Author's Note: Okay so I was on Tumblr when Sqwids made this amazing comic on Dott... I just.. AUGH I COULDN'T RESIST

"You fucked up Dawn" Scott angrily replied to Dawn. I fucked up? I fucked up? Dawn thought as Scott's words settled in. She just stood there completely dumbfounded to what she had just heard. Scott turned and tried to stomp away but Dawn grabbed his wrist quickly.

After a few minutes of silence, Scott turned to face Dawn. He was slightly surprised to see her so angry, her eyes filled with rage and fire. "Don't you ever say that again Scott.. do you understand?" Dawn barked at him growing more frustrated and angrier by the second. Scott simply asked "And why should I fairy princess?".

Lowering her eyes Dawn answered with "You are nothing more but a farm boy. Your life has been nothing but a huge problem for you. You want to just get away-" "STOP IT!" Scott screamed. "Your own father or "pappy" as you call him, has never looked at you with the kind of respect your brothers and sisters always got-" Dawn continued. "I. SAID. STOP!" Scott yelled.

Hearing Dawn talk to him like this made him feel a hundred different emotions he couldn't explain. His head was spinning faster than just about anything. How could Dawn talk about him like that? Wait.. why did he even care?

Dawn was just a competitor. Why should her words hurt him? They shouldn't... but they did. More than any challenge Chris had thrown at them. More than anything he had heard his entire life. It hurt so much that Scott couldn't handle it. Trying his best to get away from Dawn, he ran out of the cabin.

He needed some time to think this over. And he definitely needed some time to think over Dawn...