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Chapter 4

"Beatrice? What are you doing out here?" Albus asked. He had gone outside for a bit of fresh air and had found Beatrice sitting in Grandpa's shed.

She shrugged and continued to stare at the Muggle toys her grandfather had often collected.

"Grandma handed out her sweaters. Yours is inside," Albus said.

Beatrice ignored him once more.

"Come on, Beatrice, talk to me. Tell me what's wrong," Albus pressed. He took a seat on the workbench next to her.

"I just feel like…" she trailed off.

"Come on, Tris, open up for once."

"That's just it!" she exclaimed with frustration. "I can't open up. My whole family is so cheerful and open and happy and it just…"

"Just what?" Albus asked.

"I feel like I can't relate. I'd rather sit down and read a book than converse with anyone. I'd rather be alone in my room then sit in the living room with my family," Beatrice said with a sigh.

"But why?"

"I don't know! I'm just shy I suppose, but it's embarrassing. I have trouble facing my family because of how I feel."

Albus frowned. "Tris, being shy isn't anything to be ashamed of. Everyone loves you, whether you say two words and five million."

"I just feel like I'm not any fun," she said with a pout.

Albus smirked. "Not when you're all moody like this, but it doesn't matter. I think your fun when you want to be."

"Really?" she asked, arching her eyebrow.

"Yup!" Albus said. "You're not loud or obnoxious like Fred or Lucy. You're just you… and I like that."

She hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Albus."

Albus grinned. "Now come on, Tris, let's go inside. I know everyone wants to see you."

The two of them re-entered the house.

Hermione grinned when she saw Tris and Albus enter the house. At least her daughter wasn't alone, which was what she had been afraid of.

"Red sweater this year?" Charlie asked, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"Yes. You too?" she questioned humorously, looking down at his chest.

Charlie nodded, laughing. "I think my mother wants to encourage our passionate love. She just wants to have more grandchildren."

Hermione laughed. "Well, I think she may have to wait for someone else to start having more children. I think we may be done."

"We'll see," he said with a smirk, capturing her lips in a kiss.

Fleur bounced Thomas in her lap. He giggled and cooed at the silly faces she was making.

"Having fun?" Bill asked, taking a seat next to his wife.

"Yes, 'e iz so cute," she said, rubbing her nose against Thomas'.

Bill frowned, knowing that she wanted more children. But it just wasn't possible. He reached over and rubbed her back. "I love you, you know."

Fleur smiled at him. "I love you, too." She handed him Thomas, allowing him a turn.

"Ronald, can you hold Hugo for a second? I need to use the loo," Luna said, holding one year old Hugo out to her husband.

"Sure, Luna," Ron said with a grimace, taking Hugo into his arms. He held his son tightly as Luna disappeared. "Having fun, little guy? It's your first Weasley Christmas." Ron gently kissed Hugo's forehead.

He moved to the kitchen where it was slightly less noisy. "I know it's a bit much, but you'll get used to it. You have tons of cousins you can play with," Ron said, continuing to talk to Hugo. "You'll like being a Weasley once you're older… it's a lot of fun during the holidays."

"It's always fun to be a Weasley," Luna said, reappearing. "I love you, Ronald."

He grinned. "Love you too, Luna." Hugo squirmed in his arms. "Daddy loves you too, Hugo."

"And so does Mummy," Luna said, taking her son into her arms.

"Oh, Arthur, look at them all," Molly said wistfully.

Arthur smiled, taking his wife's hand. "Yes, they all look so happy."

"How did we get so lucky? We have such a large and beautiful family. And oh, the grandchildren, Arthur," she said with a grin.

He chuckled. "We do have a lovely family. I love you, Molly."

"I love you, too, Arthur. Now let's find a grandbaby to spoil," she said mischievously.

"Angie?" George asked, coming over to wrap his arms around his wife. "Having fun?"

Angelina turned to George and gave him a kiss. "I'm having a good time. It's been awhile since I've been able to catch up with Ginny and Hermione. It's nice to see them both."

"Can you believe Hermione's pregnant again? I mean, I knew she was, but her and Charlie have so many!"

"Jealous, George?" Angelina said, arching her eyebrow.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "Maybe," he whispered huskily.

She giggled, pecking him on the lips. "Are you saying you want another baby?"

"Maybe," he said, waggling his eyebrows.

Angelina laughed. "Come on; let's go find the rest of our kids."

"Mariana, I don't understand why you won't help me with my Charms essay," James complained.

Mariana crossed her arms and looked the other way. "No, James, I won't help you with your homework any longer!"

"But why not?" James pressed. "Just look over my essay? It'll only take two seconds."

"I said no!" Mariana protested firmly.

"But why not?"

"Because it's Christmas and I don't feel like doing your ruddy homework," she snapped. She didn't understand why James always insisted she look over his homework. At first, she had agreed, but she was quickly growing tired of it.

Fred simply sat back and watched his cousins bicker, a smirk on his face. By the look of determination on Mariana's face, James wouldn't win this one.

"What about after Christmas?" James asked hopefully.

"Why can't you do your own work?" Mariana spat. "Fred does his own homework and he does just fine."

Fred shook his head, throwing his hands up. "Oh, no, don't drag me into your argument."

James continued to plead with Mariana, who continued to deny James the help. Fred just sat back and watched.

"Knight to B3," Adrian said proudly, watching as his chess piece moved across the board.

"Bullocks," Lucy swore.

"Don't use such language," Molly chided her twin sister.

"But he just put me into a checkmate!" Lucy said with an aggravated huff. "I don't understand how you're so good at chess, Adrian."

"That's all we do in the Slytherin common room. We sit around and play chess." Adrian smirked. "It helps with the sneakiness and cunning that comes with being a Slytherin."

"Well, I want a rematch!" Lucy demanded, resetting the board.

"But Lucy, it's my turn to play Addy!" Molly protested, frowning.

"You'll just have to wait another round, Molly. I need to beat Adrian."

Adrian snorted. "Good luck, Lucy. You'll need it."

Clarice, Rose, and Lily all set on the floor, playing with a charmed set of blocks.

"Rosie, help me," Clarice asked, trying to stack a few blocks on top of each other.

"I'll help you, Clarice," Lily offered, taking Clarice's hand. "You need to hold it steady, Clarice, so they stay on top of each other."

"Okay," Clarice whispered.

Rose watched with narrowed eyes as Lily helped her sister. "You know, I could have helped her," Rose said angrily.

"Don't be mad, Rosie, I was just helping," Lily said, blushing.

"Yeah, Rosie, no be mad," Clarice repeated.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Let me show you how to stack blocks, properly, Clarice."

Lily huffed, turning her attention to her own blocks.

"Hey, Victoire," Teddy said, giving the blonde a smile.

Victoire beamed. "Teddy, hi." She nervously tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Are you having a good Christmas?"

He nodded, taking a seat next to her on the sofa. "It's hard around the holidays… I miss Mum and Dad, but Grandmum is really swell, and so is Uncle Harry. They spoiled me this very."

"My parents too!" Victoire gushed. "Ma mere bought me a new necklace, see."

Teddy gulped, nodding. "It's beautiful," he murmured, trying not to stare at her cleavage. "Well, um, Victoire, I'll see you later."

He disappeared before Victoire could say another word.

The rest of the evening went swimmingly, full of laughter and smiles for everyone.

That night, after everyone was tucked into bed, Charlie and Hermione sat on the couch. The fire was roaring in front of them.

"This year was nice," Charlie said, wrapping his arm around Hermione.

"It's always nice to see everyone," she mumbled tiredly, resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm happy for Harry and Ginny."

"I didn't know they were trying for another baby," Charlie said. "Ginny seemed rather surprised."

"Well, they are happy now, so good for them. Although," she said with a smirk, "they have a long way to go before they catch up to us."

Charlie chuckled. "Well, we just have all the luck then, don't we?"

Hermione laughed. "I'm very lucky."

Charlie's eyes darkened with lust. "No, I think I'm the lucky one. I love you." He captured her lips in a passionate kiss and proceeded to show her just how much he loved her.