rock this joint!' the cheering was so loud Levi was sure that several eardrums shattered that night.

Hanji shushed the audience and did something not many bands did.

'Now what song would you like us to open with?' hundreds of people screamed and yelled at the same time. Hanji moved forward, swatting her guitar on her back and held the microphone to a small blond girl on the front row who blurted 'I, I'd like t-to hear Th uhhh,… Through glass. Please.' She stumbled on her words, to nervous to actually care. Hanji flashed her a smile, turned on her heal and winked at Levi. She knew it was his favourite song. A song about a certain someone. A someone he adored through glass. He nodded shooting Hanji a glare; he hated it when she teased him even if she was right, and not long after music blasted into the night.

'Good news.' Pixies rubbed his hands together. 'You're all flying home, we booked you a new flight. My apologies for my behaviour earlier.'

'You only say that because you are lost without us.' Hanji teased as she rolled her eyes at the old geezer and danced her little victory dance.

'Don't push your luck, I can always cancel it.'

'Well shit.' She stopped teasing him. 'Can't take a joke?'

'Your jokes suck.' Levi said in a monotone voice and thanked their manager for the flight. 'Appreciate it.'

'One more thing, Erwin.' Pixies directed his attention to said man and told him that he would see to it that Erwin's car made it back to him so all of them could fly back to their hometown.

Levi was back home in record time. The way back was flawless. The plane left one time and Pixies had ordered three cabs that would pick each of them up and bring them home. "Home." Levi let out a yawn. It was four in the morning. How ironic.

He got out the cab, thanked the cabby and walked up to his apartment on the 5th floor. He slammed the door shut not caring about his neighbours - they were shit anyway - and then he turned on the lights. He walked around in his small apartment, finally deciding he yearned for some coffee. His decoration was modest. His living room had a couch that was shoved in a corner and was paired with a pouf, creating a sitting corner. He owned a flat screen TV, which stood on a wooden cabinet. The room contained two plants, a calendar and a clock. There was one picture frame, which stood directly next to his TV, it showed the start of the band. Three drunkards with crappy smiles on their faces, Hanji even had her eyes closed on accident. His apartment wasn't anything special. Nobody knew where he lived, safe for his friends. This was his secret get-away place.

Levi could buy every house he wanted, everything he wished was possible from a house at the beach, to a mansion on the other side of the globe. But he loved his old little apartment in the run down part of Trost. It was a place where it wasn't very safe to venture of into the night, a place where fights and theft was no stranger to anyone, and most of all, it was a dirty neighbourhood with fitly streets and trash-filled rivers. Yet he loved this place for the clean freak he was. He loved his living room view, world's best view according to him. And he wouldn't leave it for the world.

Every time he looked outside his window he could get a glimpse of that one person that made him feel complete. Across the street stood another apartment complex with large windows that were almost from floor to ceiling. He didn't mind. It only worked out for him.

He leaned against the window frame, and brought hot coffee to his lips. He first blew of some of the steam before taking a sip. His eyes focused on an apartment across the street. The lights were off.

"Sleeping are you? Too bad, logic but shit, I would have loved to see your stupid smile." He thought to himself.

Just as he wanted to turn to leave, the light of the other apartment flung on. His head snapped back by the sudden change. He could see the outlining of a nearly empty living room and part of a messy hallway, which was stuffed by god knows what. And there between all that junk was the one person he was hoping to lay his eyes upon all day; the person from his songs.

A young man hurried his way into his apartment, kicking of his shoes, tripping half way down the hall over his own mess and rushing towards the living room. He threw of his coat and scarf in an abandoned corner and fell on his green couch. He ran his hands through his untidy brown hair and settled in for watching whatever was on TV. He tried to tug himself under a blanket and failed, he seemed too tired. Levi knew the little shit was going to fall asleep not being able to switch of his lights or TV or to even properly tug himself in.

A smile found Levi's lips. Then he thought to himself. "You are the lead singer of a world famous rock band; the rock band of rock bands. The world practically lies at your feet, swooning over you. And yet the only person you want to notice you, doesn't. Levi, you are one pathetic piece of shit."