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Chapter 10: Crush Talk and Crushed Esteems

(Abigail's POV)

I rush out of the medical room towards the deck, looking for Anna. I wonder if she knows what she did to the table. It doesn't make any sense to me that she could even do that! Why does everything weird in life always happen to me . . . ?

I finally reach the deck in a rush. Anna stands at the railing with her back to me. Her hands are curled around the thin bar. To my surprise, she's silent. I would expect her to be cursing under her breath furiously after what just happened.

"Anna . . . ?" I say softly. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she snaps. "Really. Leave me alone."

"Does your hand hurt?" I ask, approaching her.

"Why the hell would my hand hurt?" She turns to face me.

"Because you dented a table!" I exclaimed. She starts.

"Wait, what?!"

"You dented a table!" I shout. Anna looks at me in disbelief.

"Look, my hand's fine. I think you're seeing things. There's no way I could've dented a table with my bare hands. I barely even slammed into it!"

"I'm not seeing things, I swear!" I protest! "Anna, I-"

"SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" I jump back in shock. Tears fill my eyes and I'm unable to stop them as they flow down my cheeks. I look at her in horror, and then turn and run from the deck, dragging my limp foot behind me.

"Abigail, wait! I'm sorry! I didn't mean-" The rest of her sentence faded into the background. Anna never says sorry to anyone . . . anyone but me. I'm her best friend, yet she still yells at me. There's so much I don't know about her.

Lost in thought, I don't even realize that there's someone else in the hallway until I crash right into them. My head hits the floor hard with a loud slam.

"Abigail? Are you alright?" My head is spinning and I feel sick from the impact of the fall. "Abigail! Abigail!"

"Whaa . . . ?" I manage to say. I think my breath has been knocked out of me.

"Abigail, talk to me! What's your full name? Who am I? Where are you?" I try to answer, but my head throbs to much. The person I slammed into raises their voice.

"HELP! ABIGAIL'S HURT!" I hear a cacophony of voices echoing all around me. Blurred faces come in front of my face.

"She needs air!" shouts a unfamiliar voice. "She needs air! Someone, find a way to get her air!" I frown. Now that I think about it, I know who's speaking. It's someone who's never yelled like that before . . . Lindsey. This must be serious.

"HOW?!" screams the person who I hit into . . . I recognize his voice now. Lloyd.

"Hold her head up!" shouts Cole.

"WHICH WAY?!" Lloyd screams.



"Right . . ." I'm pretty sure Jay said that.

"Stop messing around and help her!" Anna's voice cuts through the crowd. Everything is still fuzzy around me. I can see Lloyd's blurry face above mine. I want this, but I don't at the same time. No, I don't want him to give me a mouth-to-mouth . . . it wouldn't be real, and besides, everyone's watching.

Quickly I sit up, sucking in a raspy breath. Lloyd yelps and jumps back.

"Abigail!" he shouts, relieved. "I thought . . . we thought . . ."

"I know," I smile up at him. "I . . . I still can't see well . . ."

"Here," says Nya, extending her hand. "C'mon, we'll go play cards or something in the dining room until lunch."

"Okay," I reply weakly, taking her hand. My vision is beginning to clear.

"Hey, Lloyd, wanna come?" Nya smiles as she pulls me to my feet. Lloyd shakes his hand.

"N-no thanks . . . uh, see you later, Abi . . ." He quickly rushes off down the hall.

"I'll go make lunch," says Zane.

"Cool with me," replies Cole, "but please, no roast beef, I'm not in the mood." Zane nods and turns to go down to the hall. Christy whirls around to face Cole.

"How did you know I hate roast beef?!"

"You told me," says Cole, grinning at her. Christy shakes her head.

"You are impossible!"

"Impossibly good-looking," smirks Cole.

"Get out!" Christy says teasingly.

"I would, but you're in here," he replies.

"Ugh, enough of the flirting already!" shouts Anna. She turns on and storms off, grabbing Christy's wrist and pulling her down the hall in the direction Lloyd went. Lindsey quietly slips away down the hallway as well, her had down. I watch as Cole stalks off as well in the opposite direction, Jay following close behind. Nya then begins to help me limp off to the dining room.

"Abigail?" Nya says softly. As she speaks my vision comes into perfect focus again. "Is there something wrong between you and Lloyd?"

"I CAN SEE!" I scream in reply, attempting to jump. My ankle buckles out from below me. "OW!"

"Be careful!" Nya cries in warning, barely catching me in time. "You've really gotta remember about your ankle, or it'll take longer to heal!"

"Sorry," I sigh. "I hate this stupid cast thingy. I wish I could just run again! And I miss jumping around because I've eaten too much sugar! Except for the fact that there's no such thing as too much sugar . . ." Nya shakes her head. We enter the dining room.

"Seriously though, is everything okay with you and Lloyd?"

"It's weird!" I cry. "He always looks away from me when I try to talk to him!"

"He's just shy, Abigail," Nya sighs. "Guys are like that. They are either shy, nervous, or complete and total jerks."

"Or they're Cole," I add. "He doesn't seem to be shy or nervous around Christy. And he's most definitely not a jerk to her."

"That's where you're wrong. He's incredibly nervous!" Nya laughs. I sigh and sit down on the bench.

"Well, I wish Lloyd could get un-nervous."

"You told me he kissed you," Nya says slowly. "That doesn't sound like nervous to me."

"I lied, okay!?" I shout suddenly. "That never happened! I made it up!" Nya's eyes widen.

"You did?!" she whispers, amazed.

"Yeah . . . and I don't wanna talk about it . . ." She puts a hand on my shoulder.

"I understand. It's okay . . . I'll help you out, alright?!" I only nod in reply.

(No POV)

Lindsey sighs as she unravels the messily wrapped bandages from her arm. She's alone in the medical room except for Kai, who's fast asleep on the bed.

Lindsey breathes deeply. So much has happened today, and it's beginning to get overwhelming. Lindsey isn't even sure whether or not she wants to be alone. She's been alone so much that she's kinda gotten used to it, but that doesn't stop her from feeling a bit . . . put out. She winces when she sees her cut.

It was a bad idea to cover it before cleaning it. The dirt and blood are mixed now, creating a nasty red-brown coating on her skin. Muttering a swear word under her breath, she wets a cloth in the cool, clean water from the faucet.

As she very slowly and gently runs the cloth down her arm, she begins to think about the situation. Just like her mother taught her, she made a list of good and bad things:


I'm with people I know (sorta)

I have supplies to fix this wound

I (might) have a place to stay

I'm away from home


A few of these people are strangers

I feel really ill and sick

I'm really starving

I'm away from home.

'Well,' Lindsey thinks, 'good and bad are equal. That's not something I see every day.'

She begins to disinfect the wound. It stings terribly, and she winces and hissing sound. The pain is excruciating.

"Damn, does it really hurt that bad?" Lindsey whirls around to face Elijah.

"Oh, hey," she says simply, ignoring the question. He approaches her.

"No really, Lindsey, are you okay?"

"To tell the truth . . . no," Lindsey admits. "Why do care?"

"What do you mean, why do I care?" Elijah cries, shocked. "What kind of a question is that?" Lindsey doesn't answer. "You're just . . . different . . ."

"Different!" explodes Lindsey. "Yeah, I'm different! Everyone hates the different emo depressive bitch whose name doesn't matter!"

"That's not what I meant!" Elijah pleads, horrorstruck. "You're different in a good way!"

"I don't understand . . ." Lindsey whispers.

"Lindsey you're . . . I mean . . . I think . . . I think I know why I followed you." Elijah stammers. ". . . I think I have a crush on you." Elijah takes a deep breath. "And I'm sorry about following you. It's almost if I didn't know what I was doing . . ."

Lindsey turns away from him. Very slowly she starts to wrap her arm in bandages. Elijah wait for her to answer, but she says nothing.

"Lindsey . . ."

"I heard you," she replies flatly. "Look, Elijah, I've never dated anyone before and I think . . . I need some time to think about this . . . I still barely know you."

"Exactly!" exclaims Elijah, rushing forward. "We'll get to know each other better!"

"Elijah . . . I just want to be friends for now, okay? I'm not rejecting you, I just need some time." Lindsey wraps the last bit of bandage around her arm with a sigh. Elijah nods slowly. Even if it wasn't a rejection, it still felt like one . . .

A knock suddenly sounded on the door.

"Lindsey?" It was Cole. "It's lunchtime! Are you and that weirdo coming?"

"My name is Elijah!" the younger boy protests.

"Whatever," sighs Cole. From behind the door Lindsey and Elijah hear him turn on his heel and leave.

The two of them exit the room and follow Cole into the dining room. Lindsey sits between Zane and Nya. Zane passes her a plate with a fresh sandwich, fruit salad, and some potato chips. Lindsey picks up half the sandwich and gives Zane the plate back. Zane stares at her, confused.

"Can I please have a plate?" Lindsey asks politely. Everyone at the table stares at her.

"Zane just gave it to you," says Jay, mystified. Lindsey looks at the plate in front of Zane.

"That entire plate is mine?!" she exclaims.

"Yeah . . ." says Lloyd slowly. Lindsey blinks in disbelief and carefully pulls the plate towards her. She sets down the half sandwich back on the plate next to the chips. From next to Cole, Christy swallows a mouthful of bread, lettuce, tomato, and turkey.

"You okay, Lindsey?" she asks sincerely. The carmel-haired girl only nodded in response. To her the food looked so tempting, her starving stomach crying out in longing, but she didn't want to seem like a pig. She picked up the half sandwich again. No one was looking at her anymore, so she took a huge bite.

Flavor exploded in her mouth. To the others it was just a sandwich, but to Lindsey, it was much more than that. The lettuce and tomato were fresh, the bread was soft, and the turkey was juicy. Before she knew what was happening, the half sandwich was gone.

She eating awfully quickly, but not as quick as Elijah. His entire plate was empty. Not even a single crumb was left.

"Is there seconds?" The entire group turns to look at the self-proclaimed "surfer boy".

"Dude, really?" says Kai disapprovingly. "That was a huge sandwich."

"You're gonna make yourself sick eating that fast!" scolds Nya.

"I'm not even done!" exclaims Cole. That surprised the group. Cole always ate incredibly fast.

"I dunno why I ate so fast!" Elijah says, shrugging. "I'm just hungry! It's weird though, because I normally don't eat this much." Everyone else stares at him.

"Whatever, weirdo," sighs Cole.

"I told you, my name is Elijah!"

"Enough 'male bonding', guys, c'mon, just eat!" Christy says.

"Male bonding?!" Elijah splutters. Abigail giggles. From where she was sitting, Lindsey finishesher meal and stood up.

"May I please be excused?" she asks.

"Go ahead," says Kai, "you don't have to ask." Lindsey nods and quickly leaves the room. Zane looks after her worriedly. Elijah bites his lip.

"She is so different . . ." he whispers. "so . . . beautifully . . . different."

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