On July 31, 1980 Lily and James Potter gave birth to two twin boys. The first boy was a sturdy 8 pounds and was given the name Hadrian James Potter. He had a tuft of midnight black hair and when he opened his eyes they were the color of the killing curse, a very bright green.

Ten minutes later the second twin came, weighing 5 and half pounds. He was weak but still manage to open his eyes and let out a cry. This twin was given the name Alexander Nova Potter. He looked just like his brother. He had the same midnight black hair and the same facial structure but the one thing that he had that was different than Hadrian was his eyes. Alexander eyes was more of a blue-green color than Hadrian's.

That day Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were named Hadrian and Alexander's godfathers. But the happiness they all felt was soon destroyed when the prophecy came out. Dumbledore sent them into hiding and they lost contact with everyone except one man. Peter Pettigrew who Dumbledore told them to name their secret keeper.

But you see their was a reason Peter's animagus was rat. He snitched! He told the Dark Lord were the Potters were because he was a coward. A man who hides behind the most powerful wizard.

The Dark Lord only hearing half of the prophecy went frantic and finally decided to kill them, the twins. On October 31, 1981 Lord Voldemort apparated to the Potter's house and slowly made his way to the twins. First killing their father, James, who tried his hardest to protect his family. Then when he reached the twins room he stopped and gave an ultimatum to Lily die or live, but of course Lily choose to die for her sons.

Because no matter what love conquers all! She would do anything to save her boys...even die.

So he raised his wand and muttered the curse leaving Lily's body lifeless. He stepped over Lily's body forgetting her. As he looked down at the twins, he stopped for moment. The twins were holding hands and staring up at him with almost...if I dare say...understanding eyes. Then one of twins with the brightest green eyes stood up on his little legs and looked at the Dark Lord with determination. The other twin, who was still sitting, held on to his twin brother's hand while his eyes glazed over as he stared at the man with the wand.

The Dark Lord snorted. 'Gryffindors, so foolishly brave,' he thought. Then he raised his wand and murmured the two words that would destroy, not the twin boys in the crib staring unblinkingly at him, but himself, the Dark Lord. "Avada Kedavra." A flash of green light filled the room and when the light faded only the twins boys were left, cuddled together because they had no one else but themselves.