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The Mad Titans and the World of Tomorrow

Chapter 19

Levi's eyes fell on something quite shameless, something that tightened his jeans once again and that sight was Eren, who was shoving up his tree of his fingers into that tight and delicious hole.

Levi licked his lips at the boy on the flour. His eyes were feasting, the first lingered on that perfect round and soft ass, and darted to those large green eyes. Eren looked like a dear caught in the headlights, and on top of that his bottom lip quivered. His face and ears couldn't possibly get any redder and Levi was sure, Eren hadn't been this embarrassed in his entire life. He smirked. He moved closer to Eren and extended his hand, putting his it on top of the one that Eren was pleasuring himself with, and pushed so that the brunette's fingers pushed in deeper.

'Ah, n-no, don't…' Eren whined and tried to escape. Levi grabbed the boy's thigh with his free hand and pulled him closer, not letting him get away.

'Where do you think you're going you dirty little brat?' Levi's voice sounded deep and clouded by lust. He flipped the boy over in a swift motion, so Eren back met the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Eren gashed out at the sudden cold and arched his back, pushing his chest up. His fingers had left him when he was flipped over and he felt empty. Levi rid the boy of his shirt and took a pink nub between his teeth. 'Ahhh… nngh.'

Levi pulled Eren's jeans and boxers off entirely, as they were previously pooled around his knees. 'Look at you.' He said while he nipped the boy's bare chest.

'You're breath-taking.' He pulled Eren onto his lap and grinded his hips upward, rubbing their hard arousals together. 'You feel that?' Levi breathed against Eren's throat, his lips ghosting over the sensitive neck, biting down on the junction of the boy's jaw and ear. He took hold of that firm ass and squeezed hard, earning a loud and lustful moan near his ear, which made his jeans so much tighter, it hurt. 'This is what you do to me.' He captured Eren's lips with his, prying his mouth open and pushed his tongue in, licking, nipping and sucking where he could. One of Eren's hands settled in black locks and the other snuck down south, towards the man's jeans. He didn't have to open the zipper, since it was still undone, he pushed his hand into Levi's jeans, took hold of the man's rock hard erection and pumped his hand up and down in a slow fashion. Levi groaned Eren's name into the kiss and bucked his hips upward, meeting Eren's hand.

'Eren.' Levi breathed.

'Nngh.' Came the boy's response. They broke the kiss and Levi licked the side of Eren's face affectionately and chuckled when Eren tried to catch it with his lips. they brushed this noses together for a while and Levi repeated Eren's name.


'Hold on.' He pushed the Boy's ass up a bit, spreading the soft cheeks and massaging them roughly. Eren moaned and released Levi's cock, his hands wrapping around the man's shoulders, bracing himself for what was about to come. Levi kissed Eren once more before he said; 'I'm going to make you feel so good, you'll be begging for more.' Eren wanted to reply sarcastically, but found himself not able to when he felt Levi's warm and large length pressing against his tight twitching entrance. Levi's hands shifted to the boy's hips but before he pressed him down onto his cock he asked huskily; 'Do you want it fast and hard? Or slow and gentle?'

'Nggh…' god what was he supposed to answer. Truthfully he didn't know how long he would last. 'Ah, fast, nngh…' he blurted out. He heard Levi hum in agreement, apparently the man didn't have any patience anymore. Eren yelled out loud when he was pushed down onto Levi's length hard and fast. Levi had warned him before, but Eren was left absolutely breathless. His body shook and he was happy Levi held onto his, because he was sure he'd fallen from his lap if he didn't. He back arched so sharp, his chest was pressed against Levi's and his head lolled backward, immediately feeling Levi nipping and sucking at it. Eren eyes shut tights and his eyes rolled to the back of his skull, making him see stars.

'Ah, o-oh,…ah my god.' Eren couldn't remember this was what he'd felt the previous night. He remembered the images and what they'd done, but he'd forgotten how Levi felt inside of him. He felt so full, Levi stretched him to his limits and he was sure that he'd split in two. He heard Levi groan. Even that was something he'd forgotten. How could he forget such a lovely sound? 'Ah, fuck… nngh…' he moaned as he felt Levi press his thighs down to penetrate deeper, if that was even possible, the man was fully sheathed in him. After what seemed like forever Eren breathed; 'Move, pl-please…' but earned a soft chuckle that chilled his blood. He peeled his eyes open en peeked at the man below, and gulped when he saw that evil smirk. He was up to something bad.

'No…' Levi laughed deeply while staring back at Eren, into those stunning eyes. 'You move.' And he meant it. Levi didn't move a muscle and waited patiently for Eren to take action. Ah, no! you've got to be kidding me! 'Well?' Levi asked with a smug smile on his lips. Fine, you want me to move. Fuck, I will!

Eren raised himself up best he could, feeling Levi slip out of him, rubbing his insides, leaving a burning sensation. God, it felt good. He pushed himself up to the point only the head of the man's length was inside of him, he breathed in deep, and dropped back down only to moan out shamelessly and clenched down hard on the man's cock.

'Ah, fuck.' Levi hissed at the tightness and pressed down hard on Eren's thighs earning a long moan. The kid felt amazing.

'L- ah Levi… I-I can't… can't…' Eren sat on Levi's lap, hugging him tightly, his body shaking violently. His legs had turned weak by all the pleasure and Eren wasn't sure he could do anything. He cursed when he heard Levi chuckle. Is he laughing at me?

'Shhh, don't worry.' Levi's voice sounded reassuring. Eren felt himself behind lifted up, and spotted a mischievous twinkle in the rock star's eyes. Oh, boy. He was in trouble. 'Hold on tight.' Was all Levi said before he push Eren back down hard.

'Ah!' Eren wrapped his arms around the ravenette's neck and felt himself being lifted once again, only to be pushed back down brutally.

'You sound so sexy…'

'Hmmm, ah.'

Levi continued to slam into the boy mercilessly, bucking his hips upward violently, trusting into that tight heat. He felt Eren twitch around him, tightening almost painfully. He licked his lips as he pushed Eren down, the boy's back on the cold tiles once again. He lifted one of the boy's legs up, over his shoulder and pushed the other further to the side, spreading the boy as far as he could. He pushed in again earning a high pinched squeak.

'Ah, there… nngh. Yes. L-Levi, ha-harder… yes ah.'

The man pushed in harder, deeper and faster. With each trust he hit Eren's prostate dead on and he was sure that Eren would be without a voice the day after is he kept moaning like this. Not that he'd mind, it was sexy as fuck. He had the boy squirming under him. Eren's chest rising and falling at incredible speed, and his pink bruised lips always parted, spilling those sexy sounds. The boy was covered in sweat and it made his body look even finer. Levi hovered over him, pressing Eren's leg further up, his knee now next to his head pressing onto the cold floor.

'Ah, f-fuck. Nngh so good, ah... Ah.' Eren tossed his head to the side, and was confused when he found his knee right next to his face. He didn't even realize he was that flexible. He bucked his hips downward, meeting every single one of Levi's hard and rough trusts. He felt like he was in heaven. A near painful knot was building in his stomach and he knew he wouldn't last much longer.

'L-le…vi…'m gonn-ah, cum-mmmh…'

When Eren only heard grunts in response he managed to open his eyes with strength he didn't know he still had. He nearly forgot to breath. He'd never seen Levi looking so hot before, and he felt himself grew tighter at the sight. Levi's eyes were clamped shut, his mouth was opened in the form of a silent cry, his brows furrowed and sweet beaded down his beautiful face. His hair, which was always so perfectly neat, was completely undone. By the way Levi grunted, Eren was sure the man was close too. Eren grabbed the collar of Levi's shirt with one hand and the other cupped the man's cheek.


When the man opened his eyes, he found green orbs staring straight into his soul. He trusted in once more and the way Eren clenched around him singled his absolute high. They came at the same time. Eren came over his own bare and Levi's clothed stomach, and he felt himself being filled by the other's hot seed. They rode out their orgasms and hugged each other for the world's worth.

'Fuck…' Levi breathed and pulled out of Eren. He rolled of the boy and laid down next to him.

Eren couldn't move a muscle, he felt completely wasted. He felt some hot liquid leak out of him, but he couldn't care less about the strange feeling.

'Come on…' Levi got up slowly, he kicked of his jeans and took of his shirt.

'What, now you get naked?'

'Shut up, come up.' He held out his hand to help the boy up.

'I can't…'

'You can't what?

'I… I can't move you asshole.'

That made Levi look rather pleased and he picked the boy up from the floor reminding the brat he wanted it hard. 'We need a shower.'

'Well, you wash me, because I really don't have the strength for that. Think you can handle that?'

'Hm, I did that before, so you, I think I can.'

The next morning, Eren was surprised he could still walk, it hurt less than the last time… than last morning. He felt like a dirty little rabbit. Today he decided to stay home, to fix some personal business.

'So, well, have a nice day… or something.' Eren tried while he leaned against the frontdoor.

'Wow, that came out with lack of enthusiasm.' Levi deadpanned and ruffled Eren's hair, turning it from messy into a serious fur ball.

'Sorry, I just don't want you to go.' That made the older man smile. This kid was just too cute.

'Brat, it's not like I'm not coming back. I'll see you tonight and you better cook something nice for me.'


They kissed briefly before a car honked downstairs, singling Levi mr Brown was there.

'See ya!' the man saluted in an awfully cool fashion.


It had been a long time since Eren found himself alone in his apartment. It felt empty, strange. He had come to love the presence of Levi in the room, or at least in the same house. He sat down on the couch and fiddled with his phone. He had to take care of some of his own business. Since he'd been in a car accident he hadn't worked like he used to, he hadn't even been at the Corps. He thought for a second and when he was about to make some calls his phone lit up. He answered without a heartbeat.

'Hello, who is this?' he asked the caller.

'Good day, my name is Dot Pixies, am I speaking to Mr Jeager?' an old voice sounded from the other side of the line. Pixies… Pixies… Eren's mind raced. He'd heard of the name before. But where? Wait, isn't he the manager of the Titans? Why's he calling me?

'Ah yes, yes, that's me.' He quickly answered, still slightly in a daze by why this particular person was calling him. He swallowed and ran a hand through his messy hair.

'Good, I am to believe that you were in charge of the kitchens at the party not to long ago?' Kitchens? Kitchen was more like it. Eren nodded, only to crack out a yes as he forgot that you have to speak through phones. Idiot.

'Again, good. I have a proposition for you Mr Jeager.'

Eren shifted nervously in his seat. This man sounded all business even though he'd seen the man stand on a desk before and he was sure he had done some weird stuff at the party too. But so far, enough about that.

'I must say that all of us enjoyed the food you had prepared for us and we want you to work for us.'

Eren just held his phone in his hand, completely dumbstruck.

'Hello?' the old man sounded from the other side of the phone.

'Yes, yes! Um, I'm sorry. You were saying… a job? Me?'

'Yes! That's exactly what I said. We want you to be our new chef cook.'

How was this possible? Eren had never even taken cooking classes, nor did he even have a high school diploma. Did this man even know that?

'Um, sir, not to… um… well…'

'What?' the man said 'Spit it out, I don't have all day.'

'I don't have the right qualifications… or better yet, I don't have qualifications at all, as in diploma's and stuff.'

'Well…' the man started 'Does that have to do anything with your damned ability to cook boy?'

'I…I don't think so…'

'Fine, you're hired. You start the day after tomorrow, 7 AM. Don't be late.' And he hung up.

'Whaa…. Just happened…' Eren listened to the beeps of his phone, singling the other person had hung up. He slowly lowered his phone, since the conversation was over anyway. He took a few good minutes to let the call sink in. His lips tugged upward. He'd just been hired. I can't believe this. I guess I can officially quit my other jobs. I gotta call Hannes though. And so he did.

'Ah there you guys are.' Pixies put down his phone. Levi, Hanji, and Erwin walked into his large office.

'What did you want to talk to us about?' Erwin sat down on one of the chairs in front of their manager's desk.

'Oh, is this about the new tour?' Hanji squealed excited, her eyes brightened at the subject. She nearly jumped up and down, her hair following her bouncy movement. 'My gosh, I'm so pumped baby!'

'Calm the fuck down.' Levi rubbed the bridge of his nose. 'Fucking idiot…' he hissed between his teeth.

'Yes. Yes.' Pixies nodded to Hanji, also with an ecstatic smile on his features, obviously sharing the girl's enthusiasm. 'You should be more like her, Levi. Not… be… grumpy. You remind me of my mother.'

This caused Levi to raise a brow. He did not just compare me to his dead mother did he? 'Fuck you.' He spat. Pixies loud laugh filled his office and a loud bang was heard as he slammed down his hand on his desk.

'Enough, let's get to business.' And his face changed to a rather serious one. It was absolutely creepy how the man's mood could change that fast. It simply wasn't human. 'You're tour starts in a week. Yes that fast.' He didn't even give the band a time to respond or Levi time to nag. 'Trust me, you'll be fine. So in a week you'll be starring in the Sina, and ow yeah before I forget to tell you. I told you you sold out trice right, yeah well be decided to add some shows to the tour, not in the Sina though, but two extra shows in Karanese, ah, another two in Herminha, one at Castle Utgard, that's really cool, since it's an actual castle. Fear not I have style. And… uh, one in Dauper. Don't expect too much of that place it's an absolute dump. But hey, money's money right.' He finished with a smile only seen in toothpaste commercials and left the band absolutely stunned.

'Wha…?' Hanji's voice sounded cracked and very, very surprised. 'So how long… uh…'

'How long will it take?' the old man finished for her, still with that trademark grin on his face. It started to annoy the crap out of Levi if he wasn't annoyed already.

'Hmm… we decided to take things slow, so I'd say about a month, since there will be interviews, some uhh… maybe festival, like Utopia, if you want, Utgard is very near that place and your off on those days anyway. Hmm, maybe we'll also throw in a fanclub-day somethingish.'

Levi's eye twitched. Throw in a fanclub-day? Throw in a fanclub-day? Maybe a festival? A month? For fuck sake!

'Holy fuck, Pixies!' it was out of Levi's mouth before he knew it. 'A month, in five days and you only bother to tell us now? Fuck! Are you out of your right mind?'

'Oh, shush, it's only a month.' The man rubbed his bald head.

Only a month? Never before did Levi care if he was home or not, he didn't quite care where he was, but now... now things were different. Everything was different. There was Eren. He could barely leave the kid alone for a day. A month!? You've got to be fucking kidding me!

'Oh, yes. I've got rid of that shitty cook, and hired a new one.' Pixies sounded delighted, like nothing was wrong. Like he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary. In other words, he acted like he always did. Asshole.

'A better one?' Hanji tried to lift Levi's spirit a little.

'A better one!' Pizies exclaimed. This man was impossible.

'Well, I guess a month is doable.' Erwin huffed, he sounded tired, obviously still recovering from the party a few days ago. Erwin always needed time to recover from loads of alcohol, that's the main reason he never liked to drink.

'Well. What's his name?' Hanji pushed her glasses up her nose, only for them to drop back down.

'Who cares?' Pixies shrugged. 'Now get out!'

'Ah, I've got a headache. Someday I'm gonna kill that man!' Levi said under a heavy breath.

'What are you going to tell Eren?' much to Levis surprise it wasn't Hanji that asked him, but Erwin. A heavy sigh escaped the ravenette.

'I… don't know. He's not gonna like it.' He stuffed his hands in his jeans pocket.

'Can't you take him with?' Hanji butted in.

'You know how Pixies is.' Erwin scolded Hanji.

'Yeah, yeah.' She remembered once that Pixies told them that even if they got married and had a hundred kids they were forbidden from taking them along. Something about not being awesome and cool. It completely undermined the concept op being a rockstar. A lover caused lovely-dovely behaviour, and that was not badass. Being badass sucked.

'Can't we smuggle him with us?'

'Hanji!' the two males said in unison. Even though Hanji could be a pain in the ass sometimes, Levi appreciated her efforts to cheer him up, though he was sure she only wanted Eren there so she and Petra could smother the poor boy and they also had this fetish of seeing him and Eren together. He rolled his eyes at the thought. How many times had those two interrupted him and Eren while they were making out? Right, too many times. He scoffed.

'I'll think of something…' he mumbled. He didn't sound very convincing, which didn't go unnoticed by his two friends. Levi made his way to the studio leaving Erwin and Hanji in front of Pixies' office.

'Poor dude.' Hanji whispered. Erwin couldn't agree more and patted Hanji on her head. She narrowed her eyes at him. 'I'm not a doggy.' That remark made him ruffle her hair, while he breathed a laugh.

Eren sat on the couch, lazily zapping past lousy TV shows. Everything on was a bunch of crap. He knew there would be nothing on worth watching but he'd finished cooking and it was already past eight. His eyes fell on the clock for the hundredth time. He cursed himself for watching so many times. He knew Levi said; see you tonight. But never stated the exact time. So why did he bother watching? It was annoying the crap out of him. He stared at the TV for a while.

'Hmm…' he dropped his head so his chin hit in-between his collarbones. 'What to dooo…' he mumbled to himself. Before he knew he got up from the couch, marched over to his room and fished the two magazines he owned from the top shelve of his closet. He made his was back to the living room as he threw one of the mags down on the couch beside him and he opened the other as he sat down himself. 'Let's see what they say about you…' the brunette hummed as he reached the right page. He settled in for a good and very interesting read. He'd realized he barely knew anything about Levi. Quite sad since they'd been living together for quite a while.

'Okay, here it goes.' He whistled when he found the magazine contained a profile of each of the members.

'Levi Rivaille.' He had heard his last name before, in that restaurant. Their first date, their first kiss. Eren turned red even thinking about it. He felt like such a kid.

Then there was this next interesting feat. 'Birthday…' his green eyes grew larger dec 25th… in the year… Oh my god!' Eren did a quick calculation…

'Oh shit, Levi you perverted old man…' he clamped one of his hands over his mouth. This news had left him baffled. Levi was 25 years old and Eren was only 17. He laughed out loud when he found nothing to say. 'Shit!' he felt delighted when he learned all these new things about Levi.

Things could have been a lot easier if he Googled, but Eren didn't have a computer, and he felt it was very rude to use Levi's laptop without his permission. Even so he didn't quite know how that worked. Or, he could just ask Levi. No. That was not an option. He discovered some more facts, such as; that the man was openly gay, his favourite colour, which was green, and his height, which left Eren snickering.

'Ha ha ha, ohh… my stomach hurts so bad!' the magazine fell from his hands as those found a new destination, his hurting tummy. He rubbed the sore place while he laughed a little more. These magazines weren't good for his health. He decided to take a break and threw them aside on the floor near the TV remote. He grabbed up the remote and switched channels while he still tried to stop laughing. When the last few huffs and chuckles left him he found something interesting to watch. Finally.

Eren loved horror movies. Yes he wasn't as brave as he wanted to, but he loved the thrill and the guessing who'd die next and how said person would meet their awful fate. This was good, the conjuring was on. One that Eren hadn't seen before. He checked the TV guide, and found that after this, another freaky movie was up. Perfect! He quickly grabbed a blanket from his room, turned off the lights, shut the curtains and made himself confortable on the couch. His eyes were wide when the movie started and quite frankly he was a little bit frightened. He heard it was quite the watch from Hannes. But then again, that man was a wuss.

His heart hammered in his chest when the movie dragged him in, he couldn't stop watching. He flinched a good couple of times when there were 'scary parts' and wrapped himself tighter in his blanket. 'Oh…shit. This ain't funny…' and he got ready for some very scary parts.

The cab stopped in front of Levi's new home. He wished Mr Brown a pleasant evening and entered the apartment complex. He checked the time on this phone, it was nearly 12, and he wondered what Eren would be doing. He reached the apartment in a few minutes and when he opened the door, all the lights were off.

Strange? Is he out? Or… asleep? It was rather late, and he didn't know how tired the brat was. He flung of his shoes, not bothering to put on the lights and moved towards the living room. His head snapped up when he heard some noise, he found some flashing lights escape the living room. And then, there it was, he heard Eren scream.

'Wha.' He quickly moved to see what was going on. Afraid Eren was being mugged in his own house he shot forward with a surge of worry.

'Ha ha, oh my god, they totally had me!' Eren laughed.

Levi saw Eren's feet dangling from one side of the couch. He glanced at the TV. Of course the shitty brat was watching a horror movie. He felt so stupid now. The worry he felt before turned into anger. He had worried over nothing. Eren was simply shocked by what had happened on TV. Baby.

An evil though took over when he noticed Eren hadn't heard him come in. he was going to give the kid the scare of his life. He tiptoed towards to couch and slowed down when Eren got up, and nestled himself into another position. The boy sat covered under his blanket, with his legs crossed, and pressed his back hard into the cushions of the couch.

Levi smirked. Oblivious idiot. Maybe he was the cruellest man on earth, but at least he'd had fun. Sometimes when rumours were true they weren't necessarily bad. He dropped to his knees, hiding behind the couch. He slowly lifted his left hand and ghosted his fingers over the boy's head. Eren head snapped back and the boy released a loud gasp. 'Wha…t w-was that…?' he heard Eren mumble completely shocked. He tried hard to supress his laughter. He wished he could have seen Eren's face; it would have been priceless.

When Eren's attention was back on the TV his hand snuck up again to pinch the boy's shoulder, which earned him a loud squeak. Levi bit his lip, god he was having way too much fun. He tried to contain his composure. He succeeded. He noticed Eren looking around him bewildered. He smirked to himself when heard the boy whimper. 'I'm getting… p-paranoid….' The brat stumbled over his words. So cute. Eren slightly trembled.

Levi decided he wasn't quite done yet and took hold of the blanket carefully and janked it off the boy's head, making Eren jump and gasp a shaky breath of air. 'Ah!' he heard Eren shift of the couch. 'H…hello? S' any… o-one there?'

Levi almost pissed in his pants and he was sure Eren did too, only for other reasons entirely. In his mind he laughed out loud. What a total idiot. How can you be so dull?

When Eren didn't get any response he decided to continue to watch. Levi sneaked a quick look. He saw Eren hadn't pulled up the blanket yet and his evil silver eyes gleamed when they lingered on the brat's exposed neck. He crouched up a bit and blew briefly in the boy's neck. He swore he saw the hairs in Eren's neck stand up straight and the boy yelped out and clapped his hands over the back of his neck protectively.

Eren looked behind him, his eyes wide with fear. He swore, he swore there was something with him in this house. And he was scared shitless. His heart beat so fast it hurt and his body was tense. His eyes couldn't be any wider as he started into the darkness behind him. Watching shit scary movies alone in the dark, was a bad, a very bad idea. He swallowed hard.

Levi took this opportunity to sneak from behind the couch, and crawled past the side to the front. When Eren turned back, he didn't hesitate for a moment and jumped the poor kid.

A loud yell ripped from Eren lips as he was pressed against the couch by his assaulter. 'Demon!' he screeched in fear. 'I-I'm too young t-to die!' he chocked out between sniffs.

And that's when Levi cracked up completely. He laughed so hard his throat hurt as he pulled Eren close to him, pressing the boy's trembling body against his own.

'What! No…' Eren breathed when realization struck him. 'YOU ASSHOLE! I could have die- no, let me no, you piece of shit! Do you think that was funny? Huh? Did you actually enjoyed scaring the shit out of me? Did you?' he rambled on.

'Scared? You were scared.' Levi laughed as he pressed a kiss on the brunette's forehead.

'No, what made you think I-I was… scared?' Eren gulped.

'You just said you were…' he teased as he pinched the boy's nose.

'No-…no, no, no, no, lies! I-I never said t-that! Hey, let me g- stop that.' he grabbed at Levi's hand, the one pinching his nose.

'Did so.' He enjoyed Eren's struggle. 'You were on the brink of crying.' He released Eren's nose and pressed soft kisses on his cheek, nose, jaw and lips.

'Stop it, you ass. I'm not talking to you.'

The man let out a loud laugh and ruffled his hair affectionately.

'Why aren't you sleeping yet? It's past midnight.' He changed the subject for Eren's sake. 'Aren't you tired?'

'No, and I don't think I can ever sleep again, thank you very much.'

Levi hummed a your welcome and proposed to watch the movie with Eren. The boy nodded. 'Fine.' Since Eren really wanted to know how it would end. Levi pulled Eren between his legs and pealed the blanket off the boy and wrapped them both safely under it. Eren leaned back into the toned chest he'd come to love and sighed in content when Levi pressed his lips reassuringly against his ear. 'Don't worry… I'll protect you.' The man teased while he bit down on Eren's ear.

'Fuck you!' Eren hissed while he elbowed Levi in the stomach. He earned an audible groan and smirked at the man's discomfort.

'You're such a bad sport.' Levi chuckled and hugged the boy from behind.

'Tskk…' Eren let him wrap his arms around his shoulders and actually enjoyed the touch. But do not mistaken, he still hated Levi for what he'd done.

Near the end of the movie Eren had completely relaxed, noting that he trusted Levi again. And just before the end of the second movie when there was something bound to happened, Levi scared the living shit out of Eren again.


'It's so easy!' he pulled the struggling boy close.

'Fuck you!' Eren tried desperately to escape. God, did he hate Levi at the moment. He felt his heart had taken a beating and he was pretty sure that by now, the poor muscle was blue. He was pushed down onto his back, Levi on top of him. He felt his shirt being raised.

'What, the fuck, Le- AH!' Lips were pressed onto his bare stomach, but it wasn't a kiss. Something was different. Levi's lips were parted and Eren exploded into a fit of giggles when Levi blew hot air onto the sensitive flesh.

'N…No. S-top, t-tha-ah-haaa!' the boy laughed out loud while he wiggled, trying to pry free. 'Y-you're a monster!'

Levi tickled the poor boy to the point where thick tears streamed down Eren's face. 'S-stop… please…' he breathed out desperately between giggles.

'No, you're so…' Levi took his time to look at the cutest brat on the planet. Screw puppies, puppies were nowhere near as adorable as Eren, even the fluffy ones.

He loamed over his brat, planting soft kisses on the boy's face. When he caught the boy's lips he forgot to tickle Eren. Giggles turned into soft moans as they deepened the kiss and engaged into a dance between tongues.

Levi forgot to tell Eren the devastating news of his absence of a month, a whole damned month.

And Eren forgot to tell Levi the amazing news of his new job.