Hello again fanfiction readers! If this is the first time you've read one of my stories, hi. A friend asked me if there was an episode in Kekkaishi where a body swap occurs, I don't think there is, so he asked me to write one. Hope you like it.


"Why do I have to be apart of the first (that we know of) Kekkaishi body swap story?"-spoken out loud

'Maybe because you're the main character.'-thoughts

"Wake up Yoshimori. Come on, I know it's a lot of work. But it's important." Yoshimori groaned, but didn't get up. Yoshimori's father, Shuji (1), sighed and said, "Yoshimori, if you get up now, I'll help you study for that big test in a few days." Yoshimori groaned, but finally got up, "Fine." Yoshimori knew he had to pass his next test, his teacher (2) warned him if he didn't he would have to redo all of his work (AN: that he slept through), even if it took all night. When Yoshimori heard this, he thought that meant detention every day until all of his work was done and acceptable (3), but his teacher guessed (correctly) that Yoshimori didn't care that much. During lunch, he called Yoshimori's home to tell them the news. Unfortunately, for both Yoshimori and the teacher, Yoshimori's grandfather, Shigemori (4), was the one who answered the phone. Needless to say, when Yoshimori got home, his grandfather attacked him. In the end, Yoshimori now has to study and ace this test. So that brings us to where we are now.

When Yoshimori got out he went to Madarao's doghouse and started yelling, "Get up! You lazy dog!" Madarao woke up and growled in Yoshimori's face, "Try being nice for a change, Yoshi. You have the easy job! I have to locate the ayakashi (5), give you advice because you refuse to use common sense, and hell, sometimes I get rid of the ayakashi!" Yoshimori got angry at that and yelled back, "Oh yeah? Well I am the one who creates the kekkai's that protect Karasumori! What about the ayakashi that you get rid of? Those are small fries! Hell, when you do it, it normally gets in the way of my kekkai's (6)! Damn it! This is so annoying; you don't know what it's like to have to be a kekkaishi! I have to protect Karasumori at night and go to school during the day! Not to mention that exam that's coming up…" by the end of his speech, Yoshimori fell into a small depression (7). Madarao scoffed, "Oh please, I could easily take care of all the ayakashi and deal with your school if I had to. I don't know why you're complaining… you have it easy, being the legitimate heir and all." Yoshimori got back up and yelled, "You don't know what it's like you dumb mutt!" (Madarao scowled at this comment) "I didn't ask for this! Because of this… I can't have a future. I'll be stuck guarding Karasumori till I die. Despite that fact, I'm still expected to get good grades! Do you know how hard it is to run around all night, dealing with your lousy direction, fight the ayakashi that want Karasumori's power, and then go to school with little to no energy? Well? Do you?! Of course you don't. You're the one with the easy job!" Madarao and Yoshimori continued to yell at each other until Shigemori came outside and screamed, "What are you two doing!? Why are you not at Karasumori yet? Do you want those Yukimura's to take all the credit of protecting the Karasumori site? Well…DO YOU?!" With that being said/screamed, Yoshimori and Madarao both ran/flew away from the old man… temporarily forgetting their argument.

Time Skip: a few minutes

When Yoshimori and Madarao made it to Karasumori, they heard a voice say, "Well, you two are later than usual. Any reason why?" Yoshimori and Madarao looked up to see the Yukimura's demon dog, Hakubi, looking down at them. Yoshimori replied, " We're late because a certain dog demon decided to sleep in." Madarao glared at Yoshimori and said, "Excuse me? You didn't have to kick my doghouse and start yelling at me! Maybe you should respect the one who locates all the ayakashi for you? Hmm? What do you say?" Yoshimori replied, "Ha! I bet I could find the Ayakashi faster than you could!" Before (another) fight could break out, a new voice called out, "Yoshimori. What took you so long? The ayakashi have already started coming." Yoshimori turns to face Tokine, a fellow kekkaishi and Yoshimori's crush, and said, "Blame the mutt." Madarao adopts an angry expression on his face. Before another word is said, there is an explosion in the middle of all the trees. Both of the teens had shocked looks on their faces, same with their ayakashi. Tokine was the first to regain her composure, "Wh-What? Why was there an explosion? We're all right here. Why would an ayakashi just blow up some random trees?" Yoshimori answered sarcastically, "Maybe it just doesn't like trees." Madarao snorted, "Wonderful thought, detective. But answer me this, oh intelligent one, why does this ayakashi hate trees?" Yoshimori growled out, "I was being sarcastic, you stupid mutt." Hakubi cut in before this could escalate any farther, "Do you two really need to argue now? Besides, Madarao, don't you remember that weird ayakashi about 200 years ago? You know, the one that completely ignored the kekkaishis until he was in a kekkai. Yeah, he hated trees with a passion for some reason. Just wanted to burn them. (8)" Yoshimori shot a smug look at Madarao, who ignored it.

When the group made it to the scene, they could hear giggling. Yoshimori gasped, "What the hell? What kind of Ayakashi is that?" It looked similar to a giant octopus, but it had scoops on the end of each tentacle (6ft if you were wondering), a weird glow going down each one, scaly green skin, one eye with three pupils in it, and a human shaped mouth. It turned to face them and exclaimed, "Oh, hello there! How are you doing? I'm fine! Ever since I came to Karasumori, I've felt better and better! Do you feel it too?" The group it was speaking to was completely nonplussed. Yoshimori asked, "Umm…aren't you going to threaten us or something? Say you're going to take Karasumori's power? Anything like that?" The octopus-like ayakashi tilted its head/body and answered, "I hadn't thought of that. But to able to do that, I would have to come here every night for about a week. Thanks for the idea!" Tokine cried out, "Ketsu!" with that word, one of the tentacles was caught in the kekkai, "Metsu!" and with that, the tentacle was severed from the ayakashi. "Good work Tokine!" "Well done honey." "Why didn't you think of that Yoshimori?" Madarao was given a glare for his question. The injured ayakashi got up and screamed, "Why did you do that?! I thought we were friends!" Yoshimori yelled, "We won't be friends with someone who want Karasumori's power!" The reply the group received was unexpected, "Well then…perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Chimei Teki Na Hachi (9), and I dislike hiding, scary things, mean people, and losing stuff. I like meeting people, making friends, learning about people, and making mean people nice. You're all very mean! But don't worry…I'll make you nice." With that being said; he swung two tentacles towards them, three picked up trees and piles of earth, and two hung at his side. Hakubi, trying to distract Chimei Teki Na Hachi, called out, "Why did you attack trees? You didn't mention them when you said what you disliked!" Chimei Teki Na Hachi answered, "That's because it's easy to hide behind trees, and I did say I dislike…no…I hate hiding!" One of the arms started to glow brighter (red), and the scoop on the tentacle was filled with fire, and then Chimei Teki Na Hachi threw the fireball at Tokine.

"Tokine!/Honey!" Two voices called out. When the smoke from the fireball cleared, Tokine was shown standing behind a cracked kekkai. Tokine yelled, "Yoshimori! We have to end this fast!" Before Yoshimori could respond, a tentacle grabbed him (this one was glowing a translucent white color), and brought him right in front of Chimei Teki Na Hachi's face. Chimei Teki Na Hachi asked his captive, "Ready to become a nice person?" Ignoring Yoshimori's thrashing around and the screams of horror from everyone else, Chimei Teki Na Hachi put a tentacle (this one glowing a mix of blue and purple) on Yoshimori's head. Yoshimori shut his eyes, not wanting to see how he'd become 'nice', when he heard, "Ouch! That hurt! Why did you bite me? That wasn't very nice! Not at all!" Madarao replied, "As much as the thought of a nice Yoshimori pleases me, I can't let you do anything to the legitimate heir of the Sumimura family." Madarao silently thought, 'Perhaps this will get Yoshimori to appreciate me a bit more, and finally get him to be serious about being the head of the Sumimura family.' Sadly, this had the opposite reaction for Yoshimori, 'I guess Madarao doesn't care if I live or not, only if the Sumimura family gets its next head of the family. Damn it! I thought he saw me as more than just the next head of the family. Guess I was wrong.' Madarao dodged the tentacles until another started glowing (a no longer translucent white), and created a giant snowball. Madarao didn't notice it because he was dodging the other tentacles and making sure he didn't do anything to Yoshimori, and about a second latter, he was covered in snow and ice. Thanks to Madarao's surprise and shock, Chimei Teki Na Hachi was able to grab him. Chimei Teki Na Hachi looked at him and thought out loud, "Should I make the dog nice too? But that could take time. Should I make him and the boy nice at the same time? I've never done it to more than one person at a time. It might kill them. I should try it! I won't know if I don't try it! Plus, I do like to learn things. Alright! I'll do it!"

Turning to face Madarao, Chimei Teki Na Hachi told him, "Good news! You're gonna help me find out if I can make more than one person nice at a time!" Madarao tried to escape, but it was no use, Chimei Teki Na Hachi put a tentacle on his head (glowing the same color as Yoshimori's), and everything went black for both Madarao and Yoshimori.

When Yoshimori opened his eyes, he was surrounded by darkness. Before he could as much as move, he was shown memories…his memories. Not just any memories, but his worst ones, plus all of his nightmares. It kept going on like this until some images were of himself as a white wolf, starved and looking for a home. Madarao felt the same thing in reverse (10).

Tokine had just placed a kekkai on the tentacles holding Yoshimori and Madarao, ignoring Chimei Teki Na Hachi's pleas she 'metsu'd the kekkais, and went to check on Yoshimori while Hakubi checked on Madarao, and Chimei Teki Na Hachi flew away. She bent down and asked, "Are you alright, Yoshimori?" 'Yoshimori' groaned but sat up and said, "I think so. Wait…why did you call me Yoshimori?" Hakubi just asked 'Madarao' if he was alright, who just replied, "I'm fine just let me sleep a bit longer." Hakubi sighed, "C'mon Madarao, you can sleep all you want in your doghouse." 'Madarao got up and asked, "What are you talking about? Did Madarao put you up to this?" Before Hakubi could question 'Madarao's strange behavior, they heard what sounded like a strangled gasp come from behind them. When Yoshimori and Madarao looked at each right in the eyes the both screamed, "WHY AM I OVER THERE?!"

Omake: phone call

Shigemori was having a bad day. First he had to deal with the Yukimura head, Tokiko (11), and then he saw something that distracted him, so he lost. (AN: *snicker*) Then his son in law tried to comfort him, but failed, and made things worse. Then Shigemori found he was out of his favorite coffee. So when he got a call from Karasumori Academy, he was already irritated, so he answered with, "Well? What do you want?" When he heard that Yoshimori would have to stay after school until he catches up on work, unless he passes his next test. Well…Shigemori screamed so loud that it woke up Yoshimori who was sleeping on the roof.

Well, what did you think? Good? Bad? Continue the story? The next chapter will come soon. Hope you enjoyed it! Oh yeah, Chimei Teki Na Hachi makes people nice by showing them their worst fears, greatest regrets, etc... He breaks people. Once the person is broken,Chimei Teki Na Hachi considers them 'nice'. Yoshimori and Madarao body swapped because Chimei Teki Na Hachi was looking through their memories at the same time (he's never done that before), and Tokine cut the connection. Since Chimei Teki Na Hachi was accidentally mixing up the memories, this caused the body swap.

1- I checked, that's his real name

2- I Couldn't find his real name :(

3- That's what I would think it meant, so now it's what Yoshimori in this fanfiction thinks

4- I checked, that's his real name

5- Ayakashi is the name of a species. Would you capitalize the first letter in 'dog', 'cat', or 'human'?

6- Reference to the 6th episode

7- Anime depression were you have a black cloud above your head

8- I made this up

9- An OC ayakashi, the name means 'Deadly Eight'

10- Madarao saw his own memories and nightmares first, before he saw Yoshimori's

11-It's her real name